Photographing Place: Capturing a Landscape in a Single Image | Alex Stead | Skillshare

Photographing Place: Capturing a Landscape in a Single Image

Alex Stead, Adventure Photographer

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6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Location Scouting, Planning & Equipment

    • 3. Planning Your Photo

    • 4. Shooting Your Landscape

    • 5. Editing Your Shot

    • 6. Explore Photo Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

British Adventure Photographer Alex Stead lets the landscape give life to the photographs he takes. In this 20-minute class, you'll follow Alex to the coast in Cornwall, England to explore the elements of a successful landscape shot that captures the expansiveness of a place. Alex will go over all considerations necessary to getting the shot you want, including:

  • Planning
  • Lighting
  • Weather
  • Subject
  • Point of View

You'll leave this class equipped to plan your adventure and inspired to explore your area and take photos that actually speak to the depth and landscape of a place. You'll learn to capture photos that make a place come alive.





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Alex Stead

Adventure Photographer

Alex is a London based freelance photographer ready for local and worldwide commissions. Passionate for travelling and exploring the world, he enjoys travel, lifestyle and adventure photography. Working with brands worldwide to achieve their goals, Alex has created a valuable audience with whom he shares his work to. He has a current following of over half a million spread across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Alex's creative photography style has captured social media audiences beyond mea...

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