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Personal Development with Notion: Productivity, Habits, Goals, and more!

teacher avatar Filipa Canelas, Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create an Account

    • 3. Habit Tracker

    • 4. Daily Planner

    • 5. Goal Setting

    • 6. Book Notes

    • 7. Ideas Notebook

    • 8. Class Project

    • 9. FB Group

    • 10. The end!

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About This Class

If you are anything like me, you have been consuming content with the intent of improving your life. But as you consume more and more information, and implement new systems into your life, things do get more complex. And suddenly, you're managing 3 different apps for habit-tracking, two physical journals for ideas, 2 planners, a vision board, and a dozen of templates that promise to improve 12 areas of your life.

I get it, it's overwhelming, complex, and honestly, a waste of time.

In this class, you are going to learn how to optimize your life with Notion:

  • Building a Habit Tracker
  • Designing a Daily Planner
  • Creating a Goal-Setting page
  • Having a database for book notes
  • Storing your ideas. 

If you want to build a reliable and helpful system in Notion using simple and intuitive tools, you should continue watching. 

This class is for everyone who wants to improve their lives and accomplish more using a reliable system that is both simple and powerful. If this is you, then I'm excited to start!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipa Canelas

Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker



Hi, I'm Filipa Canelas! I'm the founder of Able-Academy, online course creator, author of Around is Forward, and content strategist.

Over 40,000 people consume my material and learn how to live a Productive Life. This comes in the form of mastering your focus, hacking the learning process, starting successful habits, or achieving your goals.

Contributing to a world where successful people are no occasional miracle.
That's my purpose.


If you want to read more about me, head over to my blog: 

See full profile

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1. Introduction: if you are anything like me, you've been consuming content with the intention of improving your life. But the more content you can see woman, the more systems you putting into place, the more complex things get. And suddenly you're managing three different APS for Have a tracking two different daily planners, three physical journalists to keep track of your ideas and a few templates doing prove 12 different areas of your life. I get it. It's overwhelming and complex and honestly, a waste of time high am feely. But I'm a content creator. I'm addicted to productivity and obsessed with books In this class. You're going to learn how to optimize different areas of your life. Onley Using one software notion Inside notion. You are going to learn how to create a habit tracker, a daily planner, a goal setting page and another notebook on how to keep track of all the notes you took on your favorite books, articles, videos or Ted talks and even a place where you can store all of your ideas in different categories without them getting lost. If you're familiar with my classes, I'm really all into practicability in not complexity. So this is not a class where I'm going through all the features of notion. I'm not going to cover very advanced stoppings nor specific duels, but I'm going to focus more on the practical side of it. If you're looking for a class to learn all the different features notion has to offer, then this class is not for you that are many other classes that go into this topic more in depth. But if you do want to build a reliable and not too complex system inside notion where you will have all the information you need to keep track of all the different areas of your life, then you should continue watching this class. You don't need to know anything about notion because this class will be a step by step process on everything we're going to build inside notion, and we're not going to use any complex features at all because I believe in critical thinking more than I believe in replication. I will teach you exactly why I built the system, that weight based on science research and my personal experience. This class is for everyone who wants to build a personal system that is reliable and powerful but not complex. Using notion. I'm really excited to have you here, and I see you inside 2. Create an Account: I'm really excited that you are now a part of this course and are eager to learn how to change your life for better. Using notion Notion is an incredible tool that is free. Is it a used in cans? Think in all of your devices, and it will help you to create different notebooks for all different areas of your life. Like I said, this is not going to be a in depth tutorial of notion. Instead, I will teach you exactly how to build the tools that you can use in your own personal system, inside notion or even any other platform if you wish. With this in mind, I'll just show you how you can create your account in a few minutes. Notion is free for everyone. This was not the case a few months ago, but now you don't have any restriction regarding the content you create inside notion, so you don't need to think much. If you want to create a new page or and you block, you can do it 100% for free and upgrade for premium plans if you feel like you need the more advanced features. But personally, I don't have that need right now, So start by heading over to notion dot as O. And this is how it looks like. And as you can see, you can have notion installed both on your desktop or computer. Here. We see that the personal plan is free and you have unlimited pages and blocks and you can sink in with all devices again. You have other premium plans if you wish, but the free plan is really, really complete. Now, you just click on, sign up, enter your email and then you just have to confirm your email with a temporary logging code that they they send you. He When you go over to download, you can download both the EPS and the APP for computer, and you can install notion Web clipper, which is an extension that allows you to save pages directly to your to your accounts. Okay, with your account created, we are ready to move on to the next class where you will learn exactly how to create your first habit Tracker Inside notion. See you there 3. Habit Tracker: Hi and welcome to this video today. I'm going to show you how you can create your own habit. Tracker Inside Notion To make sure you won't sleep off with your positive habits before heading over to notion. I believe it is important to talk about habits in general so you can understand the mindset behind the tool are created with notion. Heavies make us more efficient brushing the teeth before leaving home, paying a bill before leaving the restaurant, washing our hands before cooking and ideally turning on the TV before sitting on the couch . But this one I'm still working on. As you can see, you don't have any problem creating and sticking to habits. In fact, the brain is quite skillful on building upon habits that will save time and energy. But when it comes to exercise, meditation or reading, things are a little bit different in this case is it's important that you build a system that will allow you to accomplish those habits every single day, and notion is one of these tools that you can use to keep your system in place. I don't mean to get into details here, but that are three steps that guide the process of creating any habit. The 1st 1 is the cue or the trigger. The 2nd 1 is the routine, and the third is the reward they have. It comes after the trigger, and then that leaves you to the habit itself. And finally you have the reward, which, basically the self reinforcing process, the whole system so the habit won't get executed. And Lester, he's a trigger that make the habit get done. And notion can be a very simple but powerful trigger that makes you go through the routine of positive habits as an example. Every time I leave home, which is the Q, I will brush my teeth, which is the routine. And then I get the reward, which is a good feeling and hygiene after building to have a trucker. What you will see is that when you have a having tracker with all the habits you want to keep track off, that will lead as a cue. So you will see in your habit trucker working out, and that can be pretty much very good trigger that will lead to the exercise routine. These three step process the cue, the routine Indian reward can also be used to get rid of negative habits. If every time you see you Cokie the trigger, you eat it the routine, and then you love the taste of the chocolate in your mouth. The reward. Then you can simply eliminate the trigger, which is the cookie. So if you just stop buying cookies, you won't get through the whole routine. Although this looks like a very structured process, we do it very automatically. That's why we call them habits. Has not much energy is necessary to run all of these habits. Ideally, we want to turn different positive habits, such as working out and meditating into these routines that run automatically in our brains . There's a very interesting lesson I read in Atomic Cabins, a book by James Clear, he says, to focus on processes rather than golds. Of course, we set goals like having a six pack. That's fine. But the problem is, do our retains. Do our procedures align with the gold we want to achieve? Is everything in our life set up so we can achieve that goal? Most of the times? That's not the case, and that's why we don't reach the goal, and this is where notion becomes really handy on building positive habits. Instead of pumping a few dozens of push ups today, you must reassure yourself that you will do the push ups every single day for weeks and weeks and weeks, and that's how you're going to get the six pack. Having a habit record, which is exactly what we are going to build right now, will help you to keep track of all those actions that will lead you to the end goal, so they will not only help you to keep track of your progress, they will also motivate you, and you will not want to break the streak of accomplishing your habits every day. So let's start with our happy truck first at the page, and you just name it with whatever think you want Teoh and I'll start to have. And I can, because I just like to see this emojis over here now to create the habit Trucker start by adding a table in line, which creates a table in the page. Then you can add the name of the of what you're doing, you know, have a trucker and change the name of the columns. So the 1st 1 will be the date of the week and basically just fill up, fill it up with the days of the week. You just need to do this one time and then you can simply duplicate to other months the second calling all select date to the prom in the property. And then this where you will put the days of the week, the third column. Oh, and you can actually add reminders. Now, the third column. We're going to have the property type off select, which will allow you to have if the goal was done if it was a failed or if it waas a break and you name the each of the columns with having toe 12 or three. So you can basically put exercising, meditating or, uh, reading journaling anything. So as you can see that I'm just creating a new option within every goal. So which it's done. Ah, fail or break and you have to do this for every column where you have have it. So I'm doing it toward the three columns that we created, and now it's pretty much done every day. You just check if it's done, or if it's a fail or a break now that are also do other competence that I want to add to these habit. Drucker to make it more effective According to Science, the first section is called Pain and Plan, according to some research referred on the book by Charles Dahik, that are a few things that will help you to get through the habit much more consistently. The 1st 1 is listing all the pain points you might experience during your habit. Process formacion and then creating a plane on how you'll get through those obstacles you for planning to work out every day. It helps to understand that you might face sickness. You might suffer a lack of energy and motivation, and perhaps you will be traveling. These are really obstacles that emerging the process of many people and they might leave to failure. But if you do plan ahead on how to get past those obstacles, the chances of you succeeding are much higher. So just come up with a short plan that will allow you to keep your habits going even when you face these obstacles. So if you're traveling perhaps just commit to doing five minutes of cardio, and that's it. You're done for the day. The chances of succeeding are much higher when you plan for future obstacles that you will eventually face the second section that will help you to be on track. It's creating a habit description. It just consists on describing exactly what you need to consider the habit done for the day . Is it five minutes of running minimum or one minute of meditation or five words of writing ? After reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear I switch of my perspective from getting everything perfect right in the beginning, Teoh making progress every day and assuring that I'm keeping the streak every day. Exorcising was perhaps one of the most challenging habits that I have to build, and I would be very consistent for one month and then suddenly something appeared in my life and I would totally give up the routine because I had the the minimum amount or the minimum time of working out really high. And when I was traveling where I was sick, I just completely failed a habit, and I did not have any minimum standards that would allow me to at least check the box, even if it was not perfect. And so I encourage you to use the habit description to set very low amounts of time that will allow you to complete the habit. Remember, this is just the low bar. Eso Yes, I do have a five minutes workout to complete my working out habits, but I usually go about 30 minutes every day. Creating in sustaining habits is a marathon rather than a sprint, so you can't expect to win the race if you waste all of your energy in the 1st 3 kilometers . Hopefully, you have now built your habit Drucker and are ready to keep track of everything you want to be good at. If you wish. You can download this template to your own notion accounts by importing it, and then you can make your own adaptations in Tweak it out to make it perfect for you. Thank you very much for watching. And I see you in the next class 4. Daily Planner: hi and welcome to another video of this class of personal development with notion. In the last class, we covered how to build a habit. Trekker to keep track and motivated with all of you are positive habits. Today we're heading to daily planning and I will show you how notion can help you to keep on top of your priorities in projects while accomplishing your personal goals. If you don't have the habit of planning or days, then give me two minutes to try to explain you why. I believe this is the key thing to accomplish any goal you set for yourself from my personal experience. My days are totally different when I planned them in when I don't in the different lives on productivity and clarity. First, when I know exactly which things I have to accomplish that day, I don't waste any time thinking of what I will be doing next and when and how I'm going to do those things. Everything is already laid out for me in about clarity. When I take the time to plan my days, I have this moment where I can think if this is or not a top priority in. How and why am I actually accomplishing that thing? On the other hand, if I don't have my days plant, I might accomplish a bunch of things. But some of them, or all of them, want to be my priorities and want to be activities that will help you meet. That will help me to accomplish goals. It's one thing to be busy in another one toe work deliberately, and the latter requires planning that are two different ways to plan your days and notion can be a great help regardless of your choice. The first method is all about setting priorities. So you just list a couple of priorities that you must get through in the next day, and the second method is the time of blocking technique. So basically, you create different slots of time during your day like seven AM to eight PM 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Nine a. M to 10 a.m. and you decide exactly which activity you will be performing during those hours. So instead of just listing what activities you want to get done, you actually allocate a block of your time to accomplish those things. So this is what I do every day. I, you know, just have the blocks of time laid out for me. And then I feel the activity that I will be accomplishing during those times. So, let's say, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. I'll be performing my morning routine from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. I'll actually start my first working a period of the day, which usually is starting or writing, and then you just replicate this structure for the rest of your day. Now back to notion. I'll show you how you can implement both of these methods, and you can just pick for yourself and use the one you feel the most comfortable with. Now for our daily planner. We start by adding a page ending it, and the first thing we are going to do is right on top of it priorities and I'll at the heading one. And I'll had orange background because it looks prettier. Then I'll just write all the days of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on. After changing the tiles for H three, I just had a divider, and then I moved the days of the week Teoh closer to each other. So then I can make this look like a proper planner. After writing priorities, I will have, um, to do list. And this will what will allow me to check the boxes every time. A complete priority in the end of the day. Then what you basically do is you copy paste this section or you duplicated, which is much faster, and you add it to, um, every day of the week. So you just replicate this process for every day of the week as you can see duplicate, and then you move it to its proper place, and you kind of used these bars to set up everything. So I'm doing the same thing for the other days of the week, duplicating and adding the information on its proper place after doing it. This with all the days of the week. I just have a note section where you can just add any information that you think it's important every week, something you just don't want to forget. Or perhaps some of the habits you're keeping track off. Well, this was the first approach to planning your day. Now we're heading to time blocking, and this one is quite easy to create. So just go and do a table in line, and you name the first column to time than the 2nd 1 to text in activities in the third to also to be a text, and you just name it as notes where you can specify exactly how the activity is going to be run and you do these time blocks for every period of your day, and then you just duplicate the notes Section two so you can add notes along the day As Brendan for charts say, If you're leaving your time to randomness, you are stealing from your greatness, so plan your days again. You can always download the page with built notion to your own account, so you can then just make the tweaks. Thank you for watching in. I see you in the next class 5. Goal Setting: hi and welcome to another video of this class where you're going to learn how to develop yourself using notion in the previous two videos recovered, having tracking and daily planning, and today we're heading to something I'm really excited about, which is gold setting. Setting rules is still one of the most exciting ways to start a new year. Still, 80% of people fail with their goals in the first month of the year. Why is this the case? Because it's one thing to set goals in another to accomplish them, because accomplishing the goals requires procedures, requires daily commitment and organization. That is one reason why this video about goal setting is not the 1st 1 nor the second. It comes after having tracking and daily planning, and it is because you can only achieve your goals when you have your system in place. And so it's one thing to set the goal of being more healthy in eating healthier and actually doing the habit of eating healthier every day as a commitment. And it's one thing to set the goal of retiring at 30 and investing every month to reach that goal. Just the fact that you're watching this class shows your level of commitment to, well, how your level thinking and actually putting things into practice. So I'm pretty sure you will be able to build a reliable system that will allow it to accomplish miracles in today's class. I'm going to show you how to create a template to set your goals. And in combination with the habit tracker and your daily planner, your goals will not only be set, but they will be accomplished. And that's what matters the most. Feel free to adapt the method I'm using if you wish. I don't actually just set goals in the end of the year. I like to do it multiple times because it's a way of keeping myself inspired and motivated , and also because my desires in dreams might change during the year. Well, again, let's start by creating a page and they mean it goal setting. Now we're start by adding a block off as you can see a table in line again and we're going to create different categories for each of our goals. So this 1st 1 will be name will be health. Sorry and the first column will be named goals. The 2nd 1 actions, and it will also have the property text. The 3rd 1 It will be ears, and you can have the property numbers that the fourth you can have a date and the fifth, it's just a check box. Now you're going to duplicate this template, and you're going to add the different categories, so this one will be financed. And again, I'm going to duplicate it, and I'm going to change the name for another goal category. In this case, it's going to be learning goals so you can have everything you want to learn. And, as you can see I can. I'm continuing this process with lifestyle right now so I can have everything I want. I'm dreaming off and finally, relationships feel free to add more categories, but I usually just stick to these ones. As you see I rainstorm the things I want to accomplish in each category. Then I have the required actions to accomplish that goal, the number of years I plan, or at least I think it will take to accomplish the goal. The day I did this exercise of setting goals and finally, if I did accomplish the goal or nuts. So let's fill it up with an example. Let's say I want to run a marathon, the next actions, which should get turned into a habit using our habits Trucker are run every day X miles. So I plan on accomplishing the goal in a two year window and the other columns are self explanatory. So you just have today's date and then you have the check box if you, you know, actually accomplish the goal in the two year window. The great thing about this method is you're not only setting goals, you're deciding the actions you need to take. You need to put into place in order to accomplish the goal in. Some of these actions should go directly into your habit. Trucker and others. You should also put them into your daily planner so you will make time for those activities . I know that are different methodologies to accomplish schools like the smart approach, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic in time bunt. I personally don't like to restrict my dreams to any of these categories, so I just like to bring storm everything I want to accomplish with no limits whatsoever and then I just pick the goals that I really want to achieve the most. My advice right now is set. Big goals that really motivates you and get you excited. And only then you start working backwards to see what you need to do every day to make those a reality as usual, you can make a copy of the template and start using it today. Thank you very much for watching. And I see you in the next class. 6. Book Notes: in this video, we're going to build a page to store all of your notes from different sources of media like articles, books, YouTube, videos, Ted talks, conferences, anything. It is a very useful habit to keep track of all the positive things you took from media you consumed because it helps to go through all of those pieces of content very quickly and take the actions with you before having notion I've been keeping a bunch of physical journals. Google documents were documents and other random pieces of paper with my notes on different media types. But now that I use notion, I keep everything in one place and things are much better organized. It's like building an incredible and powerful database that contains all the useful information you can apply in life at any time you want. I do have a specific class teaching how you can take notes on books in a very detailed approach, So if you're if you're interested, just check it out. But for this video, I'll stick to a method that is to take the most important lessons from the piece of content I consumed in detail them into notions. You can elaborate the lesson with examples or studies that were made anything. But what matters is keeping the top lessons inside a page that later will help you to review the contents. If there's one thing I learned from reading 300 books is that information quickly vanishes from the mind. So thinking, notes and later reviewing them is one crucial step to making sure the contents stays more time in our brains and that we can use it often. Now let's go back to notion, and I will show you how I create my note taking system inside notion. Well, let's create a new page in Name it, content to notes or anything you want, really. And let's start by creating a list in line, and this will have all the notes on the content we consume. So as you can see, you can change the properties by adding tax and make sure it's the multi select one that is checked on, and you can even make it appear that they you created this note if it makes it easy for you to check them out. Now let's say I just rather book and I will take notes on it so I rather book deep work. And here the text. Ah, split place. I will put all my notes and they'll give it names for the tax. So maybe a podcast articles. Productivity, which will classify the type of content I consumed or the media. When Paige do, I'll just protect talk. Let's say I consumed a Ted talk and I'll do the same thing, which is to add my notes on this Ted talk and you can even put a tag calling it that talking. It's Let's say it was talk about career in finance. I just change the category, so it makes it easier for me to check it out later. Now, I just read an article about science on, and so I put all that information here in all my notes on that article, I can't even have a property that is files in media. And within this property, I can have the link for the the article or upload the pdf, for example, and you can always change the I can because I just think this looks pretty good. This is basically how you create your own content notes within notion. What I do is I sort the information by date created. So every time I created you note it will be the 1st 1 to appear. As you can see, As you know, I believe in simplicity more than complexity. And so, as you can see, each of these pages can take about five or 10 or 15 minutes to create. But they can serve you for a long, long time, and I highly recommend you to put your hand into practice and try to create your own. Or you can simply download what I did and by replicating the page to your own personal accounts, Thank you very much, and I see you in the next plus. 7. Ideas Notebook: have you have ever had a $1,000,000 idea that was lost in a few minutes? Yet me, too. I'm obsessed with the ideas because ideas are the reason why things are made. So this class started as an idea. The Gates Foundation started as an idea. Apple started as an idea. So it basically is one of the most important things to make things happen. The thing is, some ideas vanished from our minds. In less than five minutes, I can't count the times where I had a bunch of good ideas, but I moved on with my life. I didn't write them down in soon or later. I just completely forgot those. But where should you record your ideas? I honestly came swear on this digital system because it allows you to kitty, arise your ideas based on different aspect, like business content creation trips. You want to make anything so basically stays much more organized. But the truth is, I also love to keep a small notebook with me where I can keep a few ideas that appear on my mind in the moment. But what I try to do is to copy those ideas in the notebook later to my notion accounts. So by doing this, I am making sure that no I d gets lost inside the notebook or inside other devices. So again, I understand that a physical journal is quite a powerful way to keep track of your ideas, and I actually love to keep one with me. But I make sure I transcribe them later to my notion account, because things just get much more easier to check in to organize basically allows for the high level of flexibility that you just can't have with a physical notebook. So I hope I have convinced you with this idea of keeping our ideas inside notion. And so let's see how I made my own system. As for the idea, notebook were describing to creating you Page. And then we're heading a list full page, which will create a list in another page. We're going to name it business because this will get this will have our own business ideas , and I'm going to ab Tex for each idea. So it basically categorized the ideas that we that we're going to add in this notebook. So let's say this will be a software for learning and you still and this so that we have be Correspondent Tex. Now we have a second idea, and it will be presets for photography. And finally, the third idea will be is physical product in organic clothes. And so, as you can see, you can categorize all of your ideas. I'll be creating another list in another page. In this one will be ideas for content. So let's say the 1st 1 will be at a I G post the 2nd 1 We can have perhaps a YouTube video , an idea for a video and the third we can have it as a block post. So, as you can see, you can create different notebooks for different purposes just to finish. Let's say you have a list of places to visit. You can also create a notebook with all of those ideas. Now what we're going to do now is to insert a linked database and you select all the previous notebooks you created. So the business one, the content one and the places and basically just shows all of your ideas in its decks, and you can create an avenue ones very easily. And finally we're going to have any inbox that contains ideas that were not press process ID yet. So they are not yet in their respective notebooks. So you kind of create a list and basically here you just have all the ideas that were not sorted yet. So we just, you know, put all the ideas and when you have time, you added to the correspondent notebook, so that's why we call them on inbox. This is how it looks like. I just added a light bull Ah, light bulb up there and it just looks very easy to use. Now that you have a digital system to store your ideas, remember, you don't need to abandon your physical journal. You just have to be disciplined enough to transcribe some of those ideas to your digital file system because it will actually be a great help when you plan to implement some of those ideas. Now you have a reliable system to store all of those geniuses ideas in the moment. And I see you in the next class 8. Class Project: for the class project. I really want to see how your notion account looks like so you can take a screenshot of your main page of notion. Or you can take screenshots of the multiple pages we created during this class. By sharing your own system, you will be inspiring other students to take action in to commit to creating their own a personal development system inside notion to I'll be giving feedback in answering all of your projects, Thank you very much and I hope, see your project in the gallery. 9. FB Group: Hi. Just a quick video to tell that I recently created a Facebook group that you can now join to be part of a community of people who are interested in personal development in constant growth. See you there. 10. The end!: first. Thank you very much for reaching the end of this class. I'm really excited to see that you actually are committed to improve your life, using a system like notion to keep track of all different areas of your life. During this class, we cover different templates. Like having tracker a daily planner, a goal setting page. Ah, place to store all of your notes and again, an idea storage that will help you to keep track of your ideas. And do not forget that $1,000,000 idea. All of these templates are designed to make you accomplish more and to do more of the activities that you really love to dio and the all complement each other. Really, really well, you can't accomplish your goals without discipline and organization. And so your habit tracker and daily planner allow you to accomplish your goals on a daily basis. But as you know, ambitious goals require innovation, creativity and ideas. So it is on Lee. When you combine your own ideas with the notes you took from content, you consumed that you can actually develop a life that you're really proud off. Please don't forget to share your work project because I'm really excited to see how your notion account looks like. You can always create more pages in share all their examples and ideas that you have with this community. If you have any questions, you the discussion of this class and that will be there to help you. Please consider leaving a review so I can know exactly where to improve in. I love to read your feedback. Don't forget to check all their classes because that's where we can meet again. Thank you very much. And I see you in other classes.