Photography Marketing, Simple Effective Tips You Need For Success

Jon Haase, Instructor, Coach, and Photographer

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18 Videos (2h 8m)
    • Photography Business

    • First Things First

    • Finding Clients

    • Your Guide To Getting Visiters to Become Clients

    • Social Media For Photographers

    • Your Premier Website

    • How to Generate Excitement

    • Fan To Client

    • Price and Market Data

    • Client Rotator

    • Match Your Calendar

    • Photography Contract

    • Don't Waste Your Life Typing

    • Transfer Files LIke a Pro

    • Reviews Are Key

    • One More Very Important Note

    • Conclusion

    • Thank you!


About This Class

Learn the core skills you will need to launch your photography business.

Master a simple and easy "started method" for photography marketing in this comprehensive course.

  • Build your first portfolio site
  • Get interested people to visit your site
  • Convert interested people to clients
  • Make your new clients stoked about your business
  • Get great reviews
  • Grow 

Professional tips and tricks to start your photography business today

Learning the foundations of a photography business that puts a powerful and very useful skill at your fingertips. Photography businesses are one of the most fun and rewarding freelance jobs to land.

Being a skilled business person and photographer (and there really aren't many of them out there) opens many doors. Freelance portrait photography and wedding photography are prime jobs for a talented photographer.

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners and intermediate photographers, in this course you'll learn the fundamentals of a photography business. You'll build a strong foundation as a photographer that you can use to break into other disciplines of photography such as street photography or wedding photography.

Starting with a practical application section of portfolio design and the psychology of attracting clients, you'll move to key theory lessons and some practical experiences from the field.

With these basics mastered we'll also explore reviews, delivering on your promises, and sustaining and growing your business.

You will have the skills to setup, run, and grow a professional photography business when the course is complete.

Then, put your skills to use as we enjoy interacting in the course and learning from each other.








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Jon Haase

Instructor, Coach, and Photographer

Why are 7,000 students enrolled in my online courses?

  • They get results, my methods are simple and they work
  • They understand, the lessons are short and effective
  • They enjoy the experience and the fun of learning 
  • They want to improve their life
  • They want to become something more


Want to become better?

Want to understand your camera, lighting, marketing, and business?

Want to learn pro lighting tips?

Then start learning today and join me inside my courses.  


About Jon 

Jon is a coach, business owner, photography instructor with over 7,000 students who he teaches online and in person.  He's also a professional portrait photographer.  He is a passionate teacher and visual artist showcasing the beauty of life one portrait and photography class at a time.  His passion has led him from photography to instruction where he continues his vision of finding and showcasing the beauty of life.  He has published photography tutorials in Popular Photography Magazine, and Digital Photography School.  

Jon maintains a studio in Hawaii. 

You can see his work at



Jon holds an B.S. in Mechanical Engineering where he graduated with honors.  He also holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering again graduating with top marks from the James a Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland.  He pursues his passion of photography and instructing all over the world.  



To create photographers who can capture the beauty of life all over the world and share it in order to make the world a more beautiful, peaceful, and understanding place.  


A world connected through images where we are sharing in the beauty life while in community.