Photography Masterclass: Learn the Secrets of Motion Blur | Henry Marsh | Skillshare

Photography Masterclass: Learn the Secrets of Motion Blur

Henry Marsh, Photographer | Writer | Traveller

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5 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • Lightroom

    • Blurring

    • Selections

    • Final Touches


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to add motion blur to the background of an image using photoshop. This technique is great for adding depth and movement to your photographs. Adding motion blur to an image works best on action and sports type photographs, and will make your photos more dynamic!

Along with all of this, adding a motion blur to your background aids in distinguishing your subject from the background and is a really neat trick for when you suck at panning (like I do).

So stick around and create a class project of your own image. It can be someone running or, as in my case, a car zooming past on a racing track. 

Enjoy the class. 

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I've never quite managed to get panning shots right, so this is a great way to get the same effect! This class is so easy to follow, and makes the whole process a breeze. Thanks for another great class, Henry!





Henry Marsh

Photographer | Writer | Traveller

Hey! My name is Henry Marsh, and I'm a photographer, retoucher, and adventure seeker born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa. I've been taking photos and editing for over 4 years. Taking photos and editing every single day for massive lifestyle and glamour shoots is a dream for me. You are more than welcome to follow me along as I pursue this dream.

My photographic endeavours have seen me working with illustrious photographers such as Rey Mangouta, Alessio la Ruffa, Bernard Brand, and ...

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