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Perspective III (Constructed Perspective Advanced)

Michael Neatu, I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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6 Videos (38m)
    • One Point Perspective Line Drawing

    • 2 pt hatch final

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    • Facade line drawing final

    • Final graphics final

    • Persp line drawing final


About This Class

You already are familiar with constructed perspective and want to take your architectural drawing skills further? This is where we will sharpen your skills in the one drawing skill that makes an architect be an architect - having a solid understanding of constructed perspective (and all the subtleties that implies!)


Note: If you have no idea how to draw and have stumbled upon this course by chance, then I recommend you get the beginner course, at it will get you from zero to fluent in architecture drawing.


I can tell you one thing... when you start really understanding constructed perspective, then you really have a flexible technique that can adapt to anything you require off of it - you eventually incorporate it in your design workflow.


Yes, architects have used constructed perspective for years and years before software got good at rendering - but for this to happen you need to have at least 20 succesful constructed perspectives under you belt - this course will get you there!


In this course you will learn:

  • Short recap on perspective, get back in the game asap with a short recap on box perspective and constructed perspective.
  • An advanced, detailed house in axonometric and constructed perspective.
  • A complex perspective of a small office building.
  • A pavilion in constructed perspective, 1:50 facade and interior perspective.
  • A composition in constructed perspective and axonometric.
  • Recap all your freehand perspective with a real life objects composition.
  • Master the cylinder house - complex, weird and innovative - the lesson features two variants - horizontal and vertical cylinder.
  • Draw and design an office building - 1:200 facades and axonometric feature for a different game altogether.

How you will change:

  • Understand the subtleties of advanced constructed perspective and upgrade all your design work as an architect.
  • Get a solid understanding of architectural visual language and how to develope it via drawing.
  • Use constructed perspective as a key design tool in your arsenal, outsource from software back to the drafting board.

To sum things up, this is what you will get:

  • Full lifetime access to this training and all the future updates.
  • Over 20 hours of HD-quality video content.
  • 90 videos teaching you 9 essential lessons to learn architectural technical drawing.
  • 18 video crits that show you how your work should look like.
  • 9 printer-ready PDFs.
  • 3 BONUS lessons from different architectural drawing trainings.

100% satisfaction guarantee, 30-day refund to back everything up

Look, I want this course to be the best investment you ever made in your professional career. I am most definitely not perfect, but I do believe my courses are the best in the world! But hey, if for any reason the course isn’t what you expected, then feel free to ask me for a 100%, no hassle, no-questions-asked refund for the first 30 days! Fair is fair, you tried the training, it didn’t rise to the level of expectation so you get all your money back (and you can even keep the training, that is fine).



This course isn't for everybody! If you think that knowing 2-3 software programs means you can skip knowing how to draw advanced constructed perspectives, then good on you!

I wish you all the best and take care!


But if you are honestly 100% committed to learning, getting better and upgrading your whole take on drawing, architecture, the design workflow and graphics - then press the 'add to cart' button and I will see you on the inside.


Michael N





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Michael Neatu

I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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