Perfect Your Elevator Pitch And Make Your Business More Memorable | Sarah Humphreys | Skillshare

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch And Make Your Business More Memorable

Sarah Humphreys, Light Up your Brand

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6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Why Is It So Important?

    • 3. What Are The Elements?

    • 4. Put It All Together

    • 5. Does It Tick All The Boxes?

    • 6. Move Forward With Confidence


About This Class

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch And Make Your Business More Memorable

What Do You Want To Be Known For? 

Whether you like to say; elevator speech, one liner or elevator pitch, this short sentence can even make you memorable or forgettable.

So I’m going to share how to create a great elevator speech, why it’s the corner stone of your business and why it is so important for you to have at the top of your mind.

So what is a elevator speech, the shortcut explanation is a short sentence less than 60 seconds long that defines your service and captures the interest of the person or people you are  addressing. 

It summarises your services and how you help, quickly, without fluff and in a way that arouses the interest of your audience.

And importantly it helps people to decide why they need your services

In this class you will - 

  • Get a greater understanding of your ideal clients wants and needs
  • Create a unique for you elevator pitch 
  • Feel more confident talking about your business
  • Have an elevator pitch that will make your business more memorable 
  • Know how to use your unique sentence to your maximum advantage 

You can download the workbook that accompanies this class HERE 

Remember to share your finished Elevator Pitch in the project 


Sarah :) 


1. Welcome: how low says, Well, come to this skill share class. I'm really excited you're here. I'm ready to spend some time working on your business. Now, in this class, we are going to be working together. I'm gonna be helping your guiding you to create a elevator pitch. Now, you might know it is an elevator picked off an elevator speech or a one liner. But this is something that you can use throughout your business, and it's a way too quick Klay and simply describe what you do to your potential client. So job in this class, I'm gonna help you to create a great elevator picked on going to help you understand? Why is the cornerstone of your business on why it's so important to have it at the top of your mind on easy to say on. Then we're gonna go through step by step together, how to put it, how to create this and how to put it together on then how you can use it. So out your business, you know where you can place it on what you can do with their own, where you can use it and how it's going to make an incredible difference to you and your business. So who am I? I'm Sever Humphreys. I'm a business strategist and confidence coach. Andi, I love helping you to grow a wildly successful business of running my own businesses for 25 years. So I've got a whole heap of experience behind. May on. I love nothing more than inspiring you, motivating you to make a change, to do something a little bit different and to create a successful 2. Why Is It So Important?: So what is an elevator speech? So the short court explanation is this. If finds your service on, it captures the interest of the person who you're addressing. So whether they're looking on your website or whether you're talking to them or whether you're networking, you are describing what you do in a very specific way that piques their interest. That makes them want to know more on. But you're not sort of bumbling on a waffle in arm. It's nice in short and precise, and it summarizes your services. How you help somebody quickly. His knife lof, um, is not going all around the houses on it will interest your audience. That's what's really important, and it will help them to decide why they need your services now. The most important thing we need to remember. Our ideal clients want to know the results. They want to know how you help them. That's the most important thing. People are bothered about you. They're not bothered about all the rest of the stuff. They want to know how you help somebody and whether it can help them. So that's what they're always listening out for without even realizing it. But you've also listening out for somebody else might need that help. So been mindful of that as well. So we're gonna talk about this further because I want you to recognize that our clients are everywhere and this is why it's so important. I believe that this elevator picture of elevator speech or your one minor whatever you like to call it is actually the cornerstone of your business when I speak to businesses. If I I asked them this, you know, how do you help people if it bumbles on and it's switching, washing, it doesn't make any sense. You can guarantee you that's because of not doing the work on it. Therefore, they're not really clear on the niche and harmony to help people. So it results in them not having this ist success they desire. Then you wouldn't believe this single part was so important, but it really is. I cannot stress enough how important having this clear in your mind very is and then building out from that. It also shows confidence. So if you're talking to someone and you can very clearly explain how you helped, um, and it seeps off your tongue, it's completely natural. It shows you're confident. It shows that you, you know You know what you're talking about. You know who you help. It also helps people to quickly understand what you do the last thing. And I'm sure we will. You've all been on the receiving end of you. Ask somebody what they go, and then you really wish he hadn't. Because you think you lost me at the beginning. It doesn't make sense. You losing long words I don't understand on the on board and you zone out. And we really don't want people to do that. That we're talking to that are looking on the websites of our social media. We want to capture their attention first and foremost capture their attention with what we're saying. Or however it's written because our kinds are everywhere. So this is don't think that if you you're you know, you're describing what you do to a friend or somebody when you're out and about, or when your network in ace realizing that being clear and confident about this well, we'll help you to get kinds from all sorts of ideas because if you talk to somebody on, then they speak someone else's. So there are many help with this. You will then be top of their mind because you have clearly defined what you don't. It also shows how unique you are. It will show how it this is what you do. This is your thing. This is how you help people which will never be the same as somebody else. This will only ever be unique to. You know, people of no two people are gonna have exactly the same elevator pitch because this is a combination of all the things you do and how you help people landed ins to this short sentence. It will also answer your clients biggest problems. So, like I said before, people want help with a problem. And if you can, um, clearly tell people about the problem you solve, it will help them to know whether you can help them or not quickly, straight to wait. No messing around. It states exactly what you do. So there's like I said before, It's not confusing for people. People are not getting bored. People know if you're very perfect fit for that to help them and when it's on your website or your social media or anywhere like that, it will hook the vida. We all know we've all experienced before Amazing marketing when you feel like it's actually written to you like goodness, that's exactly what I need. Afghani Times, where barely written at the sales page and I have bought and paid up before, really known what Lion Abdullah member times. But that's because they've hoped May they've had me at the beginning on assault. Yes, this is what I need on. I've skipped ALS. The fluff got to the bottom and I pay so that's what we want to do. You want to hook our readers to want to know more about us. 3. What Are The Elements?: Okay, so let's get started. First things first. I would love you to print out the workbook that accompanies this workshop because it would definitely help you to brainstorm. This is we're going along. And to get it out on paper, you can do it in a journalist. Well, but I have formatted the workbook to help you to work along this workshop. So I do that first. If I was you, then come back to the videos Andi will carry up. So the first saying I really want to talk about if the elements and this is the elements really that we want tohave inside our elevator pitch. These are things that will make it unique. Will make it stand out. Really make you haven't impact when you say there's a when people read it. So I'm going to go through these elements and really have a think about these as I'm saying them. Andi So a brainstorm. You know these things about you and your business isn't go through them. So first things first. Identify your gobble. Think about you know what you want your either quite to achieve when you work together. Also think about what do you stand by or what do you believe Have I think of these things altogether and sort of right these out Onda underneath here. So you've got a really clear idea. This is sort of like warming up your brain on your mind to be ready for the next step. This is disciple warming up stage so that we can make sure that we've included these elements into your elevator pitch. The next thing is explained who you help. So really think. Who is that person? You like to help what you need. Who do you help? Andi, Write that down Is much information about that as possible on then communicate your unique same point. So have a think what is unique about you. About how you help people. Andi put that down on paper part to really uncover that. So sometimes it takes a little bit of thinking. And why don't I do that's different. What you're unique offer your unique thing that you do help people with Will you provide them with I? Then lastly, what problems do you solve? So what's the desired end result that your clients one if you can think off. What is the one thing that your ideal client really wants the help with a lot of real time , like they're real struggle. That was just saying they want more money. But, you know, think of really in their language, you know, what's their problem? What do they want to help with? Really? Dig deep on this, Um, right, as much out as possible because, you know, you probably can do more to pull things, But if you could think of the one big thing the one big thing that you the problem that you sold, you know, for instance, if you worked with Children helping them to sleep, you say it would be like, Well, I help your you to have a peaceful night's sleep. So you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning because your baby slept all night, you know, for its that's for instance. So I think of it in that play 4. Put It All Together : rusty. So the next step is we're going to break this down into sections. We're gonna actually put together your elevator pitch right now. So you will need the workbook or journals, pen and paper to really brainstorm knees. That ideas out on I can't mention before it usually takes a few goes and sometimes you write it out and you come back to where I wouldn't, um, hold yourself back on this too much, though. You know, changes. Don't think that's it. I don't want to be too specific because I'm gonna not attracts certain types of people and it doesn't work like that. I can promise you the more specific and unique you could be, the more people you will attract. You know, people offer more way that we're going to eliminate certain people, but it doesn't work like that. I can promise you you will still attract other people. But you will speak very clearly to the right people that you want to work with. And that's the difference. So as we go alarm, I'm gonna say their question. I would look you to fill out in your workbook with your journal your chances on when a guide you along. But I'm also going to give examples as well so that I think so often. But there's it helps with an example. So you consorting? Okay, Lets give me some ideas for mine. So the fast we're gonna go through, I'm gonna use the example of a health coach. So don't let that put you off because I've been given examples of what the hell's Coach might put. But I want you to do it, obviously relevant for your business. So the first question is, who do you help? So write them who you help. So, for instance, if he was a health coach, you may be pulled women. So what I always suggest the people to do is go down three layers, so get specific by going down three layers. So what have you put? We're going to go down another layer on. We're going to do that. But I also bringing in their problem that they're going to need help with. So I'm going to explain that to you. So supposing you said women if you was a health coach, you to help women. Okay, so let's go down a layer. Let's say your idea kind that you look working with is moans. Okay, Cool. So we're going down one layer, so let's see if we can now bring in their problem. So OK, so we'll go down another layer and put busy moms. Okay, So busy mums, Let's go down. Another layoffs and maybe the moms you've worked with before of all like post pregnancy. So we know that their Children will be two of two under. So you really like helping people? The people that have had great results with have been, like, lay days within the last two years of having a baby. So you might think, OK, busy moms of toddlers. So you should think yet they're busy life Todd Low so that I know that they will be my ideal crying because you know that when I think about it, I love helping people women after pregnancy, to get back to their, you know, shape the world before. So the second question. So you fill that out with you, go down three layers of how you help your ideo clients. So then the second question is, how do you help them? Andi, I want you to also add in and think yourself something that you need to you. How do you help them unique to you? So we talked about this a bit before in the last section about your unique selling proposition. So you think about that as well. Andi bring a snippet of that in condensed in his few where it is possible. So, for instance, if you was a health coach, that helps busy moms of toddlers. So that's the person we help in their problem. You know that It goes about saying that Haven't got which time. And the Obama got which time to think about what they're eating. The certainly haven't got time to exercise. So maybe you helped, um, by, um, helping by organizing that time so they can create easy meals and exercise on the go. So that could be your unique selling point. This is how you help them condensed into a few lads. So you do the same in this section. Think how you helped, Um, how do you help that person in your unique way on Condense it down on, then? The next question is, what's that desired results. So we talked about this in the last section, you know, we did a bit of a warm up to get your mind work in and thinking about the things that you do and how you help people. So what's the desired visible? So this busy Mom who has got a tough life serving now, actually really wanted to? No. Maybe she'd love to get in her pre pregnancy jeans. You know, that could be her go. That could be her ambition. So the desired result for this health coach could bay so they can confident me, slip into their pre pregnancy jeans. So remember innocent before, if you could think of the desire help, rather than just saying toe help you lose weight would help you feel good. Any mom, anybody who has had a child within the last two years knows that you yearn to get in your pre pregnancy jeans. It's a big ticking point that people will be wanting in their mind. So I'm gonna veto at the whole thing now and just to work out for you so you can have it. So this health coach may say I helped busy moms organize their time so they can create easy meals and exercise on the go so they can confidently slip into their pre pregnancy jeans. Do you say how that would hope you it compared to unhealthy coach, I run online meals and next arts programs for people that need to lose weight. It hasn't got the same hook. It hasn't got the same pool. It sounds like lots. Lots of whether people would say so. Have a go with yours. I'm gonna give you another example to help you out. But GC have pulling in ALS the specific elements of while you're unique and how you help people on being very specific with that person. Really helps tow hook them in tow. How you help them. I can't say this example. I'm going to use somebody helped with marketing a marketing expert, a marketing coach on in marketing advise off. So that's what I'm doing for this example. So same again. Listen in. Look at the questions. Keep brainstorming your on, says and see what you can look with. So, first question, who do you help? So So when he does mocked him, might say OK, small businesses. So now we're gonna bring in that problem as well, So OK, you help small businesses So let's go down a layer. So I help marked in for small businesses. Okay, yet marked invisible businesses. Let's go down another layer night. In my marketing, I do email marketing for small businesses. Okay, that's getting closer. So let's go down again. Andi decide on funnels. I help small businesses with that funnels brilliant, really specific that will speak at people that specifically need that help. So the next question is, How do you help them? And this is bringing in what it's unique to you. So what would that person want? Help with somebody who needs for Noel's so he needs to be effective. You need to know that it's gonna work. You need it to be easy. On importantly, you want it to convert into sales. You don't want to just set it open. It's not going to work. So that's a sort of language we're gonna want to hear. So, for example, had to help them that you need to you they could say, create a effective email for your campaign campaign that convert with ease. So we've fitted in all the specific things we need to fit in which it effective. It's an email fundo. It converts on It's easy, which is a sort of language somebody's going toe want. Who doesn't know how to set up a new email for? No, that's the sort of things they're gonna want to hear. So think about yours. Think about how you help your clients or customers unique to you. Andi. Fill that section act. Say that the question is, what's the desired result? So if you are gonna be setting up funnels in your business, what's the absolute cyber adults? Do you remember when I said in the first part, You know what is the desired result? Like what you've it, What do they really want? So I think somebody who's setting foot funnels will really want to make money and nestle, don't you? You the whole like, gives a funnel that it's working on its own. You don't have to do anything. Extended its own things, you know. You don't worry about it. It's all being done. Sigh. So they're on self for the third could bay so you could sell your product while you sleep. Andi, if that's what you needed, You black? Yes, that's what I need. So think of yours. What would you put in your that question? What's the desired result off your ideal clients on? I'm gonna read this out for years so you can have it all together, this example of somebody who helps somebody with marketing. So I help small businesses to create an effective email funnel campaign that converts with ease so you could sell your product while you sleep. Now, who wouldn't want that? You tell me who wouldn't want that? Well, would, if you've got product or service that you could sell in your sleep, that would take all those internal boxes that we have in our mind on that would hook them in. It would hook the lens rather than someone just saying, I help you sort out your market and I convey your email marketing. I could do you social media. I could do news that says I could do funnels. It means nothing to anybody. So do you see how really sewn in a being specific will help you to get more clients and will attract more people? So many people that really frightened and put off by mission in and sometimes you need in a bit on, then you go in another layer. Almost. I've done it myself many a times. It's It's sort of like something that evolves, and sometimes your business changes a bit, so it involves again. So don't be nervous to think, Oh, my goodness, I'm gonna discount so many people think to yourself, You know what I am going to speak more clearly to more people on the visa and why this is so important is because without this in place, the vest is very, very hard today. So it's worse to spending. Doesn't even take love a little bit of time, just really getting clear on this. I'm now I'm going to explain to you a few ways of while you could use this fabulous elevator pitch that you've created. 5. Does It Tick All The Boxes?: So now we're going. Teoh, overview what you've written for your elevator pitch. I hope you got on OK with that. And I really hope that you feel locked clear about it. And it has helped you to uncover some things and made you realize actually, I could go a level deeper on this. So I would love you to have a look what you've written on, we're going toe. Overview it now and check it ticks. All the elements that we spoke about previously that are really important. They are all in the short sentence so fast, Havelock a tick. Does it identify the goal that you want your clients? Do you think? Yes, that I don't find that girl? Do you believe it? Do you believe in it? Does it cover what you stand by then I want you to think doesn't explain who you helped. Clearly, I always state with these You should expect a five year old to belt. When the stand here You helped her five year old came and asked you what you do. Could you describe it with this sentence? Clearly what they understand who you help. Does it communicate your unique selling point. So we spoke about that before. You know, people will buy from you and work with you because of your unique selling point. Andi. Does it clearly say the problem that you solve now, when we did the questions in the last section the 123 it's really important that you position them still in those places because we always want to end with how you help. People always remember the last thing they here for the last thing they read. You can't always remember the first part. We want them to remember the important part, which is how you help them. So it's important that they're in this order. And then a really good thing about this is if you peaks of one's interest, will it help them to want to ask a question? Or will they say, Wow, that's interesting. I love the sound of that on then that enables you to them, do a follow one question from it. So this is obviously if you're talking to someone you might be network in or just talking to people. You No, we'll send you. Have you want them very to be interested on the opens up a conversation where somebody then might want to Nome or so that it sounds interesting. You know, you want to want to be like, Wow, that sounds great. You want to be action. If you get no reaction, you could probably think yourself so I may be need to mix it up a little bit more, make it a little bit more Stasi specific. So now I'm going to cover where you can use this. Now. It's such a powerful and impactful statement. We want this to be what you're known before. You want to be able to put it in plenty of play safe. You've spent time thinking about it, so now it's time to share your message. So the great place for this is on your website as a starting point. So really think about the important part off your website is the above the fold, so that very first, if people are looking at your website of its own a laptop, imagine the first bit that covers the screen, or at least just just around there. Try and put this there. This will then help filter through your correct clients kinds. They're gonna wanna white with Joo's there will make a quick decision. Yes, this is what I need help with. It's also perfect for social media bios. So on your instagram and on your Facebook because obviously you're only allowed a certain amount of characters. So this is really brilliant to use for that. Then, obviously, when you talk to people so this could pay networking or friends off in the sharp poor wherever you are. Remember when that your clients are everywhere, this could potentially open. You able to get in number more people by sharing a message and letting them know specifically how you help people when you are working on your life streams. So if you go live in your business, it could be your opening line. You can say your name is gonna hide. This is how my health people on. Then stay your elevated picture there and then so people will think, yes, get excited by it will hook them in. It will help them be interested to him, or about what you've got to say on. Lastly, you could put it in your email signature. You could put you on your business card. You could put it anywhere but eyes gonna get in front of people that are gonna want to know more about working with you. So I hope that's helped you Onda, uh, see on the next section. 6. Move Forward With Confidence : some. How did you get fun? I would like to know how you have found that I really hope that you feel you've got some clarity's and you feel a lot clear on this now. Confident feeling, confident about how you help somebody is the most important thing. Having that in a confidence inside and thinking. Joe. What? This is what I do. Visit our help people. It's such again change up on being able to use that powerfully on your websites over your social media. When you're talking to people will just transform your business. So your skill share project is to go through the workbook or journal it out. However, you feel best great, your elevator pitch or your one line out whatever you like to call it, the key is to have clarity around it. Don't of, you know, really Don't worry about it. I think that's the best thing. You might want to light it out. Leave it after this for so many years right out and leave it. Let it percolate. I like to call it, you know, just sit with the idea and then keep coming back to it. You might tweak it. You might think them with the work. That's a better word for that. Keep looking at the language of idea pry. It uses Andi make tweaks and adjustments that it feels just perfect. But don't let it hold you back. You know, don't start the same three weeks later. I'm still haven't decided on this. You know, it should only take a few days at the most to keep coming back to its. So I would love you for your skill share project to share. You know what's come up for you, or if you feel like you want help with it, please put that in the project section. Pop that in the section on. You know, I will get I get notifications at these comment and I can have a look. And if you feel like you want help with it, I will help you. I am here to guide you. I will help you to tweak it If you feel like it needs tweaking. Or you might just think Oh, uh, I'm actually proud of it. I just want to share it because who knows who's looking at these protects your ideal client Might see it takes Hawass. That's the person I need help with that might come and check out what you Dios on. Have a look and you might be able to help them with your business. So don't be shy to share your elevator picked, So show it with may share in the projects and then share it with the world. Let everybody know have fabulous you are and how you can help them. So thank you for watching this. Watch out. I'm really thrilled to have helped you with this. And I really hope you feel a big shift in yourself with some qualities of confidence to me . Forward with your business half a wonderful vested today.