Personal Branding - How To Transform Your Identity Into A Successful Personal Brand - Part 2

Silviu Marisca , Founder of

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6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Why It's Critical To Develop Your Personal Brand

    • 2. How This Course Is Structured and How To Reinvent Your Personal Identity

    • 3. 7 TOP Tips On Creating And Growing Your Personal Brand

    • 4. What Is Personal Branding? - See How To Make An Instant Impression In The World!

    • 5. How Personal Branding Reflects Your True Style

    • 6. How To Develop Your Image - This Will Attract Instantly People In Your Life!


Project Description

Here is your project for this class.

Your personal image is the impression you make combined with the reputation you create in society.

This is simply the way you present yourself to the world and the impact you have after you leave.

Therefore, try to answer to one of these three questions:  

  • How do you define yourself as a person?
  • What makes you unique?  
  • What do you want to be known for?

"The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability." - Simon Mainwaring

Looking forward fro your projects :)

--- Silviu