Periscope - Build and Grow your Social Media with Periscope! | Diego Davila | Skillshare

Periscope - Build and Grow your Social Media with Periscope!

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22 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. What is Periscope

    • 2. Here is the Poof showing why you need to join today!

    • 3. Tips for choosing the best username for periscope

    • 4. Creating your Account

    • 5. How to use your Description as a Marketing tool

    • 6. How to use periscope like a Pro!

    • 7. How often should I Periscope?

    • 8. How Long needs to by your scopes

    • 9. How to choose the perfect Title for your scope

    • 10. Preparing your first scope

    • 11. Hearts - you will love this!

    • 12. How to Autosave your Scopes

    • 13. Recording tips

    • 14. Why is Important to ask people to follow you and to share

    • 15. The future of Social Media

    • 16. Introduction

    • 17. Save a copy of your scopes on your computer

    • 18. How to use

    • 19. Recording with Quicktime

    • 20. Finishing your recording

    • 21. Best Periscope Gear

    • 22. Congratulations!


About This Class

Let's Increase your Social Media Presence Now!

Periscope is an Amazing (and New) Social Media Live Streaming application that is revolutionizing the way that people communicate with their audiences. Is a great and new way to increase your Social Media community.

Now is the time to Join to Periscope. Check the Free Previews below to see the proof of why you need to start Periscoping Today!

In this course you will learn everything about Periscope, from the basics to advance! That will help you to grow your social media presence very easily and very fast!

Here are some topics that we will cover during the course:

  • How to use Periscope like a Pro!
  • You will learn How to Use Periscope to engage with People and Increase your email list
  • You will learn Things you need to consider BEFORE choosing your Periscope Username
  • You will learn how the right Title on your Periscope can increase exponentially the number of viewers
  • You will receive for FREE a document with amazing Titles that convert very well
  • You will learn what's the best way to engage with your viewers in Periscope
  • You will learn why Periscope is the Future of Social Media
  • You will Access to a FREE Template that you can use and customize to rock your Marketing in Youtube and Facebook using your recorded Periscope
  • You will learn 3 essential Tips that will differentiate your Periscopes
  • You will learn 3 strategies to Backup your Periscopes so you can re-use it for Marketing in your Social Media
  • You will learn How to use your Periscope Description as a Marketing Tool
  • You will learn how often and at what time of the day is better to Periscope
  • I'll help you to organize your First Periscope
  • Hearts have a great value in Periscope, you will know why!
  • You will learn Amazing Marketing Strategies
  • You will have access to the Best Periscope Gear.
  • And much much more about increasing your Social Media presence

Let's start building your Periscope Community Now!

See you inside the course.

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