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Photoshop Animation: Bring your images alive and animate anything

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction to this magical course

    • 2. What is timeline and how to use it

    • 3. How to animate opacity

    • 4. Our first project :) - creating cinemagraph (live image)

    • 5. Important Message :)

    • 6. How to animate style

    • 7. Second project - animating the colors of our image

    • 8. How to animate transformation of the object

    • 9. Third project - Parallax image part 1

    • 10. Third project - Parallax image part 2

    • 11. Third project - Parallax image part 3

    • 12. Before you continue

    • 13. Stop Calling Me Animation part 1

    • 14. Stop Calling Me Animation part 2

    • 15. Stop Calling Me Animation part 3

    • 16. Stop Calling Me Animation part 4

    • 17. What is next?

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About This Class

Hey Guys! Ever wondered how to animate things in Photoshop? Then this class is what you need.

You will learn Photoshop animations from zero to pro. I will show you some really cool advanced stuff.

This is what you will learn:

  • how to bring your images alive
  • create cinemagraphs
  • parallax effect
  • 2.5D image effect
  • animate the colors
  • and so much more things you didn't even know existed

Course files. Make sure to download the materials HERE or in the resources are of this class

These are the projects that we are going to create :)

1. Parallax image animation or also as some say 2.5D image.

2. Animating the colors of our image and creating a colorful utopia. So pleasing to watch.

3. "Stop calling me" Animation. Learn how to animate text and lights.

4. A Cinemagraph with animated lighting (endlessly looping image)

I hope you will enjoy it and see you in my class. Bye! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Introduction to this magical course: What's up, guys? My name is Fred on. I will be a teacher to this magical world off father shop animation. Andi Once again, welcome to my class. So we will start by learning the basics. We're going to start with the timeline panel, which is the most important panel. If you want to learn how toe animate anything in for the shop, and then we will dive deeper into the details will see reach options that we have for animation. We will start with learning how to animate or passage off any learning for the shop and then create this project. So images like this are Call Tina McGriff's there endlessly looking images and as a cancer here we're kind animating the light, its own on off on it looks really cool, and you can apply this effect to any off your own images. Next, we're going to learn how to animate style on. We're going to create this amazing project here. So here we animating the colors, you will be able to animate any color you want half past the color should change style actually gives us almost 10 animation options that you can use on your own images. The next one is transformed. We're going to create this project which is called Parallax Image or also, as some say, 2.5 The image. Look at this. I mean, look. How cool is that? So we will change the background. As you can see, the background is getting smaller. Also blurrier the guy self is getting bigger. Also, the shapes are changing their size on position on it looks awesome. Have you ever seen these things before? Have you ever heard or the city? Margaret Borders Parallax Effect was 2.5 the image if no Zen Congratulations. You were learned it all in this class. I mean, how cool is that? It's mind blowing. No, on the next one, that actually my favorite one. We're going to learn how to animate the mask off anywhere. And we will create this stunning project here. So, as you can see here were animating the light. The light is on his face and then the lightest off. And then we also have this text that say, Stop calling me. You can of course, write anything you want like you cannot any other text. This one's my favorite because it aesthetically looks just so nice. A real of the colors. So after learning all this animation options off course, you will open a whole new world off father shop for you. Especially if you have never seen these things before. And you will be able also to create anything you imagine. Almost anything. Our projects similar toe this once. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started. 2. What is timeline and how to use it: What's up, guys? Spread here on on this. Listen, we're going to learn how actually Timeline worked on every show. You What is tumbling? How to use it on Why is it so intellectually like the most important thing? If you are planning to animate things in fellowship So first of all, let's create in your project. So let's just press create new Onda here. So we on height you can do anything you want, but I usually 2000 by 1 to 50 because that's the perfect size for Instagram. And then make sure you have pixels here selected. Make sure yours ocean is 300. And also your column art is RGB color. And if everything is fine legis press create. Okay, So, first of all, your interface, of course, may look different. I just changed my interface to make sure that my picture fits here So you can see me perfectly on Let's get started. So, in order to open the timeline panel being to go to window aunt here, we're going to find timeline. Let's just person and we're going to have this timeline here. Ah, First of all, what we need to do is actually legis press create video timeline. So when repressive all over. Where's that we have here automatically are going to appear here right now we have only this layers there. Here. That's why that's the only thing we have here. So you can see where zero. This is the direction of our timeline on right now. We don't see actually how long it is You want to see how longer says we can just you see this scroll, er, for example, I can just move without to be tried and see what happens. I will explain. What is that force in a second? So, first of what we see here 0500 f that miss. It's five seconds. We see here, for example 0100 f that makes its 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 2nd for second and 5th 2nd ons. Embassy hearings that between 15 F 15 f again 59 so F actually means frames. In every second we have 30 frames. So, for example, if you look here, there's 30 FPs. That means 30 frames per second. So, for example, is the same we watched your movie. Every movie consists of different frames, usually movies have like 24 frames per second, or 25 frames per second. You know when you make sure we're going to sort of friends per second to give it moxie, Mom, to make it as much as possible. Basically, on DSO this girl helps us to zoom in or to zoom out off our timeline. For example, if I press here, see what happens. I see now not only 15 rice in our time frames and 20 frames, but we for us only 15. If I press again again again and see what happens. I see frame number five frame number 10 and soon serves. The more I zoom in, the more friends basically, I see this doesn't make our video longer or smaller or shorter. It just I'm looming into Seymour. Friends are the make out to see less friends for them. Right now, I can see each frame friend number 1234 and so on. And if I go to the right until the frame 30 so see what happens we have here frame number 29 then we get when we get from sort of already have our 1st 2nd because that's already the second number one and then again happens the same thing. So frame second number 100 again we go. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go On Beverage 29th frame. We already have our second second seconds. The second number two Because we really have 1st 2nd before. That's the basic loud works on. If I press here, then I just zoom out off my timeline and I see again it in a more compact. You basically So if I go here on, I just dropped any objects. For example, any image, ERM let's ah exist image here on drop it. The weather shop just opened here. Just press okay for now. So when we dropped and sing hearing for the shop automatically, it's going to appear on this timeline as well. So nice. You can see we see this object here so we can make the average. We can make the duration off this object shorter or longer. For example, you see that it's ah located on five seconds. So it's going to show in the whole five seconds. For example, it is blue area here. If I moved from left to right nothing is going to happen. There's just changing the timeline that we're our own right now. For example, See here Right now we are second number four on frame number 17. If I go left right now, we're in second number two and prime number 11. But there's no basis. There's just one image. That's why nothing changes. But if I makes it shorter, for example, when I move my mouse here, I press and drugs left. Now, as you can see, this image is ending here. So if I moved here right now, I moan frame number three a second, number three and prime number tonight you can see I don't see anything, right? Because here we have only just right lor on. Let's say I put anything else here. For example, I put this image here. I'm Presser Cape. So the first thing you're going to see is that this image starts not from zero, but from here. Why? Because when I was putting when I was placing this image importer shop, my blue era was actually here. I was on this part of the timeline, so I find Let's can just drag it on more with left alter it. I know what's going to happen. It's almost like, slight. Your first we're going to This is this image and then we're going to see next image. And like this, we can play with different layers so we can make slurs and soon. So, for example, I can put the sword image enforcement on so on. But that's actually not the most important thing. The most important things that were going to us for creating cool animations is if you press here, look this arrow, see what happens. We have here. Three parameters transform capacity and stout. We're going to learn them and they will help us to do so many cool things. So that's it for learning. Basically, how Timeline panel actually works, what it is on introducing it to you. Next lesson. We're going to start with learning this tree parameters. It's going to be awesome. So see you guys in the next lesson by 3. How to animate opacity: What's up, guys? Welcome back. So today we're going to actually what is a passage? How to you on what we can create with it. And also, we were going to create this interesting project here. Onda. It's actually pretty simplistic unsee it just kind of lighting effect going on on off. We're going to capacity to create that. So let's go to for the show. Impressed. Great new. That's right. And now let's make sure which is 1000 fighters want to 50 Russians 300. Call a motive, energy. Be color on. Let's press create. I also make sure you have pixels here. Okay, I know I am. Repeat intact every listen, but you know, it's kind important. So first of all, if you already open timeline panel last time, then you're going to have it here If you want to cause it, just to show how you can actually do it. So what? So you're working on some different project. You can just press your on press close. Tabb group, you're not open to the game. Can go to window on Personal timeline is going to be back there. So now let's press create result timeline. Actually Let's wait. First of all, let's import our image before we create the actual timeline on, uh, give me just a second. So I find it. Oh, my God. I have so many images here. Finally. Oh, my God. I can't believe I finally found this image anyway Or wait like a depth. So let's hope Sorry. Let's take our image on places in for the shop soldiers. You can just drag it under up with here when you see the plus sign on, Let's, of course, press on drag press on drugs. So in order to make sure we see only what we need to see, let's make it down services this part as well. And yet, of course, you can find this image in the link below that links to a project while so you can just, you know, take any images. You want to use it and create something yourselves, and that's going to be your art work on this purse. OK, here. So now let's press great video timeline. And first of all, what's press here and here? We're going to this three options transform opacity and style we're going to start with so passed it so in order to animate opacity. First of all, we have to press. We have to click on this timeline on this clock. I can just press here on when we press it, as you can see, or when we click it. Oh, my God. I have to choose one word already. I'm always mixing them. So when we click it, we see here this I can appear this point that here. So this boat, actually, this point us right now for the shop. Remember that on second number 00 As you can see, it's on single number 000 opacity over this. Where is 100%? So, for example, if I take this, um, time life put up, I moved to second number one. All right, Now go to a positive and make it zero. As you can see, partnership automatically created a second point here. Now, this second point remembers that on second number one. The opacity is there a person? All right, now hold shop is going to animate from point a, basically a to point B. So it's going to go from this point to this point. So if I go here here past is 100%. And if I go to the right capacities. Zero. So right now, for I can continue, for example, I can put it here again, or even to second. Number three doesn't really matter. I think I can go back to a past and make it 100%. I was going to go so right now is going to animate from 100% to 0% on them back 200%. So if I just, you know, drag it, as you can see, is going to a lot of sorts. It's going by a pastis. Iran's ends back well past is 100%. If you want to play, you can just press here play button. But keep in mind that friendship is going to play that really, really slow on that. Actually, the prints owns the power off your computer or productive. If it's strong, that's going to be a normal playback. If it's ah, not that strong, that is going to be really, really slow. But so what? I'm into actually really resource. So, for example, here we see that this whole animation is going to take us three seconds. But actually, if we press play and record. How long is going to take for them by press? 123 for 56789 10 Cape. So as you can see, it was supposed to go in three seconds, but instead it went in 10 seconds. Andi, don't worry about that. Because when we're going to export it as a video is going to be OK, it's going to be Ah, it is going to be a three second long video is not going to be 10 seconds. OK, so the playback is going to be normal when we exported. It's only when we preview it in for the shop it can show us. It's so Andi, nor to make this better what you can. Actually, we can go here, press here on here, going to have a resolution. Make sure it's 25%. That means is going to go that fast. It can go because that's actually the quality of play back. And if you make it 100% that's going to go slow, wild, high quality. If you make it, Ah, 25% that is going to go faster, wise, low quality. But again, when you exported as the video is going to be high quality. So again, don't worry about that. Just trust me. Uh, anyway, let's continue. So, for example, right now we can take any other image on DA Let's take take this image. I put it here again. Let's make this bigger. Let's press a cape. And now let's move this image to the left. So it's on the beginning. And also, let's take it here on Move it down. So it's below this layer. As you can see, it's changed also here. So what did I do that so, for example, like this we can create also calls slide shadows Slideshow. What? I'm not sure if I said that I had heard. Ah, Anyway, let's continue. So yeah, on the if I played see what happened is going to go to this image and then back to this image. Why does this happen? Because here, yes, we can see you. This image, the image above is losing his a past it. And that's why we're starting to see the image just located behind on. That's why I started them. Blend combines. This image has lost capacity. Ah has less has, like pasties are a person. We see the images behind it on again. We're going to see the image that's going back. So it's overpriced 200% again because that's actually pretty simple. Now let's do this. Background were, First of all, we don't really it, so just take it and put it to Trash bin. And also, let's ah, did this one. We also don't need it. So let's see. How long is this media? Eight minutes. Okay, I think it's. But if you just make a post, go drink something on, then come back and watch the next lesson because we're going to learn how to create this artwork here and again. It's going to be pretty simple and I guess is going to be pretty fast. So she he's the next lesson. Yeah, on go drink some tea or coffee. Whatever my 4. Our first project :) - creating cinemagraph (live image): Welcome back. I hope you had a good rest between the previous video on this video. You drank some tea or coffee on, even if you didn't, you just decide to continue right away there. Good job. Anyway. So we're going to create this project on, for example, as I showed you in previous. Listen, I think I did, right. It's going to be this animation on. Yeah, let's just let's just jump into it. So let's just go to for the trip and create a new project. Such press create new. Okay, Make sure which is 1000 heights. Oneto 50 results in 300. You have pixels here. Calm order GB on was prescribed. Okay, so first of all, let's take our image that when it So let me just see where is it? And I said before you can find the emissions of project files, but it's not here for Jim. Just place it into for the shop on. Yeah, make it a little bit bigger, But make sure you see this thing here because this go to Barbara Light source. Basically, this is going to be the shining thing. Espresso. Kate on Let's go Here two layers and is background lor because we don't really need it. So now it's press create video timeline Perfect. So first thing means to do we need to make our image really, really dark. So it needs to be like, you see this darkness here, it seems to be like this. So then we can have some light it and then we can, you know, just change in between each other. So it's going through a dark, light, dark light, tracked like unless actually with regard to create our animation. You see, it's that simple on DA Let's press here on Jews here. Bright off. Sorry. Sorry. Um, wrong one. This is go here and choose here. Brightness, contrast. Now let's take our brightness and make it to the minimum minus 150. That's going to be a war dark side. Now let's go here on create another brightness. On this time we're going to make this 150 so plus 150. Okay, so the 1st 1 is dark and the 2nd 1 is really, really bright. So maximum brightness what you actually need to do right now? So right now we're going to work with masks, so it was this white thing here on? If you don't know what mask? Actually, that's actually were important. Andi, that's actually the most important thing in Polish trip. If we don't know what mask is, then please open the window and jump. No, I'm just I'm just kidding. Don't do that. Please. Let's go to my YouTube channel on DA. Learn from Fred. Go to search here on type here, mask and you'll see here to Lester's. Our mask works. One home ask works to, and then you can go through this lessons and then come back and continue this. Listen. So, President, he had choose your brush tool. Okay. Make sure you have black clothes like that here. Make sure past is 100% floors 100%. I know. So let me see if this is right. Yep. Okay. Um, I recording. Yeah. And also make sure your brush is hardness is 0%. Let's make this a little bit smaller and killed him. Bigger lays. It should be fine. So now whenever things friend, let me close this on DA. Make sure you have selected your mask. So not this, but exactly the mask. Okay on, just not to mix This two years press twice on the text so we can rename them. So there's going to be a light on press twice here and is going to be dark. No, select the musk. It was a light on right now. Make sure Blackhorse like that and start drawing. So when we drove his black, our we deleting the brightness off some areas of the image. So what? Action to Dio. We need to do it. All right. You have been to do something like that. So this needs to be really, really bright on displaces Mr Bell so bright but also pay attention that this is this place needs to be brighter than ever singles because it's actually source of what on if you look like in real left source of life, source of light is always brighter than ever. Singles. So of course, the lamp is going to be brighter than ever. Single surrounding the lamp, Ana, what we actually should do, so just grow legs. This Okay, so we need also straight lines here. So, for example, here plug, it's a straight line going from up to down in order to create the straight line become press wells here. And then behold, shift press here, for example, on a road trip is going to automatically drove certain line from here to here. So again, we press once and then we hold shift impressed wives. And I was going to draw a straight line from point A to point B. And same goes here. We press once and then the whole shift empress here Right now, we actually need to delete some of you need to bring back some of the white spaces. So let's go and change the core back to white on. Actually, this needs to be right. Press here. Hold shift. Empress here exists on the games. The same place to hear Press hole. Ah, press wants whole shift. Press cure. So you see straight on also, if you if you think this is taking too much space, you can go here. They can press and eyes out a bit. Done. Yeah, this much better. So let's displace us. Let's get closer. Let's make our personal until it everything else that we don't actually neat. So this needs to be 100% right? Yeah. If you want to work to look good, then Of course, a man off course. We need to make sure it's almost perfect on what this thing is still there. Come on, just press here. Once on, it's going perfect. So now we need to make this part a little bit brighter in order that we just go here on chose vibrance. M sorry. Brightness contrast again on them. We just make the brightness of the tire like this somehow. So now we need to make sure that this brightness of record is going to appear on Lee on the light on loans this ah, shield or where they were Think I don't know what this in cold sir is going to have going here in order to make that we need to do it from everywhere. ALS. So basically, we're just taking black color the cave we increased the brush size and then we can just start drawing with black, as you can see what section happening also, when you don't make sure you have selected this mass quickie. What's actually happening right now is really things brightens effect from a rails. But we allowed to appear only here. So if I turn this off and on you see is much brighter now. Perfect. So now we have this. Let's also call it, um, light our religious code like, because this is going to be also the lighting effect tonight. If I turn this off, this is that when it turns a month, you see it again. Right? Ongoing. Teoh, we we just need to do the same thing. But here was a pastie, so it gave me to bring them some from zero plastic. So it's that 200% capacity stories bright and then we need to bring them back 200 to 0% opacity. So it's a game dark. So that's how we're going to play with them. Okay, so start animating now. So first of all, it opens is too light unless they exist on Mazel to retire. Also, you want to make sure you're really zoom in the timeline. So, for example, this thing, if it's here, you make just you just put it right. You bring it right so we see more frames. So we see basically, right now, every second frame, let's brings us the person bullets, President, plastic, look. So we started to make things that is going to start with 100% of past here. As you can see here, this is what I think is going to blink. Blink at some points. So let's bring this tour contents frame on the right. Now what? We're actually going to do so before Will was created frames by changing their pastor. For example, if I would change the opacity and you see a frame automatically, Great is right. Let's go back right now. We don't need to change the passive. We just want to create a frame. So if I press here, you see this point your frame with automatically credit weapons here a frame will automatically credit. So this frame right now has on the person capacity on. Of course I can change. Like if I make it throated his on then this frame is going to have 32 opacity if I make it so. Industry is one clubs. They went to ST You can't make it on. It's going to have 100 so we're basically created a frame, and then we can change the opacity to what you want. So right now it's 100. That's what we need on. We need to make it so is it needs to go from light to dark. Really, Fast says. You can see it's a short amount of time chances to go like poo poo poo. So that's why it needs to go, like from tens from 2 12 frame on. Let's know my surprise to zero on the same goes for the second layer again the past zero. So it is going to be really fast. No light back to light again. A pass 100% Okay, once it blinked once. Now we continue. For example, the public wants them there sometime on. Then we go toe from number 20 six, let's say, for example, and again we create an empty not empty, but points behind the present past and again. For example, the same goes here. Um, zero. There's a gay. It went from light to no light and then we bring it back 200%. But right now we want to do some blinks in a row. So he had he had one blink before, and here we want to do not one, but let's say troubling. So once it blink and they need to go around 23 so something like that so that means we basically have to continue. So try to imagine that when, even if you don't don't worry when we're going to export it, that's a video. You'll be ableto see that on. If you like, you will be able to make changes to animation if you want to. Let's just go here, for example, ons and again, we need to create an empty point, not empty. About 100% of us here on go again like this. So as you can see, it's always the same thing. He just needs to. We just need to a play with this. So he had rambling second blink and again. Now let's go to 12 for example. So the more you do it, they're more used you will get. Did we just just repeating the same stuff on a game? We just do this 100%. So now let's bring this left so prissy over time Land, for example, if I brings us right now from here to here, but you're right now, it's too fast, so we don't actually see it. But even if I press, play is going to go to slow. So something like that dunk dunk dunk Perfect Onda, before we exported this as a video so we can actually see what we did. What we need to go. We need to. So for example, if you want to export is in Instagram instagram you to have at least three seconds of video in order to be able to export it in Instagram right now. Here we have. How many? So this is the last frame on she have you have one second 16 frames, so it needs to be twice longer. How are we going to do that? So we're not going to repeat all this stuff because it's going to take, like, so much time what's actually going to go? Let's just take this on, make the shorter so just bring it here. For example. Not all of them brings it. Burning goes on was the same place. Basically, you will see what I'm doing in a minute in a second. Now, when we have all of this, let's present this one on. Now let's hold control or comment. If using Mac on just so I could all of them press right here on empty place somewhere And just cumber too smart object. So right now, we already have this animation. And if you just convert it to a smart object, this animation is going to be in one object. So, for example, if I if I played you see, it's like this, I like what I can. Actually, I can just copy it. So for example, I can just press right duplicate layer. Okay, on. I can take this letter and bring it forward. So this our animation in place on the employment continues and then continues place again because this is just a copy of this one. We just moved it over before, But unless create another copy duplicate later, Okay, Forward places on this can help us to duplicate their effect on right now is going to go five seconds on. We can actually I pulled it to Instagram, for example. So finally, how the export this as a video. I know you're probably tired. So am I. But don't worry, we're almost done. Let's go to file expert surrender. We dio We need to wait a little bit. Ah, uh okay. So we can just name it. Anything less. Name it. Lighting the sport. Right light. Whatever. Let's go on Democrats like the photo, for example. Let's go to select older. I'm just going to go to go to that step Onda also. So here, if you're using Windows, you're going to have a the media made encoder. Refusing Mark, most likely going to have quick time, but it doesn't really matter. Both of them are video for months. So what do you want? Your vote. You can actually change your present. High quality. So compromising quality work, Walter. But of course, let's go for high quality. Why not? We deserve it on DA. Everything else is fine. So this just shows over the size of our project 1000 by 212 fifties. The ones that we re defined when we created France per 2nd 30 Let's press surrender now. We just have to wait. It usually takes a few seconds so it doesn't have to take too long unless your computer is a snail. Snail? They did. I say is the right word. Yeah, the snails is the one that goes really slow. Uh, let's wait. Um, come on. Okay. Let's see what we have. It's a moment of truth done in. Ah, yeah. It worked out right I'm so surprised. No, I mean, you had to work out. Like what else could it do? So I don't hope you like it on. If you upload to Instagram, it's going to look similar. Toe this one on? Yeah. See you guys in the next lesson, we're going to continue critical project. So this was actually the basic project on, um next months are going to be even better. Pass me by. 5. Important Message :): nice before. Continue. One more thing. If you really enjoy the course, please created this really, really help me to create more, more and even more amazing glasses for you. 6. How to animate style: So what's up, guys? Hurry doing. And welcome back to the shop animations. So today we're going to learn, actually, how to any mate style in partnership on. I mean, that's so cool. You just just let me just give me a moment. I will explain what I mean by that. So, first of all, you will be able to create this kind of animations. For example, what about this Lukaku? Is that or, for example, something like that? Okay, this is, um, business with were that maybe not everybody will like this, but I adjusted for an experiment or something like that. Do you like it? I mean, of course you do. Who doesn't? On. Of course, you will be able to animate much more stuff with styles on there, like 10 options that you can make a rule Dive into them in a moment on the god. My hair looks so bad. A What happened that. Anyway, I'm sure you here to learn some for the shop and not look at my hair, so yeah, Don't look at my hair on Let's get started. So first words go to window on the timeline. And here, let's make this ought to be small, so we can just bring Mama are mostly in bringing this down unless press great visual timeline. Okay, Perfect. So, no. Now let's take just some image. For example, this one. Yeah, why not? Let's bring it here. And now I want you to make a smaller actually. So, for example, we can just take it and drag it like this on. We can put it in the middle somewhere and let's prosecute. So if you press this area here, we'll see here Three options. During our last lessons, we learned opacity. Today we're going to learn style. So what has actually stopped? For example, if you go here to this image, Onda, we come first, right? And then he we can't go to blending options. So make sure your press right. No guns the note on the some nine letter and takes about exactly here somewhere on the empty space. Right on goto blending options. You'll see this kind of panel appear which is called wear style and care. We have some like 1234 Okay, let's say 10 different options timeto change our letter cells and we can animate area and each off this options. How cool is that? For example, you have You have stroke in the shoulder in the glow, studying culturally and so on. So I will show you just some of them. If you don't find me that resist styles on DA, you can just go to my YouTube on typing here in such style on you will get this lesson, for example, layer more than stars and you can watch. It is just seven minutes long and they can come back. So I don't spend time here to explain your water. Actually, this styles and how to use them I'm just gonna show you how to You can animate them. So, for example, let's go to this. Um, let's say drop shadow there is helping us to make some shadow. As you can see, we have some shadow here already. Onda, we can make surpassed a little bit harder. For example, on, um, we can increase the distance of the shoulder, so as you can see, it gets a little bit lower. We can also change the angle. For example, as you can see, the shadow changes angle on right now. Let's for example, press here. So's angle of the shadows here. Don't Let's press. Okay? No. So now when you persecute, you going to see here? Effect on drop shadow. This is throwing us that you have applied dropped out effect to this image. For example, if I press here, I can turn off with or I can turn it on on right now. Let's go to hear style on just personal the clock. As you can see here we have this point, basically, that Trump says that's for the ship. Now remember that at second number zero, the style of this image is shadow like this. Let's get actually a bit closer. Our timeline. Sorry, guys. I had toe recreate the project again on dumb. Yeah, but as you can see the same like we have the image, the shadow on one point here. So let's not continue. Let's go now to second number one on dumb. So let's no, If you want to Upton drop shadow, we just have to press twice in it. In order to operate, for example, we just press twice here right now, for example, let's say we want to change the color in order to change the color we just press here. Change the call would say to Green on press. Okay, I don't really matter where is your shadow? Because I remember that first time I did like the shot. The angle was like this, but it doesn't really matter again. You can just change angle however you want, so just bring it back to normal. And let's press OK, so what's going to happen right now? She can see reaction as a point created, which was automatically created by for the shop on the right. Now portrait is going tiny might from point A to point B, 1.8. We had the color off shadow black on right now. See you have a color, the child a green. So I mean, that's really cool. We can go from black to green easily, and then we can, for example, go to some other color. Let's say again, let's go to drop shadow. We just press twice and on. We can change toe any other color. Let's say on DA we have in here the point created and C is going tournament from black to green to purple and so on. So I said said, we can't use any of this animation options, for example, I can adhere, um, torture that Berlin boss on DA I'm just going to do. You don't have to be. I'm just showing it to this option. Let's say partisan like exists on Let's just prosecute. So now, as you can see here, it has another point created on the before. You see, it didn't has this bell on both. But if I go right, see what's happening. It has this effect. So just like I said, you can animate anything here because I was You can not, for example, Outer Glow, which has a glow from outside who was press okay on da Look that so called. So let's now continue on DA Just like any other options for the poor Pacific also delayed this point. We can just press here in order to do it all the points on the that's it. So, for example, we can all score than you might also some vector objects I can press here, press right and chose. LF so let's say on da just draw something like a circle doesn't really matter that much, So when you have a circle, if you want to change the call. Just Percy Jones. Fuel and choose the first month and choose black color as they go to stroke press here and chose the first option. Or to make sure there's no border color around it. Sores. There's a stroke. Okay? And when you have created this, for example, press here twice. Okay, first, let's go here. Opens this on president style. Unless again, TV appears this point created the style point are not another anything. I want to assure you that as ah, this ellipse was created not from zero, but here because our blue arrow like the timeline pointer was located here on Let's just take it in, bring it to the left. So let's not go here on different press right on. Just blending options were open layer styles, just like we did first them. But there is also another way to open layer styles, which is much faster. Let me press Cancel. You can just go here. You put your you can put your mouse here on empty place. So not only the timeline on the text, but here and then you can just click twice. You click two times. I was going to happen automatically. That's much faster. Onda, Let's go here to call her overlay. So make sure here have blending more normal off ice to make it 100 choose just any color Doesn't really matter. Okay, Presser Cape. I'm president again. So now you're going to hear as a point was automatically created and I was going to animate from black toe. Will it the color off the object and then we can continue. You can press twice again and call it over later. Open it on. We can change it to some other caller. Plus the capers. Okay. On its again. Any matings of colors? Of course, we can do the same with the image. Let me turn this often Torrance image. Let's go back to his image. Let's actually did it to save lives. We don't need it. Okay? And I wanted little this point, so it'll just press Here is the style. I must go back to zero. So first of all, I want to delete this styles as well on. We can just take this effect thing on Bring it to the trash bin. Gone that easy, but suppress twice here on the empty place Open letter styles unless goto color overlay. But this time we want to goto blending mode on Do it something like Multiply So we see what's actually happening in the image. Or we can also use, Let's say, lighten or ah screen. Letty. What is better? If you have windows, you can just use your keyboard arrows up on down to change between the blending. Most extra concerned. I can change by just using Eros. Unfortunately, it's not possible on Mac. I don't know why it's really weird, but it's only possible on Windows. So let's save you. Half years is soft lights elected on this card is personal, Kate. I know. Let's go and turn on style. So now we go to second number one. We press twice here again on culturally, and then we change the course of something else that's first. Okay. And we go now. Continue. Oh, no. What did I do? Keep story. We continue now on the we go to green. Let's pursue music. We press a cape. I don't see what's happening. We can change the course off the image like an animation. So anyway, guys lets out longer. Is the studio certain minutes Oh, my God. I hope you're still here. I hope you didn't leave if he didn't. You are a champion. See you in the next lesson and we're going to create this project here. This which one has this one? Exactly, but 7. Second project - animating the colors of our image: What's up, guys? Bread here, your political teacher on I have you doing good because I'm doing pretty good as well. Just in case you ask. Today we're going to create this project, this animation and as you can see, people really like it. Wow, love on blah, blah, blah. So let's jump into for the Shub. Let's not waste our time on. We're going to use this image. As you can see, we already have this, the course that made on the face. We just need to animate them so it makes our job much easier on DA. You will find this image in the project files in ah, and dealing to Project Father will be in description, most likely but spreads great new on Let's go with which 1000 height. 1 to 50 Big self selected results in 300 column or RGB color on Let's press create. So if you have here already, Tom Landry, it's fine if you don't have the time like here, just goto window on select timeline toe. Open it again. First of all, let's take this image on places inside for the shop number two make it bigger, so we just drag it to the left until the right on a personal cape. Now let's go to the lower spinal and did this background lor because we don't really need it. So or do we do? First we need toe separate the colors from the image on How do we do that? First up will be in to create a few copies off this image on the in order to create a copy , just press right here somewhere on go to duplicate layer. Ah, religious personal keep And those option to create a copy is actually to hold old if you're using windows If using Mark hold option So we hold out our option Mazembe press on the wear and then we drag it up And when you see two arrows black and white, you can release your mouse button on only that you can release out or option button and I guess you can create a copy. So again we hold all corruption Person was aware Drag it up and release Perfect on. We need kind of four copies. So he different How many colors you want to have, But so we go to have here. So we're going to separate here, all the yellow course. Then we're going to separate all the green colors on. Then we're going to separate all the blue cars. Actually, the council loser it once. OK, let's do blue and green together and then we can dio red ones separately said, Let's continue. So now, First of all, let's turn off all of the layers above and have religious layers selected. Let's go here, press right and choose magic Want toe? This was going to sell to help us select the colors that we need. So, for example, make sure you have your told and 30 to make sure you have this selected here, Kate. Sample sizes point sample on That should be sample. Alors on. For example, Preppers owns this yellow color right now. As you can see, it's going to select all the yellow, all colors that are the similar in Simla tone. I also make sure you don't have this continuous selected here because if you have this selected, so, for example, to go to select and this select, so I select that sound impressive gains. See what's going to happen is going to select on his, of course that a located in years. A point where you click is not going to select yellows from this part of the image. That's why let's go back to like this like let's turn yourself and not for us. So now let's say you want to add some more points or some more yellow course because, as we can see, for example, eating that the dark hair loss because we have this like we can just press here. As you can see, it's ah, it has a plus sign near magic. Want toe repressed As you can see, it selected more yellow colors on DA. Why didn't so like this course I don't get it. Okay, that's much better on legis per se doesn't need to be perfect. Um, no. What is this? Images select religious processions a mask and see what's going to happen for the shop separated all the yellow and similar colors. Now let's turn this off and go on turns its own hand selected. So in this image, we're going toe separate. All the red color soldiers personal the red, and here we can press on some dark red colors. Onda Um Okay, let's Ah now create the mask it actually took some of the, um, lips as well. But that's not the big problem. If you if we don't want to animate, for example, is the color of the lips. You can just go here. Um, you can go here, press right. Choose your brush toe on the make sure you have black are selected on Ah, go here and make the hardness 100 for the brush tool. Let's make the size of the brush to a smaller. For example, you can just, you know, of his black color. If you draw on the mask here, make sure on drones a mask. You can just feel it this so again, if you don't know how much it actually works, you can go to my foot ship channel on types there in search mask, and you will have two lessons that explain you how masks work. Let's continue. Let's turn his hope and turns his own. Let's go to this image now. So on this image we're going to separate all the blue collars on the green colors as well. So let's select our magic. Want ill again on Let's Go to Blue Collar Press here on the blue no suppress on the green and see what we get. Okay? We also need this dark blue collars. Perfect. Now, let's place on, um, great mask, Boom down. I mean, that's so easy. Come on. Especially if you follow my instructions in details on If you have any questions, don't have state to contact me comment or just go to my instagram Fred's Gallery here, Press gallery and just direct message me on. I will answer you in few hours. Just No, seriously, I do that all the time. I answer. I have are 5 5000 students on different platforms on different websites on I always answers the questions, so don't be shy. So no one we did that. What we actually need to do. Let's go here on press create with your timeline and now we just need time. You made this styles, so let's turn on the image below, which is untouched. Toys just was original image. That's what you mean it on. Let's turn on all of this. So let's start with the 1st 1 which was Ah, yellow color threat Legis press twice in it on the text time in so we can ram it I'm This is going to be alone And let's press twice here. There's going to be read on ah, twice in the text again repress, and there's going to be boo slash green. Let's not yellow color. Let's go here, presses arrow. I'm not going turn. You might style. So let's personal style. So the first the first goal, is going to be original color. That's why we don't touch it on. Let's actually get closer. So we need to see, um, we're going to animate every second frame. I think that's what I didn't is that animation. So let's let's let him I never second friends. So move it to a friend. Number two on ah press twice here on the empty place to open last us just like we did during our last Listen, if you don't remember that, then just go and watch it, Onda. Sure, we're going to do a color overly. Okay, I'm according overly, I would suggest you select normal. Ah, but I guess it's actually too strong, so maybe we can select something. Girls. Let's see. Um, starker more to play. But what Zordon color is yellow. Okay, so let's see, what should be Lighten Screen color. Dodge overly overly is pretty nice. So and yeah, what's purse? Okay, so the first scholar we're going to do is actually from yellow to green, actually. Can actually change any course you want to, so you don't have to fully my colors. Exactly. For example, Now we go to call number four on the game with press twice here on the color over. Like open it not to call them before. Sorry to frame them before. And then we go to the score on we change it, Let's say two purple or reddish that matter. And then let's go to six frame Press twice again. Here on again, we change it to different color. So if you change your colors and you see that it doesn't show the exact color you want toe espresso, Kate. Here. What, actually, to the end to change the blending mode. So right now we have overly what hourly that is. Actually, it connects with the layer below on dso It actually combines the colors from the original air on this car. And if you want to have only this color the make sure you have normal selected here. Okay? So is that there's actually a big difference. I'm going to go. Was overly on Dwight. That's actual original yellow. So what's to choose something that's not your? Well, as you can see here, we make it blow. But still, it's not blue, so I will have to change here, toe the normal on. We can just play with your past a little bit. Let's make it a little bit slower lower so we see. So it actually blends with the image below. Unless press okay, so let's continue. Let's press. I get twice as a color. Overly. I know it's changed the color toe purple on on tens frame, which is going to be our last frame. We're going to change the caller toe toe. So where did this? We actually Okay, let's do it. Dark blue. We didn't do that. I think Perfect. We are done with our first layer. So if we made that see what's going to happen, we're going to change the colors. No, let's close this. Let's go to a second layer, which is actually read course on. We do the same thing, so if you don't want it, we don't what want to watch this. Just go ahead and just do it by yourself. Because I'm just going to do the same thing again. I'm just going to animate the cars. So again, a person capacity off. Sorry, not a bicep. Let's go back. I press on Ah, to go back. You can just go. Ate it on under color. Okay, Condo. So I personal style pounds and I pressed twice again. Here. I'm sorry. Cancel After when we first too. Take a number two as an empress. Twice again. Here. Ah, do quality color of early on. They change the color too. Yeah, Let's do it, Blue. Why not just a fluke? Does that continue on? Say you acted. We can actually see the cause. Of course, From this letter from the later both changes. We see. Look at this green. So now we see both of the colors change. Let's go to color. Really? Again. Now it's animated. Toe green. Yeah, Why not? I was going to frame number six every compressed twice again. I'm just culturally on. We can animated toe yellow, for example. You can make the past high if you want to. So this is going to be No, no, no, no. What should I do? Read the Yes. Why not? Why not? Now go to a friend. Number 10 on any images to Okay. And now we have the last layer left. Let's go here to the blue One book course. Unless President style does go to frame number two on, Let's press twice here again. So just make sure you don't have the same colors repeated. So we already have here. Blue and green colors on DA Let's go to color. Really? You want to make, let's say, at some red. So it's kind of balanced Blue, green, red, cold colors and wrong course was going out to friend them before to color overlay. Let's go to numbers from number six. Ah ah, yeah. I mean, if you want to create something really amazing for the shop, it always takes lots of time. That's right, when I usually work and I do want you to do the same just, you know, put on some music. Goto Soundcloud. Let's say on put on some music, some music that is a really long I would say so. You can really relax and enjoy the process year, so you don't see like Oh my God. What? I'm going to finish that. Because when you have some nice music, pray playing in your earphones, Ana, it's It has to be like some calm music. Some like something like remixes, but calm remix. Okay, Not like something screaming or like something pope, because it gives it makes your energies. But we don't want that. We just want some call music so you can concentrate on your work and you can enjoy the process. So this person is is change the core. Actually, classical music would also work perfectly on the last one is Ah, yellow finally. Uh okay. Ah, Now when we did that, lets close us. That's this on the let's bring it to the left So we can see. Okay, So now the problem is that actual Let's go with before so we can see a time number 10 from number 10. The problem is that our animation is only time frames long. So if I do that, it's time friends and then it doesn't go anymore on. If you want to applaud this instagram, it needs to be at least three seconds long. So what? We're going to do we already? It is the same with our first animation, and we're going to do the same now. So first of all, we want to make the shorter So this needs to be 10 from 10 frames, so just makes a shorter. But that's not timeframes. Timeframes is here. Yeah, so we had to bring it to the frame number. Turn gloves off. So what did I do now? No, Um, actually, look is going to be 10 and that is going to start again. So we need to have 10 plus two swords, their distance between the last color on the first color. So let's just bring Let's just give it one more frame and living friends, Let's see. And now we have to become a very compressed on the first layer. And then behold shift. I'm pressing. The last were on like this. We have also letters between us selected us. Well, we press right here and choose comfort to a smart object. And now, as you can see, it's going to be animated, animated, smart object. So we just have to cope it on, put it for first of. So for example, we just press tried duplicate layer prosecu on. We just put it here and they'll be the same. Or you can also create copies without interruption, just like I showed you before. So we just have to create copies the same thing. So right now we're already the second number one. We need ah to bring it toe. Second number three. Come on. You're almost sir. Hans is going to be the last one that said we have three seconds on how many frames? Trick seconds and eight Or stern? 19 frames. Yeah. So that's it? That's all we need. So let's go to file. Expert on. Let's go to render video. I'm excited to see, like, how long is this? Uh, 16 minutes. Oh, my God. My heart. Okay, on Let's go. So we can just quote colored face. I don't know. I'm going to save it to that step on. Make sure you have high quality selected. Make sure. Here you have. Um, it amazing colder or appears in Mark. You're going to have quick time. Most likely doesn't matter anything about polish of image thing. Let's make sure you don't have this one. Anything else, but not this one. Okay, Allegis, press surrender. Okay, Almost done. Exporting video. Now let's go on. Watches wide right. Wait, wait. Great. I need to make it smaller. Okay? I also want to the report media so we can watch it again. Wow. I mean, that looks even breath ISMs. Originally, that is the one that I did in my struggle. Because, as you can see here is actually going faster. For my instagram, it was a little bit slower. So the distance between the colors changing what not to friends, but was something likely for France. He every did the two friends on. Of course, you can change it if you want to. You can do it for friends off my friends. But I like this much more. It looks like this old eighties disco times. Onda. So you guys, during our next lesson on yeah. Why 8. How to animate transformation of the object: What's up, guys? Fred here on the today, We're going toe learn with what was that transform Animation? Exactly. I forgot the topic over the day. Anyway, we're going to learn to run from animation on. Then after that lesson we go, we'll start. Great thing this project here on it's actually Oracle project. It's ah, it has a parallax effect. As you can see. Well, they will be able to change the size of this guy. To move him will be ableto transforms a background image and also, as you can see, move this object. So transform. Actually, that's about lots of different cold stops off. Sorry. Wait. I think my camera just moved a little bit. Okay. Perfect. Now we can start. So first of all, we're going to transform a wreck. Troubling. So we will create this kind of rector object right now, so adjust the circle and transform it. So basically moved from the left to right or increase the size decreases size and so on to do that. Let's go here. Press right. Nine. Choose here. You most likely going to have here rectangle tool. So just press right and choose your ellipse to okay? that's very important. So now before you start creating your lips, make sure that here you have a new layer selected so we don't have any problems. Okay on. Anyway, whenever you have a problem, just make sure that your parameters in your computer in your foot, the shop are the same that I have on my screen. Okay, that's very important on right now. Is George just an ellipse on when you If you want to draw a perfect ellipse, make sure you hold shift when you do that like this is going to be perfect, so width and height are going to be the same on we just rely on their lips on Let's close. This thing is always opens when you create a rector object. So first of all, let's just just our first move toe on. Let's go here on press great with your timeline. So what? We're actually into the right now before we start animating Erector object in general, make sure it's you turned into a smart object. So, for example, right now you can see here we have this kind of icon. This means that this director object on a big project is basically an object, that is Ah, for example, if you change the size or the color Oh, my God. This camera moved again. If you change the size or the color of this object, the quality is not going to get worse. Okay, that's the difference between director object on a normal image. Because, for example, if you increase the size of his image, then the size of the image is going to get worse on. We want to transform it into a smart object. So the legis press right here. Just convert to smart object, as you can see now as I can change. And now this is a smart object. So let's press on this arrow on open transfer options, so religious click it so we have our first point equated. Now let's move this arrow. Let's say toe second number one, let's take this circle. I'm just moments right, as you can see it as a point created automatically buy for the shop on, for example, knife. I move the timeline and see what happens. It most from left to the right. I mean, that's already cool. No, and of course we can do the same. Busy images so we could just have an image here on we could move from the left to the right , for example. Let's now move it to a second number two. And right now I'm gonna move up on as well. I won't just change the size of it. And to do that, you have to go to edit on free transform our just use the hot key, which is contra plus T piers and windows. And if you're using Mac, it's common plus t, so we just press it. Ana, I can increase the size. For example, Onda and other important thing to mention is that when you increase or decrease the size off on object, if you have the latest version of photo shop, which is to sound in 19 so is the latest version. Then you don't need to hold shift when you change the size, okay, but if you're using version of partnership, which is 2018 17 or an older version, then you need to hold shift. When you change the size often object. So, for example, exists and let's prosecute. So now if I do it, see what I feel what's going to happen my plate is going to the right on that is going up and is getting bigger. I mean, that's cool. So unless you can see here we go just this kind of weird thing. But don't worry. Followership has sometimes this kind of weird things because usually actually, for the drop original is not an animating program. So this software is not built for animation is built to edit images. That's why when I need my stuff and for the shop, sometimes we get this weird problems, unless you can see about it, should be that actually looks looks nice. But of course it's a glitch. So a nothing we could actually do is ah, for example, it again go traded free, transform on us against it's back to normal circle. So if we click right here here, we have different transformation options. For example, perspective. We could use that as well, so I could you perspective on that. I could do something like that, my purse OK and not see what's going to happen. It's not just going to go up. It's also going to change from circle toe this kind of oval in perspective. So that's it basically for transformation on. We're going to start with this project on our next lesson. So go just drink a tea or what they were under come back. OK, hurry up to you on the next lesson, but 9. Third project - Parallax image part 1: What's up, guys? How's life? Hurry, Ding. Oh, thanks. I'm doing crying toe. Just in case you asked on if you didn't. It's fine. I'm just gonna cry after. Listen, not now. So anyway, let's get started. So during this lesson, we're going to create this animation on the one that I showed your during our last lesson, actually, just to remind you So first of all, we're going to use this image here on, of course, just like always. You can find the all the project files in the all the link for the project passing the description on download this image on Let's go to photo shop. Well, first full it because this image so it doesn't take space on also this video. Okay, so let's go to 40 ship Empress create new on your going luxury through is the same parameters, just like always. So it is creating or not. Okay, on DA. Make sure which is 1000 height is 1 to 50. It should be pixels here. Desertion should be 300 call a moat air db color on. Let's press create. So, first of all, let me actually close this thing here, so just presidentials course Tabb Group. So you know, we have more space to work on. Let's bring our image. All right, let me just quickly minded word today. Perfect. So what's places into fourth shop on? Of course, we need to increase the size so we don't have this space is on da just person drag on again if you're using on older version of for the trip, which is not two sides in 19. So then you need to hold shift when you're increase or decrease the size of the object. If using a new aversion to Southern 19 then you don't need to hold shift. Okay, that's very important. So just hold on, drag. Hold on. Drug Perfect. Let's put the ultimate absolutely Seymour Was this rocks here on? Ah, this should be finalised. Personal. Keep. So now let's go to layers. And did his background layer well, look majestic. Everything is fine. Yeah, everything's fine. So now Okay, so now we need to separate this guy from the background on how are we going to do that? Actually, pretty easy. So first of all, let's create a copy of the subjects are game. We just hold old or option persons aware. Drag it down and really? Okay, now we have a Tory council. Just press right, and she was duplicate layer to create in your coffee. So first of all, let's go here on number grabs the selected let's go to select on subject. And again, the problem is that if he was an older version of 40 trip, you know, going to have this subject option here. But it's actually a pretty important option. I mean, it's pretty useful worthless. So when we click, just subject is going to clear is going to select this subject just automatically. Ah, if you don't have this option, you can just use any other selection options on Ah, if you have been using culture before, you should build the family, every selection options and just in case you don't become a must go to my YouTube channel, just typing here. Selection on you will get two lessons on selection options that will help you to understand them on. You will be able to like this guy without any problems. So now when we did that. So first of all, as I said, we entered little but first, well, it's actually just no separate him. So when you have selected, just press here on the mosque a na vi Has this guy separated so every turn off the image below. As you can see, we have just the guy. Okay, Someone less turnover, this image unless stone on the image below, Groups on this actually limit to the background. So we just click twice in the text Her name it back ground. Let's press right here on True's rust Arise layer Yes, for important. Okay, so just click Christ anywhere is here and just choose rest Wrestler So now let's go to select again. Let's go to subject So we need to select this guy once more. Now let's just choose any selection tools, for example, this one or this one doesn't really matter anything on when we have chosen the selection tools. The thing is that we're going to have here select a mask option just personally. So with this option, we what we actually need to do here. We need to expand their selected area. So as you can see, we have you have shift edge on. If I included 200% you will see that now here. We have more rights, spaces. That's actually what we're using it for. We wanted to expand the space. More white space. Okay, let's personal cape here on. When we did that, let's actually go again to select a mask and do that one more time. So again shifted past 100%. Now we have even more, um, shifted h basic less Pressel cape. So now when you did that is going to be much easier for us toe, actually, diligence guy from here because we have extra space left. Ah, Now let's go to edit on fuel. And here you have to choose content ever. Okay, So I want which is content? Ever. It automatically deletes is selected area on DA replaces it with something that father ships things should be fine. Espresso. Kate Look. So guys gone that easy? Eso not. Let's just in order with selection sludge go to select and their select Perfect. Now we just need toe this things here. I noticed we do that. Let's go here pressed right and choose here. Spot healing brush o make sure you have content. There were selected on models normal. Let's just get closer on. You know just Drover this things on this was here, here. So we also need to do this. So just make a partial to bigger Oops, biologist, it exists Under exists on ah, makes it. It's more again. So now here we have your other things that we should just noted by extent when you it's good to go Perfecto knife returned on this image on I just first move toe. So, for example, if I chose this layer and I can just move the guy like wherever I want to put it As you can see, it looks awesome like it's almost like you can fly. I don't look, it looks so cool. So just put him a little bit in the middle because you know the image. He was on the right. We want to put him in the middle some somewhere like this. Onda. Let's also put him out of it down. So he's almost touching the ground. OK, that's what we need. And now when we did it, actually, let's go here. Chose press right on. Army knows the background press right and chose cover to smart object. We also want to press right on the guy entrees cumber, too smart object. Where is it? We're that here. So right now, as you can see, we don't see them ask anymore. Really? Says is where on? Let's also rename it. We're going to release me, just the guy on. Why would why did we actually convert them to smart of it? Because whenever you're animating anything, it's better. If the letters are smart. Object. Because if they're not smart object, then you can get into some weird trouble that for the shop can give you. That's why it's always just a good practice to convert them into a smart object. And that's it, guys, for this lesson. During our next lesson, we're going to add the shapes behind that. As you remember, we had owns this s o. We're so this shapes here. As you can see, we're going to add them on going on. After that, we're going toe finally animate everything on It's gonna be cool. So see you. So the next lesson by 10. Third project - Parallax image part 2: What's up, guys on? Welcome back. So during this listen, we're going to create this ships that we have here, so we'll have to create two rectangles onto circles on Real. Added our project, Of course. So let's go back to our project. Okay, on, Let's go. She oppressed, right? And make sure you choose. And if so on now, just hold shift on, draw an ellipse. Okay, so just drawing lips like this. This should be fine, because the first thing we need to do is actually going to change the colors. And if you work, your all of them have radiant t try degrade into your object. Go here to feel on. Then choose start option, which is great in. And here you're going to have different types of greatness that for the shop cannot for your past. Most of the ones that for the shop offers are kind of ugly on. I have created my own is here. But of course, you have to create them, um, on your own. But I will show the heart. I will show you how we can do it. So, for example, if you press here, this one, you should have its including polish Up on, then you can edit this course here. So let's say this is like bluish on ultimate violet on. Um, let's change the course. So we just okay this already blue so we don't touch this one. We go to the orange one. We just click twice on the color on here. We can change it to or something like that. Press escape. I don't I want to change this blue. It's too dark. So let's just click twice here. Let's make adult a bit lighter. I would say You can just drag this up a little bit like this. And personal key. That's actually pretty good. So now let's Ah, moves is so we have this helps here. We have to move it down so it's behind the guy's head. Okay, let's get cause ultimate. So now we have ourself to add, Just strangle. No. Try the triangle. You actually have to press right here and choose polygon toe on a publican. Actually help us to create a trade with many. It just basically on all so we can control the site so we won't just three sides, so it's it's a triangle. And then just right here. Three presenter and then just go here on draw a triangle, Something like that should be fine. And when you do that, goto fuel and just change the caller. So if you look here yet here you have, like, light blue on again something like real little dark pool How you can just do any course that you want So it doesn't have you don't have to do the same cause that I have so again we just twice click here and then this opens and then we change the colors on Ah, we also let's actually change the color here toe something like that. Yeah, that's press. OK, this was the personal again and just moored up. So this one is also going to be behind the guys hunt on actually. For example, if I posted here, see what happens we have here this empty place that we didn't remove so and what we can actually do, For example, if you encounter encounter the same problem if I turn over the background on I look so he had to have some place that we didn't remove here is the same a little bit. So just you know small places on if you want to remove them. Actually, for example, here, we need to remove it. Okay, so what you actually have to do You have to go to this guy on you see, He's some they'll. So just press twice of the some mail on. The smart object is going to open in a separate in a separate window. And here we have the monster that we created during our 1st 1st lesson. Choose a musk press right here. Go to your brush tool on. Let's get closer here, so make sure you have black color selected here. Okay, That's where important. The first car should be black or passed. It should be a 100% floor. Should be 100% more. Should be normal on when you have your mask selected. So not the image, but the mask Start drawing. It was a black color here on like this. We can remove the things that we don't need, and that should be fine. So we actually don't need to remove this or this. I mean, it's not going toe look bad there in our project or whatever. Everyone seat on Ah, So in order to be able to see it in the original project. First of all, we're going to save this. As you can see here you have the star, Aiken. That means that this is the changes are not safe. That's why we want to goto file safe. See the stars going. That means those changes are safe. Now, we can close this unless you can see here. We don't see it anymore. But again, OK, I did. I did a really poor job of removing it. So I have to go back and again have to press twice here on Let's get clothes. How did how did a misstep like seriously, Oh, that they're impossible. Okay. And I would have to say it again. Okay, Much better. I mean again, we have here some places, but it's not that big of a deal. You won't see it from this distance or whatever. If you want to be exact, you can just go in and you're did. That is a subject you don't need. So Hey, I'm not going to this because it's gonna take too much time if we take too much time on, you know, on the details on I'm just gonna show you the technique behind the project and how you can create it. Okay, I know bills have lived this triangle and the circle here, so just take this triangle on. In order to copy, we can just selected, as you can see, selected here that we can just hold Altera option on, create a copy, and the same goes to circle selected here. Just President Altero option. We hold it on, then we present a circle. Amber, drag it here. So the circle should be here about Do you want to make sure it's ah? Located above is a guy, so sounds a shape should be behind on another. Shapes should be above So like, here, this is above and this is behind. There's also going to be above solar. Just put this publican up here. Let's not change the course. So when Mitchell remember songs, it's probably going to make sure you're going to like the shape Still, because when you select the shape toe, BC's appeal here on, then we can change the colors on this one. Listed more like warmer colors, Basically like red on, um, yellow Onda. Here. Let's have, um something like pink, and it's no bullet. You're going toe. Um, thank you List of something like that. So now this looks already nice on with visual should do less she Let's choose this triangle on drafted a little bit So it doesn't look the same like this one. So let's go again. Trade It returns from now we can just go to us Just on the other hand, he rotated here where it counts. You can also do it from here as well. So, for example, if I press 10 this is getting rotated. What? I will do it actually, this way. So it's minus 30 five minus 34. Basically, let's personal cake. And now, when we did that, we also need to add, As you can see here you have this kind of point on, like on this action is actually noise. How do we do that? So, first of all, we need to transform over this shapes into smart object. And why would we need to do that? I already explained you during the last lesson. But also another reason why do we need to do that is because we're going to add noise on this shapes Ana, you're going to use filters on this filters. We can use them on Leone. Smart objects. I mean, we can't use them on this rector object. So, for example, if I select inspector object, I go to filter noise as I go at noise. She was going to say this shape must must restaurants on converted to a smart object on. That's what we have to choose comfort to a smart object. Yeah, we're going to go like 20%. And if you look here yes, you can see it's kinda getting noisy. Press. OK, so that's what we need. So again, let's just comfortable. Wasn't too smart objects. So press right cover to smart object. Press right cover to smart object Press right cover to smart object. Now let's go to the first ellipse Goto filter noise. Add noise. It should be 20 amount on. Let's press OK not to go to the another, um, pull a gun. And again, when you had noise effect, you will see here that it says smart filter at night. So that means that this letter already has noise added So we just go to a different clear on if you want to change it. Let's say you don't want to change the amount of noise, he added. We just like the layer and then just click twice on add noise and then you have this opened again. Okay, that's were important. So, um, it's very important that you do through here because, for example, let's say you want to change the noise. If you go to filter noise and to add noise again on the same layer lands going to add a second noise effect on, it's going to look weird. Basically, that was going out to this poor goingto on filter noise. Add noise. Just press okay, filter noise, that noise. Make sure it's always 20 and impress Okapi. Oh, and that's it. Basically, guys, for the adding shapes on on our listeners, the tone in the background So we see what's actually happening. When there were next lesson, we're actually going to finally start animating this stuff to you by 11. Third project - Parallax image part 3: Hey, guys on, Welcome back. So today we're starting to animate this guy on the shapes and everything else. Basically okay, on there's a person I want you to notice is that when a place is look at the background, the background is getting more and more blue area, as you can see. So for them for winning starts playing. So where it's get, when's the guy starts getting up? Look, the background is getting blurry, and that's actually what we need to do. So how are we going to do that? Let me see if it's recording. Okay, Perfect. So First, Before being to have two backgrounds, one of them should be blurry and as the one should be normal. And that's why we need to create a copy of this background. So now we have to backgrounds on DA. We need to go to filter Blur, Ondo Ghosts and Blue on at some, like 10 riders should be fine. Nespresso keep So what we have here to backgrounds. This one is blurry. And if I turn yourself, you see the normal one, we going to use a positive to show the blurry background like coincidence. The timeline, like in its place. The bully background is going to show more and more on like this. The background is going to get Boria basically so it's going out to feet window on Finally , open timeline. Finally, let's press create video timeline. Let's go down then and let's start with them changing SSM present basic with animating the background. Also, Another thing I want you to notice is that the background is actually so like make sure brings us to the background. Look is getting smaller, the background and the guy is getting bigger. So the background is getting smaller and the guys getting bigger. Like when we played from the beginning, because the guys getting bigger, the backgrounds getting smaller and that's what we need to do. So let's go to this background. Let's open this on this actually were blurred background so we can just rename it so background on the religious name. It boor what we want to do. We want to goto opacity press here on also goto opacity makes zero. So right now we don't see any brew poor. Let's put this to a second number five so we just take it on, bring it all the way up to here. Unfortunately, we can't put it to a second number five. We can only put it toe number four on twenties 29th frame, but that's also fine. So just put it like the maxim you can put it here. Now Let's go to a by Sam. Make it 100%. So not, for example, for plate is going to go from normal background. Look, you normal background toe blue area one. Because this layer is going to go from 0% opacity 200% capacity and show the back. So shows a blower. Basically, let's go back a little bit. Okay, now, when we did that, we also need to change the size on to do that. Let's choose both of this letter so we'll be so exist. Layer, and then we hold control or comment on Select this letter as well are not first of all being to make them bigger because there they would get smaller. So let's go to edit on free transform. Or you can just use hot keep control plus T or common Tlusty. If you're using Windows is common plus t basically analys. Make this bigger. So again we can just use this width and height for a number 200%. Let's make it 110 on. This should be actually fine. Oh, are Yeah, let's President Cape. So that's begun is going to get smaller lungs away. Okay, now we should go toe both of them and used transform. So we let's actually maze of the bit higher so received. Morris is also being top of this background layer on. We also need to click transform here. So not both of them are equal size on. When they get after here, that will get smaller. So I gave in it. It's like both of them on We need toe upper being to stress free transform. So control or common plus t and then we just need to make this smaller on If you want to make the smaller you can just, you know, present drag like this person trek like this. So now if it plays that if you place that you see what's going to happen like, for example, if I move this you see, we see this kind of releasing capacity. But don't worry is going to be normal when we're exports is okay for example, this is the final. It's smaller on, um, with a clear sea. This is the beginning. As you can see, it's bigger on the final. It smaller? Yeah, it's fine. So now let's go now to this guy and animate him. So we opened this. We used transform. Also, make sure he's, ah, touching the just a little bit touching the floor are not going to bring him up and also increase the size. So now we take the template and go to the last frame, almost the last frame on again. We just use common or control plus t. So we just use free transform unless make this like 10% bigger. So it's going to be 1 10 and also is going to be able to build up like this here somewhere . So if you look now, he is going up places also. What I want to do is actually toe rotate him a little bit. So again we go to agent free transform on just at some rotation, so three should be fine. 3% and now he's also a little bit rotating, which gives him kind of more, which it makes looks like he's more like What's How long is this video? Okay, this left time. No words. Now we also any to animate This shapes here. So let's start with this one on da was just opened this news Transform on the shape is going to go down So okay, and see what I did wrong when I click Transform my pointer timeline was here, but it should bone zero. So let's go back on. Let's bring it here. Ah, use transform. No one's here. We just moved after here and now we have to move. This girl's a bit down like this. We could also increase him because the size of this guy's increasing. That basically means that we're kind of zooming in. So we could We could also increase the site over this the size over the circle. So again, we just use free transform. Yes, on. Then we just hold shift hopes. Real shift on increases from here. Like not from this point, but from the corners. Basically like this should be fine. Something like that. A little bit. Okay. Perfecto. Now let's go toe. Um, what goes next? So we didn't Let's go to this circle. Where is it? Where is it? OK, it's here on a gave us transform. It's goingto go up actually together with this guy. So, like this on you can also increase the size of it if you want to. Now let's go to the strangle here. Let's go back to a second number zero on Dumb once again used transform. So we're just doing the same thing over and over on this time, so we make sure it's great thing up and again. It's also needs to get bigger so everything gets bigger except the backgrounds of backgrounds. Getting smaller on just giving us kinda cool work. That everything is getting bigger on the background is getting smaller on that is actually called the the Resume. I think something like that I mean, not exactly about something similar to dualism effect. You can google it if you want to, but it's used to mourn Ah, cinematography, cinematography on the Let's Go to this triangle. Where is it? Here. Transform, but also make sure it's on zero Transform on. We bring it to the last frame, and again we just animated. He can go up like this on also, just like every singles. He's getting a little bit bigger. So that's it gets we basically finished our animation, but also we need to make sure that is getting back. So, for example, let me turn. Repeat. So if you look here, first of all, he's getting bigger and look, And when it reaches the middle, animation is getting back smaller. Why did we do that? So we did that in case so if we upload this to Instagram, we want to You want it to look infinitely. So Xavier shouldn't see the beginning, and then I in order for that to happen, we need to bring him back to his original position so you can start growing again. So, for example, he's here smoke. He's getting bigger. I think he's getting smaller again. And when it starts all from the beginning, he's against morons. He's again getting bigger. So, like this is crazy in pain. Clip on. We the your of one's really since the beginning and the end. And to do that with me so long is this video calculus actually does right now, so you're almost done on reflection it at five more seconds. So what we need to do is there any toe, you know? Take this wears on, bring it to a second. Number 10 on you see? Yeah. 10. Perfect. We need to make some awesome on the same level. So, like this, if if we spend five seconds toe, make everything bigger, belting it five seconds of force to make everything smaller. So it the same amount off time. That's why it needs to be five seconds perfecter. I should really stop using this word. Probably. Uh anyway, on da show. How do we do that now? So basically two copies this point, this position we need to copy and paste it here. Right? Because A to this point is the starting position on We want toe ended at the starting position as well. So for example, let's look at this. Which one is it? Is this one? So we wanted toe, Presumably if it goes up like this, we wanted not go back to his original position. I noted that what we do. So we put our time on the last point. Basically, Now we just press here to create an your point. But this point is currently empty because we didn't change anything. There is no information on. We need to call campus information from here. We need to pace the information. So really, we copy from here, and we pasted here on like this. We're going to have the same information that is going to have the same transform options that we had when the animation just started. So what we do repress right on this point, copy. And then we press right here. Oops. On based. Then we go to the next. For example, next, polar going again, we create an empty. So, for example, we copy from here on December paste here. So, for example, if you look at the animation now, see what's going to happen. Look at the circle. He is getting up, his getting bigger. I think he's getting back, and he's getting smaller again. On the same applies to strangle since we also brought it back to his original position. So we need to do that with all the, um, animations. Basically, again, we credit empty point we copied from here, and we placed it here. Copy from here. Create an empty point and placed it here. So I gain creating empty point copy and place it here. You can do it in any order. You look I by accident. I move this a little bit, right? So I need to undo this on. So it's back to his normal place. And then you have meet the boss of them. So pinto transform on apostasy and we need to copy and paste both of them on. Of course, we introduces wound by Ron so it takes some time, but we're almost done. The last one copy based Who now? When we done let's goto file expert render radio on. I'm gonna name it. Um like, ah, Flying guy. Andi, that's just press surrender. Come on. Excited. The problem is that we can't relive use animation in for the shop. So that's what I mean. We can, but it's getting really is going really slow or it's just showing us starting to us with some backs. So that's why we can never really under We can never really imagine how the animation is going to look. So that's why it's always like and I'm always so exciting because I don't really know how it's going toe. Look, we can only see I was going to look only after the expert That's why it's, like, so excited. Okay, it's finally finished. Come on, let's have a look. Boom on the back. 00 ok, is the only thing that they're re kind of did by a mistake, I think b I wasn't really careful enough. Look at this. And then for some reason, it's getting back here. OK, but that's just a small mistake, you know, you can easily exist. So in general it looks also might also have a look at this point as its noise. The noise is also getting animated. Look, you see, you see the points like like on the old TV movies, not movies with that zone. Just owns old TV's like you're all those things, this noise and it looks awesome. I mean, I'm sure you're gonna like it. So for our next lesson for my next project, we're going to create this project. Here, let me show it to you. I also wanna, um, sure, something important with you, so don't leave. I know it's kind of long tutorial. 60 minutes, but stay with me just a few seconds, okay? Just my internet is so bad that I can't Well, this stuff just wait a little bit. We were Wait, wait, wait. Where is it? Come on. Almost almost, sir. Here. So for our next project, we're going to create this project here. I'm also going to learn how you can actually animate the mask, because that's something we didn't touch, but Okay, so we're going to create this. We will learn how tiny made the mask, and that's something we didn't learn yet on. So So just you don't get confused. This project is actually a project from my as a class. So I will just add it to this class as well, so you can watch it on. That's why, um, if that's why. So I'm just telling you to that so you don't get too confused. Okay, on, um I hope I think I I think you will enjoy this since, Like, look, I mean, this looks awesome, and you will be able you'll be able to create so much more. Just unbelievable. Like Zama. The amount off thinks he can create with his options is just unbelievable. You can do so much magic. So you guys, you're going next. Listen by 12. Before you continue: So this is an X project that we're going to create on you Learn how to animate the mask off any where and just before continue. I want to tell you that this project is actually taken from my other class. That's why I'm going to explain their everything from the beginning. I mean, how the timeline works and so on. So if you want to skip it, you can just go skip to the next lesson. We're actually start creating the project that Anyway, if you have any questions, you can always comment or just reach me at my instagram at Fred's Gallery or also at my mail. Fred at learn from fred dot com on I will be so happy crap. You know, seriously, I have, like, 5000 students, and they're always reach me. And there was, like, email me. And I'm always happy to help. Anyway, in your way you go what? I mean, right? So, yeah, you guys doesn't next lesson, But 13. Stop Calling Me Animation part 1: What's up, guys for it here on, Let's get started. So first of all, to go to focus up and let's press create you. And here we have to make you parameters are right. Personable. Which 1000 Heidrun picked it is actually the perfect size for Instagram. That's why making it this size, then it should be pixels relation. TRANTER COLUMN order to be on If everything is fine on make sure our boat is not selected for everything is violence Press crate. Okay, so first of all, we need to put our image in Wana Trump into place it there. Let me find you will be able to find this image in the lesson descriptions. There is a link to the image that you can go and download. Oh, it is a project process. Well, let's make this bigger at defusing sinuous motion a part of sandwiches to sound in 19. Then you don't have to hold ship when you make the image bigger. But if using an older version, so everything else but not the newest version, you have to hold trip when you mean when you change the size off the image to make sure it's scaling proportionally. Okay, so it just scale this up like this. Okay, I need to see Male is their face, so we don't really need their body. Andi, that thing is bigger like this. That metric bits. Yeah, even bigger. This should be fine. Let's just present here right now. Let's get quote. So the first thing we need to do sure is we need to write the text on. Also, we need to make sure it's a work around his place. Basically equal a cure. You can see the text. I also you can see that it's working around his face. Okay, let's go to wear spinal. Let this background. Where? Because we don't need it. Let's go to next on here. I will be using a phone called rinos. Yeah, okay. Perfect. You will also be able to find this front willing to to respond in the project file since the description. But you can also go into Internet with Google and just don't Google real strokes and download ish. Let's write your with insurgents. They don't call me Don No, Stop calling me. Not for me. I'm sorry. Stop. Center going. Enter me. So let us present here for? No. There are few things we need to make sure. First of bullets. Closest Not in tow. Open this tractor panel. Okay. And if you don't have to go to window on, find the tractor pile. Chur. So first of all, make sure you learn next layer sort. It makes a cold, white persons of color Make it right. Make sure your car, but here's which basically means it's totally white. Then also going to go to paragraph panel on Press Center. So it's centered. Text I also, we need to make the size bigger That's going here. Jos 60 sixties. Too big listo part in it. Also, it's against you now when we do that, they're getting into each other because there's lip. There's no distance between the last in order to increase the distance. Or maybe you haven't have dissent because I was changing my parameter. So maybe yours is okay. But if your success like this assault, just go here and they can change the distance between thanks, For example, if I make it, let's say 60 as you can see it. So there is no place now, but let's make it 50 and this is fine. That's natural removed toe rules. This sorry moves. This takes here on the face on. Now we need to make sure it's worked around. So I feel a cure possible. We need toe change the perspective. Uh, we're also going to use your vehicle. Okay, So let's go to end it transform. And here, for example, the gestures free to this one. For now, if your breast right here, the problem is that you can see that perspective is turned off here. That's because we're using this as text this can solders that's off never layers on before we dancing. We have to press right here on. We need to truce comfort, too Smart object. And when we do that, there's basically now smartwatches. So this not a text anymore. But we can go now to edit returns transfer. And here you can see via perspective right now. So let's just just perspective press here on Dragon Boat like this, so I can see when we do that, it's actually getting a little bit to the right. That's what we need. Let's prosecute now again, that's go traded. Transform, or you can see Scott Key free transform basically then press denied she was here, Rocket on Justin or felt a bit like this nine game for a strike on Choose Your World. So what is going to help us toe work over image, for example? We can use this things here, as you can see. So there's basically by president drag. You see what happens. The text is going. We're getting work. I mean to blame. Is this a little bit? For example, just present right here. Then you can press and prizes here to make sure it's around. His face exists like this exist like this a little bit. You know, I just have to play visit. Yeah, let's leave it like this for knowledge. Press with him. You know what I mean? Doing her to make sure it's shown on the visible, So it's not affecting his eyes. Let's let's stretches a culturally different when you, for example, if we go here now Way scroll. Now you see that way? We're not getting the effect that you want White. That's that happening because our text is totally right being to change your scope, but not to change the color for text. Let's press yet twice here exactly all this sometime they'll and not one person it We have our text off a nominee to change the color. Let's closes on. Let's go to color on, Make it like No, not like Let's go here making group on, Make it out a bit Bush. So something like that. Off course you can just copy this card, you know, unless prosecute Now, in order to see our text white in the original palace spell, you have to say, say personal this one. So let's goto file and say And when we do that, when it's safe to go here, I can see it has changed. The color spoke. So what you're doing? Great. Nice called smart. This smart object on we can often this smart object anytime. Because I did it, we can save it and then is going to be changed automatically not going out here. And here we go through these things, for example, because he didn't have the right on exactly what we need. We're going to use divide for this project. Okay, A night sight. It looks much better, but again be after a workout visit in order to make sure it doesn't affect his ice. And so you know, to change that. What we can actually go. Let's create the mosque. Your are never been painted this mask. Let's get closer. We have to do the Brussel press stretches brush. Okay. And now we can make sure your past is 100% boys. 100% smoking is zero. Make sure you have black color here. Selected Let's go here on Makes it harder still to be done. Also the person to be done, for example, Knife I Can Carl exist as Cassie. I'm removing in from his eyes. Basically, that's going here like makes a hardness. You're actually OK, So that's that's what we need. And also here the same. I don't say moving from here, but as I guess it's not visible. Now let's go back. Let's just what we can religious Take a remote co on move that they sell to be left places . Okay, lets again take a regretful And now we can you know, did it. The person data are not looking good. This, for example here swelling. Maybe we can't does it on the lips. You're okay. So they also Well, we have to convert this to into smart object again Because we have here must really this must in the future. So in order to make sure perhaps this type of file without the messages press try Just convert to smart object Perfect. If you did you you're the best swells and congratulations. We finish the first part of this project on I'm sure you have here some questions. You know, you can just lim equipment or you can just go to my instagram and critical area. Just direct Message me on Oprah. Happy cancer on help you. So see, you guys doesn't s listen by 14. Stop Calling Me Animation part 2: What's up, guys? Welcome back on. This is us. We're going to start with animations. So I mean, to the forced me to go to window here on to his time like And now we have here is this kind of time on here on We have to proceed, create with time, life. And when we do that automatically, our past are being transformed into a video time like it's good, Let's call our lawyers final vertical. So let me explain your what is actually this and we're actually seeing right now. So first of all you'll be seeing here prints that you can see. What is that? So every second has 30 friends. Basically, look here, you see 30 yes. Faced missed France per second on so basically happy. Understand? What's that? Like you even been watching movie even like movies have cramps, for example, like every second is like sort print over 24 friends. Usually we can take this boot things and move it and if you move, we're going to move through our timeline. But right now nothing is happening because there's no animation. You know, we can just go past you can't see when I look because it shows us on Which frame are we right now? For them away right now from 27. If I make it here, it shows that that way. Right now on one second on a frame number seven. So one second again, you started creams. That's why we can secure circuit. But you see here 0100 which means basically second number one. Then we appear 0 to 00 which basically means second number two on zero ST 00 And so and here we have five seconds in total. But of course, we can change the immigration. We can make it smaller. We can make it longer. This is just some standard oration that happens when we press create time way. Okay, Less brings his back. So nothing we can do is we can use this thing here in order tourism in those. Omar, This basically miss for that right now we're seeing on the time France 20 prints on Well, second, which is sort of him. So tell friends 20 frames, search frames. Let's say we want to see a friend. Number one from number 2345 And so, in order to season. We can just press here, you know, we can move this to the right, and when we let's see what happens Now we're seeing more friends. For example, before this 01001 2nd was here. Now it's here. That's because we resume in. Basically research now. Second number two friends for prints. Six friends ate dreams before we saw. We didn't see that, right? I can make it because of cancer. 1234567 So now we can see all the 30 friends from one Teoh started with just second number one. As you can see, a Nazi gas is getting really long. I can make it drive to get till then I can just, you know, make the slim so again when you move this thing, you don't change the duration off your region. Okay? You're just swimming in. Order me up. I hope that's clear. Okay, let me So it does just brings us down. So that's it for the time Land on. Now let's go to the animation. So, for example, here we're going to see all of our there Sat here that we have here on first of Polish will stop going beyond opens this but your present will transform a positive stuff. There's the three parameters that began any made right now. But we actually don't need this parameters. We need to have another parameter productive which is this one? The text layer and depress you create where we will see here additional two parameters. This is Lor Mazz. Position on there must enable So basically we can now on You made our layer masks position this exactly how are we going, country? This setback that you can see here present We see the pictures movie. We're going to move the layer mask since in order to see I'm not too sour taste let me show you what I mean by that. So great, uh, mask here. I'm not take Brasco, Ok, make sure you have black color selected. Let's make this bigger out of it. Let's make it bigger. Okay, so now we have toe invert the mask. So it's on Lee Black in order that we can just press twice of your mask on and then you will see there something like window up there probably. And just President profit, Sister. Okay. Uh, here or you can just have been properties from here. Just make sure you must have selected when you do that. Okay? 19. Compressing great. And when you do that now, you don't see the text anymore. Because if you go to layers, you will see that your masters told live like let us there shortly to let, which is basically control post. Plus, I borrow music. Mac is common. Plus, I get on when you, for example, your mask changes from black to white again for them by compressed control. Common. Plus, I know it's right again. Not like so. Basically, when Damascus Black we don't see the image anymore. I hope you understand how masks work because it is very important in orderto learn Polish shipping journal. If you don't understand how mask work, then just go. Just go in which one of my adolescence to see how exactly mask is working or, you know, just Google it and there are turns up best is that sure is that anyway, So let's just now white color press here now to change the colors from black to white. Or you can just press here to the white core. Now, if I start growing was right. See what happens when I drove Is right. I can't see my fix here. Here. Okay. I can't sit here. You have this right? Points, uh, this basically showing the place where we would grow white. So basically this white places that exploit that's everything that takes right. Now, let's make this like this. That's against the knights. Also weather. And also down here, Sony White Line here right now? Uh, nothing. Me todo press here in order to on links the mask and the text. Now we can move the must result with text. What does this mean? Less Ula removal? I'm not. If I move my mouth, see what happens. You should not. It's gonna left. That's why we don't see that next time I would write not here. The white places here and between the text again by would write again. We don't see that things. So this exactly how are we going? Can you make this okay? We were just going to come up with from left from left, right? Until so person made to do. Let's bring this here. Yeah, somewhere here should be fine, but make sure there's something white left, so you can actually grab this. Okay, Now, in order to animate this, we need toe press here, Layer, mask position. I'm going to press you on this quickly. Cassie. Here at this point, appears so what this point does This point actually tells us. Okay, now I remember your mask position. So for example, now he remembers that on 2nd 000 basically bring zero. The mask position is here. Here, somewhere. Here, right now. We can take this. Move this. Let's say toe, uh, let's see all look at this Here, um, it more than well, second, let's make two seconds. Uh, no. When we do this, for example, I can't take now. So Blake bridges boating toward second number three cancer yourself. You're upto zero Cooper. The reserve is facing a second number two. Now, you can make sure you take this bright sing from here on. If I move it right now, see what happens. I can't see. Cool. Right on. Let's move even further away like this so we don't take him. Now What? You can see here That here Another point automatically. Great. So we didn't create this point here. It was created automatically when we moved our masked. So basically now for the shot. Remember that on this point a mosque was here and now on this part of Damascus here that he's going Can you made between them or not? But if I moved here right now, see what happens. You see, when I move it now his animating zamosky proper example bring it here. This is a mighty Michael muskets here. If I bring it here and you see the mask is in the middle, if I bring the reporter he says the masters here on a completely different for us. So now you can inmates in its attenuate the mass between this part at this point. OK, so let's bring this year on when I bring it here. As you can see, the problem is that it's not. We see here a straight line that because of my mask, is ending here on. If I moved rivers, they can see the problem is still there in order to make sure this problem is unless against even here, you see a straight line because it said the straight lines here, it needs to be smooth, you know, to make sure it's most. We have to take our brush again. Nature, because what makes him as it smaller? And now we can just color like this. Okay, Not so its most. That's me making first again. Here. Just cola was right. Next is the game. You cannot look. Just make sure zoot here. I mean, so make sure you're not going. Well, let's make sure muskets like Okay, this very important. Make sure you're doing on the masculine it somewhere else. Okay, Perfect on. If he did that, we also need to make sure it's ah. So let's in order to make sure it's good, it's gonna go, like, second time in here. Yeah. You know, let's just living here right now on. We're going to continue with the next lesson because we already know pretty much right now . Here we did a lot. Just don't forget to save us and goto file and say you're on to you on the nice Listen by 15. Stop Calling Me Animation part 3: once up, guys. Welcome back on. Plus, listen. We did animation betrayed animation for the stakes here until every girl can You made the brightness basically. So again, Who here? You can see that here we have Brad places, and it's also blue core on here. The rest is Doctor. Basically, I'm going to the using brightness adjustment. First the bullets put this back to zero. Okay, What's going here on chose brightness contrast. Let makes the breakfast all to be done somewhere. Yet somewhere like this should different. No. Here. Here's this right mass basically on. That's actually quite what made to do it may toe take a brush tool again Everything toe change the car to black Let's think bigger And also make sure your brush settings All right , But 1st 100 for 100 on hardness should be zero. This makers that coarser enough, for example, I can start drawing like this. So we had to draw again Land like this on the middle of the from the middle of the face. Something like this. Yeah, something like this should be perfectly fine Now. The problem is that you look here because so that the lines like it's not soft enough, right? You look your It's a little bit softer on. If you actually want to do this, Doctor What? You could actually build us mazes bigger. You know, you could just makes us to be a bigger because when you make this bigger, you also get softer edges on. If you just press here, it's your happens Where that look here when I press you said getting on a bit softer Just don't press you on the largest Preston years alive exist. I was getting softer. Perfect Begin. Now let's on link the link between the breakfast on this musk And again let's take a photo . So, for example, choose your mask. And if I move the master, what happens I can animate, I can admit now is a breakfast s well, not the only problem is that when I move it, you see, we have here is this kind off lines basically again the problem. So let's personal animate this and then we will make sure we get rid off this straight lines here in our time you made this. First of all, let's didn't make sure you're must be selected. Let's brings us here now. Like this. So our mask is going to go like this. So on a big day, Dagano is going to be animated from here to here. So not you moved it here. Let's opens this just your litmus position again. Press here. Make sure this is a zero. Now let's bring it toe to sell second number two. And we can just take this on, you know, animated up up like this. I cannot do it. See what happens now When we see the text, we also says its brightest who right? And when the brand inspect is moving away also, the next is moving away. Okay, so that's a problem with that. For example, here, right now, we can see the slides in order to make sure they're going again. When you could take our Brasco Loves Brussel on, you know, makes up with smaller on Make sure you're black over selected on now you have to any mazes . Not that he made about draw here not to make sure there are no straight lies exist again. Let's go for czar here. Those It should be okay not being pressed. Play here. Well, that's exactly how it looks like, uh, it looks cool, right? The senior, that is Go. It's gonna show you're really slow. It's not. It's not sure you're in real time because real time, it's much faster. It just the part of the followership. Cultural animations takes too much power. That's why the left cannot animated at the real time. Okay, when we're going to export this as video, you will see it in real time. So productive right now is only two seconds. But see how long things? 123456789 So, instead of from does this information into second showing us this animation in nine seconds on assess it again? Don't worry about that. In final, the final video is going to be fine. OK, is going to be two seconds. Not like nine seconds, lol. Okay, on here we have another problem. But of course, you can make the video longer if you want, but I'm gonna try to get a smoke. Let's go back a little bit. It's actually our line. The Stuber Ike, Let's make this black white again. Not bright, but to buy basically, let's make school right again. A knife and now I can decrease this stunts. Where's the brightness of practice? Perfecting? Yeah, therapy. So what? We did that. What? We should actually let me Let me just check how long with this tutorial on? Yeah, it's fine. So what we should, doctor, right now here is we should create. And as a copy over this brightness suspect brightness layer the just quote, old boy. But you could also the press right on just here. Replicate. Where? On press. Ok, another thing is that we're well to use this brightness layer in order to make sure that this place is blue. Okay, the car is good here because we already credited the first brightness layer, which makes sure that this is not this is dark. Basically, I'm not going to make sure this place is bright on who, You know, the person went to the press twice here, chose bright and make its brightness euro. Okay, Now let's go back to Thomas. And now we need to embed this month because we need to make sure that, for example, went, Let's turn this open. Now we need to make sure that this place is go basically. And here we have this place is black, Right? In order to make sure that this place is going to be boots on display is going to wait to invert a mask just full of man. You will see what I mean personal. Let's invent this mask. Let's again. She was a mass go to properties here, honchos, invert not go to lets you see if you have here black up here. Right? So is there is opposite of each other right now. And that's perfect. Long term. This on on. Let's press twice here anywhere. All they have the place or not? Nothing Thanks. That you're not here, but exactly there to play spy spies here. Uh, we see here is this last us Open? I mean color overly. Let's just this open. I wouldn't trust some blue look color like this. You can stick a god is a god if you want to. No need to go to blending. Chose overly. And if you do that, you can see that it's changing but less with overly is not actually work. I was looking for something different. Okay, list overlay and let's change the opacity. This color is not actually looking good unless you What else we can I wanted to be, you know, actually, it looks pretty nice, but But they wanted Let's try, multiply screen. So, like, Okay, you know, we can just play visit on, find the perfect combination that you want. Oh, but I will just choose your right now. It doesn't really matter. I mean, just it will take us time until we find the perfect nation. Because I don't remember exactly what option vases, but it doesn't really matter, because you can just through the any color. Or you can just use any blending more that you were trying to deal with. My presumption over, like, looks actually pretty cool. Let's press. Okay. Right now, the problem is for the bleep. It may just now back to zero night. I wait, See what happens. Cool. Right tonight. If I do it like this, it's actually showing up at the right time so I can change. Few things were not because he here. Yep. It's not actually like you can make it. If you wanted to be exactly like, like, straight line, then you can first. And it just up to praise claim is the mask here for example. Let's make it back. The problem here is that right now, when this is here, you can see that this is starting to early. We need to change it. They So in order to change this what we can actually go, we can Let's bring it here. So there are two options. The 1st 1 is going toe. Speak up. This must here basically on. The second option is we need to slow down the text mask on. I would suggest it to slow down the Texas because if we need to speed up the this must years and we need to change both off, this must because they're basically the same, but in better. And that's why I would have suggested to change the thanks most basically to make it slow down in order to make sure it's ah, it's slowing down. What could actually go? Let's bring it here. So let's bring it here. Right. Okay, so let's see. What is this musk? So now this must issue every year to bring it out to be left left. Churches are moved. Goal is choose this muscular. Let's just grab it somewhere here in the corner, which is grabbing a secret can grab it. Yeah, we can probably see I was ready. Those with left, But make sure you don't see the text somewhere like this. So basically it's ah, it will get slow because not at first, smaller place to go. So, for example, night has to go from here to here. But that's what it has to go slower. Make it less plenty. Yes, I see cancer. Now it's actually almost on time. And also another problem is that this mask is too big. It's much bigger than this mess. That's why we don't see that the right. So basically we can make those with small for them. We go here, you see, we still seeing this sex here. Let's show this Must will take a rubber article that's changing color code black on again list. Remember this first year for those in need to remove the up front? Yeah. You're this nest like hero on knots birth. Even if you just played like this. Cool. Right on. That's it. Guys, for this lesson during Just listen. I'm gonna show you hard to make the time of the animation longer than two seconds. How export is a sea creature on Hard to say this. I say we do so So you guys things and I still the next lesson by 16. Stop Calling Me Animation part 4: What's up, guys? Fred here on welcome back. So if you made it till here's in Congratulations. You finish this amazing project on. I agree it was difficult. Maybe you still have some questions on Just like I always say, You can always go to my instagram and direct message. Mr. And I have to tell you my secret that for its gallery just leave a comment below the video . And again I happy toe help you. So now, first of all, what we need to go is Let's say we want to afford to speed up your instagram, right? The problem is that it is only two seconds and Instagram won't take this week because he several needs medium of three seconds off video in order to be able couple it, sir. So it's first of all makes Take this thing here. You see, This one amazes legislated here Doesn't matter. Lascivious here. This as if this actually is a length from every different angle. If I make it smaller now, are we just going to bill me for a second? Because it's only to hear let's actually bring this to four seconds. But our animation is only two who? Seconds right after the second Number two, nothing happens. Okay. How? Tom can actually change in our genes that let's first of all, makes a smaller, But it actually just just this layer, you know, grab here. You can see here is kind of item on. Just bring it to the right again. Grab it. So don't grab the lead. So okay, this, but don't grab the weird. So But if you go here, you will see here in this kind of small I can just on their on grab it. I hope you can see, because it's just really, really, really small. But yeah, it's a black icon that with this sign So when you did that, go to layers. Now we need to live with them. So slaves this image here called ship select the last night. Basically, when we hold Trig, it's like everything between us. Well, where you can just use common or control just like them one by one. Now that's pressed right. Just here. Cover to smart cards. Well, we do that. It's automatically converts every cinco a smart object, for example, with now makes it refers away. Tonight's all together. It's a video right now. Let's days, this one here. Amazing, smaller Lexus. Tonight's only two seconds slower. We're not to make sure it's longer. We just need to create a duplicate of with. For example, we can just press right on to share duplicate Claire. Okay? And now we have here to go piss and say this copy and put it for the So what would happen right now is one copy rule finished. Understand? Another copy will sell plane if I bring it here, for example. You see? Welcome. This fish on the 2nd 1 is started way. And now we haven't already for seconds. Not two seconds. So basically, where's for second? That means we can afford to instagram. Yeah, on what brings his bag. So Yep. This is your school on? When we did that, a swelling go to file export and he had half render video. Let's wait on dio pernicious. No, I just need to rent a surrender to exported. No, show your your more parameters from the press school. Hey, can choose the name for your file. I can just call it uh what? What will stop pulling me yet? You can just let me stop calling me. You know you can. I mean, you could, of course, use your own text and name it differently. Doesn't matter. Let me have here. So it's cold. Reconstruct the colder where he wanted them. We're just going to go for best step. Uh, the so, Yeah, You have here two options in a 1,000,000 corner. Or if you're using Matthew about perhaps something different, like Brexit Quick time or something like that. But it doesn't really matter. Just make sure you don't choose this month, okay? Everything else is fine. Don't trust contributed seconds because it's going to say this video as the terms of images . Just make sure it's something else for here on then the permanent. On gearing up, I cook, press it, press here, and true Spike Welte and everything else is when you don't have to touch them because it's automatically feel with your documents parameters for them off the size from right. And so no, this press render on, Let's wait. I mean, I'm recording my screen on exporting with at the same time, So that's why it will take a while for me. But it's actually it's really pretty fast, but even even right now. I mean, Patsy, that's it's not that long. You just have to wait a little bit. Moves there. Asi can see you work that one now, using the schools you can create so much more on. Don't forget to follow me anywhere because I'm going to accredit concept new projects so you can't see them as well. Let me called. This here is our project. It will open it all right for that we propose in Eastern Europe is going to look for less press play here. You can see it's going again on a present for the Instagram. Yes, it's you just going to go like this forever on You could also create a Facebook profile. We're using this technique because it so it's also looking so you can just take image of yourself, right? Something here on Make it also look. But that built don't write stuff. Write something different. If you didn't get your face right, please call me or something I don't know Then you guys, I hope you enjoy XYZ on to those the next lesson pictorial But 17. What is next?: my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by