Photography for Beginners: DSLR Photography Camera Settings | Chris P. | Skillshare

Photography for Beginners: DSLR Photography Camera Settings

Chris P., Artist, Marketer, Teacher

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17 Videos (1h 14m)
    • 01 Getting To Know Your Camera

    • 02 Aperture

    • 02 The Basics of Your Camera 02

    • 02 What is exposure

    • 03 Aperture Project

    • 03 Focusing Modes

    • 04 Shutter Speed

    • 05 Shooting Modes

    • 05 Shutter Speed Project

    • 06 Drive Modes

    • 06 ISO

    • 07 ISO Project

    • 07 Quality Modes

    • 08 Metering Modes

    • 09 White Balance

    • 15 Manual Mode & Project

    • Intro

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About This Class


Welcome to the Photography Camera Settings course for beginners.

Hello, my name is Chris Parker and I’ve been a pro photographer for 30 years.  I’ve also been teaching other photographers how to take their skills to the next level for 7 years.

When you’ve completed this course, you’ll know what all the camera settings and different modes your camera has and how to use them.  In fact, some of the Lectures include projects to help you retain what you learn by applying what you learn.

There is no better way to quickly learn your camera settings by practicing what you learn. 

Knowing your camera settings will also help you become a better photographer.  Throughout the course I’ll provide additional tips and suggestions for taking better photos and being more creative.

This photography course covers all of the following camera modes.

Focusing, Shooting, Drive, Quality, and Metering Modes.  Plus, you’ll also learn what the White Balance mode is and how to use it.

Once you’ve mastered those camera modes, you’ll learn the 3 different creative modes that will help you be a better photographer.  This includes the Aperture Priority Mode, Shutter Speed Priority Mode and the ISO auto mode.

Then, I’ll share with you a little secret, that’s built into your camera, that will make it super easy to shoot in full Manual Mode.  But, you may be wondering why you’d want to shoot in full Manual Mode?

Well, shooting in Manual Mode will allow you to take back creative control from your camera and allow you to fulfill your creative vision.

If your ready to learn about all the different camera settings and modes your camera has and to become a better photographer in the process, please sign up for my course now.  I look forward to helping you achieve your creative goals.  Thanks for listening and have an awesome day!





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Chris P.

Artist, Marketer, Teacher

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