Photography Basics: Five Days to Better Pictures | Andrew Hind | Skillshare

Photography Basics: Five Days to Better Pictures

Andrew Hind, Professional photographer and teacher

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14 Videos (55m)
    • Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Educate Your Eye

    • Imagine What You Want

    • Work the Shot

    • Introduction

    • Composition for Fast Improvement

    • The Secret to Great Composition

    • Introduction

    • Two Frequent Problem Areas

    • Back Lighting Secrets

    • The Very best Time for Taking Pictures

    • The Decisive Moment

    • Practice Makes Perfect


About This Class

This course is for the beginner photographer who wants to learn about the techniques that will give the quickest and most effective results. There is no short cut for hard work and learning but the techniques in this course will yeald the best results for the amount of time spent.

The course is divided into five days or sections (although it doesn't have to be completed over five days) and each day introduces a particular concept or technique. Each concept is explained carefully and in as simple way as possible so that it's easy to understand how you can implement the ideas presented to quickly see an improvement in your photography.

If you work through each day carefully, study the examples and practice the ideas taught you will see a rapid improvement in your pictures. You will feel more confident as a photographer and have a thorough understanding of some of the most important photographic technique. You will be able to use your new skills and apply them in a wide variety of photographic situations and this will help push your work up to the next level.

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Solid basic course on beginning photography. The advice is accurate and valuable to the novice photographer.
Great course and great teaching approach! I really liked the way technical aspects have been analysed. I also liked the advices like keep practicing, having anticipation etc because sometimes the battle is been lost in your head before even try long enough. Those motivational advices are what someone might need to keep trying while it starts a new hobby/activity.
Ioannis Giftakis

Always find a way

It wasn't as helpful as his beginner course but well worth spending the time.





Andrew Hind

Professional photographer and teacher

I have been a photographer since I was 16 starting with film cameras, processing and printing my own films as a teenager and then becoming a professional photographer in 2003. I have wide experience of shooting weddings, portraits and commercial photography at a professional level both using film and digital equipment and I enjoy shooting street photography on my Iphone in my spare time as well!

I also have a professional teaching qualification from Cambridge University and I have taug...

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