Photoshop 101 : Pixel Stretch Effect Poster | Mastering The Selection | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

Photoshop 101 : Pixel Stretch Effect Poster | Mastering The Selection

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Lesson 1 : Basic Practices

    • 4. Lesson 2 : Making Selection

    • 5. Lesson 3 : Refining Edges

    • 6. Lesson 4 : Elongated Pixel Stretch

    • 7. Lesson 5 : Pixel Stretch Type II

    • 8. Lesson 6 : Circular Pixel Stretch

    • 9. Lesson 7 : Adding Depth & Shadows


About This Class

In this class you will get a deep insight on selection tool in photoshop with quick tips are tricks. Also at the end of class you will be having all the required skills to enhancing your picture to pixel stretch posters. This class is for complete beginners - whether from any field you are - if you are interested in learning Photoshop - this class is for You.



1. Introduction: Welcome to my new class for show one, not one pixel stretch effect Posters mastering this direction And this, as the title say's You're going to master the for the shops goes off selection from any to also this class this fall. Absolute beginners. As long as you want to learn about Photoshopped, this place is for you. Whether you are from any field in this class, you'll be learning and some tricks and tips about how little making for fine selection and refining the edges off any kind of photograph that you have. So I'll be giving you time to time, few tips and tricks about the shockers and the keys to enhance your vote flow. I'll go teaching you about how toe make masking in your selections and how quickly you can do it with breast rules transformation tricks off smoothly, transforming your resigns in no time. So this glasses for you now and start your creative journey right now and the end of this class us will be having a full knowledge on all the types off selection crosses, mass kings and anything that you need to make the speaks ill stretch effects and wrong long for the class. And let's begin your creative journey 2. Class Project: class project US tank off. Any dance forms are activities that you like about on. Then choose your photograph that could, with any off the personals from the field that you were using or it could be yours that you have professionally clicked. Then you guys can follow the steps that have been provided in the next few lessons off the class to make your posters like thes the pixels, French effect posters. 3. Lesson 1 : Basic Practices: and this basic. Listen, we are going to learn about selection. Andi, you're gonna master it. So starting from the beginning, there were having three kind of photographs right on the screen. Oneness on a white background. The other is on the greedy in Bagram. Andi, just likely color in color. Radiant on. Then there is the third photograph without quite much colorful background and described bloody even. So, basically starting from the first that is on white background in photo shop to select their and number of tools you can select from anyone As for your rituals, your requirement or anything. So in this, listen, we're going to use the magic. Want to? When you click on the magic wand tool in the photo shop, you can see these options coming on the your screen like pixel square sample sample size. But I'm having right now pixels sample, Which means it will be picking up the pixels and Grantham having the sample from the pixel Kyllo. Now I'm having the tolerance right now to 32 for making JC how the tolerance walks. I put it on zero. You can see it is not much fine. Not crisp enough so I know change is 200. Now I click. You can see now a mad photograph is having some kind of skin. Don's and highlights all are coming over in the selection, which I don't want. So my kind off make it in between in like, thought to your 34 or something like that. You see how gross fleet it has masked it. But still, there is some edge, not much earlier on her shoe side. So it means we need to make our tolerance of a lower or over higher. You can hit and use the hidden travel mattered. Right now I'm using 25 tour because I want not to enter and that I want in my selection I could do it manually, even. But right now you should understand how it we can do with the use off. Just magical introduction to do it perfectly right now. You see, I chose it to be or 50 or something like bad. Then you can see easily how it has done this election perfect in a bowl effect. See there three different things like conductress What want I just means it means if I under the contagious it is still injuring like it is having the using the exactly the same pixels. Andi, Whenever wherever it is, the color is it is using an selecting all those colors. Even from our single dot have a another sin And Delius it is like still using the same thing between you Don't wander. So I will have and Delius and contagious with the tick mark where I know I'm having those single layer other than the background. So sample all layers is not needed wherever it will like select from the the exactly area from all the layers it will sample from the layers because of pixel size. The color of the picks early December from all the in layers You are having a track never having just one. So I need to have any more sample all layers thing now coming to these what these four I concern doing Hill and I am having selected right on the 2nd 1 But now I will click on the first you see new selection. Second is reading as add to selection on the third. Aiken is reading as sub strapped and the forces intersect. Now, using the forced one is a new selection. As it sees, if you select something and then click on the other thing to be selected with that, like adding to the selection, it is not doing us that because it is having just one box like one selection at the time. So any time you need to add except the 2nd 1 add this election from it prior seduction you have already done. Also, you can use shift whole shift and click on the area you want to add. If we let up now, if you want to, such from from the current election, like you're having these holdings selected like this. But you want to minus out something so you click on that tor liken, and you can easily click on the together You don't want to be in this election are you can even do this thing off holding or and doing the same thing for the Intersect. The 4th 1 an Intersect. There is a need off, like, as you can see if I click on something and click on the other place, it is saying there's no pretzels left because Intersect means already having to selections and then taking the interceptor part out off it. So I will use my add the selection dude to me, multiple selections at a time. Or you can do it with a whole ship on doing the selection like some what I did something like this. Who intersecting it's scarred area and the background, like for a sample one. I'm doing some selections, random selections and then I glum toe intersect. Now I click on this dark area so you can see just Carlos. Pixel samples are picked up in the selection and the other areas are vanished. So this way, how we can use my magical into in an amorous very not just by doing a simple, boring selections on a drink. Any time you want to re select a thing, you've been going the select menu and doing the re select our control, shifty on for the selecting it is controlled. It'll help you make your process much faster rate 4. Lesson 2 : Making Selection: after this basic practices. Now we are going to do something more interesting. That is, we are going to make the selection in all the level of photos that here now currently using you can use some basic pictures that is in the class, reject attachments. You confined them and use them for your basic practices. And now in this for the first election, I'm going to select the white background for this. I'll using our selection off the magic learned do, and just simply by clicking on the white areas, see how it is selected. What I'm having that loading in the video so ever use rectangle mark you tool in this. Similarly, the added selection I can mission was having the magic one. Similarly, I'm having these all options here. But here is feather what feathers feathers making the thing much crispy or much a Not so Blunk. Like either sharp or either I'm having zero. So it was. I wanted things to be Chris just adding selections through the prior one. It's adding up and yeah, here. I'm completed with my selection part off the relating. Right now, I am having the selection off my background perfectly. done. I want inverse the selection because I'm selecting the background. So for that I look like on for control shift. I yeah, control shifter. It will select a day like this. Andi, I will hold mosque. There is a cycle in below the layer panel we are having on the window. If you're not having the layup and I'll go to windows, click on layers you can see and I likely on the pink You can see it has Marcelo my background, that just the subject is in my view and other things are crossed out going to next picture that was this The radiant background on the subject in this again we're using the magic want to I'm having the current tolerance as 15 you can see because it is a greedy int thing . So it is taking time and I have to make more like much. Many times have to click and select, click and select like this. Like this. I will just Riendeau some tolerance number, but bigger than that. Like I was living 59 years 37. See how much background a selector with just one simple click just adding more my holding shift are clicking on that. Add to selection. Aiken make this election clearly within a hair's, because that part is some of it tricky. You can even resume in any time and make your perfect selection with For zoom in, you can click on control. Plus, you're starting to all the selection. Here is my instruction off the background Similarly making the in worse selection. I hold control shift. I are you gonna go to select and shoes in worse. I'm having this by district, but I don't worn so you again. He was either lady circle rectangle mark you do on. Then select the sub strapped option are hold all and the select area. Now I'm worm Gorgon. Mask it out. As this earlier one you can see that radiant area is now not visible Animal. Just the object. Now stand for the tor one that colorful, blurry backgrounds for these in consider too much green color and it is quite a bit blurry , which is good for us for making the selection. You can see you get easily clicking on one pixel at a time, and then it is making the selections. You can easily make the tolerance of a much higher in amount. Like 50. All the greens are selected, the darker greens ones and now the browns. So one and so far as you can now see, some part of our subject is also added in this background selection for be selecting them. We're gonna go into use a new tool straightened watch. You can see this black partner and some off the tail part are earning the selection for this. I'm going to amuse the polygonal lasso tool. You can find it in like this, like right click under two. You can find the ring polygonal lasso tool here, having the lasso tool or other tools in the minibar. A toolbar then you can right click on any times looked appalling on a lesser tool. I'm using this abstract option. Or you can hold old option key for my users and easily click on the proportion that you want to select. Like I click started from the big part, then clicking on the edge of the big um aan den even anytime Zoom in on. Have ah clear Look off what you're selecting as I want my area to be de selected so I will use the sub strapped option are used Poll or all or option key. Then, like this, I'm making this election age DuPage's to make it clear. Crisp out are the clear cut out Look, some part of the neck is a still remaining. Yeah. Now coming to the tail bar, you can see some off the browns and are also makes up for the background to make the martyr I'm using just, uh, quick earn on this with this pulling on the lesser too. I'm Yeah. You concedes Green part is now re selected. I've been going to hold shift now are kamardeen Key does. And using the selection or using this tool to make a select off section off the area perfectly. Yeah, Onda slightly line is missing from the selection To make that into the selection Goto rectangles do on rectangle selection to learn. Just add with the holding sheriff are Come on key and again. Yeah, endorsing the selection. Come on is control shift I and then mask it out Silvery as and we have been in our past practices. So now we are ready with our three basic making selections and masking 5. Lesson 3 : Refining Edges: I'm using a solid back black by ground to make you see my picture much clearly. You can see easily that there are some white not good looking When it makes the picture looks much off. That balance is missing because it is having a cutout feeling or ah like it is and somewhere detached from the background. Even see this these for ages at the right age is off the background. We don't want to know for that. There is a trick. Select the mosque off the clear. And now go do the smushed or yeah, that's much too letters below your collar, Drew. You confined the blood pool or this much you can rightly right. Look at that to learn. Then you file find this small stool. The Eustis you goto the two other properties here earn. As you can see, I'm using the much bigger size as we go. It is good, because are any time basically you have to lose zero hardness and you can easily choose the size to be bigger or ask for your requirements wherever you are work any time you can change the sizes by the rectangle rackets The left little tangled rocket for minus on the right one for the plus served the hard Mr Zero on by using a little pressures, I'm just dragging this black area or where they photograph well, my subject so that that right for e ages that were not looking much good enough are now not visible anymore. You can see how it's walking. I'm just using Ah, a little pressure on dragging that black thing, that black background color do over my subject that is making that right. Forages, not visible animal. Be careful while using the because it can even make your photograph or subject look quite disproportionate if done in more much pressure. So anything you feel that it is the masking their to have done is not quite good. You can just simply undo it. My using control z make sure you are not disproportion ating. Your subject just slowly removed the edges. I'm having a little hands and arms. They are quite much lighter and look so we have to be very careful like you should not remove the much more part rather than her edges. So quite Zuman and make a smooth move to make the section anytime changed. brush size. If you're walking in another place, make it how much? Lower in size. And if you're having a working for a big edges like the having not so details with the net , you can use the higher sizes as now you can see we have almost done the smudging off day ideas, never having the for ages. But even the notice that we're not having any more fine ages. It is not a good thing. So the trick issue goto aim age. I just went. We remember you should select the musk and then go to e maids and use brightness and contrast. You could use legacy and click on the contrast to be higher As you can see now the edges are much Crispin, look how much is woman? It is not getting any more blood like this was This is so bloody. No And if I make it higher and range like near 70 a d, the others are getting much more fine. If you're happy with the look, you can easily choose Prevue toe Have the look in the Prevue x section and then her dokey. So here we are with dollar crisp selection Any time you continues to buy ground color, asked for your choice or your requirement to have a look that it is not anymore getting for ages that we're not making her look good. And it is also having the fine I just without the for three things. 6. Lesson 4 : Elongated Pixel Stretch: to make this kind of elongated pixel selection, we're going to do some selection with the rectangle marquee tool. Select the object, layer the subject one and select image, not the mosque. Braga. Very worn damage to be you on the screen. As for your try us and as I want my selection to be from her, go to her head like a cortical one. So I will make Take the pixels from those only so selecting the rectangle want you to on selecting the area from her toe in a vertical way, like a vertical rectangles, making a vertical rectangle like this Make sure it does not too much writer should be network, and then you didn't see you should be having selected the image. Just control C and control E a new layer off the selection is done, and then you can see from the windows Live another. There is a new Leo, and, using the move tool, click on the shore transform controls to make sure you're having that transformations. Controls appear on the screen, and then you can drag it. That's the way on the screen like this, simply moving ahead in the same Lovie I want my whole shoe. Tobie covered with this stretch, Andi thinks left the image aan den hold marketable and make a selection net rectangle were to go on this time I'm having because my subject is quite straight. So I'm going to select it right from the bottom to the top in a single me. Remember, you should Rectangle should be narrow, but not much narrower. At least it should having be selecting up some pixels within it. You like this and in control C and control your now stretchered from edge to edge. And they like this. You can see the are getting a look off much bended make a flat brush. Affect is there with the colors off the big. So last year during this lecture with her head in the same love and then stretching Hollier Yes, like this. See how it is having a multiple color with a flat brush effect. Next stretch. So smooth. Now, the layers you're having that stretch select all layers by holding shift and then control G to make group off them, you can use the icon off a career dog group. That is a fuller I can below on the layer panel, but really much time taking. So just go with the control, G for making the group offered like this, make a duplicate off the group by using control. J. You're having the copy off it. Andi, drag the copy off the group below the subject and make the group one invisible as I want my stretch effect to be on one side. Not here. So fascinating. Convert this layered world more object by right clicking and select Convert to smart doctor . Now click on the mosque to make a layer mask off it and now paint by using the brush to select a brush the force one and make the hardness zero sizes as up to you. All right, now having a big size because I want my areas to disappear quickly leg and used the stew like this. You have to just paint and you can see you are making the areas invisible. You spray painting over them on her door side. I want my any time you're feeling you can undo and also remember make these selections these masking in parts because if you under at the time, it will not under all the things at once. Now I'm for their toe side. I'm making my brush size even smaller. So that and do not my sculpt much offered. You can see like this. Howard is having the edgy look. One side it is like having a movement blood, a motion blur effect. Whether it was talk, we are creating it in for the shop. On one side, it is having a crisp look. Even this used this for any of your dance forms. Are any off your photos if cereal 7. Lesson 5 : Pixel Stretch Type II: for the second type off pixel stretch. I'm using the brash Russia for that. We have done the street pixels and then I want my pixels to be stretched from this bar. Her leg bar Buddha in a core vv have unsure how to do it before I will make the visible off this a stretch effect. You can do it again for your subject are this is an add on for that thing now holding the subject. Leo the rich Click on the image and now do the selection. The thing is, how we're going to select. We're going to select you now horizontal because we are going to selected in the horizontal way and stretch it in a vertical way. Just making the selection control c control we and then stretching the selection like this , going against pacto image and making the selection from her leg park and now similarly stretching the thing and working early edge sewage like something like this. Once we have done again, group it and make the group go back to the image that we're working with. Andi no quick on that group and make it to convert to smart object. After this using the masking in a similar way. I'm cleaning the edges, forced, and now I'm using the brush in a bigger size to make a quick mask out off it like this. Select a really on. Now, select a Leo and click on that clipping I can that attached Aiken so that does not having anyone attachments with the masking thing on Now select the image you were working it. Click on the edges, select right click and select Warp on. Drag it like this on holding on edge, the points in the middle and one by one, dragging them to the as you off the image so that it is making oh, move like somewhat straight and then bending doors. The thing. Look on the world checks will find the handle sort foot, and any time you can make the angular movements so particle with them. I know them having something like this, and I want my this straight that profiting. Similarly, Toby rendered. Similarly, I will make the cash I can go invisible and then right click on the email in this screen on and clear right click to select Rob and used the edges in a similar way, the points and the handles to make it look much bendy and co v so that it is mixing up without photograph. And that affection Naturally, you can see how my making, making the handles move, giving them angles, making them my closer and like this, in fact so much natural and choosing to select them make a good, very form like this. I will bend it from the below area like the lower anger should be also in a girl form. Oh, yeah. Now click on and to make the look complete so he area with our second type off big so stretch effect. 8. Lesson 6 : Circular Pixel Stretch: now going with the circle of pixels Reg Effect. I'm using that earlier one. The group that we have already made off the horizon's builds fresh off pickles, obligating the group and then making it still a smart object by right clicking and selecting. Convert to smart object and drag the group layer below the image we're working with. And now select layer goto, full turn the start and polar coordinates in the wrong box. See, you're having the rectangular two polar selected Andi, something like this you will be having click OK, her gender? No, we're having the look like this. But some things I want my inner side that much skin looks on the outer edges. I'm wanting my I just do the reverse The center of our should be on but I fight look So I undo it on a bean and mentally I transform my object like this. Stop the book. I mean going to filter the start and polar coordinates already having direct angular toe polo. Now you can see we're having the skin areas on ledges and the greedy areas in the centre like this, you know, if I want to resize it if I click, it will read something like this if I heard okay. Even then, it will go in changes to a rectangle thing. And now if I make anything is, it will not applicable to that circle. So for this you have to right click on the layer and go select rest arise layers. If you host, select and make any transformation in the cell cycle, it is not changing anymore, so you can easily make it the ellipse look like a circle. Andi. Check it for an edge to edge. Feeling the proper settings. Now you can see it is having a stretch off from dough dough dough from for the bottom. When I want to stretch it are more hold, shift and or and still make it is because it will make Do not disturb the It's so good. Now I had Endo. I'm walking with one aim age for making giving you samples. I'm going to duplicate this subject layer once because I'm already having them for the do the past two that we have done so I don't want toe distort them anymore, so I'm going to duplicate the subject and hide one off the subject there's for my use. You can simply use the things in the full circle on the screen with the object on it. Now a vein making the asking out off it. Similarly, as we have done in the prior to stretch your fix, I'm going to mask it with the brush slowly on, then using Ah, bigger brush for the restaurant. Yes, this is what we call the circle of excellence wretched for 9. Lesson 7 : Adding Depth & Shadows: last but not least. And this listen, we're going toe our depth and shadows to our all the stretch effects that we have done. Starting from this 1st 1 and using, I'm adding a new Lou by clicking the icon below in the layers panel and right Regan select Read Clipping mask. Now, using the brush on, make sure you are having black color in your foreground. If you're having in the background, you can use this reward cycle here. Or, if you are not having anything you need getting simply click that to color Aikens there on top, and or you can make sure that double click on the Gallup box and then select the black color manually. Now holding the brush now selected brush. Um, select the 1st 1 that is the smooth one, and you should have heard this cereal simply. I'm making the light or shadows, making the giving it a depth feeling anything you can change your side of the brush. As for your object requirement, as you can see, her arm is now having a left behind. What I'm doing is is clicking and dragging my brush or my subject with a varied size so that it is giving a Dept. Area on the edges. Been just paying double triple times to make the shadows look much Garko, you can now see there is a difference. That is, there is a difference off depth, giving it a depth from that blur on, the more in the model. So here we are with the our three variations off pixel stretch effects, which you can easily use on, also may be quite depth and shadows off. It hope to meet you guys arraigned in my new class.