Personas: Improve Your UX with Human-Centered Design | Ash Graydon | Skillshare

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Ash Graydon, Human Factors Engineer | CEO & Founder

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10 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Activity 1 - Who is Your User Brainstorm

    • 3. What are Personas?

    • 4. Why are Personas Important?

    • 5. Activity 2 - Your User's 5 Why's

    • 6. How to Create Personas

    • 7. How to Use Personas

    • 8. Activity 3 - Fill in the Blanks

    • 9. Words of Wisdom

    • 10. Wrap-Up

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About This Class

In this class, veteran UX professional Ashley Karr will teach you everything you need to know about personas. Learn what personas are, why they are important to the human-centered design process, how to create them, and how to use them to improve your business, product, or service. On top of that, Ashley Karr includes practical examples and downloadable templates that will help you on your way to building and leveraging effective personas that drive product success.

People who can benefit from taking this class are:

  • Beginning to mid-career UX professionals in need of help with persona development
  • Senior UX professionals in need of inspiration and support for themselves or their teams
  • Business and marketing strategists wanting a practical way to make their process more human-centered
  • Product and project managers, as well as engineers, who may not have UX resources on their team but still want to include UX best practices in their work

To prepare for this course, you can download and print the persona templates that Ashley provides and grab a pen or pencil, or you can fill in the template files using PowerPoint. During the course, Ashley will lead you through three activities that culminate in a completed proto persona you can use to direct further user research and product design efforts.