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Personal Development - Get Your Life Right Using Astrology!

teacher avatar Elena Sakopoulos, Chicago-based astrologer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro: Get Your Life Right Using Astrology

    • 2. Master the Challenges: Closest Difficult Aspect

    • 3. Master the Challenges: Karma in Astrology

    • 4. Master the Challenges: Current Transits

    • 5. Back on Track: Your Talents and Hidden Gifts

    • 6. Back on Track: Manifestation and Astrology

    • 7. Back on Track: Reframe Challenging Pieces

    • 8. Conclusion: Get Your Life Right Using Astrology

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About This Class

This course will set you up with the self-understanding and personal empowerment necessary to get your life back on track! True freedom comes when you work with yourself, not against yourself, and astrology is a powerful tool to help you do just that.

We'll take an in-depth look at your chart and explore how to find your biggest assets and challenges. We'll talk about how to reframe your chart in a positive light and use what you learned to create guiding principles for a life you love! Take this course if you're at a crossroads in your life, considering a major change, or just wondering what's possible for you. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Elena Sakopoulos

Chicago-based astrologer


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1. Intro: Get Your Life Right Using Astrology: Hey, everyone. And welcome to this skill share course how to get your life right using astrology. I am so excited to talk about this topic because it's one that I have personal experience with. When I first got into astrology about five years ago, I was able to completely turn my life around. I had so much more confidence in myself, and I just understood myself so much better. And I am just pumped to share that with you. We're gonna be looking at a lot of very internal and personal things were going to be discussing how to analyze your chart and get a good sense of what your challenges and assets are. As an individual, the internal work always comes first. If you're trying to make external changes like with your job, maybe you're trying to find love or find you know your own place to live. Whatever it is, astrology is going to help you and we have you covered in this course. Astrology is a really powerful tool because it helps you understand yourself better and the people around you, it gives you sort of a more objective look at why you are the way that you are and how you could work with the chart that you have and your own assets to really live and empowered and self assured life. There are so many different tools out there for personal growth and self development. I'm really partial to astrology because I think it helps you understand yourself and really see that you are the way that you are for a reason. It is literally written in the stars for you. I would encourage you to really trust that if you've been wondering what to do with your life, wondering how you can take your own productivity and happiness to the next level that you're in the right place. If you've been seeking out astrology as a means to get answers and finally get back on the right track, know that astrology is calling you Justus. Muchas you are calling it. And there is a reason that you found this course and we're going to do fantastic work together. Please complete the class assignments and post them in our group so that we can see what everyone has been learning about themselves and uncovering through this whole process in this course, and let me know if you have any questions as you complete the assignments. All right, let's get started 2. Master the Challenges: Closest Difficult Aspect: So we're going to start by looking at some of the challenges that are represented in your chart, and in this case, we're going to do so by looking at your aspects. Aspects are just angles between two planets in your chart. They tell you about how the energies of those two planets either harmonize or clash with each other. And you can use this information to get a sense of how those themes play out for you in your life. For kind of a 101 overview on aspects and how to decipher them, you can refer to my previous skill share cores, astrology 101 In my school of thoughts, the closest difficult aspects in your chart by degree is going to define the biggest challenge or sort of an ingrained behavior, pattern or way of being that you fall into. This is a really defining piece of your personality, and it's probably one that's quite unconscious. It's a way of being that you don't really know that you fall into as a default until you illuminated and start to see how it plays out for you. The closest aspect in your chart is going to be the most exact by degree. For example, if you're looking at a conjunction, you're going to want to look at two planets that are on exactly the same degree or very close to the same degree. If you're looking at a square angle, you're going to find two planets that are at exactly the same degree or again very close, but just three signs apart. For example, if you're looking at a square from planet ATS five degrees of Aires, you're going to want to see that the next planet over that's involved in the square is at five degrees cancer or Capricorn. If you're looking at a square from, say, five degrees Aires to 10 degrees cancer, it's not a super close aspect. And though it may be, be a very big person part of your personality. It's not what we're looking at exactly here. When we speak about difficult aspects, we're looking primarily at this square or the opposition. Squares represents a sort of tension or friction between two planets that needs to be worked out in order for energy to flow freely between them in opposition represents a sort of trade off, where there are two sort of opposing truths that don't seem at all reconcilable, and it's are charged to reconcile those beliefs in some sort of way. Or those two ways of being are two different themes. Conjunctions could be difficult, especially if an outer planet or a difficult planet like Mars or Saturn is involved. Conjunctions are exactly what they sound like. It's just the fusing of two different energies very closely. A Queen Kong's represents a Diskant junction. The other name for Quinn Conks is actually in conjunction, and this describes the energy of the two planets involved. Various distinctly hard aspects are going to be those that involved the traditionally Mulet thick planet. It's which are Mars and Saturn and what we define as the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto's. To get a sense of what this hard aspect represents in your life and how the challenge might play out for you personally, you're going to want to look at which plants are involved in this aspect, of course. Also, which houses are connected here If we're looking at Mar Square plu toe lead safe from Mars in the first house, up to Pluto's in the 10th this is somebody whose passion and efficiency and ways that they get things done all represented by Mars are very strongly linked to their career goals and their desire to transform the world through their career in their public image, all represented by a Pluto's. Up in the tent, however, we might think with a square between those two planets, that's this sort of intensity and this desire to change, to transform, to get things done may become a little bit too intense for some of the people they work with an interact with. They might kind of scare people off or burn bridges because of their intensity. They might be involved in lots of power struggles and might have really hard time letting go of things because they're just so dedicated that they just can't see things anyway, other than the way that they see him for our first assignment, right out of paragraph on your closest difficult aspect, describing how it impacts your chart and manifests in your day to day life, if you want a bit of extra credit and foreshadowing to future lessons, also think about ways in which this difficult aspect might be interpreted as a gift or an asset that you got to use 3. Master the Challenges: Karma in Astrology: much of modern astrology is based around the concept of karma, the idea that we all come voluntarily into this lifetime with lessons from past lifetimes that we either mastered or still need to work on in this lifetime. Going forward, Carmack themes are found when we look at Saturn, the North and the South Node and the 12th House. Saturn represents challenges, hard work and what we need to master this lifetime. It's what we're going to have to work at very, very hard. It's where we're going to have to develop a strong sense of discipline and internal motivation. Though we may not like it. A lot of the times. Looking at the sign house and aspects that Saturn makes to other planets can tell you a lot about how it's manifesting for you personally. For example, if you have Saturn in Capricorn, where Saturn traditionally rules, you're going to have lots of lessons about just hard work in general and being, you know, self motivated, disciplined. If you have satyr in the second house, you have a lot of lessons to learn around money, finances and resource is all of the second house themes. This is in contrast to if you might have Saturn in the six House, which is all about your day to day habits and routine your health. Saturn in the sixth might be somebody who really struggled with their health, and over the course of their lifetime, they really need to work at establishing a day to day routine that allows them to be healthy. You know, exercising, eating right, all that type of thing. The nodes describe, perhaps most specifically, past life lessons and your destiny and path. In this lifetime, the self no represents what you mastered in past lifetimes. Wherever the South notice, placed again by sign and by house is going to tell you where you became really, really strong in a past life time. And in this lifetime, you might tend to over rely on those themes or those skills because it comes so naturally to you. The opposite point, the north node, is what is going to be a little challenging for you at first, somewhat similarly to Saturn, but ultimately the direction that you were heading towards for this lifetime and then into the future. For example, if you have yourself note in Virgo, your an individual who has probably always been very disciplined. Being very organized and with your opposite north node in Paice is you are moving towards a lifetime of giving into the mystery of life, of watching it all unfold and not trying to control enforce outcomes yourself. You might need to move away from a very rigid way of being and open your mind up to arts and poetry and non verbal symbolic forms of expression. The 12 house represents the space in between lifetimes, both what happened before you were born and also what's going to happen right after you die . The 12th House tells us a lot about what we need to let go of in this lifetime and what we might need to offer up in service of others. Look at the planets in your 12th house and also the ruler of the 12th House and any aspects that this planet might make to others in your chart. To find the ruler of your 12th house, figure out which sign is on the cost of your 12th house. You can see that represented by the red circle up here. What planet rules this sign? For example, if tourists is on the cusp of your 12th house. Your 12th house is ruled by Venus. And so you're going to want to look at Venus in your chart and where that planet is placed in order to learn more about your 12th house for this next assignment, right out a couple sentences each on your natal, Saturn, your north and south nodes and your 12th house, describing how each of those placements impacts your charts and manifests in your lived experience. 4. Master the Challenges: Current Transits: transits are really helpful way of understanding what's going on for you at this point in time or any point in time. I think of them as like your horoscope, like the type that you read in the newspaper, but especially customized to your charts and much more end up when really looking at transits. We're looking at the angles that are planets in our chart make to where the planets are in the sky right now, and this tells us about how we're experiencing the current energies and what this means for us. It can be really helpful if you're going through a tough time to just have the validation that you might be experiencing a tough transit. For example, when I first learned about transits and predictive astrology, I discovered that I was going through a transit of Pluto's opposite My Natal son, which helps me understand why I was experiencing so much inner turmoil and helped me propel that turmoil towards a transformation. Detract transits. I highly recommend astro dot com, where you can create free accounts and have access to all different sorts of tools to look at both your own and other people's charts. So I'm going to start at the Free Horoscopes tab at the top of the website. I'm going to go all the way to the right of the drop down. The that comes out for me, over to where it says extended charts election. Once I'm here, I'm going to go to where it says chart, type and select the needle chart and transits option. Once I click to show the charts, I have my plan. It's here in the center of the chart and then the transit planets all around the outside in green, so much like the way that you would look at the aspects of two planets make to each other in your chart. You could also look at the aspects that your planet's make to the transit planets. This tells you what you might be experiencing right now or at any given point of time. You can see that when I'm recording this video in the middle of August. We've got a lot of Leo energy going on in his Leo season, which means that the sun is in Leo and we just have mercury that entered the sign after retro grading back into cancer. We have Venus in Leo, We've got Marzen, Leo, and all these planets are going to shift into Virgo very soon. In this case, having a kind of planets up in the ninth House is activating this person's night house themes, right? This is everything to do with. Big idea is in philosophy, mind expansion, maybe even travel. And once the planets all shift into Virgo, there's going to be an emphasis on career. I typically look at the outer planets in analyzing significant life events or determining when major changes might be unfolding for an individual. In this case, I define the outer planets as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, Uranus and Fluto. So, for example, here we see that Uranus is in this person sixth house. So they're probably experiencing lots of changes in their day to day routine and the way that they live their life, maybe even their health. In 19 4020 we're all dealing with the impact of Saturn and Pluto's A in Capricorn. In this case, Saturnin Pluto's oh, fall into the individuals second house. So they're likely experiencing big changes in the way that they make money in, ah, how they consider resource is as a whole and what resource even means to them. Maybe they're starting a new job, a new business venture and coming to terms with all the life lessons and angry and beliefs that come up when you do something like that. The inner planets are fun to track from day to day, month to month, but they tend to act as a little more of, ah, trigger of the outer planet transits. For example, we can see that the moon here is about to run over a Saturn and plutonium Capricorn, which is going to emphasize all of those Saturn and Puto themes for this individual over the next couple days. For this next assignment, right up a paragraph on anyone Outer Planet Transit, you can look here at Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto's and described how that transit is impacting your life right now. Of course, make sure that you were posting on our class wall so that other people can see your responses to the assignments, and we can all get a conversation going 5. Back on Track: Your Talents and Hidden Gifts: So by now we've talked a lot about the challenges that you might face either in your life generally or at this particular point in time. But if we really want to embody positivity and possibility, we need to make a conscious effort at this point to get in touch with the gifts that are. Chart shows us. So take a look at which positive aspects you have in your charts. In this case, we're looking at sex tiles, try ings and even conjunctions. If they involve Venus and Jupiter and not Mars and Saturn. These gifts come really naturally to you. You don't necessarily need to work hard at them in the way that you do with difficult aspects, and so there's something to be taken advantage off. We're not going to ignore or neglect the heart aspects as they can really be gifts as well . But it's important to remember that that is not all that we are. We are not defined by our challenges and our shortcomings, and in fact there's a gift to be found in all of our placements if we just look for it. It's understandable that when we're in a dark place, we're tempted to interpret our chart and especially or difficult placements as really negative. But we need to remember that there is both a higher and a lower expression of each placement. It is up to us to again, really consciously and with efforts embody the positive elements of our charts and of replacements so that we can live a really happy and fulfilling life. For example, let's say you're a cancer sun. The lower expression of this sign is somebody who is really emotionally needy, who is self centered because they feel their emotions so strongly that it's difficult for them to really fully empathize with people. They expect everyone to feel the same way that they dio. But the higher expression of a cancer son is somebody who cares very, very deeply for the people around them, and it's emotionally intelligent. So for this next assignment, right up a paragraph on the closest positive aspect that you have in your chart, describing again how it manifests in your charts and in your day to day life. Also read up on your sun moon and rising as if you are learning about astrology for the very first time, right out of sentence, describing the highest expression of each of these placements and think about how you might embody them yourself. 6. Back on Track: Manifestation and Astrology: So now you have a framework for what your most ideal life could look like. And you can use this framework to help you make decisions about all different aspects of your life. The sooner you learn to work with your chart, rather than working against your charts and your essential nature, the happier you will be, the more successful you will be and the more things will just fall into place for you understanding yourself understanding your chart and why that you are the way that you are goes a long way towards creating a life that is really positive for you rather than one that is just filled with struggle and conflict. So, for example, let's say that you are looking for a new job, and you know that you have this Mars Square Plato aspect. Knowing the power is a really major life theme. You might want to avoid workplaces where you have to work very directly under other people , and power struggles might be a dynamic that you could easily give into. You're gonna want to find a job that allows your intensity in your passion to flow very easily and openly you're going to want to find a workplace where people are going to welcome that sort of intensity and the passion that you bring to your work and won't be scared off by it or threatened by it. Perhaps you're not always a team player, and it's okay if you know that about yourself and you choose work places where you're not going to have to work very collaboratively. Maybe you really enjoy being in a supervisor type type role, delegating to other people and helping them help you get the things done that you need to do. And because you're aware of some of the more negative qualities of the Mars Square Plato aspect, you will know not to give into this power struggles. And they need to control everything that gets done in a workplace so that you're able to lead your employees much more effectively and openly. Let's say you're having relationship trouble, perhaps either an individual with mercury trying Venus in your chart, and it's really important for you to communicate your affection to communicate how much you care about your partner. It's gonna be important for you to be in a relationship with someone who is on the same page about that. If you're in a relationship with someone who's not very communicative or that doesn't really like to receive affection in that sort of way, perhaps you're not a good match. Or perhaps there other ways that you can communicate all of your affection that is going to land better for them. By really embodying the positive aspects of your chart in your relationship, you're able to create a partnership with someone that is really supportive, and that works with you, and that doesn't make you feel stunted. So for this final assignment, right out affirmations for the life that you want to create. Use these affirmations for guiding principles for your life goals and for everything you're doing to get to those gold, ultimately work on embodying these affirmations even and especially when times get tough. We all know that it's one thing to say your affirmations in the mirror the beginning of the day before you've encountered any challenges. But real personal growth and self development happens when you can embody those qualities, even when you're feeling very challenged yourself, and I know that you could do that 7. Back on Track: Reframe Challenging Pieces: We've done a good deal of work to identify the challenges in your chart, and now the next step is going to be to really consciously and actively refrain those perceived negatives into positives. Anyone who's went to be successful and fulfilled and happy in their life is going to have some challenging expects. These challenging aspects are what pushes us to grow and develop his people and improve ourselves and become our best Selves. So they're by no means anything to shy away from. The sooner we're able to realize that those challenges are actually what makes us stronger and really there are assets, the sooner that we're able to get out of it victim mindset and were able to take control of our own lives. You have to really, really consciously want to do this. You have to want to see the positives in all of the negative that you experience. I know when I first started out on this journey of self development, I would roll my eyes when people would say things like that, like you don't understand. It's so hard, you know nobody else that doesn't have wound conjuncture. Saturn, for example, can understand what that feels like and you just don't know how hard it is. Well, yeah, maybe that's true. But you understand that. And you don't want to experience all that sadness and that confusion and that discomfort anymore. You want to be more than that. You want to be better than that. So it is your responsibility at this point to really reframe things. I'm not by any means saying that this is an easy or quick process, that it is a one time thing. And then you're just gonna done this Might very well be something that you work on over the course of a few months. Perhaps you find an aspect of your chart that you want to reframe and using language of astrology. You're able to articulate what that is. And maybe you discuss it in therapy sessions with a professional counselor or psychologist seeking out help from mental health professionals, spiritually advisers and even your friends and family can be super helpful. As you continue on this journey of self development. There's also a positive feedback loop that's created with your self esteem here as you begin to perceive your challenges as assets and you really get clear on the fact that you have a lot of positive things to work with. You're only going to increase your self esteem and then you're increase. Self esteem is going to just help you get back on track even more easily and help you out the next time you have something typical that you need to deal with. So this is the point where we go back to the challenges that we saw on our chart and reframe them as opportunities for personal growth. What have you learned from this behavior or the situations that this way of being has created for you? Had you not been born with that challenging aspect? What would you be doing differently? And what would you maybe be just unconscious to in your life? For example, if we're looking at Mar Square, Pluto's again. That intensity is also an asset because it helps you get a lot of things done, Maar Square puto. Individuals can be very, very productive because there goals are very long term and they're able to see through to the why off why they do the things that they do. They, their intensity and their passion allows them to get things done and keep those long term goals in mind. So that's what they're doing, really has a purpose and have in goal and this service and really well with my moon conjuncture Saturn, I've become really clear that this is an aspect that creates emotional resilience and self reliance for me. I do experience really big fluctuations in my mood, and very often I do have that sort of very somber nature to my emotions that Saturn creates . But I also feel as though I'm able to get through any situation that life throws at me. You can do the same thing with transits that you're experiencing if you're going through what you would consider a really difficult transit. Also consider what this transit is teaching you. What have you learned as a result of dealing with a really difficult transit like let's say so on opposite Fluto or Mars Square, Uranus or something like that. Also, you might want to consider whether you're experiencing any positive transits, Let's say, a sex style or trying from an outer planet to one of your personal planets. Those were one of the assets as well that can help you grow in a really positive way that is much more supportive and perhaps not. It's abrasive or challenging at some of the outer planet. Transits could be. So for this next assignment, go back to the paragraph that you wrote about your roads challenging aspect and write a couple sentences describing how it is also an asset for you. What did you learn? As a result, figuring out how to deal with this aspect, right is if you were describing this aspect to a friend or family member, somebody that you really care about challenge yourself to be objective and positive while you write this rather than having a negative bias. 8. Conclusion: Get Your Life Right Using Astrology: thank you so much for participating in this course, and I hope that it was really helpful for you. Remember that any change that you want to meet with yourself can be done. It always comes back to your mindset. Any part of your chart, which you find challenging or you don't really like, can always be transmuted into something more positive based on your mindset. In fact, any change that you're making that's going to be lasting and permanent in your life has to be very conscious and active. You need to make your new way of being a habit, and you have to really commit to that over time and show yourself that you're serious about getting back on track. You're going to be so surprised at how quickly the external changes start falling into place as soon as you get really right internally and become confident in yourself. And I'm so excited to see that start to happen. Please review this course. If you had fun participating, check out my one a one course if you need me refreshers on the astrological basis and subscribe to my YouTube channel for all of your astro informational needs. Thank you so much and I will see you soon