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Photo manipulation - Under the ice

teacher avatar Martyna Nysk, Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Editing Process

    • 3. Final Project

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About This Class

Hello everyone!

Let's create an awesome photo manipulation together!

Have you ever dreamed about portrait under the ice?
Without going outside?
Yes, it's possible!

In this course, you will learn how to add ice to your portraits and how to edit the images to achieve realistic results! You will also learn what type of tools you can use for great color grading in adobe photoshop.

If you would like to learn how to make photo manipulations like this one, this class is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Martyna Nysk





Hello, I'm Martyna!

I am full-time photographer & filmmaker currently based in Czech Republic.




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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Martina and I am full time photograph are currently based in Czech Republic. From the beginning, off my career, I was always fascinated by portrait and especially portrait connected to the nature. So today I would like to show you how to create this awesome for the manipulation. Today I'm going to show you how to add a nice day refugees and also how to create the super cool effect when your model looks like she's under the ice. So if you are interested in for the manipulations like this fun, let's move on to the next video and 2. Editing Process: Hello, everyone, It's Martina here today. I would like to show you how to create an awesome for the manipulation in other be Photoshopped. Together we will create an unusual portrayed off a girl with under the eyes effect. Right now we are in Adobe Photo Shop CC and this is our main picture. It's an image from one off my portrait projects, and together we will change this picture into a different portrayed and the main goal is to create a foot of manipulation where a girl will be under the ice way. We're going to use to more pictures to create our look. The 1st 1 is a picture of bubbles which will help us to achieve more realistic effects. And the 2nd 1 is a picture off ice click on the picture of the bubbles and dragged the image into the photo shop window. I think this is the easiest and fastest way how you can import pictures to other be Photoshopped. Once picture is for imported toe, our Photoshopped hit enter to confirm the changes. Now we're going to remove the black color from bubbles Picture. The easiest way how to do it is by clicking here and changing kids from normal to screen. And now we can play with the composition hit command plus T and play with the position off the bubbles. It will take some time to find the perfect spot, but the location is very important if you want to have a nice composition, so make sure that you will spend some time on this step and try to find out which location off the bubbles looks the best for you. Once you are satisfied with the composition he'd enter to confirm the changes. So this is before and after, and for me the composition looks awesome. Let's do some improvements. I am going to remove this part of the bubbles layer because it's messing up with the full look of the image. Click here, choose brush tool and change the opacity toe 85%. Also make sure that your active color is black. Make your brush bigger and gently remove the unwanted parts of your picture. Let's check out before and after. If we didn't meet any part of the bubbles, which we don't want to have on our main picture, I think we're good. Bubbles look perfect now and Now we can import the second image. Let's use the same technique. Click on the picture and drag it into a photo shop. Let's play with the position off the ice. This part is also super important if you want to have a nice composition, so make sure that he will spend some time on this part. Remember that great composition is the key to create a great photo manipulation. - Once you think that you found the perfect location off the ice hit, enter to confirm the changes. Now we will make the girls had visible under the ice. Click here. Choose the brush. Change the opacity through the lower number. Make sure that the active color is black, and now we can gently use the brush to make the girls had visible. The area affected by black color is going to be less visible on the selected layer, so the layers with images that are under the ice layer are going to be more visible. If you think that some parts of the picture are too much visible, hit X and like that, you will change the active polar white and by using the brush, you can recover the image from the selected layer. You have to play a bit with the brush and had visibility to achieve the perfect look. I believe this is the perfect look, so let's check out before and after. And as you can see, we did a huge change to our main picture to make this image look better. Let's play with colors. Click here and choose hue and saturation. Then click here and click on some part of the girl's head. As you can see, Once we clicked on the girl's head, we sampled the color which was on her face. In this case, our color is yellow. Now we can play with saturation off the yellow color to achieve more realistic look. Try to sample the color from her face by using the same technique. Now we can play again with the saturation, but this time off red colors. And like that, we will achieve a better look. Now we can play with core balance tool way we're going to start with Shadows, lets out some yellow, magenta and scion colors to our shadows. Once we're done with this part, let's move to the meat stones here. We're going toe at some local or also a bit of Fred and green color. Now we can move to the highlights and to our highlights were going toe at some blue color. And also we're going to play a bit with science and magenta colors to achieve a perfect look. Let's check out before and after. And as we can see, the colors looks much better after playing with them in color Balance tool. Now we're going to play with levels. Let's make the whole picture a bit brighter. We can add some highlights, and also we can at some brightness to the midterms. The last step in the level stool is to add a little bit off darkness to our shadows, and finally we can move toe. My favorite tool curves in the stool. We can play with the brightness or darkness off the shadows, meet tones and highlights and change them by playing with this line. I prefer the darker style off the picture, so I'm going to make this image a bit darker and also play with the shadows to achieve a moody effect. Don't forget about the highlights, because highlights are going to help us to pop out some of the parts of our portrayed. Once we're done, let's check girl before and after. Also, I want to show you what a huge change we can make on the picture. When we are playing with the left bottom part of the line like that, we can create very moody and cool effect. We child off to use. Let's group all of the layers related to the colors. Click on the first layer, hold shipped pattern and click on the last layer, which you want to group, Then click here and here we have our first group related to the colors. Now we can group the layers of the images to check out the find out before and after. Let's group all of the groups together, and this is the result of our work. As you can see, we did a great job of the composition of other pictures. And of course, we change the colors to achieve more realistic Look, Now we can correct the left the bottom part of the picture. Create a new layer by clicking here. Then click here, make sure that all layers option is selected. Now we can sample the part of the picture which we want to use to correct the left bottom part. To sample the area, hold option button and click on the area, which you want to sample. Then you can correct the part of the picture. If you want to use a different part of the image to correct the bottom part, use the same technique called option button and click on the area, which you want to sample. Then just correct the bottom area with the part of the picture, which you like. Once we are done, let's checker with before and after to make mothers face looks better. We cannot brightness to some parts of the face by using curves, so click here and let's play with the curve heat. Comment I to invert the selection, select brush and make sure that the opacity IHS said with low number now we can gently use the brush to highlight the parts off the model's face. Let's check out before and after, and I think that the image looks very good already. The last thing what we can do is to play with the final log by using curve still again. So let's open the curb store people who like more lighter pictures can move the line up, and people who like the more darker images can move the line down. I prefer more darker style, but I think right now the image looks critical, so I will gently move the line down toe just a bit of darkness to our final look. Let's group all of new layers together. Click on the first layer, hold ship button and then click on the last layer, which you want to grope. Then click here and here we have our new group. Then we can group everything together and that's it. This is our final look. We just created an awesome digital portrayed over a girl under the eyes. I hope that you like the editing process and that we learn something new about anything in Adobe Photo Shop. Thank you for watching. And I wish you a nice day. 3. Final Project: it's muffin on here. Thank you for joining this class. I hope that you learned something new about anything. And it's time for your final project. I won't give you all of the pictures which are used to create this further manipulation, and you will have to play with them. Another bush try to create something. The friend in me because you know, we are all original. So let's keep it that way. And I look for are to think your results have fun and I wish you say