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Photography is Easy by Nikon Mentor

Vishal Diwan

Photography is Easy by Nikon Mentor

Vishal Diwan

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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Intro

    • 2. Lesson 2 Camera

    • 3. Lesson 9 Understanding Light

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About This Class

My Dear Photography Student,

Welcome to the world's easiest photography course.

This will help you to learn the basics of photography in an easy manner.

I am using Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera during my lessons. 

However, these learnings will help you to take great photos with your existing camera.

Media Institutes easily charge $2000 USD Fee for sharing this.

Wishing you great times ahead.

Cheers :-) :-)

Vishal Diwan (VD)

Nikon Mentor

To Join my Private Online Photography classes on Google Meet or Zoom,
Call or WhatsApp on (+91) 9910415711
or email me on [email protected]


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Vishal Diwan


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1. Lesson 1 Intro: Hi. Welcome to the big nurse of photography Course. I'm your teacher. We shall. And I am a mentor with Nikon. And I teach students, uh, the art of photography. I also run a foot over to become me with the names, moments photography. In this bigness of photography classes, we will learn how to use this camera in the Manimal more, and we would gain a lot of confidence how to collect the pictures in the right way. So, you know, sometimes when big nurse they start clicking, you know, they have a lot of questions. They're not able to get the picture that they really like to get. So we will give you step by step in every lesson. You will learn something new, and by the end of the sports, you'll be able to click really, really beautiful pictures. And it would exactly know what exactly was clicking. And the same image will come in your camera. I'm a corporate guy. Basically. I was with IBM for good 10 years, and I I just keep working on this RBS photography and I never left it. I always took pictures with this and I started as a street for dog for ST for now, but it is very simple. You just take your camera and you just go on the streets. You click anything that attracts you anything that you like, you know, it can be, you know, Children playing around It can be, you know, like a like a mother giving but toe to her son. It could be anything on the street, maybe friends having fun. So I always like just going there and just snapping a few pictures. So I continue to do that. And then suddenly I started teaching photography. I I was helping my friends. You know how to use their DSLR camera, But going honestly speaking, DSLR camera is the only complain. You know, people by with Lord Off interest that I'm going to do this, I'm gonna Buddha. But after some time, you know, it stays in the cupboard and just bites the dust. So I helped my friends use this camera, take good pictures while they've all applications and all that stuff. So I just thought, I'm just repeating myself again and again. Why? Don't just write everything I know. And then I spent a good two years to write a book on photography, and I publish this book as an e book on a MSM door time, and it was pretty well received by the readers. Eso So it was fairly good for me, but I never expected that. You know, I got a call from the con. They came across my book and, you know, they called me for an opportunity. They said they're starting a national level school where in their intention, is to elevate the skills off photographer. They want people like me to go toe to various cities and address a group off 40 to 54% of class and held them under standard camera Well, and held them click beautiful pictures with a lot of confidence. So I was really surprised, and I was very happy to get this opportunity. I've been gone for six years now, and I look after their North India have got rich experience off training over 5000 to rent life fairly know how our student loans and how should I simply fireman language or saved enough in a way that anyone can grasp it, go to the level off much different, and then from there are elevated that story. So here in this course, also, the specialty of this course is that this course will be joined by my nine year old son. His name is well, and I'll be explaining the concept to you as well as to my son. And then we will see how well it goes because it is like this. If my nine year old son can understand the concept that I think anybody can understand, So that's the whole point of this class, and I'm sure that it will be a lot of things that will turn out of this. I strongly encourage that you should go for it and join me. 2. Lesson 2 Camera: So I have a son. His He's real and he is nine years old, and he's starting in class. OK, good. So we give your introduction to everybody. Okay. Very good. So what do you like about photography? I like. Okay, good. But what type of pictures do you like to play? You like to click three. Very good. Very good. So in this class were you are going to learn a lot about the camera. Okay. We will teach a lot of things. We'll discuss a lot of things. So after this class, you'll be able to click really, really beautiful pictures. Okay, so we we have a Nikon camera. Do you know which camera is this? What is the more to love? Yeah, BSL er, but what is the name of this camera? It's God Z six. Yeah. So this is a Z six camera. This is a unicorn middle s camera. This is a very new camera, and it's a very, very good camera. Middle less. Okay, Middle less means that it does not have a mirror inside. So whatever you see, Like what? For example, if you see this exactly this will replace whatever you see it will be clicked. Right? So this is a view finder use. You see whatever you see order. If you click the button, you will get the same pictures like this. OK, so whatever you see, we're going to get that picture. So middle. Less like it is little different from a DSLR camera. DSLR means digital single lens reflex. What is the full form of DSLR Tense triplex? Yeah. Digital single lens reflex is a full former for DSLR. Okay, now, DSLR, we will break this world into digital First, did you tell is the first word. So what do you mean by digital? Digital means anything that is recorded in zero and once is digital. Okay, like the language of computer, computer, languages, zeros and ones that anything that a computer reads like a like a photograph or any software for any audio or any movie, it is all zeros and ones. That means it is called binary. Finally, zeros and ones zero. Then once means like whether the switches on or switches off like you turn on the electricity, right? Like the bulk. So when we switch on the when we switch it on, it becomes one right. And when we switch it off, it becomes zero. Okay, so the zeros advances the language off computer, So same livid because these are also digital cameras. So these cameras recording majors data recorded in zero, Then once. That is why we called Digital, that this is a digital image. Okay, good industry. Okay, so SLR means single lens reflex. Single lens reflex means that whatever you see from your view finder is the same thing that is getting clicked. All right. Okay. So first thing in photography when you when you start your camera, you know, when you start your camera. So you first hear your camera, you hear it around your neck so that it doesn't fall off. Always the other camera around your neck so that it doesn't fall off, okay? Because it's a very expensive equipment in case it falls off, You know it will break, so we have to take very good care of this. So which camera? Using right now? These six. Very good. All right, Now you see from this and point out at the camera and try to take a picture. See you pregnant and you got the picture. It's already there in the camera. It doesn't even produce any song. You've got the picture. Okay, that's the beauty of this camera. It is a silent camera. That means it doesn't disturb anyone like other traditional cameras. When we click, there is us shakra sound and you click it. It produces tack, tack, tack, tack. It produces that sound. But with the six world happens, there is no sound. It is, like, almost silent, so nobody gets to stop when you are taking the pictures. Nobody will know that you're taking the pictures because it doesn't produce any sound. This is a very, very good camera, okay? 3. Lesson 9 Understanding Light: So I have My son will be mourning for me and will help me understand how to use the light in your camera problem. OK, so you can really see what there is a lot of life where the light is coming from. So I have my son over here. What I do is I take a picture in streets like this picture. All right. You know what I do is see on his face completely like this coming Well, the left side of the face and the right sort of the face will have equally. But whatever you do is now, I will make him like this. So yes, it is silently that the light is coming from here on here, there are shadows, so you can clearly see here there's a job and the lights, the sunlight is coming from outside. Right? So how can we click well in a different way? You know, how can we use the sunlight in a different way? That's the question. We don't this site under Sadia and are turned the sake towards the light. Yes. Okay. Now look how their light is changing on on his face. If I go outside And if I come in sexy, Look here. Yeah,