Photoshop Beauty Retouching - How To Retouch Facial Features | Ben Taylor | Skillshare

Photoshop Beauty Retouching - How To Retouch Facial Features

Ben Taylor, Photoshop Retoucher

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17 Videos (1h 43m)
    • Introduction To Facial Features Complete

    • Eyes Brightening The Eyes

    • Eyes Colouring The Eyes Complete

    • Eyes Cleaining The Eyes Complete

    • Eyes Enhancing The Eyes Complete

    • Eyes Sharpening The Eyes Complete

    • Hair Planning Complete

    • Hair Shaping The Hair Complete

    • Hair Cleaning The Hair Complete

    • Hair Filling In The Gaps Complete

    • Hair Colour And Shine Complete

    • Lips Shaping The Lips Complete

    • Lip Defining The Lips Complete

    • Lips Colour The Lips And Shine Complete

    • Nose Straightening The Nose Complete

    • Teeth Shaping and Filling The Teeth Complete

    • Teeth Colour and Brighten The Teeth Complete


About This Class


I am so excited to welcome you to this course.

This course will reveal to you the secret techniques that professional retouchers try and keep hidden.

I have designed this course for both beginners and.. people with experience in portrait and beauty retouching.

This course is explained simply and easily from start to finish, to enable you to grasp all the technique's and skills you will learn.

If you are here NOW, because you want all the answers in one place, then you have arrived at the right destination.

This course will take you on a journey which will enable you to discover how to retouch facial features on portrait and beauty photos, both beautifully and professionally, giving you the skills you will need to gain paying clients.

What WilI I Get With This Course?

17 Videos

All Images Included To Work On Throughout The Course

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Retouching Workflow

And Much..Much..Much..More!

I'm grateful that you have taken the time to read this, and really hope you will join me and the many other students around our planet - to discover the world of retouching





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Ben Taylor

Photoshop Retoucher

Hi! my name is Ben Taylor

I am a Photoshop Instructor which teaches online courses, and teaches individuals. I am passionate about Photoshop, and all of the amazing features in possesses, which enables people like you and me to creatively express our artistic talents.

I specialize in Photo retouching, both portrait and beauty, and believe completely, that learning should be fun..right?

That is why my classes are aimed and providing my students with easy to understand less...

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