Photography for Beginners: Creative Fundamentals of Photography - Natural Light, Composition, Posing | Rosie Parsons | Skillshare

Photography for Beginners: Creative Fundamentals of Photography - Natural Light, Composition, Posing

Rosie Parsons, Award winning professional photographer

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19 Videos (1h 36m)
    • Creative Photography 001 Welcome

    • Photography COURSE 3 002 DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIGHT 1

    • Photography Course 3 sunny days

    • Photography Course 3 Cloudy Days

    • Photography Course 3 Indoors

    • Photography Course 3 Negative Space

    • Photography Course 3 Rule of Thirds

    • Photography Course 3 Rule of Space

    • Photography Course 3 Leading Lines

    • Photography Course 3 Framing

    • Photography Course 3 Colour

    • Photography Course 3 Genuine Expressions

    • Photography Course 3 Connection

    • Photography Course 3 Posing Individuals

    • Photography Course 3 Posing Couples

    • Photography Course 3 Posing Groups

    • Photography Course 3 Childcare Guru

    • Photography Course 3 Dan and Becci

    • Photography Course 3 Section 4 Vintage Vardos


About This Class

"This is an excellent introductory photography course. I would not describe myself as a beginner but I have already learnt something. The lectures are very easy to follow and I'm looking forward to the challenges and feedback from others doing the course." - Brian Dickinson, current student

Do you absolutely love photography? Capturing the world around you and sharing your photography with your friends and family? Would you like to learn some insider secrets to make your photography come alive with fantastic light, composition and posing techniques? Then this is the photography course for you!

This photography course is especially for beginners and amateur photographers who really enjoy photography but would love to discover the insider photography tips and tricks that professional photographers use to give their photography extra impact and creativity.

We specifically look at these three areas of creative photography:

  • Understanding light in photography
  • Fundamentals of photography composition
  • Key photography skills in posing individuals, couples and groups

Maybe you’ve felt like your photography is lovely a lot of the time but you’d love to take your pictures to the next level?

I’ve been an award winning professional photographer for ten years, and I’ve got so many things that I’d love to share with you that will make a huge impact on your photography!

In this photography course we'll cover:

  • how to find the perfect light for your photography
  • What to look for on cloudy, overcast days
  • Where to stand when shooting photography indoors
  • How to find gorgeous light when it's blazing hot weather
  • Key compositional techniques to make your photography look professional
  • Essential posing techniques for individuals, couples and groups
  • techniques to bring out the best in your subjects and get genuine smiles

We’ll cover how to find the perfect light for your photography, from cloudy overcast days, to indoors and how you can shoot beautiful photography even in bright sunshine! You’ll learn easy ways to pose people so they will always want to be photographed by you because you make them look so good! And techniques to bring out real expressions and laughter that will give your photography the edge you’ve been looking for!

We’ll also cover photography composition - a wide topic that is incredibly important in photography! I’ll show you how to use the rule of thirds, the rule of space and leading lines among many other essential photography principles that will help shape your love of photography and develop your own unique photography style.  

I’ll finally take you on some real life photography shoots with me which will bring everything we’ve learned about the creative fundamentals of photography together. You’ll have fun watching behind the scenes as I shoot friends at The Vintage Vardos gypsy caravans, capture activities at a forest school and shoot beautiful engagement photography.

As part of this photography course, you will also be invited to join our friendly photography group on Facebook which is exclusive to students of this course. There we have monthly photography challenges, post images for feedback and you can exchange tips and advice with other students worldwide! It’s like a 24/7 photography club!

This photography course is especially for total beginners, so you definitely won’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Plus I’m on hand to answer any photography questions you might have throughout the course.

I’m excited to share this photography course with you and help take your photography skills to the next level! Look forward to seeing you in the course!





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Rosie Parsons

Award winning professional photographer

Photography can feel like a really complicated hobby. There's nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful camera, but not knowing how to get the best from it.

As an award winning professional photographer with ten years experience running my own business at Rosie Parsons Photography, it brings me so much joy to get feedback from students who say how my courses have finally helped them understand their DSLR. I love to inspire and encourage people with their cameras in their photogr...

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