Photo Management and Processing with Adobe Lightroom | Alan Winslow | Skillshare

Photo Management and Processing with Adobe Lightroom

Alan Winslow, Photographer/Co-Founder of Restless Collective

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12 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Welcome to class. Let's get started!

    • 2. Importing images. Part I.

    • 3. Importing images. Part II.

    • 4. Different viewing options.

    • 5. Rating your images.

    • 6. Keywording your images.

    • 7. Create custom collections.

    • 8. Understanding the histogram and white balance.

    • 9. Global adjustments with the tone panel.

    • 10. Fine tuning with the presence panel.

    • 11. Understanding the preset and history panels.

    • 12. Export images.


About This Class

Lightroom is a popular software for image organization and editing, but its layout and multitude of features can be overwhelming. This class is designed to help students get a grasp on Lightroom’s powerful organization and editing capabilities by working with a single image from import to export as a toned, final image. 

If you don't have a copy of Lightroom installed, you can download a free 30-day trial here:

In the beginning we will discuss importing and organizing images. Once we’ve made our selections we will take our favorite image into the development module. Here we will get an in-depth look at the basic development module and learn how to improve tones, contrast, saturation, brightness and colors. We will also discuss how to use and create presets for quick editing. At the conclusion we’ll discuss the export features to share the final images.





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Alan Winslow

Photographer/Co-Founder of Restless Collective

Alan Winslow is a photographer and educator based out of Brooklyn, New York. His work is regularly featured on the Leica Blog, and has appeared internationally in ELLE China, Adventure Cycling Magazine, Pro Photographer New Zealand, and PDU Edu. He has lectured at numerous Universities and taught at the Maine Media Workshops and College. Alan has spent the past six years alternating between freelance work and long-term project with Restless Collective, which have taken him halfway around the ...

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