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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Personal Budget an Introduction

    • 2. Setting up What We Need

    • 3. Creating and Editing

    • 4. Making it Work and Review

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About This Class

Creating a personal budget in google sheets, with the capability to update online and on mobile so you do not need to access your computer to add your details.

  • Including using forms for smart entry and updates.
  • A brief overview of template methods and formula.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chris Gage

Analysis, Forecast and Business Planning


Hello, I'm Chris. I like spreadsheets!

Come and follow my Learn with Chris Roadmap to see what I am working on.

I am an award-winning Director of Business Improvement with a distinct focus on Customer Service.  All in all, I like technology and ways to become more productive and efficient.

I have recently become a published author of Ebooks; as a person with Dyslexia, this has been a real achievement for me. Check them out here if you like my courses.

If you want to ask me any questions or get involved in my community, feel free to join my Learn with Chris Linkedin or Facebook page.

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1. Personal Budget an Introduction: Well, hello and welcome the lessons of Chris. So what we doing today? We are going to be looking at the personal budget or a personal budget template that we can build and go sheets. So what are we doing? We're gonna be creating our basic budget sheet, which I will share with you. We will also be creating some forms which will give you the ability to interact with sheet without having to open up. So, for example, adding dearly expenses, this would also allow. For example, family members will keep the template for fairly simple. But I'll touch upon where we can add things to, for example, more people. We will also decide in the best sort of mechanics to look, I'll show you some of the basic formulas are probably intermediate level formulas. T do some ifs, For example, by D account ifs. Average it's on will go through them. We'll keep this to a lot of a shorter than my initial introduction to Google Sheets will be four lessons, although including the introduction, So three license in the introduction on it will give you the ability to either use the budget sheet I give you or create your own one as well. It's quite a powerful tool. Google sheets for this or interaction. Naturally, I will do the same version of Microsoft Excel, which gives some, maybe slightly fancy or charts in the lake. But it doesn't give the online for mechanical, at least not with the ease that we can do it here. And we thank you for joining in this lesson. I do hope this is useful for you. I'm sure if you are coming to this because you like the budget, as do I. I put in some crazy examples of expenses and income are sheep, which you will see over the next few license. And they're not personal examples, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at anyway. Thank you very much on good luck with the course. And sure you read the description below for the links to the sheet on. Of course. Make a copy. If you don't know I have to do that. I will leave the instructions is well within their description below. Okay. Thank you. 2. Setting up What We Need: who and welcome to learning with Chris. And here we are, in part, to national budget. So what we've really got to understand is what is a personal budget, or at least what is a personal budget in terms of what I'm showing you on? The idea behind this is really track Your daily expenses daily income are daily sevens. Obviously these do not have to be daily. Asking can become free monthly weekly or anything. We will show you. I will show you how to to look at this in terms of deep state. So you have to really understand what you want. Mornar. So this is what we've been looking at here. For the purposes of the template, this is what we're going to. So these are just basically the imagine is a drop time duty. They don't work like that because will be creating a form. And I will show you an example form for income of just said salad E investments and other very, very generic. It's extraordinarily easy to edit this, and I will show you that a not within this part in the next part potentially expanses fairly generic food bills, rent in attainment family credit card loans, other and saving savings account portfolio. I see I'm not sure that seem in all countries, but that's our British tax free saving bonds. You can add as many as you want to. This my suggestion would be, would not many more than we've gotten expenses because your categorization probably isn't going to. She was much detail or too much detail, potentially to get any real trains. So in terms off the next steps, we've talked about what we're doing. Talked about the goal, which is to build a spreadsheet that will allow you to track monthly budget or larger the monthly budget, and I'll show you what I mean. But we'll talk about it as a monthly budget and have online forms, which you can use on your phone to insert your daily expenses. Or indeed, you consent to other people if they're spending potentially on your came something. So we need to understand what we want him honor, which is expenses, income and see Vince. So again, that is all that really is there Now, this is of no use in terms of what we're going to do. This is just an example. What you'll have off potential income expenses and Syrians. You'll, of course, know better for yourself. Income can be very different. For example, if you have any YouTube incoming would probably want to look at that separately. Salaries, of course. Going to be the mean one, potentially in expenses. Your savings. You may have something along the lines of pensions. Really, What you have to do is make it work for you in the best way possible. So if in the next lesson we're going to look at the mean page off the template of sent you forms under review. However, before we get there, we're going to make a farm quickly. Just so you know I'm referring to, I'm sure you know what I mean by a worksheet that mean page on. Indeed, it's up here, although we won't click on it yet. But maybe you don't know what I mean by a farm, especially if you've only used Microsoft Excel before. Although forms in principle or similar, they're much more complex in many ways in Microsoft than the are in Google. So let's make a form quickly on a sheet on when you look at the Sheikh, although you can't see the times of the bottom There you will be able to see this form. I'm waiting. Goes Okay, So when it's your menus, all I'm gonna do, I'm gonna have a look through here. I'm gonna look a tools, and I'm going to create a form on this. Takes me to a pidge on. This is it. So we're going to call this example for I'm not gonna write a description, but let's change the color. Someone. Let's just turn it too dark green. There we go. And take a question example. Question one. And we've got an option one. We got option two. We've got option three. I'm not going out of the picture. I'll put this eyes that multiple choices. I'll see. This is a required question. Another question. I'll make this check boxes and I'll see yes or no. So we've got option one because of Google, if you seem not merely actually picked up on what I wanted. So it's said that all options? Yes. No. Maybe because I'm asking a Yes. No question, which is absolutely terrific is also required Question. I'm also gonna put short answer, which is text, and I'm like last comment competes. I'm not gonna put any rules in here by I'm going to see this is also required, which maybe you wouldn't do. Okay, so that is a foreign. I'm not, is literally it. Now, I'm sure you what you actually have to do with that so you can copy the web pitch on. You can access that from anywhere. You don't have to be logged into Google or Infinite. That what? We actually have a look, though, as well. Look at the preview. So that is the real form. That's the Web page. If you open up upon your phone, whether it's android or apple or indeed most phones I know we've been toe m phone also works of this. It will open up creatively. So we're gonna just answer a random question we're gonna go for option to go for Maybe I'm not gonna go. This is a test submit. Okay, so we submitted the form. I'll ignore this at the moment, although you can't have a quick look, your responses and you get some interest in tables and the like from your responses. But for that you can also export. Of course, it's not too relevant for our budget. However we go back to listen to you may see are you In fact, you can't see along the bottom. There is another top. Let me just make this a little bit bigger for you guys. So you can indeed see what I'm talking about. There we go form responses. So I'm gonna pull that along to the right, just for cleaners. And it's basically a little bigger basis. Meet time stamp. So when it happened, Example Question Option two, yes or no? Maybe comments. It's a test. Seles are all very quantifiable on if I was to fill in form right now Oh, you're getting a sneak preview affair, something there that you're not supposed to, But let's fill in for life just so you get the idea. Let's go for option one this time. Yes, and go. Oh, my goodness, I just want to show you how quickly this works and this isn't any quicker because I have them on the same computer. It's nothing to do with that there still going into the clothes so it's just click. Submit showy submit. Look about immediately, so probably for your own personal budget. The media is not necessarily. I'm sure 5 10 seconds would be fine, but it won't be 5 10 ticked. It may be a second base certainly will be more than that. But this gives you an idea for maybe some of the future projects would do maybe some basic chicken and check out for staff, for example, that you could potentially do these forms. A very, very, very powerful, simple but powerful Yes, they are simpler than Microsoft Excel version, but they're more public fel in their own way, at least in this regard. Okay, so in terms off, blessing to our part two off this Linssen that I such done, we're going to get into the more exciting ailment which is looking at the main page, looking at the farms, on reviewing and finally on the part four will be looking at some of the formula that are in use. I'm just reviewing over what we've done on the potentials of what else we can do, and we think very much I will see you for the next part 3. Creating and Editing: Hello and welcome by the lessons with Chris were on personal budget part but on worksheet creation. Now I did consider making the worksheet with you live. And then, if I may be a bad idea just to make an example, were actually that you can use yourself. You condone Lord and make a copy office, as I'm sure you know how to sheets now if you've got here, because the creation of the worksheet may have taken an hour or two, although is not particularly complex. Just some of the formalized fidgeting their own former or imagine if you're here. You're already relatively comfortable with formatting. Or if not, please check out my beginner's guide or the multiple other available to to Royals on Google sheets. So I thought, I'll give you an example that you can actually use yourself so for further do will pop onto the sheet. No, don't be worried about how much detail is on that. We will go over. Each section is quite simple anyway. But just in case here we go. Here is a basic personal budget. What Chickie Copyright by Chris Keech. Please feel free to use this as much as you so wish these air all meet up money, meet up expenses, income, salary not related to me in any way, shape or form. I have used Pone Sein's Obviously imagine this and dollars Euros, rupees. You name it anything you want. It really doesn't Mark is just changing. You're for Mafia. There's no fancy calculations behind, either. It's just changing the prefix. So if he changed us, dollars would still be 7770. So this army and Pidge, that's where the magic is. What this is telling me here is between the month of April and me on the first of April 1st of me, that's my income. That's makes panties. That's my savings. This allows me to look. I have my year is tracking. This is just a breakdown, a pie chart in terms of my expenses. On there's my daily expenses. Ignore this section of the moment or feel free to look here, but we will cover that in part four. So the reason this is yellow, and if you're watching my videos more often, you'll probably get used to. This is because I like to give people an obvious place where they can a day. So anything with yellow and red rating thighs the aid of books. So I'm just gonna type in. I did initially make drop domes, but I am aware people like different formats for their for the dates. Of course, American nooky is different, but there is other four months as well. So feel free to change that yourself if you want to drop time personally, I quite like typing this in because I don't always like to look at a month. I like to look at two weeks for expenses. More than enough, Ingles. So I'm gonna put in March on April there. So they're not to tell me between March and April. Have a different set. A different income. Of course I have different expanses on my savings were slightly lower. That's no surprise because most people will be adding to their savings each month. OK, so we'll just go back to April. You can put in any days you won't hear. Obviously, there's only so much example here and here, but want you insert your own date down here. It just edits less. Now I've only got data for 2020 but if you were to keep the ship going for a number of years As an example, you could put in a separate year and it would show you how you're tracking. So your income, your expenses. So what else can we look out here? This is a deal. The expensive shoes. This year's my simulate, I believe it. Same bills and rent or mortgage and bills. Also, I can see all this that I'm very, very intrigued by my expensive, So I monitor them carefully. My expenses are generally a little bit different. Spread to that rain and mortgages different food to certainly don't use. You'll have as much entertainment as outlook or family for me. Which is good, of course, very busy. Unfortunately. And of course, Stevens was very different. I'll show you how you Canadian. So what else do we have here? No income. So not too simple is income minus expenses. Average name. The average name is actually looking. Having the mumps were going on. We've caught this head and behind here. Feel free to look at this changes So this just tell me income each month on experience each month. This is not normally how it actually do this. I'd probably write this in a formula in totality, Justin. Average name. But I thought this would be interesting for you to see. So this is our simulated income on our simulated expenses each month. So that's telling me my average name, which would be the difference between these two, is about to phase in 100. So it's an indeed. My near income is quite a lot less. Between April and me. I'm with no even finished. So there may be more expensive school because I'm currently recording this on the 26 off April. It may be the 27th of April when this goes live. Okay, so you can see a couple of other things. He had a game. If you ignore, call them cute, because we'll talk about that part for we've got income, expenses and savings. But I think you can probably guess what this is. I'll open one up very briefly so you can see let's look experiences. Do you have for over click the button? There's my expenses. So what else would I normally do here? So this is the DEA BCE type ailment that we seem not so valid in our team and just dance until expenses. Now you'll notice a pure forms go to life for So I'm gonna go there. I'm gonna do something here. So there's expense. Before I added expense, I'm gonna take this Web address. I'm gonna be it. I'm gonna go back for budget for lacing. Go back to the mean time. I'm gonna write expense, then right click on. But in set a link, I'm gonna pieced that link on apply, but closed it down again. So no, I know what you do this for the rest of them. So I have expenses, which is actually the database. No, I suggest not a dangler adding anything in these tables. In fact, I would normally hide these tables by hiding. You can life click and right. Click on in click hide sheep. You could still access them if you go here, but that means there's no obvious way to get there because you can cause some issues. If you were to to do something with with these tables, if you were to aid, it's something in here. It is logical that I would stay away from aiding directly and they don't have tables. Okay, so we'll just do an example. Expanses. Okay, so Oh, no. We have to pay for a credit card bill at £77 this month. Let's sit. May. Okay, so close that page. We've added some more. Credit cards are net incomes, even lace. So this template is entirely fully working. This is hyperlinked. I just explained. As I explained earlier, this can be opened up from a non Google. You know, you could be opening not this up on your phone, and you can add your expenses and it opens up Well, actually expect, like an up. Personally, I have these on my home screen on my android on on my up and my apple for work. I tend to use my android on the North. 10. It's big screen. My apples love a smaller, but it does work quite well in sheep in size because it's Google, of course. So this is a fully working, mean budget. Huts are personal budget mean pidge. Now my personal budget, which are actually doing Google sheets as well as a whole heap off other trained analysis, which is basically charts. I also simulate So my my partner, she also wants to our expenses for our family expenses just so we can track that we don't track individual items, but we trapped total spend. So I do hope this particular one can be used by you. Now, before we move on to lesson for I want to show you if you wanted to add or change anything to form because these may No, I'm sure they will know much your needs. So we are gonna go here even though I said I wouldn't. You can see the newest one gets started at the top there. No, an arrangement. Because I did what I said You shouldn't do on add directly to the d A table because it's quicker for me to for examples. So OK, these expanses don't quite work for us. So let's go to form. Let's go to 84 Mrs. As simple as it gets. Okay, so we know the expense type. Let's have a little look. You know the time stop. Do we want to know any more information? No, I don't, because for me, my expectation it is the I put my expenses basically when I do them, Or maybe a few hours afterwards. That would be an argument to be made to ask a question for the day off the expense. Personally, I don't use that. I will show you how you could edit the formulas and in part for So if you have an extra de Vinge instead of playing time stump when the form gets filmed and it would look at the date range, that may be an option, and I think that would be a good one to play with the Familiarize yourself with what looks like a complex formula, but it's indeed quite simple. All we want to do, though, is we want to add another option when we're gonna add option. Let's call it skill, Shia, because we're all paying for skill share to access these fantastic lessons by so many good teachers. All they do, it's click Enter that we go and that's it. I could just close this. Tell you what, Let's end it. The color. Let's make this blue Must be the background. Uh, let's go for Dockery. You can also add images. You can change the four style Let's go formal as an example, playful but even playful. I don't have any images for you, but foot feel free. You can also add images within the questions. Personally, for me, that's not hugely relevant for my own forms. However, for the one my partner feels an envelope picture of her daughter for family experiences and just for fun. Okay, so I'm gonna disclose that I'm not has been live safe. So we've no Eddie the form just by going to form a form. If we want to get their addresses for the forms, you just goto life form copy and paste the address. I would suggest you pop in it dresses for incoming Stevens here. I've deliberately left them just so you can familiarize yourself and for the prophecies off part free, that's more or less done with evaluate the mean pitch with volley the forms on we've reviewed forms in the main peach. You may have to go over this particular video again just to look at what each section does , but we will be going into more detail in there. The next part in regard to the actual formulas plea. And of course, you have this. You will be able to make a copy. You have got this from the description. I'm sure you have been doing this with me in order to make your own budget or use this budget on just aided. And we thank you very much. I will see you for the next part. 4. Making it Work and Review: hello and welcome back relations with Chris on our personal budget. Google sheets. So making it work with covered how we can do it in the terms off the forms. The main pages already sound for you, but how does it really work? That's the question that this particular lesson ah, part of the lesson may not be useful for everybody. So if you're comfortable with the main page I've built on your comfortable with the low end that you may need to make on a form and ate, it forms. Fine. That's not a problem. However, if you're a little bit intrigued by highway actually works the formula aspect. We're gonna have a quick look at that. Here a name. We will review the lacing briefly as well. So let's go back to budget for Lacey Over here. We're gonna look a formless. So some ifs formula. No, I'm putting this I beginner level course because it's fairly simple, however, the formulas himself for probably more intermediate, even potentially advanced. So if you're not familiar with these forms, please do not worry that actually, quite simple, these are some of the simplest formulas that you can have for this sort of environment. But they may look complex to some people and did deals complex to me, even though I use them every day. So just to explain a couple elements of this, we'll focus on here. So here is a real formula, not some EFS. Indeed, it's the same one is here some if income and could be B 13 income. So what does all this? So let's talk it through. It tells us so. Summit some means. What is this? Some range? Me? Well, some range is pretty simple. Where do we sum up? Where do we told toe? So we're talking up income on its C C on. That means it's the whole called. So let's have a look at income C. C. So, of course we're tooling up anything and not move. So if we were to do that, that would just be the talk. Dona, which is 25 679. Not particularly useful for us. So what else have we wanted to this formula I could see over here if it's larger but alcohol fruit on left side so you can see the cuckold descriptions as well. Criteria range. Okay, so Now we're adding some extra criteria, so we're seeing criteria. Range is an income, so they income. She called a B. However, the criteria of self try TVOne his B 13. The reason there's no income right behind sided is because it's in the sheet that would actually on right now. So before we go to the income sheet income tab, let's have a look of B 13. So what is B 30 Weaken C B. And there's be 30. So it's the word salary. OK, so income called B. Okay, so now we're getting to some criteria. We're obviously looking for the word salad, even name. All that would give us would be the tool off these salaries, which is the vast majority of her income, which is 19,270. So again may be useful. If you want to look at a full year, if I probably very useful if you're looking at Phil year, but not very useful. If you're one a month, So what else have we go here? We have got to things that look very similar and we're gonna take them together. We have income, so we know that on the other top. We knew it's looking column, both parts. So that's a lot of criteria range, and that's another criteria range. But this time we've got a couple of things in brackets, so we've got no brackets. Speech marks greater that saying is for agree to them. A nice obviously equals so greater than or because C six so see six doesn't have enough in like income in front of its. We know that on this peach. So what's C six? C six is simply too deep here. Now you probably noticed over here that there's a non simple. So when you're doing something like greater than or equal, especially for a date, you want to put in this answer. So we've gotten greater than a recall on on it. Seeing it's a bit odd in terms of structure, but what it's actually seems greater than equal than that sale so that I'm just relieved that sale. But just imagining it as on on its C six. And indeed, this one is seeing income A. So we'll look at that in a second less than that's the same for less than probably quite obvious. Registered re a tree that that scene on D. C. I'm sure you can guess what sale see seven is, but let's have a look. Seaside. It's the deep. So income be. Let's have a little looking Comey, and it's the time stamp, so it's seeing greater than a recall to the first of April. Unlaced. Done. First of me now there's a couple ways you can do the greater than or equal. You could just do greater than if you would just do agree around. You would have to put the last day in March, so it's easier to do the great Atlanta equal when you're starting, unless stunned the next month. So the first of me as an example, that is a few ways you can do that and feel free to mess around with that. For me, that's the simplest we endorsed the most normal way. I'm not sure if it's best practice because it's easy enough to use another method, but that's how we're doing. So that's some office. If you need to listen to that again, please do. Hopefully, that's quite simple for anyone not familiar with these. Obviously, you have this sheet so you can play around with it. I've just explained the dollar signs. That's just putting in absolutes to put an absolute you prove. Therefore, basically all absolutes do, although this is more than intermediate type activity is if you were to click and drag these days like that, like I've just done undo that that c six with change. If I didn't put the dollar signs in C six who become C seven and C seven become, see it because it would move them one sale as well. That's really, really important. Absolutes. When you're using formulas, you don't necessarily have to put them in. You can manually edit, but it's definitely this is best breakfast. There is a mixture of absolutes, but I won't go into any more detail other than if you press f or once you get these $2 signs in, which is perfect for this type of formula. Very, very simple concept. But there is a lot you seize on differences to how you use absolutes. So I got some X formulas. Maxim formula for Max ifs formula. Let's change that, actually, because that is a different form. Max it for me. So where do we use up some F? So here, so expenses is identical. In fact, let me just touch on a point. So we were talking about expenses. No expenses. Looks exactly seems income, so we don't go through the formulas, but it looks amounts. It checks which expense it is on what time it came. That could be an argument to be made. Personally, I would advise against this for daily expenses if you weren't intending on adding everything on the day of spent, because it is so so quick. But if you didn't for some reason you could add in your form we won't do that. I mentioned earlier. It's what for low playas well, on extra question, which you can ask for the beat off the expense. So instead, off Ayman expenses E. So you added to end at the end, you would look at expenses D D and not be the day off. The expense on this formula would just need it, so it dd dd and that would work them. So if you wanted to know, always have to do things quickly, that's how you would change it there. If you've got any questions or not, let me know. I'll even happily doing aid it for you. If anyone is struggling with that and just on there, they're reviewing the questions below popular. It's going to Maxim's. So thumb up my accepts that identical in Leo absolutely identical in layout to some, it's so you're looking instead, Max. If so, it's not some range. It's just arrange. Everything else is identical. So what does Max chefs do? Well, it's probably in the name for T clear, but let's read what Google Sheets says. It says returns the maximum value in a filtered range of sales filtered by a set of criteria applied to additional BG's. So it's filtered by the criteria we have for the other one. So in this case, it's looking a portfolio, but I'm absolutely sure you can guess what this is doing. But portfolio. So it's looking for the max if amount for portfolio between these two dates. So let's have a little look. There we go now. It could have been less in the month before, but because it's looking between the two days, why am I doing Max ifs? Because it's savings. So I suppose there is a suggestion that your savings could go down in month, so you could do something like average ifs, which is exactly seemed formula. But for me, when I'm tracking, Stevens elected all my maximum savings within, say, January maximum Siemens with in February. So if there has been a reduction, I'll see between months you could change that and feel free to my suggestion. Is that the easiest way to monitor how your savings air moving? However, if you've got a different interpretation, that is not an issue whatsoever. Please feel free to have a look it up. Finally, there's an example formula, and we're not gonna go through this form. This is kind of the small test, if you will. This formula is from this sale here on. This is the work of the average name that we did touch on previously, and I'll leave it there. Basically, it's some formulas and count formulas, so some is totaling up. Arrange and count is counting. Arrange with one criteria just for a little bit. If he's the criteria is greater than one. So we're basically don't want to come in if in less than one okay, so when No honesty, that is the basic personal budget and how it looks. Hopefully this particular she works for you. If no, I'd be really eager for anybody. Of course. Don't share me your personal budget details, but to show me something they've come up with. So if you've got enough, feel free to send me a message and be great to see some examples of what you can do here and say mine is quite a lot more complex. Personally, however, only complex in the sense I do more trained analysis that is complex. Each you can. I'd if I actually haven't the rate formulas in terms of the sort of questions you may ask yourself for expenses. Be really eager from even from a personal aspect in normal people are doing there. Okay, so finally, before we get into somebody is additional ideas, So there's a few extra things you could do Within this budget, you could add an extra criteria, which I have on my own budget, which bank Kim is being used. So lots of people have more bank accounts, a multiple credit cards, so maybe you want to break down expenses by banking and credit card off a seven, not showing you how to do this on if anybody is interested. Please do leave a comment on. Maybe we could do some fund of break downs on this particular sheet, but this is just to break down. Father. I personally do this. I have him to mean bank accounts to mean credit cards, so I break them. I spend everything remains that seem, but there's an extra criteria that I have in a drop them desolate. Which card that would be looking up. And also all cards, notes, elements deforms. So if you wanted some more detail and expenses, is very easy, as we showed in a prior part to add in extra questions. So maybe you want a long answer. Maybe you want to describe your expense. I do have some description in my expenses. So if, for example, I have bought a book out, probably write something like Book I Keep My car agrees. Fairly simple, because I find it right, a unique expression for each. It doesn't help me in any way easy to me and if so touching upon sort of bank accounts on Max ifs, it's very easy to amend what these efforts are looking up. We will be doing more lessons in the future to look if statements and Max ifs and summits in much more detail. So if you do need that, please have a look. But just in additional idea to look out here on. Of course, one I haven't mentioned I haven't been doing this. Former is obviously something that I use. I like dark colors, only clack grid planes. It doesn't have to be seen. You may want to add completely different pie chart. You may want to change this to have a board or me when it are not horizontally as eating some. So let's go back to our somebody. We have looked at making it work. We know with some if, sir, we know what the max. If, sir, we don't know that minutes are, but they're exactly the same as Max ifs, but they sure the minimum value for that month and that could be an argument to be made for that savings is well, I know personally, although my partner and still expenses onto my one. She has their own savings, and she uses men ifs instead of Maxim's. It's men. If so, she wants in on the minimum savings, so that's trying to take into account. The Spain or savings have changed in any week. I personally prefer marks, but many ifs did as well, and we've reviewed. So we've reviewed this. We've decided what we're doing. What was the goal? We're making a budget, and we were going to be kept the capability to add expanses, income or savings details out with having to ever open a spreadsheet. And you, Do you have the capability to know? Open up the spreadsheet tall and continuously add your expenses. I would suggest there's not huge might appoint hundreds spreadsheet if you're not gonna ever open up, however, maybe you and your expenses over your month and you just look at it once a month or even once 1/4. It's very handy from wondering. We understand what we want a mourner. So this is very much up to yourself. Off course we've put the stone on. We added skill sharing as well, but you really need to make sure they Google is very sensible. So if you added an extra questions, it would break anything. But you were tough to adjust your formulas in the future to take these inter camp, so you cannot in the future expenses can be changed as an example, you just need to get formula. And, of course, within this one these have to match up to the names in your form. But you can't change them is not an issue. Just it's very good idea or two in advance to cite what you want work. She have showed you the worksheet, showed you how these work on for some additional light years, and that's really us for our personal budget. I really do hope that was helpful. I do hope these templates are helpful. I'm open to helping people further if they want some slight changes, although I would suggest playing around with it yourself and thank you very much for joining. Learn with Chris. There's of course, sheets for beginners out there on there'll be multiple other Google sheets based tutorials coming soon. I have no reset that she and you have this available to you. Of course, there's some formulas in here if you want. Have a little look as well to see how this works on a do wish you all the best. Thank you very much. I will see you again