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Perfecting Stick Control & Using Dynamics for Drummers

Lutz Academy, Online Music Lessons

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3 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Fundamentals & Types of Grips

    • 2. Striking Cymbals & Angle of Attack

    • 3. Control & Dynamics Exercises


About This Class

In this beginner quick-start class for drummers, you'll learn:

  • How to hold your sticks properly
  • Matched grip
  • Traditional grip
  • Striking cymbals (the right way)
  • Using technique to get the sound you want
  • The ideal cymbal angles and layout for your kit
  • Exercises to improve your stick control
  • How to practice volume dynamics

"Stick control" is something all drummers have to have. Essentially, it's your ability to control how hard, how soft, how fast, or how slow you play a beat or strike a cymbal. The first step to having good stick control is learning how to hold your sticks the right way and picking the grip (matched or traditional) that fits your playing style best. 

From there, practice is the only way to perfect it. 

Clay will take you through all these things, and present some exercises that will help you in handling the sticks and becoming a better drummer. 





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