Personal Finance Unleashed: How to Get Out of Debt and Retire Early

Sunny Green, Living simply is simply living.

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16 Videos (44m)
    • 00 Welcome

    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Budget - Overview

    • 03 Budget - Tracking

    • 04 Budget - Balancing

    • 05 Debt - Overview

    • 06 Debt - Credit Cards

    • 07 Debt - Loans

    • 08 Debt - Line of Credit

    • 09 Debt - Mortgage

    • 10 Debt - Mortgage Payoff

    • 11 Nest Egg - Overview

    • 12 Nest Egg - Assets

    • 13 Nest Egg - Income Streams

    • 14 Nest Egg - Investments

    • 15 Case Study - Our Story


About This Class

This life-changing course will help jumpstart your journey to financial freedom and retiring early. It covers three main topics: maintaining a monthly budget, getting out of debt (including paying off a mortgage early), and investing for the future. 

We've taken the key concepts of personal finance and presented them in a fun and easy-to-follow manner. We know that your time is limited, so we've made this course possible to consume in a lunch hour. 

This course is accessible to anybody regardless of age, background, or financial state. Whether you're new to personal finances or a veteran, we're sure you'll learn something practical and valuable. 

Why are we so confident? Because we ourselves retired from our fast-paced careers in management consulting before the age of 40 by using the principals in this course.  

The path to a debt free life, financial independence, and early retirement is just a step away. We hope you join us by enrolling in this course. (Music from bensound)


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This course was simple, fun, and easy to understand. Where was this course when I was in high school CALM (career and life management) class? Instead, we learned about how to plan a wedding. Other people learned about how to take care of an egg. How is that similar to taking care of a real baby? I really liked the dandelion analogy BTW. Best analogy I've seen to describe a mortgage.





Sunny Green

Living simply is simply living.

I'm the founder and director of Green + Humble, a successful management consulting firm. I've since downsized from the corporate world and am living a simpler life giving back to the community and sharing my passions and accumulated management, financial, and life lessons. Please join me in my journey to live a simpler life.  

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