Photo Editing Made Simple: Free Tools to Great Pictures. | Andrew Hind | Skillshare

Photo Editing Made Simple: Free Tools to Great Pictures.

Andrew Hind, Professional photographer and teacher

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10 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Uploading and Organising

    • 3. Great Free Software to help sort images quickly

    • 4. Selecting You Images Like a Pro

    • 5. The Best Free Software for Editing

    • 6. Basic Adjustments

    • 7. The best Free Software for Fine Tuning Photographs

    • 8. How to Achieve Professional Looking Results

    • 9. Editing More Quickly

    • 10. Moving on to Lightroom and Photoshop


About This Class

A photograph can often look great when it's being taken but is disappointing when finally printed or looked at on a computer monitor. Many beginner photographers assume that they are not photographing well or that they need a better or newer camera but often all that the picture needs is some enhancement and editing. Nearly every professional picture you have ever seen has been manipulated in some way and this course will show you how to do the same using FREE tools and some easy and quick techniques.

Enhance your photographs using FREE software

  • Learn how to select, catalogue and archive your images quickly and efficiently
  • Make basic corrections using free software to make your images stand out.
  • Discover the free software that you can use to enhance and shape your photographs to achieve a professional finish

In the course I show you exactly where to download the free software that you will need and also how to use it to achieve a smooth and time efficient workflow. We start by selecting the pictures to work on using software to quickly and efficiently save and catalogue images. We then go on to make basic corrections that will lift your images up a level before finally moving on to shaping and enhancing the photographs in exactly the same way as a professional photographer to achieve a final high quality finish.





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Andrew Hind

Professional photographer and teacher

I have been a photographer since I was 16 starting with film cameras, processing and printing my own films as a teenager and then becoming a professional photographer in 2003. I have wide experience of shooting weddings, portraits and commercial photography at a professional level both using film and digital equipment and I enjoy shooting street photography on my Iphone in my spare time as well!

I also have a professional teaching qualification from Cambridge University and I have taug...

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