Photography Composition & Portrait Photography - Color and Black & White Photography - Parts 9 & 10

Mark Timberlake, Teaching Skills

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14 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Module 09 01 Introduction

    • Module 09 02 Adventures In Color

    • Module 09 03 Hue Saturation Luminosity

    • Module 09 04 The Color Wheel

    • Module 09 05 Working With Color

    • Module 09 06 Simple Color Edit

    • Module 09 07 Activities

    • Module 10 01 Introduction Module 10

    • Module 10 02 Why Black And White

    • Module 10 03 King Luminosity

    • Module 10 04 A Zone System

    • Module 10 05 Seeing In Black And White

    • Module 10 06 A Simple Black And White Edit

    • Module 10 07 Activies


About This Class

Color Photography - Creative Photography Composition Masterclass Part 9

Do you know how to utilize primary and secondary colors in your photography to create interesting images?

Do you understand how hue, saturation and luminosity relates to each other and how they affect your images?

Or how much you can manipulate color at the editing stage?

Learn About The Fascinating World Of Color Photography

Color in photography can often be overlooked and not given the attention it deserves.

In this course you will first learn in easy to understand language the meaning and application of:

  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Luminosity
  • Colour Wheels (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary)

This will lay the foundation for us to explore the fascinating world of working with colors.  You will learn to appreciate how color appears in both nature and manmade constructs.  

Using colorful illustrative examples you will learn how to incorporate more color into your photography.  You will learn amongst others things why certain colours work together, how color can communicate temperature and which colors are the strongest.

This course also goes through a simple color edit to show you how to manipulate color even further to achieve interesting and impactful images.  

Lectures included:

  • Adventures In Color
  • Hue Saturation Luminosity
  • The Color Wheel
  • Working With Color
  • Simple Color Edit
  • Activities

Black And White Photography - Creative Photography Composition Masterclass Part 10

Would you like to learn a simple system to help you create exceptional black and white images?

By learning a simple zone system your photography will improve overnight.

Learn How Captivating Black & White Photography Can Be

The love affair with black and white photography runs deep in the photographic community.

In this course we will explore why black and white is so entrenched in the photography and art world psyche and the influence this has caused on photography.

This course will show you how to see in black and white.  

Using a simple Zone System you will learn the different tones within the black to white spectrum.  Using illustrative examples you will see which combination of tones gives the best black and white images and why.

As with color photography black and white can also be manipulated further at the processing stage.  This course includes a simple black and white edit process to illustrate what powerful results can be achieved at this last stage.

Lectures included:

  • Why Black & White
  • King Luminosity
  • A Zone System
  • Seeing In Black & White
  • A Simple Black & White Edit
  • Activities

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This course is part of a much larger masterclass, so please make sure you check the other modules out.

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Teaching Skills

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