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Personal Empowerment with 5 Elements Dressing

teacher avatar Olga Holte

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Lesson 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 2. Main Principles of Feng Shui

    • 3. Lesson 3. Five Elements Theory

    • 4. Lesson 4. Five Elements Dressing

    • 5. Lesson 5. Water

    • 6. Lesson 6. Wood

    • 7. Lesson 7. Fire

    • 8. Lesson 8. Earth

    • 9. Lesson 9. Metal

    • 10. Elemental Energy for Your Spirit

    • 11. Body Shapes

    • 12. Energy in Your Intentions

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About This Class

Clothing is a part of your personal infrastructure!
Learn how to dress with intention and change your life!

In this class you will learn:
What type of energy is in your personality?
How to line it up with the right energy in your clothing.
What is the best color group, style, pattern, fabric that works for you?
Your authentic qualities and strengths and how to use your clothing to leverage them.
How to use your clothing as a tool to achieve success and reach your goals
How to design your own support system, your personal infrastructure

Benefits of this knowledge:

Always look your best, feel confident and happy
Know exactly how to dress for a specific occasion and save time to get ready
Minimize closet clutter, get rid of clothing that doesn’t support you. It will be easier to keep your wardrobe in good order
Less shopping stress. Save money by refusing to buy clothing you never wear. You will know exactly what you are looking for in the store.
You will better understand yourself and others around you
Improve relationships
Find out about your hidden strengths
Help your subconscious mind to focus on your goals,
Know your strengths and advance in your career

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Olga Holte


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1. Lesson 1. Introduction : Welcome to my class. About five elements Dressing. Let's dive together into ancient wisdom Off Fun Shwe five. Element Theory and Fashion from Sri. My name is Olga Holte. I'm a life coach in my coaching, I bring years of experience as a teacher, interior designer from Sri practitioner, fashion, French, very facilitator, financial advisor and educators, too. My coaching philosophy based on importance off creating supportive system. I call it personal infrastructure. This system can support you to achieve in Ingles. So any problems or just be happy in half more energy. This supportive system consists off your environment, your daily routines and financial system. Clothing is a very important part off your personal environment. This is your closest environment, this environment, what you take everywhere you go, that is why is very important to start with your clothing. Let me share with you my personal story. I went to get the certificate as a fashion punch way facilitator about 15 years ago, and I was very pleased to find out that my primary element is fire. Although I was a little bit confused because usually people of fire they very comfortable speak on the stage. But that was not me. I was terrified to go on the stage and speak with a large group of people. I start analyzing why I come up with two good reasons. Number one. Because English is my second language. It's little bit difficult for me to go speak on the stage. Number two. During my childhood, I was stuttering so bad that I would first in tears, because words will not come out of my mouth. Those times a long gun. But somewhere in my memory, probably I have this terrifying experience. So I knew a reason why are doing this now. Next step was to come up with the solutions, and I decides to bring two elements to my dressing than I going on the stage. Speak with people. Fire needs to be increased. It's no need to be cleans. Used as a leverage and earth element would usually bring us feeling off protection. It's ground us. It's calm us. That is, by its a very good element, bringing you every time when you feel a little bit nervous. So I start doing just that and, uh, eventually a step feeling much more comfortable on the stage. I start doing a lot of workshop classes, and I will tell you this is the most happiest moment in my life than I can share my knowledge with people. This is just one example how Fash infantry can change your life. Let's start and see how it can change your life. 2. Lesson 2. Main Principles of Feng Shui: let us review some main principles off French way before we start, apply them to our clothing. French Way is a system off knowledge What was originated in China more than 3000 years ago ? There are many different school six it and sometimes you maybe will have confused knowledge if you use different books. And if you have some confusion, ask me a question. Write me email. Literally translated French weight means wind and Water Shwe. Water represents material world because we can see and touch water. Think wind represents seem material world because we cannot see wink. But it's exist we can observe in the nature water ever Parades form clouds and then wind blows them. Yeah, away and eventually water will come down informs off rain Our snow in this process repeats again and again and again. In all alive we evaporate. Thoughts, strings, feelings. What are very influenced by our environment depends on the energy off. This starts, we have something would come toe us in material things inform off our celery or people what we meet over all of the things this process repeats again and again. French weight is not some type of throughly trim. It doesn't declare that spirit created matter. US idealistic philosopher. So religious people will say, Nor it declare reverse. That human created spirit eventually insists our connection off this to matter and spirit, material world and in material world, the connection and constant influence. Fundamental principle. French Way. It's about energy. Energy isn't everything in objects in people in thoughts and dreams and rules entree teaching us to keep our space three off closet because we want to give this energy for your flow. What is very important to our closets to we should have in our closet clothing that only that supports us. Different objects contain different type of energy that be revealed to us through different colors, shapes, texture, material off what they made in the subway. French weight gives us understanding about how all of this different type off objects make us feel. For most of the part, this influence works from our subconscious mind. I am personally very fascinated about the latest finding of neurological science, the science about how our our bring works and what is shocking to me. Find out how part awful I was subconscious mind is, we all know how difficult to break this old habits. I was subconscious. Mind the be represented as a big elefant and unconscious mind. Just a little rider seat in this elephant bunch way with this simple language gives us a tool how to connect to our subconscious mind and also how to influence it. This is not the only way. How Bunch Way helps. I can see four levels. One of them will be connecting to subconscious mind. And, of course, it's, ah, way how to connect your conscious mind and remind and be focused. For example, if you are work, White's better with a goal to focus on your study. Then you can see that color. And remember, what is your intention? Waas Third level will be tell our desires to universe. Start actually doing some steps, maybe even a little steps as a choosing the right clothing. For that goal. Universal look atyou and decide to help. And fourth level. It's trying to influence other people around us. If you work with French Way with a goal to find your true love, you will put this fire energy on you. You try to attract right person 3. Lesson 3. Five Elements Theory: Let's talk about five element theory. This theory used also in Reston medicine and martial arts. But for French Way, it's really important, and it's very important to our class to water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These are five elements. Ancient people absorbed changes in nature, Children annual cycle or during day and night cycle. And they came to conclusion that change of energy have some similar qualities. They gave special name to energy would exist during winter or urine. Night water. It's deep. It's dark. Sleepy deepness is most important quality off water on our earth. Think about all that water in ocean during spring or morning than everything rising or growing, going up its energy off would and of Jove plant because they old is growing. Jurin. Summer or noon, we have fire energy. If this is the hardest and brightest time, often known that it's so nice to have a cup of coffee or cup of tea or hot distances. And when we have fruits, vegetables, this time for the earth and the chimp metal energy exists In fall, the old nature come to its final shark beauty or during evening when we can see so many sparkly lights in people's houses. This cycle goes again and again, five elements for Miss Elko, but also showing to us the relationships between elements. Since African consists of energy, team energy is in people in objects plans, thoughts and feelings. This energy always has some elemental characteristics. For example, Red suffer as fire Wood Desk has would energy a goal to get a degree in computer engineering as Madeleine because it's gonna precise science. A person who is all this smiling, very social has a sparkling personality is fire. In our course. We will learn how to recognize this energy in the people and in the clothing, and we will learn how we can lining them up in the right weight. 4. Lesson 4. Five Elements Dressing: the main idea off five elements. Dressing is to recognize an elemental energy in you and recognize the energy in the clothing and line them up. Sounds simple, but it's not so simple. It is also not the rocket science, but it's has a lot of little puzzles. What we need to put together to build this ideal wardrobe. What will support you to achieve your goals? Keep in mind that these fairy is not the some scientific formula. It's a guidance that you use us. Your intuition tells you it is so easy to recognize elements in the clothing. We can see energy through them. Color, texture, bathroom material Made. Sylar. It's styles. One piece off clothing. Kim consists of many elements. It's quite possible that you really like the color. It's your element. It's a resonates with you but texture. It's absolutely impossible for you to have, and you maybe even don't know that if your brain but you reject that clothing. That is why that piece is hanging in your closet forever, and you never wear it. Here. You can see all characteristics that elements can have. We can go to that least again and again. It's just for your reference? Well, no, I just wanted to give you some examples. Red dress, but it's very open showing body body conscious if it's made off silk at spire Energy. But black suit has black water energy because the black color all sets his metal energy because it's very structural, very precise. Made clothing used for business. It's a metal energy. Why T Shirt has metal energy because it's wide and because it's made of cotton and says, Would energy White T shirt is good to keep your focus on, you'll go. Whatever going you half would energy will give you a physical energy to finish your task. It is more complex, too. Identify energy in the person in five elements. Dressing with dress. Not only body like it's will be in a traditional way, but also we want to dress energy in the soul and energy in your brain. We want to dress your I'll sent itself and also your intentions. We start with understanding energy in yourself, that energy, what you will born with that already exist in you. Naturally, in this way, we even can find out. Stern thought you were not aware which you have, Um I met a lot of people who were leaving life, not true to their natural energy. They just lost their house antics self. Why it's happened, probably because leading in some special surroundings going something through difficulties or even half very influential parents or spouse is or choosing the wrong profession. It's gonna change energy in the person to other result. Maybe everything is going OK, but internally, that person feels unhappy that it's why, if we may true discovery here, it's can change your life. This process is very entertaining to people usually like to find out who I am, maybe a mortar, my be on fire. And sometimes they ask, What about the Chinese calendar? What has this elements by year will be? Its, except that my element depends On the year I was more, I find out that it's true somewhere in 60% off course, it's not exact number I didn't do any research is just gonna my estimate why it's going like this? I don't know, but it's with weight to start to look a 10 years calendar and see what the year you were born. What element was then, and you can ask. It's my personality. Looks like I was born with this element. It's just a hint. It's not answered yet. Be careful if your birthday in the beginning of the year because Chinese calendar usually start from the end of January war in the beginning of February. Usually we will identify Primary Element and the secondary next step We look at our body, usually shape off. Your body will be formed by your primary element or secondary element. And lastly, we have the most important step to understand energy in your intentions under a tree in your goals, but really can help you because, you know, going through all that this process will govern who you truly are. No next question will be who you want to be, because maybe you have some goals, but you need to change yourself little bit. You need to acquire some qualities that needed to achieve this goal 5. Lesson 5. Water: Finally, we came to the part of lower classman. We talk about personalities. This is the most interesting part water. I love water people, the main characteristic off water people. It's that deepness, like water, have deepness people with a very deep imagination. So they have that ability to go deep in that ocean and drove from that their creativity, their spirituality or the healing power. What people can be very why's be very creative for t stick water. People absolutely need time alone. They need this time and they can go to the deepness and be rejuvenated from that. Let his wife. You are water. Don't feel bad about that. You cannot be a social butterfly or if you have a partner who is water, Please understand. This person absolutely needs time alone. We all in some way need the time. But people off water needed more and needed more desperately. What are people like to stand out off the crowd? They like to be different, and that's good. Go to the extreme and they could be a beauty in a strange and sometimes they can choose very strange. Close to water is very feminine element. And if you were women and how port It's really nice. Combination woman off water could be not only appears very feminine, but also could have this magic off the deepness mystery. People of water intuitively will choose where black, and if we go to their closets, we will see a lot of Blair color. Also, if you have a lot of black colors, it's doesn't mean to you have water. I met a lot of people who, just by black color because it's easy to combine the other clothing or its make us feel skinnier. If this is a reason it's not exactly water, maybe it's there, but maybe not. But if you see a lot of black, it's can give you another hint that water element probably in you. This is example. Off the truly water fabric. It's kind of soft flowing and it's see through, and it's black also because it's scarf. If you put it on, it's will create that wavy feelings. Keep in mind if you true water, you don't like clothing. That is very structural tight because water needs freedom, and if you come from work where you have to wear, maybe business to adore, or maybe jeans. You just come home and you know it's like to take this off right away. It's maybe a hint, but you have water energy if you need to. Where business suit at work, Try to find suit kind of from some stretch of fabric. Maybe you can wear cardigans instead of the jacket, or maybe even half jacket. Half size. Larger genes could be also made from stretchy fabric than you buying clothing. You will see right away what is yours or something. What is not. And you even don't need to take it to the dressing room to try. So do you recognize water in your soul? In your essence, in your L sent itself, we will go through all the personalities, and in the end we will go through the questionnaire that will help you to understand your element. Let's look at your body if water presented and you maybe two. Primary element. Maybe it's your secondary element. It will show off in your body. Water body reminds a teardrop. Sometimes it's very visible, and you already know that much. You have full hits or sometimes kind of you. Not exactly sure. Take up any straight stick it's could be from broomstick and put it the here, right in the corner, off your shoulder and on your hip and see if you want to form a train gil this way than its water body. The best way to dress a shape dress with made from flowy fabric but gently will show in shapes. I'm not talking about trends and styles, but about the energy. Your best water energy will be expressed if you have free flowing clothing. If you have water in your intentions, what is this means if you want to be more creative or you want to bring more spirituality in your life, this is a good I'm to bring three flowing clothing to your wardrobe. 6. Lesson 6. Wood : would end of James, Remember, would. It's about spring. It's about morning. It's about growth. Rising action. People off would usually very active people. They love sports. They love to be outdoor. If you know somebody who loves to go to a gym pending a lot of time there and they doing this on their own, nobody pushing them to do this these are people off would energy. I met a lot of wood people who achieved good results in life and sometimes from the situation that was bad. Maybe there difficult childhood, but they achieve a lot. I really admire would people because I don't have this energy. It's difficult for me to get myself do some physical work, but my husband has a good energon. He will be gone, that bike full, always in hours. It's good thing to understand that some people just need that If you have partner like this , don't be sad that he doesn't doesn't want to spend a lot of time with you. They need this time to fulfill their energy. Also, it's a very competitive sign because plans, trees, they mean competition for the sun. They grow us. Festus possible. That is my people with Would they could be champions because they want to. Do they want to be the first? And sometimes they even with competition with themselves, what kind of clothing we can give this people to wear that they could be comfortable, Of course, something. What will be not on the way to do this actions. It's a sporty clothing that's working clothing, pence jeans. If you are a girl who I absolutely love to wear T shirts and jeans, that probably because you have this would energy in you color. I have different. That will be everything from blue to green, light blue. If we have a very, very dark blue, maybe it's will be water energy. But if it's kind of like some blue, what we get sometimes can see blue flowers of this color than its would energy. And the best pattern for wood energy will be a floral war stripes, because we create that stripes fabric would made from cotton because cotton grow linen. Father. What comes from plants and them? A style sporty style, the shape of the clothing, So like a form columns, genes. It's not that kind of pence, which will be flow if Africa belonged to water. And Jim, usually with people, do not like the scars because they can, on the way off, very fast movement. So if you have wood and there's just so much that this is presented in your body and your primary secondary element, then usually people off would they pull? They have long body. They usually lean but do not have a very defined waistline. Their body reminder. Drunk with a very gentle curve. For waistline, we will call the shape of the body rectangular, and the best clothing for that kind of body will be clothing that have love. If we talk about jacket, it will be long jacket with straight lines. Not really, Taylor. You have wood element in your intentions. If you want to be more active, maybe you want to do more exercises. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to improve your house or just just for overall Well, beings. You just want to really focus, um, on this to do more actions, try to get the sport clothing blue or green color. That wouldn't achieve a cold. You to do this exercise. Sometimes we need to do some chores that our home and we don't have energy. This is a good off treek. Try to put some kind of sporty clothing, green color, blue collar or maybe floral that will give you motivation to do something and give you more physical energy to do that. If if you're not feeling good, if you say trying to sleep in something green or with beautiful laurel patterns, that will bring you more this physical strength in your body. 7. Lesson 7. Fire: Let's have some fun and talk about fire, energy and energy in fire. People remember this is the energy off the summer off the known son in the highest position . These energy make Spartan personality to show off this personality via people need to be with people. That is why there is so show. They have a lot of friends. They do parties in their homes. They can do very good performance because they like to be on the stage. They could be a very good public speakers. And so home this cart, some energy gives them ability to be really sexy for them, Very natural to we're sexy clothing because they have no problem to be in the center. Off the tension. Don't be gentle mental if you do not have fire. But some people just born with this Nothing they get into about this. I think that fire energy is very easy to put down. I met a lot of people the fire energy that was not visible but they were born with this energy and because of the very strict parents or maybe not very nice spouse. We're putting down the person Fire disappeared. If you have the situation. Please be aware of this and do the homework. Try to wear more fire energy. The best clothing for this kind of people will be bright red collar, maybe maybe yellow. But it's me to be like really bright yellow building style, very body conscious and showing body, because its should be kind of have this sexy ah feel. Let me talk a little bit about red color because it's discolored. It's could be treating if I said red colored minutes up. Ah, whole red family I have here red colors. And if you don't like to wear right like this, maybe it will be okay for you to wear red mahogany. Try an experiment. If you will need to wear this, go to the nicely lead mural. See how your skin look. And after that you just put this when you will be doing this, better not wear any makeup. If I do not have, wake up this colorable. Look, pirate, we don't want to do that. We want to you to look your best. If for some reason you need to put this red color my being see your element in your essence . Or maybe it's element in your intentions. Find your right. Red. If you have so much of this element and you were to show up in your body and the virus, your primary or secondary element and fire people usually have this body off reverse story and go on your shoulders will be wider on your hips. I have this body and know everything about this. What is the best style for? This will be also clothing. What have this river strange l shaped That will be a skirt with a narrow on the bottom pencil skirt. Not that full body skirt on top. Could be you. A lot of different things. Larger shoulders. If you have fire in your intentions, you you want to be more noticeable. Maybe four stage performance. Maybe you readings and lectures. You want to students pay more attention to you. Maybe you want to bring more sexual appeal In all of this situation, fire will be a solution. Don't like red color at all. You can wear silk. You can wear triangular forms even necklace. Now what I am wearing has this shock triangle More hearings. What? I have have pointy angle. Also fine. Were any animal print. Not maybe lap are. It's a lot of people, like tired from leopards. Also could be a crocodile or snakeskin bring if you absolutely have to wear uniforms. Your work you can wear red paint is, and it's also will bring that fire even nobody see, but but people can feel it. 8. Lesson 8. Earth: Let's talk about Earth Energy and if you remember, this energy exists when we have harvesting schism. We have fruits, vegetables. We can nurture ourselves people. The Earth Energy has this nurturing desire. They love to cook. They laughed to bake. They laughed to half people in their homes to feed them, and usually it will be more like a family. Close friends. They do not feel good with strangers. They like their life going. It's nice, Studi way they don't like, take risks. They like to help. Like to make thes really good connectors to people. The best professional people like this will be customer service receptionist, nurses, doctors. They could be very quiet and shy. And if going to the party, they will be us with. People will be wear there. They do not like to be visible. They like to kind of blend and be quiet. Just see to somewhere maybe talk one person and have a very hard conversation. Beautiful people to make mothers grandmothers What is the best clothing for them? Very traditional. They absolutely love to where traditional things think sport made by hand something that has texture. If you recognize yourself very nice very nice sign. I think that people around you very happy what they have you. This it's quite possible, but that you forgetting to take care about yourself. Please keep this in mind and think again. What do you want? One. Do you really want what kind of goals you have? Maybe it's a time to give some change. Bring some more energy, different energy on you. And now let's talk about appearance in your body shape. If you have so much energy off Earth that it represented in your body, then you have body shape as square. Or sometimes it's called round or apple Earth people, usually not very tall. The waistline. It's not defy how. Begin dress, Earth Body, How we can slather body like this. And I think the best seller had for body like this will be traditional suit, especially Chanel type suit made off very textured fabric. Bring some horizontal lines to this kind of figure. Very, very nice because it's, well, visually. Make it longer. Let's look at your intentions. Do you have Earth energy there? If you want in the profession where you need to be more helpful, you know, know what kind of energy. You can put a new colors will be old, earthy colors, something from brown gray, yellow. What is not really bright but more like a sandy yellow square. Parton's on also advise you to have some clothing with energy anyway. Even you don't have this in your intentions. Or may you maybe don't have in your essence of your body. It's still a good energy helpful. Sometimes we feel kind of stressed. Maybe you said, or maybe worried about something this good. Clothing, too. Wrap yourself spent time to ground yourself. Don't do this for two alone. Just have a little rest and think about how you can take yourself out off this sadness or warring situation here again, our table. For your reference, you can see the Earth energy you can bring through brown gray color. What kind of texture, pattern shape, fabric, Sylhet and style 9. Lesson 9. Metal: Let's talk about money about stock market, about business. This is all metal energy we volume metal Onley than its polished. It's sharp, like knife or maybe jewelry Onley. In this position, Matal is valuable to us people with metal energy. They value excellence, beauty order in every thing. They are good in math, engineering, finances, this old profession that they will be choosing. They have wisdom, this kind of money, business wisdom. They love to plan and organize. Ask yourself house my closet look like How's this place is like some drawers at my desk or something. Some growers in the kitchen look like some places where nobody can look only you. How you keep this place is it's they very organized. You probably metal how we can dress Matal, white colors or very light colors. Luxurious fabrics. Jubilee made of gold, silver or any other metals. Also, diamonds they consider to be a metal because they so hard girl. Maybe curl is not very hard, but it's ground. It's also metal because around shapes have Matal energy. Pathans. The half circles have metal, energy. Metal people usually do not like. Patterns may be at the store. You will look at the Spartans and you love these beautiful flowers. You like to look at them, but then you put on you. You cannot intuitively, subconsciously I still like you did not like it where this and you may be cannot defy this to yourself. But you do not like it. You just not choosing these clothing to where it's hanging in your closet only taken valuable space. If metal energy exists in your appearance, then your body will look balanced like hour glass and to dress body like this. We want you show off all this beautifully tailored clothing and again very important that they have good quality business suits. It's a very Matal and that she When do you have metal in your intentions, then you are building business than you are working on your finances than your study. Something like math or physics, engineering, computer engineering, this all situation that demand metal energy. And if you need this energy on you, you know what to do. Dress this metal energy and it will help you here again, our table for your reference 10. Elemental Energy for Your Spirit: I told you about all five elements. And at this point, maybe you know what element is in your essence, our primary and secondary. What element in your body What element in your intentions? Maybe that Onley about quarter off My students Exactly sure at this point all of their elements. If you think Oh, maybe I am this element. Maybe that lets now go through some questions. You see this questions? It's six question For every element, you need to answer this question and give yourself number. If this is absolutely no, it's a zero and efforts absolutely Hess. It will be 10. You don't need even print this. Just take a little piece of paper. Give yourself a grade ed. This six numbers together and see what element has highest number. We usually identify primary and secondary element. If you know your element, you know how to dress yourself. So if you find out it is water, ask yourself. I am creative. I am spiritual. Are my beyond lost some This creativity? I remembered your in my childhood. I love to draw and now you might be in some profession like engineering and you. So be easy to do metal. Maybe you need get new hobby and do some creative. So if you find out that you are would ask yourself No, I expressed my energy. I do. Enough exercise is maybe I need to be more outside. Maybe I need to go camping or fishing. Something like this one. Maybe I need to get myself a bike. If you find out that you are fire, ask yourself. Do I spend enough time with my friends? Am I going out enough? Maybe this is exactly what I need. If you find out that you are Earth, ask yourself Are you enough? Spend time cooking taken care off somebody who I love. Maybe you do not have family and don't have people who you take care about. Ask yourself maybe you need to do some voluntary work. Maybe this will make you feel that's your life full field more if you find out that you are metal. Ask yourself Am I true to my matter? Maybe you're so busy to do some other things and you do not have time to organize everything and you feel really stressed because of this 11. Body Shapes: Let's talk again about your body shape. I think it's very straightforward. You can look at the shapes and you understand what is yours. I even gave you a little tool. How to make sure if it's not really visible with exactly the shape you have, take this long stick for a broom. POTUS, Um, angle off your shoulder and your hip, and if you see if it's vertical, this is hour glass, metal shape. If it's make like inclination this way, this is inverse triangle fire. If this way, this is water in five element dressing, we honor our shape. Now you know what Sylar at flautas your body. Go to your closet and examine all your clothing. If it's not flatter your body. Whites need to be there, salad or intend tainted. And next time, then you will go shopping. Remember about this 12. Energy in Your Intentions: Do you know your element in your intentions? If it's water, you probably wants to be more creative. You want to be more spiritual. If it's would you want to do more exercises, maybe improve fuel house, maybe lose weight or just feel better fire. If you want to be more attractive, maybe you want to find your true love. Or maybe you do some performance Earth Energy If you want to be more grounded, if you want, be more caring. That's maybe good energy for people in sales or consulting metal energy If you're working on your business or you want to improve your financial situation if you know your element, you know how to dress by now. But not every situation so simple. That's me. Give you an example. Let's say you single and you'll really want to find true love. Maybe get married, have a family. I talk a lot about fire energy, how it's bringing sexual appeal. This will be only a very first step. This is good energy to put on you if you going out, maybe even at work or what there would you go where you can meet people. This energy can give you this spark, more people will notice you and look at you. And maybe the right person will be in this group to start a relationship. Going a lot of more to being bold You Absolutely. Me too. No, your element and love your element. Because if you not love yourself, probably probably nobody else will. If you know you water and you think Oh, I am so creative And as a woman I could be a so mesmerizing if you're would you can think I am so physically feed My butt is beautiful. If you are fire you, you will think about yourself. I am so sexy, so attractive. If you are Earth, you can think that it's so beautiful and so caring person If you're metal, I'm so smart I can be so successful in business All of this elements they beautiful and you need understand that is your element is very beautiful. Then you met the person They can see that you are celebrating your energy. You have this life energy that will attract people and will attract right people. Next step you need to be ready to receive relationship. You need to be open to welcome new person to your life. This is better to do than your environment. If you want to find out more about this, right, me and the male. When you find out more about this new person, you can guess both element. He is. If you look at the five elements, circle all this elements. They have very tight relationship between them. For example, you may be water energy. People with wood energy will be drawn to you. They feel more energy than they with you. If you are not water but your new boyfriend is would Then you need Teoh bring water and she because your goal to Mike this relationship really work and be a good one. Now you know energy in your essence, in your body, in your intentions. And don't worry, you don't need to put a lot of different pieces. Majeste one piece usually have one or two or three types of energy. Look again at the table and this will help you