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Performance Management - From Zero to Hero

teacher avatar Mustafa Al-Refaee

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. 01 Promotional Material

    • 2. 02 Introduction To The Program

    • 3. 03 Table of Contents

    • 4. 04 Definitions Purpose of PAA

    • 5. 06 PAA Life Cycle

    • 6. 07 Benchmarking Goal Metrics Goal Setting

    • 7. 08 Goal Communication Rating System Performance Review Metrics Tips

    • 8. 09 Data Collection Self Assessment Performance Management Tool

    • 9. 10 Performance feedback planning and discussion Dealing with Grievances

    • 10. 11 Talking about Responsibility Recap

    • 11. 12 Q&A

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About This Class

Creating a competitive work environment in your workplace requires a structured benefits strategy that is based on defined metrics. The first step to change the culture at your organization to nurture such environment in order achieve your organizational goals, is by creating a Performance Management and Evaluation Program.

This course doesnt only include all the information you need to run as successful performance management program! it also includes a turnkey project where all the resources required to run the program are also attached within this course.

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1. 01 Promotional Material: as an HR professional. I believe that the most important role for the human resources function is to create a fair working environment where rewards are distributed based, undefined metrics. But that's easier said than done in this programme. We will explore some of those challenges and provide tips strategies that will help you roll out a successful program with minimal resistance. My name is muscle Fortified and I'm in hr Professional Specialized in Operation Transformation. For the past 15 years, I worked for midsize and Fortune 500 companies in creating and rolling out HR programs for their organizations, and also partnered with operations in those companies who tackled their attrition challenges, one of the main challenges that face US human resources professionals were only out. Any program is change resistance, But before we judge those who resist, we understand the reasons behind this resistance. Every employees at any company has a role to play an unsuitable so accomplished at any task that does not contribute directly into accomplishing those goals will be deemed unnecessary and a waste of time, and that's where the resistance comes here. We will need to find common grounds to show the employee the connection between the program and his work, and how could it benefit him? This is not your difficult for homeless imagining training program. This is a step by step manual where it will give you focus areas, tips on how to prepare for the program with a dash presentation, two plates forms and a fully functional performance management obligation, which I created with Microsoft Excel. This will help you throughout the program. This training was created based on practical experience successes in this house on. By bridging the gap between reality Athey article training to which I received from industry professionals, I would like to invite you to join this journey and share my experience. If you're ready, enroll now. 2. 02 Introduction To The Program: first, I would like to thank you for choosing the scores, and I hope that you find the information presented in this program valuable. Before we begin, let me share with you the biggest secrets in running any successful program. There are three elements that needs to be considered before running any over the 1st 1 is communication, which means create all kinds of communication that will promote your program and show its importance. This could be done through posters, presentations, videos, written content and others. The second is finding common grounds with your audience by knowing what they need and understanding what's a problem. This could be done through surveys, interviews, repetitive airports and others. Three. Please bear in mind that when announcing certain rewards, unit could be confident that those rewards will actually be given. Therefore, if you are not sure verified first or get your leadership on board, otherwise it will be very difficult to get those people are born again. 3. 03 Table of Contents: If this is the first time your organization runs a performance program, it's very important for the people in your organization to understand its objectives. However, every time I ran a program, I know what it's the spatter. There's a group of people and just stare at ST Clair Head to give the impression that they actually understood what I said. But I knew deep inside that they did not understand. Therefore, it's key to keep her presentation as engaging as possible in order not to lose your audience in the process. In this exercise, we will be discussing the following topics Definition of performance and appraisals. Introduction to performance and appraisals were to start setting up the frequency of Appraisals Performance Management system, where we will be discussing the performance management system that I created in Microsoft, Excel and Gold said things and performance discussion. We will also be tapping into activity ownership and finally we will talk about Q and A 4. 04 Definitions Purpose of PAA: and this material. I avoided using conventional finishes where I used definitions that actually meant something to the people on the receiving it. In order to link the material to their business requirements and create the bond required throughout this exercise, I will be mentioning some terminologies in order to clarify them. They are as follows leadership, which I mean by them board of directors, including the CEO Top management, the managers who report directly to the CEO line managers who will be referred to as in plus and a number M plus one implicit do. And they are the managers who report directly to the management line reports in minus one. This refers to the employees who report director to the managers. Always support your defections with examples coming from the industry that your business operates in. This helps strengthen your connection with the audience. Performance is the level of efficiency to which an employee could perform a certain desk. This could be measured through the following parameters. Speed, quality and cost. Where speed is how fast a certain desk could be completed within the expected timeline beyond expected timeline or below the expected timeline quality, which is the outcome, the condition to which a task has been completed and the cost, which is the overall cost of completing a certain desk. Any position, wherever it is, whatever it is must comply with those parameters. Appraisals is exercise of evaluating the performance level of the employees. Completion of a certain task or objective based on previously defined metrics. For example, evaluating employees, attendance, punctuality or his ability to create creative solutions for problems that he has a work or his ability or willingness to learn new skills or his ability to work with his team or the level of quality to deliver a certain goal in order to strengthen the interest of the audience. I believe it's very important to recap on the What's in it for me concept. Choose people from the audience and asked them, What do they think on each point of the purpose of performance and appraisals? The first point is to encourage dialogue. How often have managers actually sat with their subordinates toe to talk about their performance and their progression? Pipeline. One of the main reasons behind the performance and appraisals exercise is to sit sometime between the employee and his manager to talk about the employees progression in the company . The second item in the purpose of performance and appraisals is fair compensation distribution. When clear goals are set and performance is evaluated based on defined criteria, rewards distribution bias is eliminated. The third is promotion to create a track record off the employee's performance to prioritize those who perform well for rewards and progression planning initiatives, aiming to distinguish those who perform well from others who don't and nominate them for leadership positions in the future. Fourth is employee protection having a track record for employees performance for Dec's them from leadership retaliation and malpractices, and would reserve as support documents for human resources in any future investigations. Fifth Clear guidelines for expectations. This would serve as a document providing the employees with key expectations in the form of goals, allowing him or her to prioritize those goals and make other tasks given s secondary. This also helps the manager focus on the goals given to the employees in the beginning of the year, hence sticking to the plan. Sixth, the system was created to give the employees a sense of fairness and the understanding and belief that any reward given to any other employee was based on defined metrics. Seventh ensure organizational goals are achieved. Goals given to employees were cascaded down based on organizational mission, making every job a contributor to achieving a the greater targets of the organization. 5. 06 PAA Life Cycle: Ah project without timelines is like a vote without a compass. Therefore, a proper understanding of the project life cycle and the rules or responsibilities of the people involved his key to ensuring a successful project implementation. The following by chart timeline is used by various companies and could be utilized for your organization. Important if your organization is running the program for the first time, a really recommend that you begin the program in November. This will give you time to acquire information about the employees last year performance and it will help you to set goals for the following year. Therefore, I recommend that you begin the preparation for the program in September. From October to December, after the annual leadership meeting, the board of directors at top leadership would have determined the direction of the organization where each one of the directors will obtain top level goals given to them by the leadership, where they will great goals for each one of their functions. In order to contribute to achieving the high level goal by January, managers should have completed their discussion with their n plus one with regards to their expectations for the following year and Accordingly, every manager will create his success plan. Golson Things extends from January to the end of March. Manager should complete their meetings with their M minus one to sit their goals from April to the end of October. Progress discussion where managers review the goals set in the beginning of the year and add goals depending on the environment changes and organizational adaptations. It's a common practice that Gold's are reviewed twice a year, where those changes are then communicated to human resources. In November, employees are requested to complete their self assessment to see their view off their commitment of achieving those goals and attaching figures and facts that support their claims. From December to mid January, managers plan and complete the interviews with their subordinates, discussing the self assessment feedback provided by the employee, then challenging and agreeing with the facts and figures. The managers then discussed the employees rating with their in plus one. The M plus two of the manager and human resource is will review the feedback and calibrate the results were required. Performance calibration is an exercise that human resources take to challenge managers regarding the review of their teams to ensure that it's not too harsh or not too lenient, aiming to point out people who are performing well and people who are not performing as expected. Late January employees received their rating through Human Resource Is Team Rolls. This diagram shows the roles played by each party to ensure smooth program rollout. First H R will roll out the Performance and Appraisals program, where introduction sessions for all employees at all levels will receive an induction. HR will then distribute the gold settings and the self assessment forums told employees. Employees will fill the forms and sends them to their managers. Managers will then receive their organizational goals from their leadership, then discussed those goals with their dark supporting managers. Managers will review the self assessment forms and employees suggested goals. Managers will then fill the review tool with the employee's performance results. Managers will then sit with their dark manager to discuss their view off the employee performance and calibrate the results with human Resource is and they're in. Plus two mangers will then discuss the results with their team. The performance documents are then sent to human resources to create the appraisals letters and take fair further actions. HR will send assessment letters to managers to distribute them to the employees 6. 07 Benchmarking Goal Metrics Goal Setting: as explained earlier in illegals are derived from organizational goals. Therefore, a scientific approach to tackle this matter is required to ensure the setting of effective goals. For the sake of this exercise, we approach the goal setting slides first, to have a better flow of thoughts rather than beginning with the performance. Review slides first, in order to set goals first, you need to benchmark your team performance against their skill level and order. To do so. Take the following steps. Create a to access dotted chart. The horizontal axis represents performance and the vertical axis represents skill level. Engage with the managers and ask them Where do they believe that their team would statistically be distributed? Statistically, 80% of any organization's employees at any point of time would be in the center of the chart. The remaining 20% will be distributed in the remaining parts of their squares. Some would be categorized as very low performers, others as exceeding expectations. Very good performers. Some might be highly skilled, but low performing. Others might be very low skilled but performing very well. Our objective will be moving those low skilled into the middle or to the high performance if possible, and move those who have high scales into the high performer section and the people who perform very well give them. They required skills to become even better and exceed our expectations. Mapping organizational targets to jobs One of the main reasons that managers do not like to create goals for their teams. It's because it's time consuming, especially when the number of employees is large. Therefore, instead of creating goals for personnel, managers should create goals for positions first. And what does that mean exactly? In order to simplify this process, it's advisable that managers take the following steps. First list the departmental objectives proposed, then group. The employees who have identical job titles identify What could the roles played by each job contribute into achieving each goal, then create goals for each position based on this might criteria afterwards start looking for what goals might be required from each employee Individually And just like that, the goal setting process has been cut significantly, and I assure you, after managers understand this trick, there will be more than happy to be part of this process. After completing the previous step in order to create goals that are specific to the employees. It is advisable to take the following steps. First, created a table that includes all your employees with their strengths and weaknesses. And in order to engage with the managers, it's advisable to create a table that includes employees who is their strengths, intersects with other employees. Weaknesses, then ask them What do they think the next step should be? There are many ways to create development goals for employees, some through training, some through mentoring and so on and so forth. And I realized that I mix off in class training and mentoring is ideal to increase the competency of employees. There are many types of goals, but in order to simplify this process, we will classify them into three categories. The first type of goals is dark business goals, which are goals that impact the business directly and are related directly to the key responsibilities off the employees, for example, cost reduction, improved logistics, performance, supply discounts, increased sales and so on and so forth. The second classifications is in dark business. Goals are goals that do not impact the business directly but could contribute into the success such as it is any performance. No, only sharing and coaching process change and increased efficiency and many others. The third classifications is development goals, which are goals you do to develop yourself, such as taking courses, learning new skills, change behavior, etcetera. You need to ensure that managers comply with the limits of setting up goals where they should not go below the minimum count. Norby way above the goal count. I recommend that the following count should be applied from 3 to 5 direct business goals and from 2 to 3 in dark business goals and from 1 to 2 development goals gold setting metrics. In order to create effective, meaningful goals, the goals must follow the smart criteria. Where s stands for specific the goat. Your goals must be specific describing What are you going to do such as increasing sales reducing invent Torri completing a certain desk. The M stands for measurable. You need to associate the goal with numbers. For example, increased sales by 15% that is specific goal reduce inventory by 1000 square meters. The A stands for achievable. The goals should be reasonable and achievable within the employee capacity. You cannot request something from the employees that you know deep inside that it's impossible to be accomplished. For example, you cannot tell our worker you, I need you to complete this entire building today or till a painter to fix a TV. This does not match, then relevant. The gold should be relevant to the function to which the employee works in. You cannot have somebody in sales work in human resources and expect the same results or the other way around. Take somebody from human resource is and send him to sales and expect that they would perform as well. And finally, t t stands for time bound that all goals should be within a time limit. Usually one here because we're talking about the performance cycle. So we're expecting goals to be accomplished within one year. All goals should follow the smart criteria. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult and illogical to measure the accomplishment of those goals. Discuss the organizational goals with your team 7. 08 Goal Communication Rating System Performance Review Metrics Tips: the success of any goal begins with proper communication. Were employees must receive an adequate amount of information regarding the goals required with clearly defined deliverables in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. It's important that managers comply with certain steps whenever they're discussing their organizational goals with their teams, where they should discuss the general goals with their entire team as a group in order to get everybody's response on them, then discuss in dark development goals individually. Remember, always goals are mutually agreed. Employee has a right to reject, modify or replace a certain goal based on his capacity and understanding of the task that was given to him. Goals could be modified once during the year, too much the business dynamics. But goals should not be rolled out past the third quarter of the current year. Employees rating system and employees rated from 1 to 5, where one is lowest and five is the highest. In the end of the performance cycle, the rating system is applied to each goal assigned to the employees in the beginning of the year, measure the leader satisfaction on the employee performance against every goal, and the rating system goes as follows. Do not meet expectations, which means that the employees did not meet the minimum requirements to do the job Assigned partially meets expectations means that the employee was able to do the job, but with noticeable performance issues. Third meets expectations. This is where we anticipate everyone to be. Were employees here complete all goals in accordance to our expectations with minimal errors. Fourth, exceed expectations here, and employees shows two or more traits in certain aspects of his job that does not appear with anyone else. This could be in terms quality, speed, relationship with his colleagues or others. Fifth, significantly exceed expectations. This where an employee shows significant performance superiority more than anyone else in his team. And in order to distinguish people in this category, look for more than one item off superiority on the sixth to Arely. This is not actually part of the rating system, but it's more of a way that we distinguish those who are still too early to be rated, mainly because they're recently joined the organization or moved from a different location . Remember that around 80% of your employees will be in the meet expectations category and that will be very important in the performance calibration stage. If the rate is higher or lower in any department, you need to challenge the managers to recalibrate those results and move them as close as possible to the acceptable parameters. You should also keep reminding them that if they are rating people higher or lower than they actually are there only creating and then competitive environment in the organization . It's important to reassure the employees and managers during the training that employees who fall short in their performance does not necessarily means termination, where there might be a sign of mentor or training to tackle the performance issues. Performance Review parameters for organizations that are running the performance review for the first time. The following six performance elements, in my view, are the most important trace to measure the employee's performance, especially if there were no goals set in the beginning of the year. First is target achievement. This mainly applies to key business goals and completing the tasks assigned on timely manner, teamwork, showing team spirit and working as part of the team. Innovation being creative and coming up with new ideas to improve performance, punctuality, arriving toe work on timely manner is essential for any business success. Acceptance to learn new skills. This is a big problem for businesses that have people working for them for a long time, where some of those people are accustomed to work in a certain way where they would be unwilling or unable to learn a new skill. Core values core values are essential for any employee to be hired. Therefore, all employees must have their core values and check the performance score that appears next to each one of the performance elements represents the weight of each one of those elements where the overall weight for all those elements should some up to 100%. We will elaborate on this concept in the following slides. Tips for conducting an Effective Performance Review I faced many hurdles that repeated themselves whenever I conducted Performance Review, and I guarantee you, if you communicate those points well, you will save yourself tons of questions. The 1st 1 is data freeze. When setting the performance cycle date, the list of employees will be taken as it is and will not be changed throughout the process . Even if employees moved from a department to another. This shall not be reflected in the street except four leaders. If they change, then all employees will be transferred to be reviewed by that managers Superior. The next one is included. Employees. The employees who are going to be included in this process are the same employees who existed nine months ago or who joined the company nine months ago because other than this will be employees who are still under their probation period that will take us to the second point. Excluded employees. They are employees who did not complete the probation period, and it's too early to reevaluate them. Their names will be there, but they will be marked as too early. The next is development goals. You will receive many questions from managers regarding their development requirements. The development requirements requested by managers will be collected thin, evaluated with superior managers to list them and prioritize those that have direct impact on the operations and could contribute into the accomplishment of the mission, testing the knowledge in order to ensure that the managers are good on their own. I advise that you conduct separate workshops where managers use the performance tools and create gold for their team. I believe that the best way to do this is to assign some of your team to help the managers , at least with one or two sessions while interviewing the employees, and by the time that they are actually setting up the goals by themselves. If you feel them that there will be able to go on their own, then you leave them accordingly. Be surprised. How much difference would that make, especially if your company is conducting this exercise for the first time, where you will never have to repeat this exercise ever again on Lee, maybe for new managers during orientation. The last is the performance manager. I suggest that you assign one of your employees to safe, keep the goals and compile the data and track any changes in the future. 8. 09 Data Collection Self Assessment Performance Management Tool: data collection is one of the key elements to ensure proper tracking off the gold step, and nowadays it is becoming more important than ever to invest in some sort of information system. To accomplish this task in the following exercise, we will go step by step on how to collect performance information and how to record it into the information management system. How to record performance and goals. One of the most important steps in conducting any project is information management, where it could be the most time consuming process of all since much of the time would go into distributing, collecting, compiling and verifying data. Therefore, the following guide was created to assist throughout the process self assessment and goals Heading sheets. I have created two simple sheets for self assessment and gold settings, which could be used as an example to create similar sheets. Those could be found in the downloadable resource is the main purpose of the self assessment and goal setting sheets is to allow the employees to prepare for the discussion with his dark manager, which creates a civilized environment for the discussion based on evidence and facts, The self assessment sheet allows employees to sit back and think about his performance in the past year. This preparation will allow him to discuss the his accomplishments and fallouts. In addition to providing an open discussion with the manager, the goal setting sheets was created to encourage innovation and thinking outside the box. Those sheets may come up with solutions and ideas for goals that could change the organization or tackle issues that had never been discussed previously or seen by top leadership. The self assessment form displayed was created to cater for people running the performance program for the first time and was based on the six evaluation criteria that we talked about earlier. When it's time to conduct the performance program. In the end of the following year, the employees will be required to fail the self assessment based on the goals that were given to him by his manager. The self assessment form was divided into three sections, a section for key business goals and another for the other goals, which are the other business goals and the development goals are created questions for each section to give the employees an idea regarding the expectations. The goals heading sheet. It's self explanatory where it includes gold categories on the horizontal axes and on the vertical axis. It includes goal title, Gold Description, the mid German tune It's and finally, the Time of Frame. To accomplish the goals, the user will need to fill the goals in each square, along with the description that's required to accomplish the Goal Performance Management tool. The performance measurement tool was created to help managers create smart gold and allow leadership and human resource is to track the activity. First, we will describe the system. Then we will go through the functionality. The system only works properly with Microsoft Excel 2016 and above, but I do not guarantee that the system will work as well. With other virgins of Microsoft Excel color codes. The color codes will provide validation indicators to the users regarding the data being filled in the system. There are three color codes in total that signifies the following alerts. The yellow color indicates toe automated fields where you must not touch or modify them because they are linked to other formulas and any modification will break the formula. And if you are not well versed with Microsoft Excel, you might not be able to fix it. The red color represents items that exceed the amounts required. The purple color represents items that did not reach the required count. It's important to note that the system was designed to facilitate the task of data collection and tracking. Therefore, you need to avoid copying data from the automated fields when trying to place them somewhere else, since this will cause breakage in the other fields that are unique to the other sheets. For example, let's copy the employee information from the master sheet to try and create golds in the goal sheet. Instead of copying the entire row, we will only need to copy the static data. The Master Jeet, the master sheet, has few roles and they are as follows. The first is to include a list of all employees in the organisation up to the cut off date . The second works as a tracker for the performance reviews and the goal settings, and the third is to facilitate copying and pasting data from the master sheet to the other sheets. Note. You should not change the data sets in any sheet without changing it in the other sheets as well. The performance review sheet. As I explained earlier, the performance review sheet was made for companies that run the program for the first time . So if your organization is not running it for the first time, you can exclude the sheet. The Goal setting sheet. This sheet was designed to collect golds for the current year and also act as a performance review sheet for the following year. Performance Management tool mechanisms As explained earlier, the master sheet includes two sections, the Static data section and the System Alerts section. The employee data section is a static data, which means that it does not include any formulas. This is where you transfer the employee information from your organization. The sheet includes the following fields Employees serial number in your organization, employee name, position, name which represents what you call this position in your organization. Great title, which is used to categorize employees, work in identical jobs departments, of course, as normal chief name and number, the chief is the dark manager of the employees and finally, the New year over Old Management review comments. This allows the manager to place the overall comments regarding the New Year Performance Review the second section off the master sheet is the system alerts, which includes the following sections. First, the a review. If you are not going to conduct the first year review, then ignore this part completely. First review completed shows whether the review no, the first year had been completed or not, zero means not completed and one means completed first time review results. If the manager completed the review for all categories, this field will be populated automatically. The New Year alerts. Those alerts are related to the performance review and go settings for the following year and is divided into the following sections. The first is the New Year goals received. This is an indicator on how many goals received for the current here the overall goal weight. Not all goals have the same importance. The system allows a manager to give each goal a different weight. Based on the importance, however, the total weight must total up to 100%. If the results had not reached that target, this system will signal an alert New Year performance. Reviews completed invent of the year. The managers are required to fill the performance reviews for last year's goals. This indicator will show the number of goals completed by the manager. If the number of goals reviewed did not match the number of goals set in the beginning of the year, the system will provide an alert New Year review score. This will show the overall score for all the goals that were set for every employee. This calculates the performance score multiplied with the weight of each goal. New Year is core description. This field explains what this core actually means and shows whether the employee had met or exceeded or did not meet expectations. Performance Review Sheet. The performance review sheet is designed to capture the managers impression of the employee's performance. How about the setting off specific goals? I apologize if I'm repeating this constantly, but if your organization is not running the program for the first time, please ignore the street. The performance review sheet is divided into four sections. The first is basic data. This is an identical data set toe which appeared in the Master Cheat, and it's placed in an identical order Performance review elements, which are set of performance items that I believe are mandatory to exist in every employee . Those are populated with a drop down menu. If you look at the top of each performance item, you will notice a percentage. This percentage represents the weight of each goal from the overall performance items. The overall percentage of all those items must equal to 100%. You could change those percentages as you believe fit, and the system will adapt accordingly over old performance score. This is an automated cell that calculates the performance score based on the achievement and wait to provide the overall score and description of the score. Manager comments. This is Text Field that allows the manager to explain what he or she thinks that the employee performances. The managers should elaborate about their take about every single one of those items. Gold settings. This section allows you to enter the employee goals for the following year, where the managers will be able to populate the goals for their teams in accordance with the rules that were mentioned earlier. The goal setting sheet is divided into five sections. The first is the basic data. This is an identical data set to which appears in the master sheet was placed in the same identical order as you can see an example. The date of each employee is repeated several times since every role represents a goal. For example, if you have eight goals in total for each employee, you should repeat the entire employee data eight times. The second is a gold classifications section, which is divided into the following fields gold type. This is a drop down menu which allows the manager to choose what type of gold they want assigned to the employee direct, indirect or development goal. The second is the goal title, which describes the gold in less than 20 characters. The third is a gold description, which is a detailed description off the goal and possible tasks. Three. Goal measurement. In order to have true smart goals, you need to have proper measurement criteria. This section is divided into measurement unit, which represents what and how you are going to measure the goal, which could be measured as percentage time, amount, money, people or items. Measurements Sub unit. This is Dependent Field, based on the measurement unit were signifies the value of the measurement unit. For example, if we chose the measurement unit of time, so we could say is it minutes is it? Ours is a days. Is it years? Is it quarters? So one and so forth Measurement value. This is another dependent cell which signifies the value of the measurement unit. For example, we chose the measurement unit of time. We say Time, days, 10 days gold timeframe, which is the time frame plan to complete that goal. Goal weight signifies the importance of the goal. Comparing to the remaining goals. Please note that the total value of all goals should not go beyond or below 100%. Manager comments. This field is designed for the manager if he would like to add additional comments on the goal. The four section is a performance review data. In the end of the year, the manager will be filling the performance review for those goals in this section, and it's divided into the following Fields the Self Assessment Field, which is a drop down menu, allowing the manager to fail the employee feedback on his own performers. Second, the self assessment comments. This is where the manager fails the feedback off the employees in some sort of details. The third is assessment date. It's the date where the interview have happened between the employee and the manager discussing the employees self performance. Then fourth, the manager review a drop down menu that allows the manager to fill his own take on the employee performance manager. Review comments. A text field that allows the manager to describe what he thinks about the goal accomplishment manager review date, which is the date that manger filled the review. The overall score is the result of the goal accomplishment based on the goal weight multiplied by the level of accomplishment, and the fifth and Final is alert and guidelines. I have created a few guys to show the person who is populating the sheet of any shortcomings, and they are as follows Gold weight color alert. When the manager begins filling goals, the system will begin measuring the overall goal weight. And if the goal weight is above or below 100% the system will highlight the field until they are calibrated correctly. The second is the overall goal weight calculator. This allows a person to understand the number of gold, sit for a particular employees and overall goal weight just by entering the employee number in the employee number field the system will automatically calculate the number of goals and overall weight off the goals in order to ensure a proper spotless implementation. I advise you once you enter all the employees data in your sheets to create separate excellencies for each one of the managers, which includes Onley, their information and the information of their staff to facilitate the gold sitting and the performance review process for them. And when they're done, they only have to send you the data back. This concludes the performance management system. 9. 10 Performance feedback planning and discussion Dealing with Grievances: performance discussion can be very difficult where it requires an awful amount of strength . Sit down and discuss performance results with the person on the receiving end, especially when it comes to delivering that news. In this session, we will focus on how to plan and conduct performance reviews. In addition to dealing with performance review, grievances, performance discussion, many managers are unable to face their employees to discuss their performance. This could be related to many issues. Therefore, in order to ensure the program's success, I suggest that you invite the managers for a workshop that tackles the following issues. The first is how to use the system indecision the managers actually use the system hands on , and it will have the ability to ask questions whenever they need. Other session will be dedicated to tackle the manager's ability to create goals. In this session, the managers actually create goals, and then as a team, you discuss the goals created and validate if they match the communicated criteria. This helps the managers be more critical about the goals of the create and hence create better goals. Finally, a role play session on how to conduct performance discussion in this session managers tackled several scenarios related to the performances. Caution, such as communicating bad performance, communicating good performance, communicating with employees who disagree with the ratings, conducting a motivational discussion. There are many other topics that you see fit. First, you need to analyze what your organization lacks and have this session just formulate itself. The first step before conducting any performance discussion is to be prepared. Therefore, I advise you to take the following steps. First, collect the self assessment documents from all employees before conducting any session. The second is to review the self assessment documents and enter your assessment for the employee performance in the system. Third discussed the performance of newly transferred employees with their previous manager . This will allow you to have a better idea about the employees previous performance. Hence come up with more objective performance rating. Organize an appointment for each team member to conduct assessment. Don't forget to leave time between appointments to review the discussion documents of the following employees before the interview, and finally, after completing the performance discussion sessions, discussed evaluation results with your manager in case he or she had any comments that required changes. Then calibrate your data. Accordingly, Performance information is private. This is a big issue that I faced in many companies where managers go and start talking about the performance of employees to their colleagues. This caused friction in the team and could cause some employees to leave your organization . Therefore, I advise you to have an interactive session during this presentation toe ask managers what do they think and what could be the consequences behind revealing performance data? In order to conduct an effective discussion, it's advisable to take the following steps. First, welcome to employees to your office. Second till the employees that the performance discussion is a purely business exercise and it's not based on personal preferences. Third, specify a timeline for the interview to avoid extending the timeline on unnecessary subjects. For example, tell the employees that the conversation will take 15 minutes only. Therefore, it's advisable to keep the discussion limited to the goal items. Fourth, and very importantly, do not be angry nor emotional during the discussion. After all, the discussion is purely a business matter. Fifth discussed the performance points one at a time and receive the feedback accordingly. Do not allow the employees to return to the point after clearing it. Sixth. If there is a disagreement regarding a certain point, advise a plea to provide evidence that supports his statements. Finally, tell the employees your overall impression of his performance. Frequently asked questions. There is a good chance that you'll receive the following questions during the training. Therefore, you need to be prepared with answers. Try to think of other questions that could arise that might be unique to your industry and add them to the slide. The first question might be posed by the employees, and this we have answered before. If I'm a new employee, how could it manager rate me? Of course, the answer will be you'll be rated as too early, and the probation period evaluation will be the platform for your performance evaluation. Second, who's eligible for rewards? This depends on the organisation policy, but every company that I worked for had a set of restrictions that controlled this aspect. For example, some of those restrictions were employees who did not complete their probation period are not eligible for rewards or increments. The second could be employees who received an increment in the past 10 months will not be eligible for rewards, and the third is employees who partially meat or do not meet expectations would not be eligible for an increment. Of course, you can add any other restrictions that you see fit. Another question could be. This employee was transferred recently under my organization. It would be unfair for me to rate him. You could answer that by it's the manager responsibility who had employees recently transferring under his organization to contact the previous manager and get his feedback about those employees performance and read them accordingly. One more question could be. Why can't we give everyone great performance and make everyone happy? Well, there are many answers for this. For example, the employee manager relationship in any organization is a business relationship. Therefore, it has to follow certain restrictions. The second bad performance reflects badly on your performance. You could also say that Do not keep your mind that you must keep everyone happy because you cannot, and rating everyone in the same way will be unfair for good performers, making them feel that there is no difference between working hard and giving it your all or don't work at all. So why bother and giving everyone the same performance score will create a nun competitive organization and finally, from an HR point of view, giving such feedback gives misleading results for human resources. In case of future investigations regarding employment conflicts contesting review results, employees are allowed to contest their performance results. However, if this process is not controlled well, it could go forever. Therefore, the following restrictions are advised first. Only. If the employee has evidence that disproves this review, he should be accepted. Secondly, the employees must submit the request to change the review to his manager. Officially first, if not, then escalate to human resource. Is any grief ing submit? ALS should only be accepted within one month after the performance results has been announced. If the proof that was submitted to human resource is after the investigations appeared sufficient, then human resource is will escalate the matter to the employees in plus two for approval. 10. 11 Talking about Responsibility Recap: How many times have you heard somebody say it's not my responsibility? Well, this is an engagement exercised to encourage people to say it out loud that this is my responsibility. Yeah, activity ownership. There are a set of responsibilities that lie at the accountabilities of all parties throughout the performance review cycle, and they are as follows leader Accountabilities. The leader needs to keep reminding himself that the team's success is his own success and in order to make this slide more interactive and a bit funny that you ask everyone to repeat after you first, it's my job to set my team up for success and remove any obstacles that face them in their daily tasks and follow up with their grievances. Second, it's my responsibility to clearly define expectations and remind employees when they deviate. Third, it's my job to keep people informed off any changes that's facing their operations. Fourth, it's my job to provide continuous feedback. Also, it's my job to hold people accountable when necessary. It's my job to recognize great performance when I see it. It's my job to treat everyone fairly, and finally, it's my job to develop people and prepare future leaders. The same goes for the employees. All employees have accountabilities, therefore have them repeat. It's my job to complete work on timely, efficiently and with the highest quality that I could work safely every day. Stop work. If you see something unsafe, protect your colleagues. The organization's success is my success. Therefore, it's my job to report deviations when I see them. It's my job to identify barriers that impact our business and work together with my team to correct them. I will challenge requests that will distract me from achieving my key goals. And when priorities change, I will ask my manager. It's my responsibility to keep striving for knowledge and developing myself and keep learning. It's my job to take responsibility for my own performance. A really advise you whenever you create a presentation is to formulate a recap. This will help you and the people on the receiving end to really focus on the items that really matter. For this presentation, I chose the following. You need to tell everyone to start thinking off their goals today. This will provide them with enough time to create meaningful goals. All reviews should be submitted before mid of December. This is your deadline and chose your commitment to complete the project within the specified time line. All goals should be submitted before mid January. There are three direct business goals. There are two indirect business goals and there's one development goal. Those are the acceptable minimum number of goals. If your organization decides to reduce or increase those goals, then it's up to you and you need to change them in the presentation. All your goals must be smart goals. This is to create meaningful goals and you cannot stress this enough. Your goals must have a meaning and they must impact the business positively in any organization. We are a team and we will be rated based on our team performance. This all be fair in rating our teams and distinguish Onley those who deserve 11. 12 Q&A: this includes our session today. I would like to thank you for choosing this program, and I hope that you found some of the information that you received. They valuable enough to be added your data. I apologize that my pronunciation was unclear at times. That's because English is not my first night. Please give this course would rating in order for me to keep greatly more, thank you very much and visibly, please keep asking questions. Thank you. Blurry que. If you have any questions regarding the material, I request that you please send them through the portal. Excel is an excellent tool for any business, regardless its size, where it's helps professionals better understand the information and even gain experience regarding database fundamentals. This is especially the case for HR professionals, where the dynamic nature of our operations and the diverse information we collect require constant generation of dynamic reports. Therefore, if you'll require an HR specific private class, please send me an email to the email below. I also greet materials for HR programs, and I could roll out those programs in your organization. If such requirements arise, do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Always remember that your progression is in your hands performance. Earn it