Photography In Tropics 101 | Alenka Mali | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Who's this class for?

    • 3. Choosing the location

    • 4. Choosing the light

    • 5. Uniqueness is your secret weapon.

    • 6. Fighting the humidity

    • 7. Something for you

    • 8. You did it

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About This Class


Who is this class for?

If you're soon to be boarding a plane to somewhere tropical and can't wait to fill your feed with amazing shots, full of palm trees and light blue water.. then this class is perfect for you! I'll explain how simple practices can change the way you take photos and why it is important to apply them to your daily photography - if you want to stand out. 



What will you learn from it?

Learn how to work with light, avoid humidity and find out the best ways to stay creative in tropical places.

- work with the morning and evening light

- avoid humidity

- stand out with your pictures

- find out the advantages of shooting underwater

- use the light to be unique

& more!

What tips do you have, to avoid the common issues? Let's chat xx

All you need is this class, a basic DLSR, and a mango-papaya-coconut smoothie blend, to get started!

C'mon. Let's go shoot.

How can you reach me?

Check out my website:

And my Instagram: @alenkaamali

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alenka Mali

Photographer, Activist, Freerider


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1. Intro: how I walk into my first ever class on skilled chair. They wanted to talk about something that nobody actually interest. I wish somebody would, and that is the problems of a shooting in tropical places. And I can do better. So that's basically a full on compressed tutorial class that will help you to shoot her in trouble. Places come see you should get Tropics. There's so many issues somebody. Yeah, there's movies and looking three waterfalls and buck 10 beaches and blue ass water. But there's also move billions of problems that's either humanity, bugs, insects, the light community. I created this course because I asked you to do with all this. Just put it all together in this class. Give your hop shit to learn from it. If you're saying this is a hobby, everything this professionally best. 2. Who's this class for?: this class is for everybody knows that they're gonna be traveling to any tropical places soon. Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Philippines. They were inside the stage. Nicaragua, Anywhere where their communities hot and way don't get us much of the same practice off shooting photography as we do back home. You want to learn how to work along those common issues and avoid them and a threat throughout time spent here in Indonesia. I've learned so much about what to what not to do and when to do it or were not through it . So I really hope this helps you in some way, and I would just 3. Choosing the location: aligning your photo shoot, planning her session if I could describe it so they see the popular locations are all those photos easy and is the roses Mama was posing a water hole is and bridges impose. There's lines and lines of tourists waiting to get that single photo. So what you want to do? But I started your tropical place. You want unique with your settings you want to choose wisely read word to go, which location to pick and you want it. Do it somewhere that remote that nobody else has done it before because that's what makes you say that. So in this case, the destination is far more important journey because you would want to get, you know, kiss still less yet still make a place recognizable. I hope you know me and you wanna have fun when you're shooting. You don't want to stand in line for two hours to get that same photos. 3000 people before you do you 4. Choosing the light: get up early and I'm not talking about golden hour. I'm talking about every single hour you can spare Furnari sleep. Rise up places like Bobby Philippines, Thailand. They all have something in common. The days are not very long. For example, here sun rises and sinks and goes down at six, which means you want to get a body and be ready before six o'clock, because that's what's gonna make you take advantage of our. The blue hour is the hour before the sun rises and the settings just get this really nice time for the picture. You can work with light very well before the sun lights up. You want to shoot portrayed, want us your commercial stuff. And then when the sun rises up, that gives the skin this really nice golden tone, and the same thing happens right before the sun goes down in between the six and six, there is nothing for you to do really go to your air conditioned room, taking advantage to get away from the heat and edit your photos. Or take more classes like this. I'm learn and practice, and when the time is right, either in the morning or 30 tonight, go out and shoot. Make the most of that light 5. Uniqueness is your secret weapon.: something that I thought it was. One of the most important thing is use your kiss, use what makes you special and applied on those photos. How many times have you scroll through instagram or travel magazine? Oh, are, you know, blogged about Southeast Asia and you've seen the same oversight traded photos, But last water palm trees and a woman. You know what? Bikini drinking water, and I'll get you rock those images A great They definitely do inspire people to travel to places like this, but they're not unique. Half there. While they always start to get this, you don't day. So I've talked about choosing the right location and by the right location. I need something different. But it's not just about the location, is it? Is do you take? So I've got a couple tips about how to embrace your uniqueness. 1st 1 is telling a story. It's super easy to feel lazy tropical heat, but usually when we're vacationing and tropics were there for week two, maybe three. And before we know it, our applications over and you don't end up with many good pictures. Suppose for a whole year for that as we hoped we would can be creative and tell a story. Use people and objects and animals like the camera differently. Choose from perspective. Captured. Today's most hilarious moment. Leave from about choosing a black and white setting for striking moments. Whether that's it, whether that's a stretch, clouds anything in action. Choose the shooting and back white and then overexpose it and see what happens. Surprise themselves. What can happen if you just said about box, what people shoot and tropics and how to do it? Get an interesting aerial perceptive The Drone salad days. They're more affordable than ever, so getting a drone are borrowing a drone for a friend. It's really a no brainer, And that is one of my favorite ways to shoot but its photo or video just hovering over that little island so that people can feel the vast emptiness off the place. That is what will definitely make you stand out from other people. Spend time water. Oh my God. You know, Yeah, Switching from land to water can change your world. If you don't have money for a diving course, that's okay. Just went some snorkeling gear and go exploring with your GoPro or by water case for it. Your dear smart, the most horrible's going for 3 to 500 and that is really great. Investments gets sick on the water shots. Marine life in this place is just beyond amazing fish and corals and studying that, Oh, shivers from that light that comes from above. It's just you, and if you don't wanna shoot of the water, that's OK. Bring the camera in the water, don't get but you know what I mean. All those all this moment fingers are flipping their hair and doing what water. It's blushing bubbles. That is pure moment, five year old happiness and the house. Make sure that you want to look back through 10 years from now. Focusing on the culture is definitely not a very common thing that we see scroll through tropical instagram page thes places. Thinking Venjah Camp Early is thinking temple and copter moments of meditation and still is in pure bliss that people have those early rising hours and again get up early. It could be worth that sunsets sons that open 100 options when Millie options, if you want, did take a photo. There's so many ways can get into that. You can get a time locks with go pro. You can get drunk Shot taking her Theus alive in the water for the sunset. It's probably one of the most majestic things I've ever seen in my capture moment, surfing or sailing or when surfing or whatever playing with the sunset light. It's something serious experience like no other. It's a next summer vacation. It's sitting location. Think differently thing. What can you get through the world? That's when then those travel brochures that they're seeing every single day. 6. Fighting the humidity: Now we have come to the most important part of this course, in my opinion, and that is humidity. The A mound of times. I have stepped on my perfectly air conditioned room into that slug off Humid it NUS involved, only to find out that my camera was completely blurred. Significant moisture in the air around us impact our equipment in the variety. Your place. Some cameras are humidity and weather protected, but a lot of ideas Lars are. And so that's why I put together a couple of tips that good for sure help you feeling with humidity on your the next tronics number one is minimizing the legs changes. While this one might be kind of obvious, it still isn't for some of you guys at, please wasn't for me when I started. As you changed alliances during your photo shoot the moisture from the air June can sneak into that little sacred space between your sensor and that can do serious damage. Just sitting camera. So if you can keep one nice on you during the whole day, what if you have to switch it, switch it in a place that its moisture free, so be careful with regularly wiping down your equipment, help you prevent that far planes. What I like to do it is when I go out to shoot, I just keep a little piece of one of those fouls to just wipe my camera. Um, let's say every hour every half an hour. And that way I am keeping you dry and prevent moisture to get in. If you are traveling tropical places where you know the humidity, it's gonna be high. I would recommend bringing a couple of sit blood banks and storing your batteries built cars. Charges were lenses in those bags While you travel. That will definitely help permit the moisture to get in that wrist straps for my camera that has being probably one this investments have ever had guests keeping a camera. Secure it on your wrist can prevent it slipping down when you, you know as you walk. Okay, now it's a waterfall, constantly sweating. Just have the air. What's right here from the last sip I have about the humility change is watching out before your country equipment. Even if you're him, dry your hands before touching batteries or filters settings in your camera because that is instantly painting dick. Dastardly happen. Trust me. Oh, been there 7. Something for you: Thank you so much for coming on this tropical journey with the I really hope some of those six help you on your way to get some of those amazing probable shots and let you know if you have any questions. Now I want to prepare a contest for you. I want you to email me the best photo ever taken in a tropical paradise off your own. And maybe we'll start behind it if you feel like riding this course all saw includes a very special discounts for my presets. And the presets are actually the developed. In a way, it's gonna shoot tropical light. So 9% off. You basically get them for less than a solitary. That's the biggest This going etc. So they are stopped my five greases for just a dollar, which is gonna deal. But yeah, you'll see either way, good luck on your journey came traveling. Keep creating content. That's the only way that we can keep the society going. Keep creating being unique. This coming your way sought to do stuff. If some of those six helped you, he's a little bit Please write the scores and give me something back home. what you thought. Don't forget to check out what I do on my website. That might give me some inspiration to where to go or what to do. I'm not. Good luck. 8. You did it: So these are just some of the ways that I thought it would be helpful for you to learn from . For the next time you are entering a tropical paradise and sum it up. Be careful with your equipment. Choose a location wisely and wake up early.