Personal monogram: make a stamp with a signature and unique style | Tadas Ciudaras | Skillshare

Personal monogram: make a stamp with a signature and unique style

Tadas Ciudaras, Lettering artist

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11 Videos (52m)
    • Trailer

    • Inspirational sketches

    • Brushes and paper

    • Let it go

    • Letter form

    • How to make a style

    • Selected sketch

    • Making a photo

    • Photoshop refining

    • Illustrator vectoring

    • Stamp preparation


About This Class

About a class.


I am going to help you to make a monogram for yourself, your imaginable brand or just your favourite person. The monogram will be based on a custom lettering which will be done in a quite free and expressive manner. I will share process how to make your lettering with a signature and unique style. So we will go through steps how to naturally find your own manner by letting it go. We will be ready to prepare a file for making a real stamp at the end of this process.

You can join this class and make only a monogram (without real stamp) but to make something realistic is always fun. You can find your way how you would like to use the vector file: you can even print it or just make something fun. The task is to make a personal monogram and use it in your own way. 

 You’ll learn how to:

  1. Choose brushes and paper
  2. Relax your handwriting
  3. Understand the letter form
  4. Make your own style with a personality
  5. Refine and make final touches
  6. Select an additional font for your monogram
  7. File preparation 

My favourite brushes:



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Feel free to contact for any questions: [email protected]





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Tadas Ciudaras

Lettering artist

My name is Tadas Ciudaras also known as For Sure Letters. I work as a graphic designer and specialise in lettering. I mostly do logo's or short phrases based on custom scripts. I have over 10 years experience in different letter forms including my graffiti skills which formed an urban/street lettering style.

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