Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures | Gregory Young | Skillshare

Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures

Gregory Young, Photographic Artist, Photo Restorer & Art Framer

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8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Image Assessment

    • 3. Spot & Stain Removal

    • 4. Fixing Corners & Background

    • 5. Removing the Crease

    • 6. Removing Indented Stamp

    • 7. Second Image Go to Woe – Not A Lesson

    • 8. Conclusion & Assignment


About This Class

Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures

This class is for anyone wanting to restore photographs for family and friends. You can even earn a little extra income from the skills you'll learn.


Most of us have old family photographs that are irreplaceable and highly valued. They are very likely the last visual links to the family's heritage.

Sadly, many of these photographs can pick up various forms of damage over time and unfortunately that deterioration only continues through to the following generations. To the point where the image can become no longer legible, lending it worthless for future generations.

The good news is. In Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures  I'll be showing you just how easy it can be to restore them to their former glory using Photoshop. Family & Friends will love you for it.

So come on. "Lets get started"





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Gregory Young

Photographic Artist, Photo Restorer & Art Framer

From camera to post-processing, I teach the art of masterful image making.

Hello and welcome.

I'm Gregory Young. I'm a Photographic Artist, Photo Restorer & Art Framer. My photographic interests started with a plastic Diana 35mm film camera, given to me at the tender age of thirteen. I've been shooting now for more than four decades and over that time I've transitioned from shooting all film to now shooting all digitally.

Shooting digital meant having to learn new ski...

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