Photoshop Beauty Retouching - How to get the Perfect Look | Manfred Werner | Skillshare

Photoshop Beauty Retouching - How to get the Perfect Look

Manfred Werner, Retoucher at RetutPro

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22 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Beauty Retouching - Raw Conversion

      Beauty 1.jpg
    • 3. Workflow - Help Layers & Notes

    • 4. Final Raw Conversion

    • 5. Optimizing Facial Expression

    • 6. Retouching Tool | Healing & Cloning

    • 7. Retouching In Fast Forward

    • 8. Retouching And Fine Tune

    • 9. Final Clean-Up

    • 10. Cleaning Skin Part 1

    • 11. Cleaning Skin Part 2

    • 12. Applying Skin

    • 13. Master Save

    • 14. Dodge & Burn

    • 15. Dodge & Burn In Fast Forward

    • 16. Skin Corrections

    • 17. Lighten Up Eyes

    • 18. Make-Up Application

    • 19. Lipgloss Application

    • 20. Fine Tune Colour

    • 21. Achieving The High-Key Effect

    • 22. Wrapping Up

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About This Class



NEW FEATURE! All Lessons include step by step in video instructions! Making it even easier for anyone to follow and learn intermediate beauty retouching quickly!

About this course:

  • Over 6 very happy students
  • Over 25 Photoshop beauty retouching lessons
  • No illustrator, plugins or another software is needed - You only need Photoshop
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You will need no prior Photoshop knowledge or any other beauty retouching knowledge, programs - I'll show you how to instantly get into basic & intermediate beauty retouching and be good at it. (literally!) In all Photoshop lessons, I go into full detail showing exactly how you, like me, can use these Photoshop beauty retouching techniques for immediate success.

Based on my retouching knowledge, I let you look over my shoulder as I Photoshop, showing you precisely what I do on an average 5 to 15Min per lecture. Making beauty retouching fun and easy. Anyone can do this, but it does take practice!

Whether you already have worked with Photoshop before or not, you can quickly become a good beauty retoucher, with your new beauty retouching knowledge from +- 40 minutes works a day... Just like me!

I stress that you need no prior Photoshop experience and there's nothing to buy or pay for. You Just need Photoshop! 

You'll learn

  1. How to perfect intermediate level of beauty retouching
  2. How to take your beauty retouching skills from basic to intermediate
  3. Learn how to do quick but really good and clean skin retouching
  4. Learn how to use dodge & burn methods for basic beauty retouching
  5. How to refine and be pixel perfect with beauty retouching
  6. How to create a high key look in Photoshop
  7. How to create a beauty glow look in Photoshop
  8. How to retouch or touch-up make and color
  9. How to create unique color grades
  10. How to do final touch-ups, looks & styles
  11. How to use Photoshop in order to retouch your personal beauty work
  12. How to tweak and adjust facial expressions / optimizing the body
  13. How to be applying new skin and understand all advanced beauty tools

... and much, much more!

So, you've read this far! Thank you.

One final very important point.

If you have never worked in Photoshop before, I spend a lot of time in this course showing you how to quickly master beauty retouching, with no prior Photoshop knowledge! Using my extensive knowledge, which I crammed up in over 25 photoshop tutorials!

You can Photoshop / do intermediate beauty retouching on any image by the end of today, right after going through this course - and even be making money with your new Photoshop knowledge immediately! Either as a retoucher or simply just use it on your own work!

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