Photography Foundations: Using Aperture to Create Depth of Field | Suzanne Strong | Skillshare

Photography Foundations: Using Aperture to Create Depth of Field

Suzanne Strong, Photographer & Filmmaker

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5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Welcome to Aperture

    • 2. Aperture & Exposure Equivalent

    • 3. Aperture & Depth of Field

    • 4. Class Project

    • 5. Thank You

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About This Class

Learn the foundations of photography!

Aperture is the first in my photography series, Foundations. In Aperture, we'll be covering exposure equivalent (or the exposure triangle), aperture, depth of field and how create images to help you understand the effect that aperture has on your final image.

In Aperture,  you’ll shoot the same object using a variety of aperture settings so you can hands-on understand how to achieve your desired depth of field.

This class is for beginners who are learning how to use their camera in manual mode and for anyone else who is looking for a refresher in the basics of manual camera use.

REQUIRED: DSLR camera or other  camera with manual mode capabilities. 

Stay tuned for more classes in the Foundations series. I'll be helping you to take control of your art and empower yourself through learning the basics of exposure. Understanding the fundamentals of using your camera in manual mode frees you up to tap into the creative flow so that you can make the images you want to make!

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