Photoshop Basics Create a Bubble Brush!!

Sally Toro, Photoshop Basics ¡Create a Bubble!!

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    • Photoshop Basics Create a Bubble!!!


About This Class

We will create a bubble brush using Photoshop.

If you would like to create a bubble for any specific project,
that calls for one.

We will be using the layers panel an blending options
Some short key commands.
The color picker and the marquee tool







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Sally Toro

Photoshop Basics ¡Create a Bubble!!

I have always felt an attraction to the arts. I recognize that the visual arts have long been a significant part of American, and Puerto Rican culture. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and am of Puerto Rican decent. Art provided a visible means of communicating, a social consciousness, and a reawakening of my self-esteem. I have spent a considerable amount of time developing a bi-visual means of communicating to both cultures, through my artwork. My works are hybrids, they combine the elements of both mainstream America, and exotic Hispania. I have earned degrees in digital design and animation, and graphic illustrator. Graphic illustration in particular, has inspired my desire to pursue my dream of becoming a digital illustrator designer. One of the pleasures of working with digital design is that I do not have to stop at merely creating a way to represent the outside world, but can use these representations along with my imagination to explicitly create my own unique digital design art. I have truly enjoyed my journey, have a passion for art, and encourage the viewing public to engage with my designs.

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