Photo Manipulation in Photoshop: Introduction to Creating Surreal Imagery | Felicia Simion | Skillshare

Photo Manipulation in Photoshop: Introduction to Creating Surreal Imagery

Felicia Simion, Photographer and digital artist

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Background and environment

    • 3. Figure

    • 4. Levitation and texture

    • 5. Light and color

    • 6. Final touches


About This Class


Welcome to my Skillshare class! I am excited to share with you my process for capturing and creating ephemeral, atmospherical photos. Students will take their photography to a new level, nurture imagination, and learn to combine real with fictional. This type of photo manipulation work is often used in book cover design, illustrating album covers, and elements for interior decoration.

I’ve been an artist and photographer since I can remember. My work involves taking various figure and environmental photos and manipulating them to create an image that evokes a distinct feeling grounded in a place.


What You'll Learn

I’ll teach you my photo manipulation process in Photoshop and provide some tips in achieving your desired look.

  • Background and Environment. I will discuss how a simple background is essential to this creative process.
  • Figure. I will teach how to create a “levitation” posture with your figure, as if the body is flying – “no gravity” style.
  • Texture. We will explore some layering techniques to achieve different textures for your image.
  • Light and Color. I will teach you some techniques for exploring your concept through texture, light and color.
  • Final Touches. You will learn how to critique and perfect your work, and add finishing touches.

Students can either use found images or photographs they have captured for manipulation.


What You'll Do

I will walk students through creating an image depicting a figure in levitation in an environment. You will blend together different elements in nature to create a surreal atmosphere that evokes strong emotions.