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Percussive acoustic guitar for beginners: BASICS | Fingerstyle class

teacher avatar Marco Ielpo

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 • The Kick

    • 3. Lesson 2 • The Snare

    • 4. Lesson 3 • The Hi-Hat

    • 5. Lesson 4 • Arrangement tips

    • 6. Lesson 5 • Let's practice!

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Learn the basics of percussive acoustic guitar to make your playing sound spicy and more interesting!
Awarded Italian guitarist Marco Ielpo will guide you through the main techniques used to emulate percussion sounds on the guitar, teaching you how to play the main sounds used by the woldwide famous fingerstyle guitarists.
You NEED to know this if you're interested in fingerstyle guitar.


  • LESSON 1 • The Kick - Learn the most used ways to simulate the kick sound on the guitar.
  • LESSON 2 • The Snare - In the second lesson you'll learn how to simulate the snare sound.
  • LESSON 3 • The Hi-Hat - What about the hi-hat? Watch this lesson to learn the main techniques you can use to simulate the hi-hat sound
  • LESSON 4 • Arrangement tips - In this lesson you'll learn some tips to spice even more your arrangements.
  • LESSON 5 • Let's practice! - Practice some rhythmic patterns with Marco to become familiar with the techniques you learned during the previous lessons.

  • Instagram: @marco_ielpo
  • Facebook: Marco Ielpo (official page)
  • Contact, lessons and more: [email protected]

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Marco Ielpo


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1. Introduction: everyone. I am a market airport, a guitarist from Italy and thes course. I will teach you some percussive techniques on acoustic guitar. Why should we use percussive sounds on our guitar? Basically, because they are additional sounds that we can help toe our son board and they will help us to make our music more interesting than they are really good exercises for our freedom and will really help us toe play in time. So in this course you will learn how to play a kick sound snares song. I got sound, and I would also give you some tips on how to play some different sounds that we'll make your arrangement Reacher and more interesting, so very being guitar and let's start. 2. Lesson 1 • The Kick: So in this first lesson, we will learn how to play the kick sound on the guitar. We can do that in different ways. The most use of one is this. But you also can play the kick sound here, just over the bridge or here. So we have three main ways to play the kicks on. Wait number one way numbers too. Way number three. Okay, let's try together. 34 Number one. Number two. Number three. Here it is. Nothing difficult as you can see eso In the next lesson, we will learn how to play it as their sound. Bob first, please practice just a little bit with the kicks out to you so 3. Lesson 2 • The Snare: here we are. In this second lesson, we were not to play the snare sound and we can do that in mainly two ways. The 1st 1 is this. That is the most common one. Another way is this one. This one is better when we are playing the kick sound here so we can do something. Like what? This one is better if we are playing the kick drum here or here over the bridge. So let's do that together. 34 Okay, The other weight. How do you choose which one is the correct way to play this rhythm for you? It's up to you. Just find the more comfortable way. And often these This choice is influenced by what you're playing above it. So once again practice and then watch the third lesson. 4. Lesson 3 • The Hi-Hat: Okay, now it's the time off the iron sound. How can you play the Hyatt Sound or Victor we can play? I had some this way just by eating the left end fingers on the on the neck of the guitar, or in this way, just hitting the strings and blocking them. Or another way I used pretty often is so we could play something like, So kick hi, huts, or let's try this together. So the first way kick I had snap, I had 34 the other way. Kiss cake. I have snap had 34 Okay, so you learn the three main elements we need to make a rhythm on our guitar. Now, please make sure to check out the next lesson because I will teach you some arrangements. Sounds that are really, really, really useful to make our music more interesting and spicy. 5. Lesson 4 • Arrangement tips: Okay, so the guitar is an instrument that lets us play so much different sounds. There are some leader sounds that I really like to use in both my original music projects on my cover projects and, for example, this one you can also played this way. This is pretty much funny toe put were playing arrangements off off happy songs, Just like another interesting sound is this one that is a little bit creepy, but it's really, really, really useful. Another song you can use isn't a scratch. You can do the scratch on the strings this way or with the left end or on the body of the guitar, and you will need a little piece of wood just like this one. This is really, really useful. I use that a lot. I think these are just ideas. You can find out your own sounds. You can find out how to play in different ways. This sounds just be cautious, and you would find out how many sounds we can take out off our guitar. Make sure to watch in the next lesson because if it is the most important one, we will play some exercises together on I will teach you some rhythmic patterns and you will repeat them with me. So let's see in the next lesson. 6. Lesson 5 • Let's practice!: Okay. Now we will play some exercises together. I will teach you some rhythmic patterns and you will reap it. Then with me, I I'm just putting a metre home at 60 bpm. So exercise number one. Okay, Snow geek geek. Okay. Que que Just play it a couple times three and four. Pig. A couple more times. Exercise number two. The same off the previous one. But we really loved the I had some, so I think I had I had kick Hi. Hat and kick. Now I had this with songs like this. 34 so exercise number three it waas just a simple Let's start 34 All right. Okay. Okay. A couple of more fines. That's next one. Let's start the high hat sound to the exercise. We just did. And it would sound like this. 34 I got more. Okay. There is something I really like to know when playing my arrangements that these just like a drunk fear. Okay. How do I do that? Just it. The strings to make the snatcher song with three fingers. Easiest way and then the high hat song. So let's add these to the next exercise that is cake I had. It's now I have geek. I have feel once again kick I hot. No! Hi, hot kihk! My hot, I feel what's in it. Let's played together. 34 Okay, Now you know all the main elements you need to make your custom treatment buttons. So please, for this class project, make your own pattern. Record that and share it with me in the project section of this class. I will check it out for sure, and we'll give you my opinion on what you did. 7. Final thoughts: way at the end of this course. Thank you so much for watching. Enjoyed that. Please let me know your comments on this course and make your review toe me crew on scarcer . Then if you have any questions about this cross, please feel free to ask. Thank you. Once again, please make sure to follow me on my social media channels and to check out my music off Spotify upon music and so on Sears.