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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project, Program, and Portfolio Definitions

    • 3. PMO

    • 4. Program Structure

    • 5. What is the Program Management?

    • 6. Program Management Domains

    • 7. Program Management Supporting Processes

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class provides you with an introduction to the program management standards as per the PMI; the Standard for Program Management – Third Edition” guide.

This class is the first one in the Program Management Professional (PgMP®) Certification Series.

This class helps the PgMP certified professional to earn 1 PDU in PgMP CCR program with these details: Education, Online Digital Media, and then PgMP Technical.

This class helps the PMP certified professional to earn 1 PDU in PMP CCR program with these details: Education, Online Digital Media, and then PMP Technical.

It elaborates the definitions of the program, project and portfolio, and clarifies the different PMO structures. It gives some lights on the five domains of program management and the nine groups of the program management supporting processes.

This class has unique charts created by the experienced program manager to visualize the program management domains.  These charts simplifies the concepts of the standard guide.

It contains some PgMP exam questions that are in line with the 2016 PgMP examination outlines.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Leithy Mohamed Leithy

Founder of 6P-Consulting, Programs Manager, PMO Ma


Leithy Mohamed Leithy is a certified Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), and Project Management Professional (PMP). He also has the certification of Project Management Office (PMOC), ITIL, COBIT, and CSSGB.

Leithy is an engineer graduated from Ain Shams University in Egypt in 1989. Later, he upgraded his educational level and got his master (MBA) in IT Management from Leicester University in the UK.

Leithy has extensive experience in portfolio management, program management, project management and PMO. He practiced the implementation of project management office, program management office, and portfolio management office for the different models: Supportive, Directive and Controlling.

He has practical experience in deli... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody. And welcome to our course introduction to program management. This is Lazy Mohammed Lazy. I'm glad to be your instructor for the scores I buzzer be my exams for PM be busy and B and B F and B on my first attempt. In addition, I have more than 20 years of experience in project management Program management Portfolio management on be more management. I'm the author of many books, including Passing the Beef and Be Exam. A Study guide Passing They're Busy and Be Exam Study Guide on Passing the PNB Exam Study guides. Therefore, if you are looking for getting your busy and be certification on your first attempt, learning how to manage your program efficiently and effectively are looking for polishing your current program management experience. Then this course is a starter on this road. These course introduces that be my standards for program management, which is covered in the standards for program management. Certainly, addition Guide. It is the first course in the program management professional certification. Siri's. These course includes unique charts created by the experiences instructor. To visualize a program management do means it simplifies the concepts off the standards in the Program Management Guide served edition and provides you with easy message to remember the standards. These course contains sambal, busy and P exam questions with detailed answers and explanations. These courts cover the following topics Project program and port Awfully definitions, as were the Project Management Institute BMO, where we will discuss the letter B stands for project program or portfolio. What is meant by is a program management the different program management structures symbol , regular and complex, with roles and responsibilities. Example. For each structure. Time. A quick review for the five program management to do means quickly view for the nine groups off the program management supporting processes. Last but not least, you will have class project, which will help you to be familiar with the question styles off the Program Management Professional certification exam. I hope that you will enjoy this course and achieve the stated objectives. I hope that this course will help you in your job and will add value to your knowledge. Many thanks for your time and see you in the next lecture. Goodbye 2. Project, Program, and Portfolio Definitions: By definition, the project is a temporary endeavor undertaking to create a unique product service or results temporary means it has start and indeed unique means it has a specific scope to deliver. The program is a group of related projects, sub programs and program activities. Manage it in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. Let us elaborate more on this definition. It's starting with the sub program. The sub program is actually a program that's manage it as part off another program. Then the problem activities means activities within the program, but not related to a specific component like the program stealing, meeting the program, risk analysis and so on. Please know that the program component, maybe a project, a sub program or a group of other work within the program this other work, maybe program management or work related to the component projects such as training, operations and maintenance activities. These components are managed in a coordinated way, which means there is an organized effort to execute the different component activities. There will be some dependencies between these different components. This effort will start from the planning phase as each component should look for the other components within the same program, and consider the dependencies and the touch points that need integration. Remember that the benefits you obtained from the program are not available. If you decided to manage each component individually, the program is established toe. Get the plant benefits and achieve its objectives by managing all components in a coordinated and integrated way. Now let us review the portfolio definition. The portfolio is a component collection, off programs, projects or operations mandated as a group to achieve strategic objectives. So the key here is the strategic objectives which were created on the organization level. Then the strategist or the management split this strategic objectives in tow initiatives that were translated into programs, projects and operations. Remember, if you have some projects with separate goals, are not characterized by synergy to painful delivery and are only related by common funding technology or stakeholders, then this effort arbiter manage it as a port to fool you rather than as a program. This is because the program and it's having relation between its components. Look at this chart as an example off one organization having portfolio program and projects . Remember that the portfolio level is usually higher than the program level, and the project living and the program level is usually higher than the project level. In this chart portfolio, one has components off programs, projects and operation work, while Program Toe, which is part off Porto fully One has three projects as programme components. The organization unit might be a department or I unit within the organization, and it might be repeated geographically, for example, depends on the organization structure. This is just on example off the practical life, but you may see in your organization some other structures. 3. PMO: The second topic in the introduction is about the B more. The letter P may stand for project program or portfolio. Therefore, we have three different offices. The Project Management Office is a broker management office and the portfolio management office. Let us start with the project mentioned office and review this chart. The Project Management Office here is higher in the organizations and the project managers and is reporting toe a manager with higher levels and the project managers. By definition, the Project Management Office is the entity in the organization structure that's responsible forest on the realization of the project proces procedures, governance and methodology and that facilitates the project resource requirements. It provides the project managers with the require tools to manage their projects and the senior management with the homogeneous progress across the different projects. The responsibilities and authorities off the PMO vary from one organization to another depends on the PMO structure type. The different types off the PMO structure are supported, controlling and director. The differences are summarised as following in supportive structure. The chemo is only toe facility. It's the project, logistics and administration. It may provides a project managers with the require project templates. This is a week type off the p more. It is like an administrative office. The second, being more time, is a controlling. Where is a B? More is responsible for the project management processes, procedures and methodology. Standardization enforces. This is standards Audit's projects and reports the project status in a dashboard to the senior management. This is a governance focused time. The third be more time is directive. In addition to the function off the controlling being moved that I directed, the more manages the project managers and assumes the higher liver responsibility off the project's success or failure. This is a direct managing time, both directive and controlling our strong implementation off the pier. More I recommend is that you select one off these two to implement in your organization. On the other hand, the P more maybe one person or team off PMO officers, quality officers, administrators manage. It buys appear more managers. The team size depends on the organization structure on the number of the projects and the importance of the projects. Manage it by the BMO. Now let us review the program management offs. Here you have project mangers reporting to the program manager and you have program ancient office above the project level and below the program mention clever, which means that the program mentioned office is reporting to the program manager and having influence on the project managers or having responsibilities higher than the project management responsibilities. The program Management office here is usually accountable for the status reporting program schedule, program level processes and procedures and the program governance. It's a program management office may have one person or more depends on the size and the structure off the program and the responsibilities given to the program management office. The last to be a more structure type is a portfolio management office. Here. You can see the Portfolio management office oversees some portfolios, has higher level in the organisation structure than the level off the portfolio managers and is reporting to the organization unit management. This organization unit management, maybe a department manager at Baby or any other senior management depends on the organization structure. The primary focus of the portfolio management office is to maximize the value delivered by supporter for use using the organization resources within the organization accepted risks, it translates, is a strategic objectives into projects and programs. It applies the required organization strategical changes by creating new projects or programs requesting Scorpy change for the existing projects and programmes, or even by cancelling a specific project or program that's not aligned with the strategic objectives anymore. The Portfolio Management Office does not have a measure influence on the program management standards, but it has a high impact on the program existence. As just mentioned, the different team or organization levels can coexist together. So you may have in the same organization, Project Management office and Portfolio Management office. You may have project management office and program management office. Oh, you may have the three offices together Project Management Office Program mentioned Office and Portfolio Management Office. Each management office will have its own function toe apply toe the projects program or portfolios. But the alignment between the offices is highly mandated. 4. Program Structure: to see the topic in the introduction is a program structure. We will start with a simple program structure which consists off broken a manager role and few project manager roles who will manage the projects within the program in order to achieve the planned objectives and realize expected benefits. The structure may also have a program administrator role toe help in executing the program administration activities. The regular program structure consists off the program manager on many project manager roles, who will manage their projects within the program and the Program Management office that may have PMO manager and team or officer. Curricular structure is more matured, where the number of projects is more and the run off the PMO is introduced to help with the program and you're in doing his role efficiently. The complex program structure will have sub programs in addition to the projects. Thus it consists off the program manager role, many project manager roles who will manage their projects within the program, some sub program manager roles, who will manages a sub programs within the program and the Program Enjoyment Office that will have the PMO manager there be a more officer and maybe some other officers like Quality Officer saved the officer security officer. It's true. The structure here is more complicated, as there are some sub programs included, and the rule of the PMO is becoming more responsible for more areas within the program. What about the roles and responsibilities in each program structure? What are the responsibilities of the P more and the program manager in the conflict structure? What are the responsibilities of the some program manager and the program manager? To answer these questions and more, review the roles and responsibilities file, Attach it to the class project When creating the program structure. You should make sure that the identification off the program components, including the projects and the sub programs, are correct. Therefore, each offside and fight projects should have a sufficient boundary that allows the projects Toby manage it separately. To some extent, and apart from the program while maintaining the required integration. Similarly, each of us I didn't fights of programs should have a sufficient boundary that allows us a program Toby manages separately to some extent, and apart from the program while maintaining the required integration, let us review this example off a program structure for Telecommunication Business Support Systems, which is called P. S s, which are the systems used by the service provider to run their business operations. In this example, there are seven project managers reporting to the program manager. Each of them is managing his Project Building Project, CRM Project, E R B Project with Project Integration, Project Distinct and Quality Assurance Project and Infrastructure Project. The Project Management Office, in this example has three roles. PMO Manager. Be a more officer and be more administrator. It's your project has a project manager and the project team reporting to the project manager to achieve the project objectives. At the same time, old projects are integrated together to achieve the program objectives. For instance, the infrastructure project is delivering the hardware and software required by the other projects to execute their activities. The integration project is managing the touch points between the other projects and ensure integrity. And the word project is responsible for preparing the Web interface required by the CRM Project PRB Project and maybe the building project 5. What is the Program Management?: would have viewed the program definition, and we understood what is meant by the program component. Now we will see what is a program management. The program management is the application off knowledge, skills, tools and techniques toe a program to meet the program requirements and to obtain benefits and control not available by managing projects individually. So it is the way that you use to manage own programme components in the higher level. Toe achieves a program goals and objectives. Do not forget that the programs are your means off executing the corporate strategies and achieving your business or organizational goals and objectives. The program management roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined during the program. Planning fits to overcome in the future conflict and to help the program team in being more focused. Committees usually have important role in program management. For instance, program usually have a steering committee that's utilized to make the important program decision reviews, a program progress and advice to rectify the wrong program. The four months program management is more difficult than project management in terms off the program management role and responsibilities. The importance off the program to the organization, the more challenging issues facing the program. The larger team existing in the program, the interface with more senior stakeholders, the more complicated financial management, the higher uncertainty in the program and the way to deal with the score. The change, therefore, program management is more complicated than project management. It requires a more talented person with higher soft skills to deal with the people and situations, and a higher level oriented person who can dive deep for sometimes but keep the copter view in old times, little reviews, a major program and project differences. Starting with the uncertainty, the program uncertainty is higher than the projects, as the program school is usually not clearly identified in the beginning and subject to change for more compliance with the strategic organizational changes. In addition, the program usually has moved team members and longer duration. That increases uncertainty to reach its success. Moving to the change, the program is managing the change in a different way, since the project, it is not trying to control the change similar to the project, but it implements that change that will help the program objectives to be achieved, the expected benefits to be realized and the organization strategical needs in terms off complexity. The program is more complex than the project. It has a lot of your school more sophisticated planning. It's a structure is more complex. The team to manage and lead is bigger and includes more matured stuff. The last item is a success. Measurements. The program success is measured based on the benefits, realization and the degree or full feelings organization strategical objectives. But the project success is measured as beer. It's planned deliverables, the customer satisfaction and the control over time, Coast and quality. The program management performance domains are just grouping off the related areas, off activities, concerns or functions within the full scope Off program management war. The program management has five performance do means, which are the program Lifecycle Management, which mainly reviews the program. Different Phases. The Program Strategy Alignment, which concentrates on the program alignment with organization strategy. The Program Benefits Management, which focuses on the benefits serialization. The program Stakeholder Engagement, which concentrates on managing the relation with the stakeholders, and the broken governance which is put lights, the governance formation and adherence. In other words, the program management has five measure dimensions. So many of the programs and measure its performance 6. Program Management Domains: the program management Life cycle. Phases are summarized in this chart. Here we have three phases program definition, thes program, benefits of delivery fees and program closure fees. Each phase is divided into sub phases, so the program definition phase has program formulation and program preparation. Some phases. The program benefits delivery fees has component planning and authorization, component oversight and integration, and component transition and closure sub phrases. The program closure fees has program, transition and program close out sub phases. Each subsidies has a specific color. I use the same color through our discourse to ease and facility the subject. You can also see that the program definition phase and the program closure phase are executed ones. But the program benefits delivery fees is repeated with each program component, which may be a project or a sub program. In other words, the program definition face and the program closure phase focused on the program and Jimmy level. But the program benefits delivery fees, concentrates on the component management level in the program benefits delivery phase. The components are executed in parallel bosses, as shown in this chart was different, started it and indeed it. I think this notation as barrel bus is more realistic than the psychedelic notation that was used for the same face in the standards for program management. Sir. The addition from B m I as a psychedelic relation gives impression off executing the same process for one component many times, which is not our case. So if the program have three projects and once a program, you will execute the program PIN fits delivery face four times each. 1 may have different started eight and ended it. Therefore, in this chart, you will have four branches for the program benefits delivery phase in instant off the drone city branches. Looking at this chart, we can see that the program benefits management domain has the following faces the benefits identification, the benefits analysis and planning the benefits. Delivery the benefits transition. End the benefits sustainment toe breathe the program benefits management phases. We can see that the benefits identification is mainly toe. Identify benefits that stick holders expect to realize the benefits. Analysis and planning is many to Valenza. Program benefits based on the pain fits for each program component, which includes the creation off the benefits realization plan. The benefits delivery is to ensure that the program delivers expected benefits as beers a realization plan Program benefits will be aggregated from the program components deliverables. The benefits transition is mainly to ensure that the program benefits are transition toe. The operational areas turned can piece off steam. The benefits Sustainment is to ensure that ongoing sustainment activities has been transitioned to the appropriate entities. Remember that the benefits analysis and planning and benefits delivery our repeated for each program component. That's why we have the real branches here in the chart. So in this chart, the path for the program component from the benefits identification until the benefits transition is different from one component toe another. Each component has its start and end date for the benefits. Delivery depends on the benefits, analysis and planning, and it's the score. Before some benefits are realized. Your ings execution off the program component, while others are realized at the end of the component. On the other hand, the benefits identification, the benefits transition and the benefits sustainment are executed ones on the program. Living this chart describes a program strategic alignment do mean the program. Strategic alignment includes the following elements the organization strategy and program alignment, the program, Road Man and the Environment assessments. We cannot call these three elements off the program. Strategic alignment, domain phases and the broken road map, for instance, cannot be considered a distinct period or a stage in a process. Let us breathe the program. Strategic alignment elements. The organizational strategy and program alignment is toe align the program with the organization objectives and goals. The program Road map is a chronological representation off the programs intended direction . The environmental assessment is the evaluation off the influences inside and outside the program that impact its success, Put him charge. You can notice that the three elements constitutes a program. Strategic alignment are almost addressed in barrel and not one element after the other. Like the previous two domains programme, Life Cycle and program benefits management, the organizational strategy and programme aligned is started earlier than the other two elements in the programs Strategic alignment and the environmental assessments elements continues longer than the other two elements. This is a chart to declares the elements off the program. Stakeholder engagement do mean, which are the program stakeholder identification, the Stakeholder Engagement planning and the stakeholder engagement. These elements are called activities in the standard for program management. Certainly addition Guide from B M. I. Starting with the first element. The program Stakeholder identification is mainly toe. Identify the stakeholders engaging in the program and record them in the stakeholder register. Then the stakeholder Engagement planning is mainly toe skitch. How old program stakeholders will be engaged during the programme Life site and the last element is the Stakeholder Engagement, which is a continuous effort during the programme Life cycle to keep the stakeholder commitments, get their feet there, maximize their positive attitude and minimize their negative attitude. Although there is no clear definition off the components of the program, governments do mean in the standards for program management. Certainly addition Guide from the M I This chart is created this on the practical experience to describe the governance do mean the program governance do mean had the following three elements government sport formation, governance planning and governance Adherents. Let us believe each element the government sport formation in the creation off the commission Toby responsible for program governance level authorization and approval, the governance planning, the establishment off organisational processes and practices for rolling and oversight. The program and the government's adherence is to ensure the compliance off the program management activities in different phases off the program management lifecycle toe the approved the program governance. 7. Program Management Supporting Processes: the program management supporting processes are very similar to the processes at the project, but the address considerations of a higher level, the program management supporting activities aggregate the information from the component level to reflect a program perspective. This chart acts like a man between the program management supporting processes and their activities for the different existing nine groups and the program lifecycle Management do Me and faces the program Management Supporting activities groups are nine groups under are shown in the left most column off this chart, which are the Program Communication Management, the Program Financial Management, the Program Integration Management, the Program Procurement to Management, the Program Quality Management, the Program Resource Management, the Program Risk Management, the Program Schedule Management and the Broken Um School of Management. The program Lifecycle Management to Domain Phases are shown in the A borough off this chart , which are the program definition phase, the program benefits delivery phase and the broken enclosure phase. From this chart, we notice that only the Program Financial Management, the Program Integration Management on the Program Procurement Management spend over the three programme life cycle phases, but the rest off the supporting activities groups spent over the program definition phase on the program Benefits delivery feeds the measure activities listed in the map, hence sub activities or outwards or both of them. When reviewing this briefed members we were not is that in the program? Definition sees the following activities which are related many to the initiation and planning off the different groups are executed. The communications Planning the program cost estimation the program Financial three More Establishment. The Program Financial Management Plan Development. The Program Initiation. The Program Management Land Development, the Program. Infrastructure Development. The Program procurement planning, the program quality blending that is also planning the program. Risk management Planning the program schedule blaming and the program school blending then in the Program Benefits Delivery Phase. The following activities which are related. Many toes execution on monitoring and controlling off the different groups. Her performance, the information distribution, the program performance reporting, the component cost estimation. The program cost budgeting the program. Financial monitoring and control. The program. Execution or delivery management. The program performance monitoring and control, the program procurement, the Program procurement Administration, the Program Quality Assurance, the Program Quality Control. There is also prioritization, the Resource interdependency Management, the program Risk identification, The program Risk Analysis, the program Risk response. Planning the program. Risk monitoring and control, the program's Kid Your Control and the Program Scope Control and finally, in the program Closure fees. The following activities, which are related mainly to the closing off the different groups are executed. The program. Financial closure, the program, Transition and Been Sustainment, the program Closure and the program Procurement Closure. 8. Conclusion: thanks for attending the introduction to Program Management Course. In this course, we elaborated the definitions off the project, the program and the party for you, and we differentiated between the Project Management Office, the Broker Management Office, on the Portfolio Management Office. We understood what is a program management. We introduced the three program structures symbol, regular and complex, with some details regarding the roles and responsibilities. We introduced the five Broken Management two domains and we went through the nine groups of the program Management Supporting Processes in the Class project. We highlighted the 2016 B GMB exam outlines, and we got some big questions for the busy and be certification exam. I hope that you enjoyed this course and achieved the stated objectives and see you in the next course in the Program Management Professional Certification series, which is a program management do means many. Thanks for your attendance. It was my pleasure. Goodbye