Petrifying Portraits: Create Creepy Halloween Images With Your iPhone or iPad | Kristen Radden | Skillshare

Petrifying Portraits: Create Creepy Halloween Images With Your iPhone or iPad

Kristen Radden, iPhone Photographer/Instructor

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6 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Find A Vintage Portrait

    • Add A Zombie Face Overlay

    • Apply A Filter

    • Apply A Filter and Texture

    • Class Project


About This Class


Create ghastly, scary and hilariously creepy images using vintage portraits and an iPhone app. 

Here's a fun and humorous way to express yourself with creative iPhoneography or iPad art. We’ll take a vintage portrait and cover the face with a zombie mask overlay.  Then we’ll apply a filter to blend the colors for a more natural (or unnatural) appeal. You'll receive an introduction to a few smartphone apps and discover websites to access public domain vintage portraits. 

What you need:

~ an iPad/iPhone

~ a vintage portrait

~ Apps: Zombie Face Maker, Zombie My Face, PhotoToaster (optional)

Students are expected to have some experience using smartphone apps. 





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Kristen Radden

iPhone Photographer/Instructor

Hi! I'm Kristen Radden, a creative explorer using the iPhone and iPad to make art. I lead online classes, develop personal insight tools, and write for the iPhone Photography School.

I started iPhone photography in March 2013, quite by accident. At that time I had no photography experience and only five photos in my Camera Roll. But I was looking for a creative outlet and soon discovered the potential of iPhone photography and photo editing.

What inspires me is p...

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