Photo Editing in Lightroom: Make Your Cityscapes Stand Out

Jamal Burger, Photographer

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7 Videos (52m)
    • Introduction

    • World Trade Center: Symmetry, Radial Filter, Sharpening

    • Word Trade Center: Contrast, Colors, Juxtaposition

    • Lookup: Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Highlight Clippings

    • Stride-by: Cropping, Graduated & Radial Filters, Highlights, Tone Curve

    • Stride-by: Shadows, Highlights, Vignette

    • Share Your Photos


About This Class

Take your photo editing game to the next level with Jamal Burger (@jayscale) in this 50-minute deep dive into his Adobe Lightroom editing process!

In this class, Jamal takes his three favorite selects that he shot in NYC's Financial District:

  • the lookup
  • the stride-by
  • symmetrical shot

. . . and pulls them into Lightroom for some detailed retouching.

Learn Jamal's in-depth workflow for editing cityscapes, including cropping, color correcting, vignetting, graduated and radial filters, and more. By the end, you'll be empowered to help your photos reflect your personal style and how you see the world.


Looking for more about gear, shooting, and composition? Enroll in Jamal's class Cityscape Photography: Shooting With Symmetry and Perspective to see how he captures these shots in the real world.

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I loved and enjoyed your class tremendously thank you
Jamal is a fantastic teacher. I love his work and his authentic style and simple instructions. Good luck with your arts journey!
Fantastic insight into the world of a great visual artist. I follow Jamal on IG and have been inspired by his work. Great job, and great class.





Jamal Burger


Canadian based photographer Jamal Burger shifts focus between the city and sport through his work. Born and raised in Toronto, his surroundings have inspired his black and white perspective.

Since 2014, Jamal has been sought out by acclaimed brands such as Jordan, Nike, Apple and more. On a social level, he has amassed a following of over 200 thousand followers organically. 

His fascination with documenting the now to showcase years down the line has brought him into new, exciting places to expand his perspective and further gain experience in his everyday photography. 

From Tokyo to New York, Jamal finds his niche in the city, where high energy and constant movement are prevalent. Jamal sees the camera as a means to capturing the fleeing moment in a concentrated, thoughtfully approached manor.

Follow me: @jayscale