Photos that sell: Part IV. Advanced topics in online photo licensing | Michal Ďuriník | Skillshare

Photos that sell: Part IV. Advanced topics in online photo licensing

Michal Ďuriník, My cameras pay for my cameras

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21 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Course invitation

    • 2. 1. Keeping the creative energy flowing

    • 3. 1. Using technology for inspiration

    • 4. 1. Surround yourself

    • 5. 2. Model release

    • 6. 2. More on model release

    • 7. 2. Property release

    • 8. 2. Taxes

    • 9. 3. Bestselling photos - walkthrough

    • 10. 3. Get up close

    • 11. 3. See what's not there

    • 12. 3. Location, location, location!

    • 13. 3. Good execution

    • 14. 3. Editorial photo - a bestseller?

    • 15. 3. Putting everything together

    • 16. 4. FAQ

    • 17. 4. Can I edit heavily?

    • 18. 4. How do I protect my copyright?

    • 19. 4. Should I go exclusive?

    • 20. 4. How to track uploads and sales?

    • 21. Thank you and goodbye!


About This Class

You love photography. 

You used to share your photos with friends and they liked it, but you wanted more.

You dusted off the hard drive and started a portfolio with stock agencies, to get your photos seen and recognized.

It's time to take it to the next level!

Maybe you've started this journey to earn some extra cash, but by now you know there's so much more to it: starting your stock portfolio allows your photos to be recognized and published worldwide.


Welcome to Part IV. of the popular course that teaches you to take the photos you already have and turn them into a source of acknowledgment, achievement, and modest but steady passive income.

In Part I. you've set up your portfolios with the best agencies and you've learned to spot what photos from your portfolio are potential bestsellers. 

Part II. was all about legal issues (can I shoot people, buildings, cars?) and editorial photos. Mostly though, Part II. shows the tips, tricks and tools for an efficient and streamlined workflow that'll save you hours.

Part III. deals with handling photo rejections (yes, you'll get some) and we discuss how to collect and spend your money well. You'll learn about additional ways of generating income with agencies and we'll review the most useful tools that'll save your sanity.

In Part IV. we discuss couple of important topics:

-We kick off with motivation and inspiration - how can we surround ourselves with photography to stay inspired? How do we know what topics are popular and how can we work with trends?

-We look closely on the legal side of things - model release, property release, taxes. The not-so-fun, but important stuff

-We'll go through some of my most popular photos to look for what makes them receive so much attention.

How do I keep motivated and inspired? I just remind myself why I'm doing this: to have my photos seen and recognized, and most importantly: to have fun!





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Michal Ďuriník

My cameras pay for my cameras

Currently living in Sydney, Australia, I split my time between research, university teaching and photography.

I've been selling my photos online for 7 years now - starting this side gig was one of my best decisions. Ever since, my cameras and lenses pay for themselves, and for my flight tickets. I'm excited to share with you, how you can do the same!

Fun facts:

- President of MQ Photography Society

- Lectured to hundreds of students and professionals on co...

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