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Personal Branding - Connection Style

Shannon Peel, Marketing & Technology Strategist

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About This Class

Create a Personal Brand to set yourself and your businesses apart from your competition. A Personal Brand will attract opportunities, protect your reputation, and tell your story to the marketplace.

How to Create MarketAPeel is about creating your personal brand.

Connection Style

Connection is an important part of creating your personal brand because those connections will drive opportunities you never thought of your way. Understanding your personal style will help you create an effective action plan to build your network. 

Find out the best way for you to build your network and foster connections that bring you opportunities.

MarketAPeel is a system to help you define your personal brand, create a plan, and tell your story to the marketplace. The How to Create MarketAPeel course consists of a number of different classes to guide you through the process and help you attract more opportunities.

100 series of classes focus on you, your brand, and your business

200 series of classes focus on storytelling and messaging

300 series of classes focus on the tools that are available to you

400 series of classes focus on strategy, new technology, and career in marketing





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Shannon Peel

Marketing & Technology Strategist

Shannon Peel is a marketing and tech strategist in Vancouver, BC Canada with over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, advertising, and writing. She has brought all her experience together to help companies create strategies to tell their marketing message, use technology effectively, and find solutions to problems they are having. Her Skillshare course, How to Create MarketAPeel, helps people to define their personal brand, design a plan of action and distribute their story effectively.&...

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