Personal monogram: make a stamp with a signature and unique style

Tadas Ciudaras, Lettering artist

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11 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Inspirational sketches

    • 3. Brushes and paper

    • 4. Let it go

    • 5. Letter form

    • 6. How to make a style

    • 7. Selected sketch

    • 8. Making a photo

    • 9. Photoshop refining

    • 10. Illustrator vectoring

    • 11. Stamp preparation


Project Description

The project. 

Deliverable: You will make a custom monogram for your name, brand or favourite person.

Sharable: It is important to share some steps of this process. 

Relaxing exercises. 

Please show 2-3 paper sketches how you try to free your lines when you make lettering. It is important to find a comfortable manner for You. 

Understanding the letters. 

Here you can make a research and attach couple of yours inspiration of lettering. It does not have to be exactly a monogram but some expressive ones.

Lettering style.

Also share your 3 sketches with an exploration of letter form. 

Finding the style.

Please share 3 sketches of how you tried to make your unique style. Don’t be afraid to include extra rough sketches. The more you share the more it is easy to help you. 

Refining touches.

Please share few steps to feel a difference between a sketch and final monogram. 

Final stages:

Please share final sketch final vector version front view and also how you made a stamp or something fun using your unique monogram. Also you can attach your file. 

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