Personal Branding Masterclass: How To Market Yourself Online

Rakesh Chinta, CEO NAG CORP, Harvard University, Google

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5 Videos (57m)
    • fundamentals of your brand

    • Linkedin brand management

    • setting up Linkedin and creation of your brand engagements

    • Preparing angel list for brand development

    • using crunch base and product hunt to get more brand value


About This Class

Your Complete Guide To Creating, Growing & Managing Your Personal Brand Online!

This course is designed for people who want to learn the Ins and Outs of building and promoting a personal brand online. The great thing about the internet is that anyone can start a business and market themselves at virtually no cost. All this can be done from home and you can get started today. Of course there are some critical things you need to keep in mind when building your brand otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time on ineffetive strategies.  






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Rakesh Chinta

CEO NAG CORP, Harvard University, Google

Rakesh Naga Chinta is an Entrepreneur, SDE Intern at Google, Strategic Business Analyst, Author of several best-selling books.

A Harvard Alumni, with a burning passion for problem-solving and Entrepreneurship.

Previously worked as Software Engineering GSOC intern at google, Now is running several startups and ventures: where his skills are tested and sharpened every single day.

CEO and...

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