Photography is A Narrative: Tell A Story Through a Single Shot

Mónia Camacho

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    • Photo Narrative

    • Photo Narrative - Project


About This Class

Who you are as a photographer?


You must be more than the guy pressing the button and familiar with manual settings.


Find out your “author’s voice” or your “author’s eye”.  The singularity that makes you recognizable as a photographer, as an author.


Now you ask; can this be taught?


Find out, come to class.


I’ll give you a clue: a good way to start is through photo narrative.


This class will show you how to tell a story in a single shot.


And your photo’s value will be that story.


I am betting you are, already, all good photographers, so you know, by now, how to create beauty… probably much better than me… So what I will give you won’t be that.


The reason you will want to  attend this class will be to realize your ability to tell a story through a single shot, and I’ll be showing how you get there.

Class Outline.


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Your class made me realize how many stories I have already captured over the years without actively looking for them. Whenever I saw something that touched me and I had my camera at hand I'd take a picture, not sure about what to do with it or take from it. I never thought about it telling me what my own thoughts and connections to it are. I think I just found the kind of photography I want to be creating. Thank you for that!
Excelente Aula, Nice Class
Pedro Venâncio

Love for Photography





Born 1973.

Lives in Portugal.

Lawyer, writer and photographer.

Published "A Mulher do Primeiro-Ministro e o Camionista Filósofo" in 2015 (title translation: The Prime Minister's Wife and the Philosopher Truck Driver" - Book not translated to English yet. Parts in Portuguese are often disposed on the book's FB page:

The new book is being reviewed. Title will be "Este Mundo e o Outro" (This world and the Next). Doesn't have a date to be published yet.

Other projects in writing: cooperation on a short story book with other 3 writers: work in progress.

Publishes short stories (in portuguese) every Monday, here:

Stories are organized by author in the photo albums (photos are just to illustrate the story and many times were not taken by the autor of the text).

Publishes sometimes in webzines, here is an exemple:

Did some interviews for metal music webzines, here are some exemples:

Photographs por pleasure. Photos can be seen here:

Often does weird home made videos - short stories or short concepts- that can be seen here:


And mother of an awesome kid.


Photography Creative Photo Narrative