Performing for Producers: Creating Club Remixes | Uniiqu3 and Nadus Beats | Skillshare

Performing for Producers: Creating Club Remixes

Uniiqu3 and Nadus Beats, Jersey Club Pioneers

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5 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Picking a Sample

    • Editing a Sample

    • Layering

    • Conclusion


About This Class

As a producer, your live set can build your following, turn up a party, and most importantly, land you more gigs. In this 35-minute class, join world-renowned Jersey Club Producer/DJs UNiiQU3 and Nadus as they reveal the secrets of how they set themselves apart through sample-based VIP Club Edits. You'll learn:

  • Tips for picking the best samples
  • How to edit your sample once selected
  • Layering it all together to create the perfect party track. 

This class is for beat-makers and producers of all levels looking to add some hands-on flare to their tracks and live sets, whether you're performing in your friend's basement or your town's biggest venue.





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Uniiqu3 and Nadus Beats

Jersey Club Pioneers

About Uniiqu3:

The Jersey Club movement is being hailed by music authorities like FADER and VICE as the next big wave in dance music. Thankfully, this movement has already found a first lady to guide it into the future. UNiiQU3, began as a sought-after vocalist in the club scene, and has recently solidified herself as one of the most electrifying producers in the game. From throwing some of Jersey's hottest DIY events, to now spreading the genre across the globe from Australia to South...

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