Peruvian Cusine Master Class :3 recipes never revealed before

Fiorella Del Carmen, Learn how to cook traditional Peruvian food

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4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Ground Beef Stuffing(relleno) and Peruvian Stuffed Potatoes(Papa rellena)

    • 2. How to serve Peruvian Stuffed Potato

    • 3. Peruvian Stuffed Bell Peppers (Pimiento relleno)

    • 4. Peruvian Stuffed Rice (Arroz tapado)


About This Class

From the peruvian traditional kitchen 

Peruvian Cusine Master Class :4 different dishes with the same stuffing! that nobody knows they exist out of Peru 

This dishes are only home made and one of the most favorites confort food of Peru

ideal for your business or your home

in this class you will learn how to cook 4 traditional dishes with the same stuffing 

1- Ground Beef stuffing (relleno de carne) and Peruvian Stuffed Potato (Papa Rellena)

2- Peruvian stuffed Bell peppers (pimientos rellenos)

3- Peruvian stuffed rice 

4- Empanadas 

5- Bonus 

6- Peruvian creole sauce

7- Peruvian Chili