Photo shoot: before and after videos + EXIF data + light explanation of 10 photos - Giorgia | Luca Foscili | Skillshare

Photo shoot: before and after videos + EXIF data + light explanation of 10 photos - Giorgia

Luca Foscili, Portrait photographer & retoucher

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About This Class

To learn how I created my Photoshop Actions and to understand the meaning of the tools I use, check My Photoshop compendium class!

I also explain how to create a workflow macro there, it should be the SECOND class that you enroll to, after My Lightroom compendium class (you can also download my presets from there!)!


In this class I'll show you the before and after of every picture included in this photo shoot (10 photos) and I will also tell you the light situation when I took the picture, plus the exif data.

I couldn't take the time to record myself while post processing every single picture because I had to do a very fast post production, using mostly my presets and actions.

If you're new to my classes, before checking these lessons take the time to check a full post production class, such as: Mirror of my soul.

IMPORTANT: Remember to leave a review and, if you have questions, feel free to ask me in the class' comments!

If you have any question contact me through my website, full support to my premium students is always guaranteed! :)





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Luca Foscili

Portrait photographer & retoucher

I'm Luca Foscili, an award winning photographer and retoucher specializing in portraits.

I'm from Italy and I started my professional photography career in early 2017.

By watching my classes you're going to learn my post production method.

You can also download utilities for Lightroom and Photoshop, more info below.

Lightroom (here you can download all my LR presets) Dodge and burn Portrait workflow v3.0 (here you can download my PS actions)

If you have questions o...

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