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Personal Branding for Business & Career

Slava Makovich, Personal business & brand development

Personal Branding for Business & Career

Slava Makovich, Personal business & brand development

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Personal Branding Model

    • 2. What’s your primarily about?

    • 3. Personal peculiarities

    • 4. Personal ideology

    • 5. 2018 11 25 17 08 47

    • 6. Your contact points

    • 7. 2018 11 25 17 36 05

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About This Class

The course on creation of effective personal brand that helps in achieving business and career goals.
This is not just a video kit. You can get feedback on completed tasks. Just write me at [email protected]

As a result of participation in the course you will receive:

  1. A well-developed concept of your personal brand that will allow you to show your value and stand out among competitors
  2. Updated marketing materials that increases your value 
  3. Your personal promotion plan
  4. Focus, confidence and clarity in development of your personal brand

This course is created by Slava Makovich - co-founder of the Personal Branding Agency "SLV" and venture investment company Tria A; author of 3 popular books on personal branding / entrepreneurship.

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Slava Makovich

Personal business & brand development


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1. Personal Branding Model: the latest Senate Okmin. Welcome to my course, and personal branding within this lesson will speak about so called Burson Branding Morning . That's the important things that give the clarity and focus off development off your personal brand. Actually, that your answers off four main questions. The first question is, why? Why would he like to develop your personal brand here? We should start with a definition. What is personal branding and what is personal? Brand in my position, Russell brand. He's the set of expectations that your target audience have about you. And if we look on their definition, we see that there are two main parameters off your personal brand. The 1st 1 is the level of expectations. Is it low or high? And second, he's How many people knows you, your coverage and by personal branding you can directly influence on that too. Pretty serious, actually held of that, you could get other benefits. For example, if the expectation about use higher you can have the highest salary or the higher price for your services beef. More people knows you could have hook lines here. Ask why Why do you want to develop your personal brand? What you would like to have out of that to get new audience, to increase the sale of the cost, the price of your services on something else. Secondly, what what do you would like to tell to your audience? Usually that's two main things. The first thing is that your topic is important for them, for example, that, uh, you speak about personal branding that first name brand can help to achieve personal goals . The second thing is that you are the right guy that writes specially Smithfield. Next question is for whom? Who is your target audience? And here it's important to be very specific. So you should take session audience where you can have at least coverage 40% so that 40% of the audience well, no, you you can choose several audience but the extremist Pacific. And the last question is how later on we'll speak in more details about all the tools and instruments here, just the brief ideas by which instruments you would like to give this information to this audience. So your task for today he's too. Make your nonsense to that questions to create your personal branding model. If you have any questions on string to head questions. Feel free. Tried me how they're happy to help you. And also, you can write me your results and get my personal feedback to that. For now. Thanks for your attention and see you on the next lesson. Bye for now. 2. What’s your primarily about?: Oh, this is slower, McGleish. And welcome to the second lesson off our course on personal brand within this lesson will cover very important topic. What's you primarily about? What's the main thing about you? Because when we speak about birth mom branding, it's important to understand that it's oh, within braves off your wooden's. Um, there could be on Lee one main association with you. And to have the strong brand, it's very important to choose the one. I think that will be, uh, above everything on the top off your pyramid. Of course, I know that you have many skills that you have a lot of competence, but choose something that's will be the 1st 1 to do that. I recommended to the following thing make such a table right down your core achievements and write down the areas off expert guys that causes that achievements. And next, I don't show you some examples how, uh, how you can use that. Uh, for example, you could have some achievements in the sphere of business. You increase the revenue off your company. And for that, he used yet expert ties. Een making marketing research in building promotion ceased him I mean, personal branding, stardom, development. Probably like that. Uh, we have some more achievement, more years of expert ties. And then you make the least off all your areas of expertise eyes, and then you delete it. What you don't think can be the important for you and juice something. For example, uh, it could be personal branding, marketing, business development and PR. Then you make several variants off pyramid in the first of area, you put personal branding on the top This case your core think it's personal training and then use marketing to as the instrument of personal brain ing used visas developed as a tool on expert ties to make business. How about if you have a personal brand and use PR as the instrument to It's one of the, uh, instrument of personal branding development? Or they could be another parent. You can food on the top marketing. In this case, personal bringing would be just the instruments off marketing. You can use personal branding. Uh, that's a lot of the marketing tools for your company. Uh, you can use PRS and how the instrument you can see marketing as a competent off business. So use business development in marketing another area you could oppose put business development on the toe. In this case, marketing will be just one off Barth off business development. Uh, there could be another part, like management finals and so on. Man, that will be the question to have this confidence. Or you should develop that, then other tools like personal Brand NPR will be also the tools of marketing. So in the third area, he put business developed on the top, make different pyramids, try different variance and probably you find one with you. See, yes, that's that's about me. Another very good exercise that I recommend you to do. You can write the different variants off the following sentence. You some police, uh, there is nearly no target audience for home. I wouldn't be useful in. And then your area of exper ties, For example, um, in the world, there is nearly no great if interpreter for whom I wouldn't be useful in development off their personal brand or in universities. There is nearly no, uh, author off starter project for whom I wouldn't be useful in development off their business model or understanding called our market potential off their start up. So make the load of variants and also see the them and choose which one is better for you. It should be. There are enough for you to really become their number one So to the field where you can see that within the few years you can be number one in this field. And, uh, that should be also wide amount for you too much. You're ambitious for you to have might have hated to a drill deep into, uh, help develop in this field. You can also take into account that there several potential roles for the personal Brent, you can be a guru, a person from military, everything in this field and who's the words can be discussed. We could be an expert. I personally know that sealed quite well. Uh, heaven expert ties, but whose, um, can discuss everything. Uh, not the final words, but recommendations. Or it could be researcher. You can see that there is some field where you would like to develop. Uh, but you don't have enough confidence on that. You can take the role of researcher. You take that information in this field, you right in town in a better way. You until our this water. Uh, how did people say is about that? What experts and gurus says on that topic, and you develop your competence on that. That's also possible role. So choose to hunt this better suits you and finally, dusk for you. Choose your course here. May this exercise understand what's what's really this fear way. We like to develop your personal brand because, as I told you at the beginning, they could be also one concrete's fear where you should build your personal brand good news that you can change this fear. So if you try something, understand that's not for you. You can make the change. That's ah much better than standing Can thinking for a long time. Always fair to shoes? Yeah, that's extremely difficult task, especially for them who have a lot of competence in different spheres. But it's very important to do that in to choose one and then to develop your personal brand on that, I hope you will make it and sear on the next lesson by 3. Personal peculiarities : Hello. Welcome to the third lesson Today we'll speak about personal, particular Arat ease. Everyone crosses different. And when we speak about personal Breivik, it's really important to show that difference. Because if whole brands have the same target, Odeh's can't recognize what you choose. Branding is about being different. Of course, it's important not just to be different, but also to be valuable. But if we just valuable people you won't find us today will speak about potential differences. Branding is not about I'm being something that you don't be personal branding. It's about highlighting the things that you would like to highlight. We'll do several exercises helping to understand your differences, your regularities, which, uh, it's worth for hiding. I order committed to start with own personal history right down. How did you come to the stop IQ to the topic off your expert ties? While it's important for you why you would like to develop yourself in this field? Um, how do you get the necessary experience there what external and internal difficulties you have or come and how you change yourself on how the this overcoming change yourself? Uh, how do you want to improve the world. Uh, why this topic off your expert ties needs you this quiet, difficult X exercise, but it's really important. It's really important to understand your medication, your history, your, uh, typical heritage off your way to this stuff saying it Exercise. Uh, it's asking yourself several questions. What are your interests? Which professional tasks are you ready to do you for free? I want Are your ambitious in which area would you like to become? Number one? What I abilities? What did you do better than this? And what's your value? What people used to ask you to help them write down the answers to the questions. If, after answered to the questions, you understand that you just not right topic. Just go back to the previous exercise to the lesson to and make it. Once again, personal branding is also about situations, and if you understand that you made something wrong, just go back and change what you did before. The third thing that I would like like to ask you to do is tow us out of people. How can I be useful? What are some objectives? Adjectives You can describe me. What are the 23 my case. Strength. What am I keep features. What can artists learn from me? The last one is very important. Uh, and what are my key growth areas? It's will be very interesting. It will be wearing interesting to speak with office. Thank you. Don't hesitate to ask that question. You can do it online. You can write messages to the to your audience, Uh, to your friends, you can call and ask. You can invite for the Dina and ask him. I promise you that you have a vote of information and power to yourself. A lot of you information about yourself on, uh, that will be great. Materials to ban. Make some decisions out of that. So your task for today make these three exercise right on me. A personal history. Asked to this four important question that I mentioned and speak with others speak with others, Ask them questions about you. They give you a lot off you insights out of that pride on your values features ambitions, entrance and are the, uh, information about you. If you have any questions during thesis or any other exercise, write me. I will be glad to give you feedback on help you with that. Bye for now. Here on the next list 4. Personal ideology : Hey, welcome to the lesson. Four off our course on personal branding and the topic for today East personal ideology. This topic is quite new. I included on that course, Uh, not a long time ago, but I understand that it's the thing that really helps to have some clarity about your brand and make the fundament for all your content strategy. So ideology, the answers for on your several questions, for example, personal definitions off gay concepts in your areas of expertise. Eyes write down What's Ah? What wish definition to have, for example, personal branding. Personal brand is the set of expectations that your target audience have about you. Personal branding is set of instruments that helps to makes make that expectations and so on. So make definitions off old cake concepts or words off your field of expertise. It should be your definition. So lunges go to Wikipedia on, uh, see what office right about that? No. Make your personal definition for that. Probably. You should see what others say about that. But you should be really your personal version, then your distillates. A set of beliefs values, uh, regarding your field off active. For example, you think you posted late can be that every person have ah, personal brand personal brand. He can't help e speeding up achieving off your professional goals. Then you up open. It's set off a nominal. So even people against which you fight and which helps you to reveal your professional value, huh? For example, that could be, uh, the thing that main people c personal branding just as a number off likes and followers in social networks. Or that people make foster make their personal brand brands that I know the stone riel professional competence? No. Then your contribution. The change you bring to the world. For example, you, uh, help. But people toe realize the expert potential by using personal branding instruments, then your value, the features by which you provide this change. It can be set off questions on understanding, helping to understand the position of the person that could be building, marketing, sister personal marketing system and all this, then your Katya's that you want to convey to your audience. It's will be the basic for your content strategy for content plan, and that's important to write it, which, uh, ideas. Would you like to gift the audience. So your tusk, the dates right? Your personal ideology at least have answers to that. Questions that waas on this video. If you have some additional points that your personal in the old feel free to add it, right it when you have clear it about the topic off your expertise and your value, it will be much, much easier for you to make all our the stuff in promotion of your personal brand. And you can be much more interesting for your audience and for yourself by financial. See you on the next lesson. 5. 2018 11 25 17 08 47: So here is we just off Mike Ocean. Where? On the beef lesson Off our course and personal branding. I'll be happy after this lesson. You have clear definition off you. What definition of you? It's that worth you, uh, stato all this when you introduce yourself. It could be personal introduction when you meet someone, someone or it could be profile and social networks. Uh, in a press release, other documents argument to use the falling seem when you make definition of you. I am that who? Marketer, interpreter, writer, longer. Oh, here. You can use something more interesting than just the profession. Uh, you can use a field of expertise like I am happiness specialist. Or you can use some interesting adjectives without about your field effectivity, for example. I am the master off efficient Texas off writing efficient texts, something like that. So the things that will be interesting to the audiences that will be clear for your audience of so they will understand. What are you doing? Uh, will makes you different from others. Well ah, explain what you're doing, so I help to whom In what? For example, I helped to young managers to speeding up their career by instruments of personal branding . Or I help artists in getting more people to their concerts by, uh, also personal brain ing. Okay, trust factors. So you will speak about the first thing. It's important to be clear and interesting to catch the attention and to have the understanding. Then that's your value proposition. Here have to show that you can be helpful to this audience and then some trust factors. What could be trust factors, your results and the results of your clients. Famous customers Names number off. Years of experience in particular field Some attributes of expert sites like Presence is well known media and well known events, own books, words, diplomas and so on. So your task today is to create your definition off you. You can write your definitions to me. I will be glad to give you some feedback. Um, I really encourage you to make this exercise and have this clear definition. Uh, so it will making to stand among all artists and to show your value to your audience. So look forward to meeting on the next lesson by 6. Your contact points: Do you know where the breath are building? They're building e so called contact points. What is conduct points? Contacts? Points is every moments where your target audience contacts with you or some, uh, or your breath? Oh, it can be your voice, your behavior or your appearance doing meetings, your profiles on social networks and your profile son messengers. Quote of your materials as presentation Business card. Google Search Results What people see when the type your name. There are a lot of different contact points, and your task will be to write down all your main contact points and make some revelation. Are they good or not? Good and maize improvement plan? What would you change, too? Make these contact points work for you. How to understand the quality of contact point. There are several parameters. First of all, it should be on relatively high low. It should show your value. So after when person from your audience see these contact points, uh, he should understand. He or she should understand how you can be valuable and that's your trustful person. So it's Mace on the high level on Duh. Uh, you're really the person that east one of the best in this field, so you're tough. Could today's write down your gay points of contact? Assess the con quality and make visits. Plan for improvement. Feel free. You can write me your contact points like Ling Teoh Social Networks or, uh, feature off. You are some materials that you think it's, ah, vitally important for you on dykan. Give you feedback. Feel free to do it. I'll be glad to help you an improvement off your contact points. Uh, and we'll meet in the next lesson. Well, Will's got to speak about promotion, so fear. Good luck. 7. 2018 11 25 17 36 05: many people all over the world. Things that is the main part. Golf Personal break. No, it's not, but it's really important. Well, today we'll final speak about promotion. What are the K instruments off promotion off? Personal brand. Firstly, it's a bone plate from on Internet. It could be social networks. You can be your walk, whether your personal bloke, your bloke on the website of your company you broke on the website of some industry porthole magazine. Uh oh. It could be channel you do you channel, but caution or second instrument eats men and publications. It's still having a lot of coverage, and it still have makes you more trustful person presence in the top off search engines results if you're not on the top page itself when someone types of, uh, yes, here off expert sized here, another top experts of that. So make something to be there. For example, by publication song, uh, media participation in specialized events and Speaker German. More participants off competitions or worse, nomination. One of them hosts one of the strongest instrument, then publishing and promotion of your books and conscience network. Veta six main instruments off personal branding, promotion I recommend not to use one, but choose several because it's, um, uh, much stronger to have a set of instruments. For example, someone from the audience sees you on the on the event When you make some speech there, then he or she Googled your name in and, uh, get some publications off your own media. Then here she asks you, oh, and starts to look for your platform on Internet like Link Tina, Facebook or INSTAGRAM, or starts to reach your bloke or voice your YouTube videos and finally here, recognize you on have trust to you. So then you can make what he wants him, uh, sales activities, some motivation off that people to do something or so on. So use this instruments. Choose several when you where you can make the focus on, UH, then make it's regularly If we speak about YouTube at least once in a week. If you speak about social networks of several times a week, if you speak about predict media once a month and so on, uh, then it should be quality off the content of what he gives really have to bring failure, and it should be noted individually so person from the target audience when he or she see your message bossed article should understand that is you regularity quality individual. So Europe task for today is to choose your promotional instruments just several. And then you can write me which one to choose. For example, speak about social network. We start from that work you choose. You will speak about, uh, media, which magazine statues and you can write me and I'll give you more materials to be efficient. That instruments. I really hope that this course ah waas helpful for you that you get the value out of that Onda. We glad to get your feedback. Write me anything that it's good, bad or some. There's important points for improvements. Put the rating of this course and however, glad to see you soon and to a concert. All your question because your success in personal branding, please Hi sexists For now it's over. Uh, don't hesitate to go back, toe adolescence and make once against exercises. Uh, I have good experience for a lot of yes, I helping people to develop their personal brands. And this in this exercise really, the set off exercise that made the most value. So hope to see you soon And, uh, could like a neo, uh, achieving cure goals by using personal by.