Personas: Uncover customer insights and understand customer expectations | Jeannie Chan | Skillshare

Personas: Uncover customer insights and understand customer expectations

Jeannie Chan, Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant

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13 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Persona class trailer

    • 2. Introduction to Personas

    • 3. What are the relevant insights?

    • 4. Simple research methods

    • 5. Best research method

    • 6. Don't forget this source of insight!

    • 7. How to build personas?

    • 8. Example of personas

    • 9. Develop your personas!

    • 10. Class wrap up

    • 11. Skillshare class preview: Branding Basics: How to build a brand strategy in 3 easy steps!

    • 12. Skillshare class preview: Marketing Basics: How to identify purchase barriers?

    • 13. Skillshare class preview: Market Sizing: Find out your revenue potential in 15 min


About This Class

Are you a product designer / product manager / UX designer wondering what product features make sense?

Are you a content manager / marketing manager wondering what content would be relevant?

Wonder no more! Start using Personas as a tool to help you get to know your customers better! Personas can uncover deep insights about your customers, and give you the information you need to align your product and marketing strategy to your customers' expectations. Meeting (and exceeding) customers' expectations is the only way to build a customer base and a successful business.

This crash course on Personas will walk through what are personas, how to develop personas, and how to get the information you need to develop personas.

Once you have Personas developed, you can share them with your team and stakeholders. You can empower your whole team / organization with this deep insight! Personas is a great tool for both B2B and B2C businesses.





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Jeannie Chan

Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant

I am a brand strategist who isn't afraid tackle business problems big or small. I have built my career by asking questions. With a relentless pursue for the daring questions that would lead to inspired new thinking, I have delivered measurable results to organizations of varying sizes in varying industries. I have ignited growth in Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits, with multi-million dollar budget to no budget at all.

Currently, I serve as the Brand Lead for Br...

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