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Photo saving and retrieve in Asp.Net

Navneet Tiwari

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5 Videos (52m)
    • Introduction of image saving in ASP,Net

    • Table creation

    • Creating connection with front end

    • Saving image path in database and saving image in folder

    • Display image in asp page


About This Class

Asp.Net photo saving program lets you clear concept of saving photo. this program design to 

total five separate sections, each section provides knowledge of particular part of this program.

first video describes introduction of photo saving program. second part of this tutorial shows

how to create table for saving your data in database. third part describes about creating connection to connect with front end. fourth part of this tutorial covers coding part of data saving program.

at the last of this tutorial you can find details of form creation as front end development.

why i need to learn Asp.Net photo saving tutorial ?

in the todays digital market you can see everywhere photo saving program required such as eCommerce sites, product based company sites , jobs sites , social sites ect..

this tutorial required to understand the basic concept of data selecting from users PC and save it to in your program so when it required we can get it.

what skills can i develop after this tutorial ?

after this tutorial you can learn database connectivity with sql server, how to use sql management studio, how to create connection string in in easy way.also you will learn project creation and adding assembly in your project and how to save photo in your project. you will also learn about how to use tools for this project. you can see c sharp coding structure for used tools.







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