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Personal Branding: A Ten Step Approach

teacher avatar Sophia Carey, Photographer & Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Personal Brand?

    • 3. What is a Mission Statement?

    • 4. Benefits of Personal Branding

    • 5. Step One: Define Your Purpose

    • 6. Step Two: Define Your Personality

    • 7. Step Three: Define Your Content

    • 8. Step Four: Define Your Target Audience

    • 9. The (Almost) Midpoint Review

    • 10. Step Five: Target Your Audience

    • 11. Step Six: Use Social Media

    • 12. Step Seven: The Importance of Your Own Website

    • 13. Step Eight: Write Your Bio

    • 14. Step Nine: Create Your Visual Identity

    • 15. Step Ten: Create Your Content

    • 16. Next Steps

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About This Class

In this class, I talk you through a ten-step approach to defining and launching your personal brand. From building the foundations of your brand to considering what techniques and methods you can use to promote yourself, this course is designed to help you create a brand identity that will attract your ideal target audience and help you to establish yourself within your niche.

My name is Sophia Carey and I am a photographer and graphic designer. When it comes to creating brand identities, I'm no stranger to defining, re-defining and constructing them. Whether it's the core principles or just the visual identity, I've worked with brands throughout my career to help ensure that their content is aligned to their core principles and ideals.

This class also includes a downloadable worksheet for you to work through, detailing activities that we speak about within the class as well as including tear-away bits of information and quotes for you to print out and stick up.

This class is ideal for any level learner, no matter your niche, if you're looking to understand the fundamentals of a strong personal brand and access methods to help you achieve success.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sophia Carey

Photographer & Designer


Hi guys, I'm Sophia! I'm a photographer, videographer and graphic designer, specialising mostly in fashion and event photography, and I'm taking to Skillshare to share what I've learned throughout my freelance career so far, including tips on photography, design and creative business skills.



I've been working as a photographer for the past six years, working with clients across fashion, music and lifestyle! I work with both film and digital photography and have been honoured to work with some amazing faces, teams and clients, from global companies such as Vodafone and Panasonic to amazing individuals and musicians, such as Flowdan and Jaz Karis.

You can find me most of the time over on Instagram and YouTube, so fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Carrie and I today we're gonna be talking about how you can create a personal ground that reflects you on They can help you in world business. So it's a little bit of background about May I have been a film on our side of the last fight is my wife ranges from various commercial brands to conditions models. Also she weddings. Having this creative background allows me to see the idea of passive running from every prayer going to be a swell as a business. Pretty within this class, we're gonna be exploring how you can make you look well what they were actually that companies this class. So don't put it off. However, you kind of feel your best. Use it. I would put in cargie to kind of follow through. The worksheet actually walked because takes a known it's on engage with kind of activities . Toes isn't terribly bits in that you can kind of like, you know how all cuts how Stick up. However, you kind of consume and retain your information. Just make UFT. And we thought we just really gonna get stuck straight into the cross toe about what is a personal brand and then talk about how you build your personal brand on how kind of you to my spot in your business. So without me waffling on much longer grumpy worksheets on Let's Get Going. 2. What is a Personal Brand?: So what is a personal brand? As I mentioned earlier, I come from a design background on most immediately when someone says what brand they think or a logo lost visual brand identity is definitely important. We'll get onto that based on class. It's no kind of the whole ground. When we talk about ground, it's so much more in the way your personal graduate not only effective you, but it should perfect what you do and how you do it. Personal branding is how you interact, how people see and just your presence in general, a great quotes kind of sum. This up is a brand is the person's got feeling about port up to service for company, so ensure you want your brand to kind of represent who you are, what you do. Why do it, how you do it so that people can kind of get adjustable, what your business or what you are about when we talk about branding and pass a brand, then we're talking about the way that you present yourself, your services, your business in a way that other people can kind of perceive it over. I always kind of think about this is you'll pass around your story. Onda, we control our Paris is in this sense. So what story? You're looking to tell what you try to tell about yourself about your business services, about whatever is that you're selling. What do you want other people to take from that? What story? Jubal people to really? If someone asked someone else about you, what would they say? What kind of things would come to mind? How would they present you? Is that in line with the way you want them to? You puzzle running guys. Really what it's about? It's about aligning your story. It's about controlling the way. The ups to see your friend. Remember, the brand doesn't have to be concrete. You're grows passenger business before I honestly have your pestle granted grows with. One thing to note is that you shouldn't really change t atrocity too often. But if you do need to change it from time stuff, that's fun. 3. What is a Mission Statement?: So what is a mission statement? We will be talking about mission statements throughout this cause, so I just wanted to kind of give you a review of what it is. A mission statement is usually used in war, like traditional business marketing sentences, so you might not necessarily here all the time. It was about pastor branding. But when you're talking about branding but ensure a mission statement is a short statement that explains why an organization exists, I'm generally a commercial mission statement is consistent off three main components. Your key market, which is also natural target market or your target audience. We were talking about buying this class, your contribution which can be revived at your product or your service on your USP. So what makes you your unique selling point? We're gonna be taking the idea the concept of a mission statement, and we're gonna be applying it. Teoh, I am passing. Brown's mission statements don't just have to be for commercial entities to for big companies. It can be for you when we advertising, you are remarketing you. We want to be thinking about those three components. We wanna be thinking about introspection. We want to thank If I talk audience, I want to be thinking about what it is you're selling. What I said, That's your product. 4. Benefits of Personal Branding: so other benefits off having a strong personal brown having a strong pass around or having a stroke. Brand has a lot of benefits, actually, firstly and I was used to control perception people have of you. We did speak about this when we were talking about what is a personal brand. So you build your pastor brown. Building your brand identity is a good way to kind of control the way the other people in traction your brand of people perceive your ground. Not only that, but it makes you recognize food. It makes you stand out and walk it and a lot Markets could be very oversaturated. Having a strong pastor Brown already helping pop make people see you among school of the other people doing the same or similar things to not only that but also made it seem more credible, which in turn it means that people might trust you more. This is important when you wanna be building relationships with your audience, your customer base. But it was kind of instill trust in you. Not only that, but having short pass a brand onda increasing credibility can also help position you as a leader in your in your field or an expert in your in your build. This allows you to kind off create more opportunities for yourself. Not only are you then able to sell it to people your 70 but you could also for our child and south to people who are also doing what you're doing. So this is why things like horses important and so successful. Because people have been able to establish a strong brand on a strong position within that community or within that field, to the point where they sell to those people that are also in the field and similarly, to make you more recognizable, it can also distinguish you from your competition. 5. Step One: Define Your Purpose: So let's go on, Teoh, Your first step in this venture is approached t creating Pastor Brown. The first that we're gonna be talking about is defining purpose. So that when we were talking about your USP and your contribution will be put those things together kind of racial path. But this s and I would definitely recommend it. It's night. It's gonna be talking about questions that you might wanna ask yourself. You could know these down your work. She all you have a pen? That would be good. Just our clinic down answers infections. I always find it useful to kind of answer all the questions even if you don't find that rather than so that you can look back later on. It's all kind of that on some of the questions that you need to create your personal brand . So when we talk about finding your purpose, we're talking about what do you do? So what do you hardly day I'm side of space. I put up based our designer, your blogger I teacher What is it that you do? What is it? The offer. What is it that you want todo Do you have aspirations? Do you want to scale up business? Do you want to venture into new avenues? What? What is it that you want to dio? What do you bring to the table? What was different about what you're providing, what's different about your products and your services? What skills A. Uniting for you, a really good in a straighter Or have you got really good understanding of the way life works when you're talking about film and photography? What skills really set you apart from everyone else is do the same thing in ST Good and maybe most importantly, how are you going to help your audience? So you may have heard off the theory off Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that all humans have basic needs that fool along a continuum with visited a logical needs being always basic, followed by safety, social esteem and self actualization. I like to use this model to kind off. You look at the triangle when you think, Why are my clients coming to May? Are they trying to fulfill something on this trying? For example, if you teach about personal finance, I'll clients people a comedy because they are looking to learn about how I can provide themselves with a sense of security really tapping into why audience coming, Teoh. Why audience needs you is a really good way to tailor your your service is your products. To meet those knees is also really useful to incorporate this into a pass on brand, so that when someone comes onto your page when someone seizure products, they know automatically that you're gonna help them with that thing. And they need help with that. You could use the model uses and gratifications, especially if you create content or videos or entertainment. This little could be useful for you. Similarly, team as a model this uses and gratifications. Little can help you kind of understand why it's coming to you very basically describes the reasons that people can sheen media, for example. They might be consuming it because they want entertainment. They want to escape from reality. Or maybe they want to be educated again. Understanding these needs of your clients of your audience is a great way to really refine Boy is your doing. So why do we need Teoh defined anyway? When we give ourselves clarity about what we want, Dio where we're going, what we're doing, it helps us communicate. That's other people. How are we meant to communicate to our potential customers? Clients? What is we bring to the table if we don't know what we bring to the table ourselves? If you are struggling to kind of clarify this, a good idea could be article friends. Ask them how they might describe you to another path and what words they use. What sentences with use, what they talk about. Professional, what they talk about particular skills. For example, if you're a writer for music vaccine, someone might say, This is my friend Sarah. She's a music journalist, but someone might want to say, or this is Sarah. If you needs a music recommendations, definitely go to her. What is it that people kind of say about you? What is it that people, I will say to describe you to someone that is never many. Asking these questions can often help Teoh understand what you're US fever is. Why is that? You bring to the table if you don't quite know yourself 6. Step Two: Define Your Personality: step Number two is defining your personality. So who are you? Who is the person behind the personal around here is behind this brand. How do you say things? How do you communicate how people perceive you? Are you fine? You do. People think about you then culture really like has a head screwed on. People think of you as the person to go t for lights and light hearted. He What do you attribute? What people think about you in this again? You can ask other people. You can ask your friends if you will start on answering this question. I know that realizing these things about yourself be difficult sometimes. So don't be said to reach out and ask people. I think the most important thing about to find your personality is just a few of that. It's a lot easier to be using is to try to be a good interviews. Really? You know, watching we have a patriot help screen now And that's what she has a few different objectives on how you might describe yourself just to get a boat full rodent, I would really encourage you to write down a list of objectives or things that you think describe your personality. Just keep this in mind when we talk about commercial businesses and businesses, the unnecessarily personal individuals. We often referred to these personality traits with brand drivers. For example, you might think of when you might think revolutionary. You might think progressive. You might think state of the art, these kind of words that you associate with personality abajo pop that brown drive ins on. Similarly, as personal business or entity or individual. You should have your brand drivers on that watch. It will hopefully help you work out what those are. 7. Step Three: Define Your Content: So, Step number three we are talking about How do you define a content? So what about your content? A way I like to think about it is just to find out at this, and we just to find a house. Nancy, if you mix these together, that should define your content. Purpose plus personality equals content. So when we're thinking about content, we are thinking about how can you share your mission statement? Show your purpose and personality. What content kind of matches the personality, the hurts. What content much is all of this stuff to present to What's the best way to communicate what you do if you're a visual artist and that might be a portfolio if you're a brighter than you might have broke, you want to think about what kind of content will support your mission. Statement. What kind of content will support your purpose in your personality? I keep saying that, but really, that is what it is. Your content is just a way to you push out what this stuff is working about. Your purpose, your personality, your mission statement out into the world. It's like transportation. Your content is your car on it's going to take you. From what you know about yourself, it's gonna deliver those messages to your audience. When you're talking about content, you also want to make sure that your contact information is available. Otherwise, how could get touch? How are people gonna Hi. How are people going to buy your products? You won't make it very clear. What do you want to you? Look at your content, I think. Does this reflect my personality? Does This was back to my honest person? Personality could be explores represented in a lot of different ways, presumably type of voice. The way you want. Your message is the way you put out this concept. It's all part of personality. If it's very for very academic that it's part of that Santy, if it's a little bit more informal and a fine of itchy heat, and that's a part of your past and similarly, your choices imagery can also reflect this personality. I using bright fun colors or is it more monochromatic? So, using what we're talking about imagery to explore your content and promote your personality , you might want to think about things like color psychology using break fun colors too optimistic, upbeat personality. What are you using? One more dramatic colors, too, Are we will be talking about Across up now It's just like to think. Well, maybe you don't have continent. Maybe your content is just a way you engage with people. Maybe you're not putting out blocks and you're not taking photos, but your corresponding with the audience. Just sending out emails. Maybe your damning and Ryan coins on. In that case, your tone of voice, the way you kind of confesses people is very important. 8. Step Four: Define Your Target Audience: four. Step number five. You want to be talking about target audience when you know your target audience is on, you know what you're offering them. It's gonna be a lot easier to create content that reaches them. So, for example, if you're searching for a job, then talk aliens might be a specific employer company. If you're business, it says, I expect you talk about it. Might be a client. Who is that you want to really get into their head? Well, maybe you're an artist that is looking for cooperates is who is going to be interested in the content that you created, a technique that I think it's really important we have included A 10 page in the worship for this is to create persona. So who is your ideal target person? How old they, where do they work? What do they like? Do they have hobbies? What gender on that you'll see on the worksheet that there's a little space for you to kind of draw your person. That's just a little bit fine. You don't have to draw a person, but I find it kind of visualizing a person. Maybe give him in a could be a good way to solidify and the idea of a child audience in your head. So, for example, my business I said before, if we take one avenue of my business, I street with its so tomorrow tough audience for my wedding business for that part of my business might be newly engaged young woman, for example. So I wouldn't be thinking OK, She's probably between the ages about 24 on 30 where working it, she kind of metropolitan. What does she like? Issue the saw fried to be that woo, you know, stuff on Pinterest make pin boards of 100. What it really getting into the head off your target audience is a great way Teoh Define content on to find the kind of messages that you're putting out again when we're talking about, Ma says, Hierarchy of needs and uses and gratifications using these models to talk talk, the audience could be really affected in defining is your personality into content on how you get that? So when I use the analogy off the content being your car, your personality, your purpose, this is your start point your topically AIDS is your end point on your car content is your car. So really, the content is what bridges the gap between your personality and your purpose on your top audience. 9. The (Almost) Midpoint Review: at this point off the cause. We always hopping three. So I just wanted to take a quick break. Rehab. We speak about Ready on, see what you guys are t At this point, you should be thinking about purposes. How personalities to find what you want Teoh share with us. Do you want to share and who you want to share it with? So some examples of what you might want to be thinking about right now is if you are a wedding photographer. For example, if you are wedding photographer, maybe your purpose is to capture people's memories photographically. Maybe your personality could be described as positive. Relaxed. Dedicated content is that for photographs of couples off guidance with the target audience off young couple to a beauty engaged for maybe another example could be that you are author of the self help purpose is to sell books in rich peoples lives. Your personality might be knowledgeable in heightened. Expected on your content might be motivational quotes or short form video content This easily. Sheriff. The talk audience might be mid twenties to forties, interested in person if at this point you don't have a sentence or a few sentences as concise. Is that? Take the time now to have a look. Pregnant notes. I'm really trying. Nail down what it is you want, Teoh. Who you want to share that with? On how? Shut up. At this point, you should have really started to define your personal brand foundation orbit. From now on, we're really gonna be talking about how you take what we've discovered. What we've defined on implement that in a successful method. 10. Step Five: Target Your Audience: So how do we target your audience? So we wanted to find your audience. You've already got a pass in that job. Maybe that called Steve. Maybe that I don't know. You've got this person. You got this ideal client in mind. I'm gonna take them. I'm gonna take them on a journey. So what we're gonna do here is we're going to use a journey on. This is something that we use in ux design and user experience. So we're going Teoh, think about so that you created We're gonna take them on a day in their The purpose of this exercise is really to define in what situations? Where when your talk audience might come into contact with your brand. So let's answer that. Where will your talk audience comments on top of the ground? It's on social media. It's a billboard is on TV. If it's social media, what channels are you gonna be present on? Are they likely to find your linked in or is it more of an instagram kind of thing? Let's go through a user journey. Maybe you'll sideways. The first thing they do is a phone. That's one touch point. Touchpoints is something. We're gonna be referring to the law. And that is the point in which your user touches your run essentially, when it's exposed to around. So now they've got a phone check. Social media. They've been exposed to a brown ones. That was one opportunity where you can kind off target its audience may be the next. That they do is turn on the TV. That's another touch point. That's another opportunity for you to talk. You have breakfast, they read the newspaper. There's a touch point. Do you want to advertise in the newspaper? Or maybe it's a magazine and it's in each. My team. Maybe they're picking up a addition off the favorite meeting by saying, for example, have you written story in that I want to think company You're investing services. Having written a story about orbiting world, your experiences can you provide value through that touch point? Maybe. Then your person goes on a walk on. They get but on their advertisements of bus stop advertising on the bus. Maybe they shut the phone off that commute again. The accessing social media. If you've got an idea for a percentage of your head, then this jail is probably gonna be able to meet. So just think about what is it You'll ideal talk audience with that any age gender that that demographic that you have created is likely to be exposed to in a day, and how can you getting as many of the points as possible? 11. Step Six: Use Social Media: so social media. Whether you love it or hate it, you can't really deny the amazing effect that it has a business. I have a relationship with social media where I don't wanna be long enough to my friend every day on one. Trim my social media accounts every day. But when I don't do you see a deep in my sales? I do see different enquiries. I do see it in the people that consuming my content, So understanding how to use social media. Teoh Further target audience. Andi, promote your content at your personality. Your purpose is really important. A few things you want to be thinking about what you try. Social media Do you have an engaging by? Does your by concisely tell people who you are? Your friend? I'm going back to that personality that we were talking about. Is it really reflecting your personality? Is it using the right tone of voice in your Actually that is a 10 page for your bio on the template. It does have a short sentence on how you can use your bright bio so your bio shoot importer passes brown with title voice content. Consider how you might write out your mission statement in a way that is attractive to talk the audience on. We've also written down there how many characters you should be thinking about for specific channels. So, for example, if you're wearing your bio on Twitter that needs to fit into 160 characters. If you're writing on linked in it, only shows when you got in profile. The 1st 2 sentences. First, the 1st 2 lines. So you want to think in between 202 150 characters, for example, that Means is so I'm really nicely to defining the channels that you're utilizing for your brand. Different social media platforms called for different kinds of, for example, more professional content. My belong on Linked in, Especially if you're looking for job opportunities, you might want to put more efforts into exit. However, if you are a visual crazy, if you're a photographer or video prefer whilst linked will be important intensive networking meeting like minded professionals having a platform such as Instagram, my health in Transit talk audience for showcasing your portfolio. Remember, you want the channels that you're using to really be influenced by the carbon content now, so you want me spoke earlier about whether a portfolio is the best way to promote your personality and your purpose, what it is you're doing. Then maybe you want to think about using a sight more like Instagram. And of course, you can use multiple science. I use multiple sites for different things. I just think it's important that you tailor the content to those site. So, for example, Twitter people following these kind of here, I want to say my pastor Brown is very personal to me. It's very much about the kind of music, like the kind of fashion like the kind of people are engaged with the events. I go t as a photographer working in some of the scenes that I work in. That's important to my Russell brand. So Twitter is a good way to kind of explore my interests and sharing my audience. Why I'm interested in On the other hand, I do need Teoh communicate with professionals. So in that sense, I use linked in, I wouldn't necessarily put a sort of content on Twitter on linked in because you're catering for your order. So on your worksheet that is a little bit it's called Child. I just showed some of the most popular channels and how you want to use them. So, for example, Facebook is great to share content sharing content that you've already created. Facebook marketing also allows you to target your demographic very specifically. You're perfectly age based on that skills or that lobbies for the interests. I said. Full Twitter is a great way to share content again. Instagram is a great way to share content. Or maybe buildable Rodeo contest is a great way to show on 10 what I was talking about. My example. Or wedding photography. If you're using Pinterest to talk it, people who might work used interest. That's a great way to kind of get your brand out in front of that touch point we might use linked in tonight. But with professionals Eugene video content, stuff like sculpture, you might want Teoh. Use those platforms to share value with your audience. Sheriff value could be a very great way Teoh build meaningful connections with your clients and customers again in position years. An expert in your field on allowing more opportunities. Teoh it falling to ground. If you're using instagram using things like trump stories is a great way to show your personality. Show what you do. You might share stories that behind the scenes, given insight into what you are doing. But similarly, you might tiu share work progress. Or you might want to chassis peaks. Or maybe you want to use video content on their stories to began Check body with you with the audience. Something that instrument also offers is something called story highlights. Story highlights are folders there such on your instagram page that apparently there for people to see when they single page and you can categorize these. So, for example, if you wanted to have one that showed for behind scenes, then you could hold it behind the scenes on two stories that feature around doing things like that. I would recommend choosing stories to feature a longer story. Highlights that really featuring LeBron and Trey around in action that really drive home your purpose and your personality 12. Step Seven: The Importance of Your Own Website: So now we are talking about the importance of a website. Your content on social media is great. It's a great way to get a message out that it's a great way to track me. What happens if instrument collapses or twitter or 10. Having control of your own content is reported. I think of a website a bit. You can go Teoh all of these different clubs and you can do with these different activities , the ritual business and your social president. But what you really want is to come back to something that's stable and that's yours, something that you have control over having website. It's a great T tonight, so you can use S E o more effectively to drive traffic to your website because you have more control over the headings, the type, the keywords that you're putting out there. This means that you can run Harvey keywords on track people that are interested in your foot in your services similarly, having website and just make you sorry Wedding photographer, for example, you might find them on Instagram. You might love their work, but the chances are you're gonna wanna go on the website to find out more information, contact them and ensure that they have a degree of credibility. Another way that your website favor is that it can act as a hub for all of your different surgery. Media presence is so again, using the analogy of home. Think of your website as time for all of your content and social media presences. We live there. We found that having a website is also a great way to host a store so you can directly sell your own product. So a lot of different hosts other, for example, squarespace until you heard our use format, which is especially good if your video you can also use other things like wicks or tumbler on you can set free or cheap. I'd recommend buying domain, which could also be very cheap. I think I pay something like a pounding here for mine. You linked with Tom into a website. This helps secure a bit more professionalism that credibility on. Obviously you're driving around again. Your name will be abroad. You're not forfeiting that for a dot tumbler dot wordpress or wherever it might be 13. Step Eight: Write Your Bio: so writing a bio we touched on this when we're talking about social media. But what should your bio, but what should be in it? Your bio should really be your personal branding statement. So when we were speaking about mission statement earlier, wrong or businesses mission statement, you really want to take that on the doctor to see you as an individual again? Like I mentioned, I want to optimize it for different channels in terms of current accounts. So you've unusual Bio two really important person runs well to portrait personality, tone of voice. The land grew to the dialect jargon uses in your personal brand Bio is really essential. Your past run really is a great way to just, you know, throw out this information and say hi, This is what I, um this is wide who I am. This is what I did you could use emerges on channels there for more, but mention that picture brand. So if you are, you know, really an academic that is targeting other academics, and that really doesn't fool with it in the kind of conversation that you'd usually have mixed it clear if I But if you're trying to make yourself seem approachable online or create that kind of connection with a customer potential client. Then using emerges on informal, useful language could be a really great way too many pass a brand. 14. Step Nine: Create Your Visual Identity: Okay, So visual identity. Of course, this one is probably what you pull Thought off when you thought Pass surrounding most people. Do you think off visuals on the big grinding? Festive? Almost. But heck, if I know, I realize that you can't create a visual identity without understanding what we're trying to communicate on. That's why I left it until so later on in the class. By no means have I left it late on, because it's not important just that it's something that you want to think about after you define who you are, what you do to try and communicate without really knowing what you tried from you can you can create visuals. The compliment, not a great, quite to sum up professional identity is image and perception helped drive value without an image that is no perception. So we can use images to create visual connotations, since we can create hit vision and send subliminal messages to your audience, prove using visuals. So, for example, briefly spoke about color psychology, so I heard the term visual communication. Each color sends a message. Bright colors tend to promote bum on de saturated colors, tend Teoh appear more professional, but it also always depends on the contact. Interesting thing about colors is that they actually have the power to influence the way your brain works. So, for example, if you take color blue, it's often associate loyalty and trust on. It's also considered a corporate color. Some studies suggest that the color blue you can increase productivity. For example, when we look at the color, red, red is a really stimulating color so it can do insane things to the brain. It can even encourage hunger, which is said to be while or fast food. Brands just can't see McDonald's include rendered in a brandy. But of course, it can also connect danger or threat. So I want to be mindful of how you're using the color red. The color also has a long way length, which means that it's good at catching attention. This is important because you want to really think about how you met your men's team mind. Stand out against competitors. When we look at the color yellow, the color yellow is quite intense color. If you make people quite irritated, which is why and off again, using fast food restaurants to example, a little fast food restaurants use yellow in the deck or to kind of get in and out. Piper K. Similarly, I think it's a study that says that if you paint a baby's room, yellow is gonna crime all so, yeah, undoubtedly, the effect that color can have in your brain is saying you want to mind for the office and what kind of messages? The colors. You using a Sunday when you heard your brother against? He also want to think about what official settlements needs. What. Brian Classroom. So suit your business. Do you need social media headed? Is you need stationery? Do you need office sign? How unusual visual identity to get your message out. How on your racial identity infiltrators touchpoints that we're talking about Iran on your experience. Journey similarly colors, typefaces and for choice. Send a message. You would make sure the typefaces and phones using sending the right message about LeBron. Think of your racial identity is a part of content that's one of the people in your car is taking you from transporting your purpose and your personality to your target audience. With that in mind, you wanna make sure your racial identity is affected in targeting the audience. Is it something that might appeal to that doesn't make use off trends that are important to your audience, but also you want to make sure that it's true to your personality. Does it explore the way you feel of Brown also doesn't complement your purpose, Does it it the jobs to services that you offer him when you're creating innovative identity or someone else is praying for you, you want to be awesome. It's off these questions just to ensure that it really is fitting with your personal brand . 15. Step Ten: Create Your Content: So now we've made it to your temp step. By now, you should really have defying to your personal brand. You should know what it is you want, communique and who you want to communicate. T, and you should have an idea of how that's going to look. This one is how it's gonna feel. It's gonna say it's no time to create content in line with the pass A brand. The 1st 1 you want to make sure your content is following your visual identity. Everyone you want to make sure utilizing tone of voice. I've spoken about this one a lot, but you really want to make sure language on the formality off the language that you're using matches your personal ground. You want to make sure all of your content forces you pass a Nazi that I explores who you are as a person who your brand is or what it is you're doing. And ideally, you want to be sharing both of our same time. Remember that personality plus purpose equals content. You want to be mindful of the different dimensions per channel, so again you will make sure that the content you're creating works for Twitter on Clinton, but my weapon the same way. So you detain them. But again, you want to make sure that the actual content that you're creating suits the channels you're going out for. There's a checklist detailing office in the work. She so I'd recommend just keeping that have. When you produce this content, you just run through that. I don't think we're yet. It follows my brand identity. I'm utilizing a good title voice that matches my brand Onda. I'm showing my personality. I'm showing my path. Anything just kind of take that off when you're producing new content. 16. Next Steps: So hopefully these 10 steps have helped to you in defining your personal brand on thinking about ways in which you can implement. If you have questions, we needed bias. You can always get in touch with me by my you know my website. But for now, I'm just gonna run threesome next steps that you might want to take when you're thinking about. So firstly may truly one through the worksheet you filled out properly and put with minutes to make sure you don't use these in my big to scan a 1,000,000 or take boats and store them digitally as well as another stuff ever man taking is to create a inspiration board. So an inspiration board or mood board is something that really defines your personal brand . You can put quite to put images, colors, things that you think really represent your brand onto. A mood board on that might help you in really defining or the person rack is. You could have a physical mood board with actual border. You stick things on or a scrapper. Or maybe you could just use Pinterest or something like that. Next time you want to be thinking about designing your brand, whether or not you're designing it yourself or your hiring someone to do that, you want to be thinking about maybe designing a minimum of three assets. For example, you might want to go down, have to find a color palette, and you're tired, face. And you might want to make sure that you've got some social media headers, and that brings real nicely to the next stuff. Start Teoh Set up your online presence. It's perfectly this class is giving you things to think about ways that you can create a passing brown is true to yourself and that you can use it to drive sales, increased credibility, just generally private services. I cannot wait to see what you guys are creating, so don't be scared or sharing that with me. Envoy is here to get feedback on advise, but thank you for watching. I will see you guys in the next one. Good luck with your person running