Personal Branding 101 - The beginner's guide to personal branding | Thiru (Matthew) Damodharan | Skillshare

Personal Branding 101 - The beginner's guide to personal branding

Thiru (Matthew) Damodharan, Professional Trainer and Instructor

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1 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Personal Branding 101: The beginner's guide on how to build a personal brand


About This Class

Personal Branding 101 was designed to give a basic understanding of what personal branding is all about so that we are consciously able to communicate our personal brand to others. If you are new to marketing and branding, this course is just right for you. This course is simplified with very little technical jargon and anyone should be able to understand the course materials and benefit from it.

Welcome to Personal Branding 101.

-Thiru Damodharan





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Thiru (Matthew) Damodharan

Professional Trainer and Instructor

Hello everyone! Welcome to my profile on skillshare, the online community for learning. My name is Matthew and I specialize in the area of training, marketing and business. Some of the areas that I am most interested in marketing are digital marketing, social media and content marketing. I hope that you will enjoy the courses that I post online over here in the skillshare community.

Thank you and happy learning!

Yours Sincerely,


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